ONE FC Adopts PRIDE Style Rules Regarding Soccer Kicks

September 3, 2012
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Following a controversial ending in the Andrei Arlovski vs. Tim Sylvia fight over the weekend that involved soccer kicks, ONE FC has decided to change the rule all together.

The previous rule was that a referee had to signal for an ‘open attack’ basically giving a fighter the right to use soccer kicks against a downed opponent.

In their fight on Friday, Arlovski dropped Sylvia with a punch and immediately went for the soccer kick to the head, but the referee hadn’t given the signal to allow the kick yet and when Sylvia couldn’t continue the bout was ruled a no contest.

The rule also came under scrutiny at the last major ONE FC show when Zorobabel Moreira used the move against former UFC lightweight Roger Huerta.

Because of the confusion, ONE FC officials have decided to adopt the same rules as used once upon a time in Pride Fighting Championships.

Essentially, soccer kicks are allowed at all times when an opponent is on the ground.

While the move remains a controversial subject as a whole in the world of mixed martial arts, this rule change will at least eliminate the strange nature of waiting for a referee to give the signal to allow the move to happen in the first place.

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  • MaritalArtist

    How about no soccer kicks if the opponent is visibly staggeted

    • joeyjoejoejrshabidu

      You have to either allow something or not allow it. End of story.

  • somecokehead

    wow… why not allow groin shots too? Here are two guys fighting way past their prime, each have been knocked out cold too many times and they enter into an even more ruthless competition. This is a close to human c0ck fighting as it gets! There is no future for men like this. Live fast and die young I guess?

  • This is awesome. I’m seriousy going to watch the next event just for this. And cock fighting? Have you never watched a bout from Pride? Uneducated, narrow-minded people also used to and still do call MMA human cock fighting. There’s always boxing out there for you if you want to go the narrow-minded route.

    • mrsister

      If he thinks it’s human cockfighting then that’s what it is in his opinion. The fact that One FC changed the Pride rules in the 1st place shows you that they think it needed to be altered to insure fighter safety. Obviously, there is a concern with kicks.

      One guy that you might trust has talked about what he would change in MMA rules – he said he would allow no kicks / no knees from any position, neither standing or on the ground. And that person was John McCarthy. Maybe John has seen how devastating those can be to a fighter and wants to see them stopped. I think John has been involved long enough and seen enough that his opinion should matter. It matters to me.

      I think this flippant comment shows someone whose uneducated. You just are saying what you’ve heard 1,000 times. MMA isn’t human cockfighting – at it’s worst it can be close.

  • Drock420

    Damn now that’s fighting.

  • diazfan209

    I originally thought the rule was:

    You can knee/kick a downed opponent, but you can’t finish them with it.

    Much simpler for Matt & Yuji to go back to original Pride FC rules! – They have the Pride rules AND the Pride announcer, what could be better?

  • Mario


    I love it! 🙂

  • dgs

    There are actually way too man rules in MMA today IMO. I say everything goes except for biting, hair pulling, eye gouging, fish hooking, kicking with shoes, groin shots, and pinching. Say what you want about the fighters in the early days of the UFC not having much skill, but they had balls of steel.

    Yes, it’s a sport now, and to get sanctioned and shut up all of the “human cock fight” comments by the peanut gallery I know it had to change. But I will always have an affinity for the early UFC events, and the balls it took to compete back then. No rules, no time limits, multiple opponents in a night, todays prima donna MMA fighters would cry if those rules were brought back into place.

  • About Damn Time
    They MakeThe Change
    Soccer Kicks and Stomps is where it’s at
    Pride Rules !!!

  • There should never be soccer kicks and head stomps aloud. That’s where the line needs to be drawn. Everybody loves a good fight, and a highlight reel KO or submission but to want to see a guys head get stomped is just messed up. I wouldn’t want to see a training partner or favorite fighter get soccer kicked in the head. Fighters safety is way more important then what certain fans want; of course that’s just my opinion.

    • Jorge Obrien

      Soccer kicks are more realistic. I think headbutts should also be allowed.