Olympian Steve Mocco Joins American Top Team for Transition Into MMA

June 14, 2012
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Former Olympic wrestler Steve Mocco will make his journey into mixed martial arts soon and he’s chosen a famed training camp to help him get ready.

The former NCAA champion has officially joined the Florida based American Top Team gym, where he will train to get ready for his mixed martial arts debut.

Mocco was a competitor in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing where he wrestled for the United States and came in 7th overall.

While wrestling at Oklahoma State, Mocco was also given the Dan Hodge Award for the nation’s most outstanding collegiate wrestler in 2005.

Mocco got his first taste of MMA when he trained alongside the team while helping Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva get ready for his last fight against Cain Velasquez in the UFC.

The taste of the competition was enough to get Mocco to commit to American Top Team, where he will begin training immediately.

“I’m happy about the opportunity to train in a new sport and excited to learn some new things and continue competing. I can’t wait to get started,” said Mocco.

Mocco joins several UFC and Strikeforce fighters at American Top Team where he will train and get ready for his debut later this year.

  • He wrestled for Iowa!!!!

    • bdono554

      He did for a few years than he transferred to OK state cuz he wanted to win a team title. He won his team title but Konrad “yes the Konrad from Bellator” beat him for the individual title his senior year. Basically he’s a dick that only does things that are good for Steve Mocco. I would love to see Konrad beat him with his fists in this sport.

      • phrankthetank

        Tell us how you really feel

      • tour

        He can go either way sometimes. He was really helpful in keeping the smaller guys on the Iowa wrestling team inline after the season was over and they started drinking. He was willing to calmly deal with them when nobody else could. He also was drunk one night when he wasn’t 21 and leaving with a very full spitter that looked like booze. He was asked to leave the cup, as there were cops outside, and he threw a fit, and me over the incident. Top talent, I am interested to see how he makes the transition to mma. Best of luck Mocco

  • wonder why they’re not trying to sign some of the foreigner olympians that generally kick the ass to american athletes, like Fundora (he beats Askren), Saitiev, Minguzzi, Edith Bosch (she beats Rousey), Gatsalov (beats Cormier 5-0), …

    • Kevin McMahon

      There should be more foreign wrestlers in MMA, but there have already been a few. Vladimir Matyushenko has been in the UFC for a while. Karem Gaber went into MMA but only had one fight. I doubt we would ever see Saitiev jump in; he’s pretty old to start a new sport.

  • tour

    bdono554-Mocco can go either way. He was really helpful in controlling the smaller guys on the team when they would go out drinking at the bars in I.C. back in the day. He was calm, polite, and a good leader for the team.

    There was also the time he was asked to leave his spitter in the bar. It looked like booze, he wasn’t 21, and it was very likely to get him in trouble if he took it out. He didn’t like that idea, and threw me into a wall. I got the last laugh, he spilled the spitter all over himself.

    I wish him the best of luck in his transition to mma. He was polite more often than not, and helpful very often.

  • RubeKegal

    I think you’re EURO happy, i’ve never heard of those names and prob for good reason

  • RubeKegal

    I think you’re EURO happy