One From the Vault: Fabrico Werdum Ends Fedor Emelianenko’s 28-fight Winning Streak

April 15, 2014
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UFC on FOX 11 headliner Fabricio Werdum needed just over a minute to halt MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko‘s 28-fight unbeaten streak when they fought on June 26, 2010, in Stikeforce.  Werdum faces Travis Browne at UFC on FOX 11 on April 29 with the winner earning a title shot against champion Cain Velasquez.

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  • Alex

    LOL never seen any other fighter being stupid enough to fall on a cheap trick like faking knockdown – only the Russian Can Crusher.

    Don’t expect any of that from Travis Browne: after all, he trains in a real fighting camp, Greg Jackson’s – not in some forgotten poophole in the middle of mama Russia.
    True quality fighters, like Khabib or Rustam, know that, and move to States, where REAL MMA is trained.

    • Manuel Lopez

      You’re a fkn idiot.

      • Alex

        I know that truth hurts you – but you will swallow it like a good girl 😉

        • Manuel Lopez

          The only that swallows here is you.

          • Seth

            Oh man…you are seriously hurt because people look at Fedor as they should? Seriously? Its not our fault he hid in Japan

  • Seth

    Best moment of Fedor’s career – losing to then-medicore Werdum, and proving that he is not “Last Emperor” but “Last Can” 😀

    • Alex

      Werdum is mediocre now as well – since the Russian Can Crusher win he lost in a boring fight against the roided freak, and then got wins against one old body and one fatso.

      Browne is one of the very few real athletes in a division of sloppy freaks, and he will put Werdum in his place.

    • Captain Combo

      Damn shame the dislikes are no longer visible. I miss seeing cunts like you get buried.

      • Seth

        Lol, why? Because I see Fedor as nothing more than a can beating up even bigger cans? Last time I checked I have a right to my own opinion and those don’t have to be same as yours.

        • earlsimmons

          Captain combo sounds like a liberal who gets mad and wants people that dont have the same opinoin to be quiet even though they preach equality and all that other garbage.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Fedor the best MMA HW in the world! I remember that fight with Werdum. Werdum’s faking trick don’t work anymore and I’m hoping he tries it so that Brown can put him to sleep for real.

  • mmalive

    You guys are CLOWNS with these back and forth word fights. Fedor just got caught. Plain and simple. Febricio is a decent BJJ guy but his stand up SUCKS. He FAILED to engage with Allistar in striking and TRIED to trick the Reem to ground. Plan dd not work.

    BTW, Travis puts the fists, elbows, knees, kicks to Fabricio then it will be night night. Brown never really showed his ground game so that will be a factor.

    • Alex

      LOL @ Werdum decent BJJ guy.
      Who has he subbed, besides Fedor and his little brainless brother? Mike “second league brawler” Kyle?

      Werdum looks good only when he grapples sloppy HWs, who suck not only in MMA, but also in BJJ. He got beat in grappling by guys who are smaller than him: got beat by UFC loser Vinny Magalhaes, got beat by Andre Galvao, who is half his size and still was dominant on him.
      Roger Gracie tapped Werdum’s ass, and he couldn’t even tap Jardine and Tim Kennedy in MMA fight, where he could try to soften them with strikes from the dominant position.

      Werdum’s BJJ is overrated, Werdum’s MMA is overrated, but the most overrated is that pathetic win over pathetic Russian with padded record LOL

      • mmalive

        Read my comment guy. Fedor got caught PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Fight will not make it to ground with Travis. Unless he wants it to go there.

        BTW, Your REALLY tag teaming with horace? These stupid comments made by you are quite similar to his.

        • Alex

          Who cares about the rest of your lame comment?
          I was referring to your phrase about “Febricio is a decent BJJ guy” (LOL cannot even spell the name correctly) and shoved the BS in it right into your stupid face.
          I understand that you’re butthurt about it, but you should take it like a man, not like a little girl LOL

          And your beloved Fedor wasn’t just caught – he acted like a total amateur that he was, because he trained with the camp of two old Soviet trainers in the middle of Russian nowhere, and they couldn’t prepare him for the obvious childish trick of faking a knockdown.

          • The best ever

            alex your just a racist piece of sh!t and shouldnt be watching mma or any combat sports who are you no one you act like you are seriously better than any of these fighters just stfu dude fedor helped put mma on the map while you just talk shit grow up kid and get a life.

          • mmalive

            No Clown. I make comments based on facts guy.

            Hiding behind a computer and you making stupid comments is easy.

            Crawl back in your hole and his LOSER.

            OOH, BTW, I am not from Brazil so name spelling not in check BOY!!!

            Back to subject. Brown will DISMANTLE Werdum in striking game. On the ground we will wait and see.

          • Alex

            LOL everyone with half of a brain cell knows that Browne will beat Werdum in striking.
            However, to understand that Werdum’s BJJ is crap you need one whole brain cell, so, well – it’s not for you pal! Sorry!

            I see here by your illiterate blabbering that you’re very passionate about me, but sorry again, can’t help you! I’m engaged plus I’m not into overweight boys anyway, so it’s a no no.

          • mmalive

            Sounds funny guy with your comments.

            Are you engaged to a him or transgender???

            Gay punks like you are the scum of earth. Liking men instead of being normal.

            Ooh what degrees have you got guy?

            You barely made it pass high school.

            Get a Bachelor or Master Degree then I suggest to think before posting.

            Oops, You do not have college education.

            War on Brown.

            Will be a good fight.

          • Alex

            Wow, such a dedication… I think you’re in love with me.
            Get a psychological help LOL

            BTW sorry, I’m still working on my Computer Science bachelor degree.
            Already have a job in the field, I’m a DB manager, SQL spec.

  • Joe Dog

    Fedor thought he was invincible. He got caught, not once but twice! He could have easily escaped the first before Werdum locked up tight on the second. Simply pulling away and standing Werdum up was the simple solution to winning this fight. Browne should have this in the bag when he introduces his elbow to Werdum’s ear. Just the same Browne seems no match for Velasquez.