One FC Total Domination Preview: Soo Chul Kim vs. Bibiano Fernandes (video)

October 13, 2013
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kim vs fernandes 110x77ONE FC: TOTAL DOMINATION on 18 Oct will be headlined by the most highly anticipated championship bout in ONE FC history. Interim bantamweight champion Bibiano Fernandes will finally meet reigning ONE FC bantamweight champion Soo Chul Kim to settle the question of who deserves to be called the undisputed champion. Expect fireworks as the young and aggressive Korean takes on the veteran Brazilian in the ONE FC cage!

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  • fight2win

    I bet that out of all the MMA shows being shown from Friday and Saturday, OneFC will be the most entertaining and exciting with the overall content. This is due to the rules. Other shows pale in comparison, simply their rules restrict the flow of the fight. Can’t kick an opponent when his hand is on the ground. Can’t punish an opponent if he fails to take u down. Hell, why can’t you kick or knee someone in any position but u can take an opponent down any which way and grind up and down in between the legs to see out the time. Excellent choice of combat not! Pls watch and compare to see the different!

  • Mordant

    Who gives a crap about the rules if you have $hit fighters in a $hit organization. You can have the best rules in the world but if you have no name, crap fighters, the rules don’t make a difference. Wow, what an exciting “title” fight. A main event with a crappy Korean fighter against another crappy Brazilian fighter for a crap belt in a crap organization. One FC can make crazy claims that One FC is the new premiere org in Asia but people that follow MMA knows that’s complete BS. Hell, I don’t think One FC is even the second best org in Asia. Road FC is even a better org. Have you seen One Fc fight cards lately? All I see are a bunch of crappy southeast Asian fighters that I’ve never heard of. And where are all the events that One FC said they were going to have? They’ve only had 10 friggin events since 2011! Only 10! Everyone knows that even though it’s not what it once was, Japan is still the number one place for Asian MMA and that One FC is full of $hit with their claims and propaganda.