Ohio and New Jersey Revoke Brandon Saling’s License (UPDATED)

March 6, 2012
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It appears Brandon Saling may soon be a fighter without a home…anywhere.

During Saturday night’s Strikeforce event it was brought to the attention of the officials both at the Ohio Athletic Commission as well as Strikeforce officials that Saling had an extensive criminal background, not to mention Nazi symbols tattooed on his body.

The result of Saling’s actions have left him without a fight license in Ohio.

Bernie Profato, Executive Director of the Ohio Athletic Commission, confirmed with MMAWeekly.com that they have revoked Saling’s fight license after Saturday night’s event in Columbus.

Saling’s license was revoked for ‘falsifying his license application he filled out on 2/18/12’ according to Profato.

The falsification stems from his failure to disclose his past criminal background, which includes being listed as a registered sex offender in the state of Ohio.

Saling was convicted of ‘gross sexual imposition’ after a 2004 incident in which he was charged with the rape of a girl under the age of 13.

Saling has also been convicted on domestic violence charges as well from an incident in 2008.

The commission has now yanked his license for falsifying the information when applying to the state for his fight in February when he competed under the NAAFS organization in Cleveland.

UPDATE: New Jersey State Athletic Control board counsel Nick Lembo has also confirmed that their commission has also yanked Brandon Saling’s license for ‘failure to disclose and failure to answer truthfully.’

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  • RonnieV

    Lets make a fight league for all the degenerates. This guy, Junie Browning, Jeremy Jackson, Jon Koppenhaver, and all the other MMA inmates. Would be fun! Too bad this dude has such a rough past, he put on one helluva fight Saturday.

  • Anthony

    oh well, theres always barber school

  • z999

    Convicted of rape of someone under 13? Why isn’t he dead, or at the very least in prison for life?

    • Planterz

      He wasn’t convicted of rape, he was convicted of ‘gross sexual imposition’ (whatever the hell that means – lesser charge I guess).

      Regardless, this isn’t the kind of loser that we need representing this sport. Neo-Naziism, child predation, and domestic assault are the qualifications for a character on Oz, not a professional athlete. I hope this POS never fights professionally again.

  • pooby

    I bet Bowling feels like he needs a shower about now.

    • Anthony

      lol, nice, Pooby

  • gross sexual imposition is the charge for forcing someone to have sexual contact with another person. He didn’t commit rape. He forced a girl under the age of 13 to have sexual contact with another person.

    Just explaining what gross sexual imposition is.

  • Towers66

    They should put his nazi arse back in a cage (jail) and let Tyrone and Bubba grossly impose sex on him.

  • The guy is a pile of scat no doubt. But tattoos? What about a huge BROWN PRIDE across the chest?

    • I dont like Cain’s tattoo and I think its racist, but there is a big difference between pride in your race and pride in the extermination of other races.

    • lonniebatt

      CainVelasquez is a college graduate and I do believe that his tatoo ,,, does not have racial innuendos as far as this degenerate is concerned I bet its safe to say he hasnt got a high school education not to mention that he is a sexual pervert and a career criminal and I can guarantee you that his tatoos were put on him for the exact purpose for what they stand for and he is probablly very proud of there meaning too…

    • We all know that it is only acceptable to be proud of your race if your not white! Nazi crap is just ignorant and hateful garbage. It is his choice though.

  • I’m just glad they didn’t ding him for the tattoos. Freedom of speech is disappearing in the U.S. and needs to be taken seriously.

    Also to be taken seriously: THE FRICKIN ATHLETIC COMMISSION LICENSE APPLICATION. Come on fighters stop lying to the suits already its been over a decade!!

  • alhmiel

    hey the kid came to fight got the hell beat out of him in front of the world got messed up and took the loss like a man. let him be.

    • RonnieV

      It was a great fight, no doubt. Most MMA fighters could not withstand the beating this guy took & gave out. He’s the scum of the earth in my eyes, but man the guy can fight!

  • alhmiel

    If the press would have shut up and not printed anything no one would have known who this kid was and he would have faded away. Now because of the press and Cokers fat mouth the nazi will be famous. How dumb is the press and Coker the choker??? let it be this kid will flush away down life’s toilet as all of them do.

  • I was interested too see how this turned out due to the original story from earlier this week that sparked alot of racial tension on this website…I am not offended by Cain’s tattoo’s as much as others…I feel everyone has a right to their own opinion’s on the Brown Pride or this guy’s Ne0-Nazi tattoos…I am more worried about a man forcing a lil girl to a sex act on another… This POS should be executed for that act alone… The racial stuff too me is all opinionated so I dont get caught up in that at the end of the day I like to watch these guys fight….I wish we could just discuss fighting and leave the other BS alone… I feel if your a fan of MMA you should love the diveristy of the sport its the one thing it has over a lot of other sports….. I am black and keep from getting caught into racism in sports… There will always be racism in our society its how you deal with it… Now that I have bored everyone… Junior or Overeem cant wait!!!

  • ryanstewart

    a few of the tattoo comments.. The fact that cain has Brown Pride tattooed on his chest is a refrance to what he is. He is from Latin decent. It’s not a choice such as neo- nazi is a choice. I don’t think Cain’s artwork is racist or harmful to anyone. I do think this Nazi stuff is.It’s not cool, or in the least bit acceptable. as far as his criminal past goes… Well some people can change and be granted a second chance.. But this dude, crossed the line. From a fathers point of view… I’d kill the dude. He has no right to get the chance to bask in the Glory that a sport like MMA has. Say he made the big time (UFC) with this falsified criminal record, won a title and was given all the credit that goes along with it. It would be a outrage.sexual predators that know mixed martial arts kinda rubs people wrong.