December 28, 2005
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K-1 DYNAMITE (Osaka, Japan)

– Musashi (JPN) -250 vs Bob Sapp (USA) +230 – If this was an MMA match, Sapp could be favored, but since this is K1 rules, Musashi is the favorite.

– Royce Gracie BRA -650 vs Hideo Tokoro JPN +590 – Royce Gracie is the heavy favorite in this fight.

– Heath Herring (USA) -315 vs Yoshihiro Nakao JPN +285 – This number may surprise some. Nakao has a chance to pull of the upset. He is undefeated at 4-0 and Herring didn’t know about the fight until the last minute.

– Peter Aerts (HOL) -600 vs Shungo Oyama JPN +540 – Even though this is MMA rules, Aerts is still a huge favorite.

– Jerome LeBanner (FRA) -460 vs Alan Karaev RUS +420 – LeBanner looking for another MMA win against the Russian.

– Semmy Schilt (HOL) -330 vs Ernesto Hoost (HOL +300 – This number surprised some as the 4 time Grand Prix champion is a huge underdog to the most recent Grand Prix champion.

– Genki Sudo (JPN) -183 vs Norifumi Yamamoto (JPN) +173 – Sudo is a slight favorite over Kid.


– Wanderlei Silva (BRA) -175 vs Ricardo Arona (BRA)- Oddessa has established Silva as the favorite even though he lost to Arona the last time around.

– Fedor Emelianenko (RUS) -1400 vs Zulu (BRA) – Biggest mismatch on the card as far as odds go. If you really think Zulu can win you will be rich!

– Aleksander Emalianenko (RUS) -820 vs Pawel Nastula (POL) – It’s not a surprise that Aleksander is the favorite, however the number surprised many.

– Dan Henderson (USA) -300 vs Murilo Bustamante (BRA)- If you like Busta as the underdog there is money to be made here.

– Takanori Gomi (JPN) -300 vs Hayato Sakurai (JPN)- Once again, not many surprised that Gomi is the favorite, however many are suprised by the number.

– Hidehiko Yoshida (JPN) -440 vs Naoya Ogawa (JPN)- Yoshida is a good size favorite.

– Kazushi Sakuraba (JPN) -350 vs Ikuhisa Minowa (JPN)- This number is pretty high for Sakuraba.

– Charles Bennett (USA) -800 vs Ken Kaneko (JPN) – Not to big of a surprise here as far as the opening line.

– James Thompson (ENG) -770 vs Paulo Cesar Silva (BRA – If you like the Giant then bet it.

– Kazuhiro Nakamura (JPN) -200 vs Yuki Kondo (JPN)- very interesting number. Nakamura is the bigger fighter, Kondo is always tough.

– Mirko Cro Cop (CRO) -220 vs Mark Hunt (NZL)- It will be interesting to see where this number goes this week. Right now Cro Cop is the favorite. That may change once people see how great of shape Hunt it in.

– Sanae Kikuta (JPN) -250 vs Makoto Takimoto (JPN)

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