ONE FC Honor & Glory Weigh-in Results: Ben Askren Set for Debut; One Bout Cancelled

May 29, 2014
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Ben Askren vs Bakhtiyar AbbasovONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC) announced Thursday that all but one fighter made weight. The fighters are ready for ONE FC: HONOR & GLORY, which takes place Friday evening at Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore. The card will be headlined by a clash of two of the best welterweights in the world, Ben Askren and Bakhtiyar Abbasov.

Ben Askren stated, “I am brimming with excitement at the opportunity to get back to competing! I cannot wait to get into the ONE FC cage. I’m going to look to finish him quick and there is nothing he can do to stop it. I want to stamp my mark in Asia and this will be my first step towards the ONE FC title!”

Bakhtiyar Abbasov stated, “I did not come all the way to Asia to be Ben Askren’s stepping stone. It’s a huge opportunity to face one of the most-talked about guys in the industry but I feel like I am prepared to prove to the world that I am the best welterweight on the planet.”

The scheduled bout between Ji Xian and Thanh Vu has been cancelled after Ji Xian failed to make the required bantamweight limit. ONE FC: HONOR & GLORY is now set with nine bouts on the card.

Ben Askren (76.9 kg/169.5lbs) vs. Bakhtiyar Abbasov (77.1 kg/170lbs)

Eddie Ng (70 kg/154lbs) vs. Vincent Latoel (69.7 kg/153 lbs)

Honorio Banario (65.8 kg/145lbs) vs. Jadambaa Narantungalag (65.6 kg/145lbs)
Caros Fodor (70.2 kg/155lbs) vs. Willy Ni (69.9 kg/154lbs)
Bruno Pucci (65.2 kg/144lbs) vs. Major Overall (65.7 kg/145lbs)
Alain Ngalani (104 kg/229lbs) vs. Chi Lewis Parry (110 kg/243lbs)
Radeem Rahman (60.7 kg/134lbs) vs. Raymond Tan (61.2 kg/135lbs)

Brad Robinson (80.4 kg/177lbs) vs. Nik Harris (78.5 kg/173lbs)
Stephen Langdown (60.9 kg /134.2lbs) vs. Casey Suire (61.2 kg/135lbs)

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  • onepunch

    That’s a shame Ji Xian missed weight. He’s well known in China and if he was to compete, it will generate a lot of interests in China. Once FC show is generally entertaining from start to finish, but for those who like analyses, below are my fights pick:
    Main Event – I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion, if anything, the opponent opposite Ben has a record to boost. Funny enough, Ben will spend more time standing up than any of his previous outings, and yes, he will have to fight standing at some point, although, it will be predominately on the ground. I predict a decision win to Ben.
    Co-main – I don’t think it will go the distance, although, it will be back and forth but once Eddie locks on a submission or ground n pound then it’s over for Vincent.
    Fodos vs Ni – The good thing about Fodos is that his fight is never boring. He brings it on and has a never back down attitude. He keeps up the pressure and pushing the pace, making his opponent works and that’s why it’s exciting. It’ll be like his first fight in One FC, as soon as the bell goes, fists are flying. I don’t see this one lasting long, a win for Fodos.
    Alain vs Chi – I put this down simply becos it’s interesting to see how a guy standing at 6″8 can utilise his reach advantage. Chi stands out whereever he goes and it’s hard for any opponent to reach him. Against a good grappler he will be taken down but against a guy who is also a stand-up makes this fight intriguing. I don’t think this one will go the distance, it’ll be a TKO or KO for either one.

    Outside those, other may delight are Honorio vs Jadambaa and Brad vs Nik. Apparently, there is a good story circulating on another website about Brad. It makes good reading. He doesn’t need the money, he fights for the love of it, although getting paid whilst doing it is always an added bonus.

    For those who do not know the time, it’s in the official website with the online ppv and time. It starts 7pm under card and 8pm main card local time Singapore. Check the time difference where you live. Watch and rejoice for the experience of a different kind, that damn soccer kicks will get your butt of the mat and knees to the head of the grounded opponent will make u stop laying on the floor.

    • TheCerealKiller

      You obviously work for One FC.

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    Damn! I hoped to c Ji Xian competing

  • TheCerealKiller

    When and where can you see this in the States? It’s the only major MMA promotion I have yet to see. I would really like to see how Ben does with the new rules.