ONE FC Flyweight Up-and-Comer Gianni Subba Looks to Keep the Roll Going

April 30, 2014
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Gianni SubbaIn just over a year and a half, flyweight Gianni Subba has become one of the premier up-and-coming fighters in Asia.

Not only has Subba won his first three fights, but with finishes in all of them, he couldn’t be off to a better start.

“My career so far has been great,” Subba told “I attribute that to the many mentors that I have. They really steer me in the right direction and keep me grounded.”

Most recently, Subba scored a first-round TKO over Yun Ting Chen at ONE FC 12 in November. Since then, he feels he’s gotten even better as a fighter thanks to the team he’s surrounded himself with.

“I feel like I have improved my overall MMA game since my last fight,” said Subba. “Getting to train with the high level of partners in Klinch MMA helped tremendously.”

Subba (3-0) will look to keep his winning streak going when he faces fellow top prospect Eugene Toquero (4-1) at ONE FC 15 on May 2 in Manila, Philippines.

“Toquero is a really dangerous opponent,” said Subba. “He has finished all of his fights, so I know that I will have to be very careful not to give him any opportunities to land those big shots.

“I will have to fight very intelligently and not play to his strengths.”

A win over Toquero could have Subba one step closer to the flyweight title, but that’s not the foremost thing on his mind.

“Goals that I have set for myself this year are to win every fight and also to spend time working on my weaknesses,” he said.

“Personally, I feel that I need more time to improve on my overall game before fighting for a title. I think that right now there are guys more ready for the title shot.”

While he’s keen on taking his time when it comes to his future, Subba feels that his fans won’t have to wait long for something to happen in his fight at ONE FC 15.

“I would like to say thank you to all my supporters and don’t forget to watch my fight on May 2,” he said. “It will be an exciting fight!”

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