One FC 5: Pride of a Nation Full Weigh-In Results

August 30, 2012
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One FC will hold possibly their biggest show yet on Friday, but first all of the fighters on the “Pride of a Nation” fight card weighed in earlier today.

Top ten bantamweight Bibiano Fernandes will make his One FC promotional debut, while two former UFC heavyweight champions look to settle an old grudge as Tim Sylvia meets Andrei Arlovski.

Here are the full weigh-in results for One FC 5: Pride of a Nation:


Gustavo Falciroli (61.5 kg/135.6lbs) VS Bibiano Fernandes (61.5 kg/135.6lbs)


Felipe Enomoto (70.6 kg/155.6lbs) VS Eduard Folayang (70.8 kg/156lbs)
Tim Sylvia (120.5 kg/265.7lbs) VS Andrei Arlovski (111.8 kg/246.5lbs)
Jens Pulver (66.2 kg/146lbs) VS Eric Kelly (66.1 kg/145.7lbs)
Tony Bonello (100.7 kg/222lbs) VS Rolles Gracie (111.5 kg/245.8lbs)
Jung Hwan Cha (77.4 kg/170.6lbs) VS Igor Gracie (77.4 kg/170.6lbs)
Soo Chul Kim (61.6 kg/135.8lbs) VS Kevin Belingon (61.4 kg/135.3lbs)


Nicholas Mann (80.3 kg/177lbs) VS Gregor Gracie (80.1 kg/176.6lbs)
Phil Baroni (77.6 kg/171lbs) VS Rodrigo Ribeiro (77.6 kg/171lbs)
Shannon Wiratchai (66.3 kg/146.1lbs) VS Mitch Chilson (66.3 kg/146.1lbs)
Andrew Benibe (66.2 kg/145.9lbs) VS Honorio Banario (66 kg/145.5lbs)

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  • acspida#244

    Does anyone have an interest in pitbull vs Sylvia? I have to admit, There is part of me that is slightly excited for this bout….is this wrong?

    • Lesnardo

      Not really.

      Both are top 20 even now. I think each could beat losers like Brendon Schaub, Roy Nelson, and Ben Rothwell.

      In fact Timmay destroyed Rothwell on two occassions and Arlovski KOed FAT Nelson.

      Only reason why people make fun of these two (well…Sylvia was a bit cocky when he was the champ) is because Dana has brain washed them into thinking that way during his Anti-Fedor Campaign.

  • oswaldcobblepott

    This should be a decent brawl, not worth the FC ppv, but a good 2-3 minutes no less.

  • fightfankevin

    Arlovski better keep that chin down. Im guessing timmy can hit pretty hard after doing all those big mac curls.

  • markrenton

    This fight card would have been pretty solid in 2005.

    Tim Sylvia looks like he ate the scale after he weighed in. I’m sorry, but I lost ALL respect for Tim Sylvia when he signed up to fight Ray Mercer in some titty bar in Alabama and got KTFO in 9 seconds.

    I was a huge fan of Arlovski back in the day though. I hope he knocks Sylvia out.

  • onehitwonder

    anyone know if you can see these fights?