Omigawa Gets Win Bonus After Controversial UFC 131 Loss, Dana White Wants Judging Changes

June 12, 2011
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UFC President Dana White

UFC President Dana White

The Judges rendered bizarre scores at UFC 131.

UFC president Dana White has been outspoken about the poor judging in mixed martial arts for years, and after UFC 131, he sure isn’t going to change his tune anytime soon.

There were some bizarre totals turned in by the cage-side judges in Vancouver on Saturday, and it started with the first fight on the card.

Michihiro Omigawa ended up on the wrong side of a bad decision against Darren Elkins to start the night of fights. Kenny Florian was dropped by Diego Nunes in the first round of their featherweight match-up and clearly lost the round to anyone watching, yet one judge scored the bout 30-27 for Florian.

Demian Maia took it to Mark Munoz in the first round of their middleweight match-up, but Munoz was also given a 30-27 win on a judge’s scorecard.

Florian and Munoz won their fights, rightfully, but the scoring just added fuel to the fire that mixed martial arts judging needs a serious overhaul.

“Something has to be done about the judging. It’s so bad. Not only does it affect people’s lives, it ruins everything for people that are watching,” said White following UFC 131. “You watch it and you’re like ‘what? 30-27, what fight were you watching?”

“Now we’ve got TV screens for them. What the (expletive)? You’ve got a TV screen, how did you judge that 30-27?”

The UFC 131 casualty of the scorecards went to Omigawa, who seemingly did more than enough to come away with a win over Elkins on the preliminary card.

“Then you’ve got the Omigawa fight, where this guy loses the fight and Joe Silva said he was pulling a (Kazushi) Sakuraba and wasn’t going to leave the Octagon. He was going to stay in there, Joe had to beg him to leave,” White told

“We’re going to pay him his win money. I don’t care what the judge said, he won the fight. I say he won, overruled.”

  • The Omigawa decision was pretty terrible last night. The refs must have been watching Spanktra vision on their fancy new monitors instead of the fight.

  • Cptmats

    You would think the judges would become more knowledgeable as the sport progresses, but the kind of decisions seem to be happening more and more often ! Like The Kyle Kingsberry fight in the last event, Something has to be done !

    • jared499

      While I agree that judging lately has been questionable at best, the Kingsberry fight was a lot closer then the Owmigawa fight last night. At least that is what I think. Kingsberry was a toss up (I did have Fabio Maldonado winning), Omigawa won that fight hands down.

  • blacklabelmichael

    Seems like another case of racism/nationalism. Same as the fikuda fight. And don’t try and tell me the americans and canadians aren’t buddy buddy. We are neighbors and did help save the free world together at normandy.

  • wonggfan

    “Pulling a Sakuraba”

    In his UFC debut, Sakuraba refused to leave the Octagon when John Mcarthy stopped the fight prematurely.

  • wonggfan

    Who were the judges for this fight? I bet you it’s one of the three judges that fucked the whole thing up.

    30-27 for Florian and Munoz? Who the fuck would do that? I mean, did they not understand that each round should be judged seperately??

    For Florian and Munoz, it’s no harm no foul. But for Omigawa, it sucks.