Octagon Debt: Dana White Explains Why Georges St-Pierre Owes UFC More Fights

November 21, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre Dana White UFC 167Despite some backlash, UFC President Dana White is standing by his original statement in claiming Georges St-Pierre owes Johny Hendricks and fans another fight in the Octagon.

White, in fact, directly addressed critics who felt he was wrong in his comments in saying, “No, you’re wrong.”

“Here’s the reality: Georges St-Pierre took almost a year and a half off and he’s had two fights since then because he blew his ACL out,” White said on UFC Tonight. “When you fight in this sport, there’s a small window of opportunity for people, and there’s a lineup right now of people who want a shot at that 170-pound title. You can’t just say, ‘I’m going to take off and put this on hold because I have personal problems.’ You can’t do that. No, you cannot.”

The unapologetic White said that he spoke with St-Pierre, and the champion admitted he was unhappy with the way he handled the pseudo-retirement speech when the fighter said he needed to step away from fighting for bit.

White added that in speaking with St-Pierre ahead of last Saturday’s UFC 167 card, the fighter shot down any idea of retiring from fighting. White revealed that St-Pierre told him, “No way, I’m not retiring. That’s not happening.”

The UFC boss continued to defend his stance about GSP owing more fights, explaining that he’s been one of the foremost praisers of St-Pierre in the fighter’s time with the organization. That, however, didn’t change White’s mind in terms of how he feels about St-Pierre’s actions last weekend.

“I’m the guy that talks about Georges St-Pierre all the time … about what an amazing champion he’s been,” White said. “But he made a big mistake Saturday night when he went up there and said what he said. He shouldn’t have said it, it didn’t make sense, and it left everybody wondering what was going on, including me.”

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  • Christopher LaHaise

    I agree actually. GSP shouldn’t have. He wasn’t, either, until Rogan nudged him, sensing that GSP had almost said something, but changed his mind. GSP should have stuck to his instinct, and not said anything. Everyone makes mistakes, though. 🙂

  • S1nister

    Gsp is the only real ppv draw the UFC has. So of course Dana is gonna say that.

  • ObviousGSPnuthugger

    I love how Dana is crucifying the guy for post-fight remarks, after a five round war. I’m sure GSP wasn’t thinking too straight, and it doesn’t help that he struggles with his english. Give him an f’ing break!

    Let GSP address his future in the coming weeks, instead of this heirsay bullsh!t.

  • Griff

    Love him or hate him he is still the classiest champion the UFC has ever had. He made a mistake saying what he did and I think the language issue may have contributed to him saying it how he did. The statement about “hanging up his gloves for a while” I don’t think was what he meant to say, the way it is taken by most of us anyway.

  • Corey Hutton

    Dana White – The biggest, most hypocritical, ***** of **** in MMA.

    • William Skrainski

      Explain please….

    • Stefan Sivcev

      y pls

  • Fern

    No justification Dana White ever makes sounds logical to me. He gives no rational reasons behind his statements. All he keeps emphasizing is what he already said, “you can’t do that”, or he’ll just attempt to make what he’s saying even more legitimate by adding a “fuck’n” in there; “no, you can’t fuck’n do that”
    Thanks Dana, its perfectly clear to me now what you meant- uhhh no!!
    My mechanic speaks more eloquently than him..

    • ivan


    • fsunoles10

      its obvious what he is saying, either gsp defend the belt or give up the belt and take a break or retire but he cant take a break and keep the strap.

  • Einstein

    GSP is the champion. If he want’s to get away from the sport he has EVERY right to do so. It’s his life not the UFC’s. If he is the champion, he needs to defend the title or abdicate it. It’s just that simple. If he needs a break then he should have one. He just needs to release the belt. I think Hendricks won by a close margin. However, the judges saw it differently. What can you do? Either defend the belt or retire on top of the game while you can. That is fair and right.

    • Manuel Lopez

      Well said. I agree.

    • Kenny Powera

      Yeah i totally agree. If GSP wants to take a break, he has every right. But i also agree with Dana saying that he cant just take a long break and keep the belt. Either take the rematch and defend it, or forfeit the strap and retire, or take a break and come back when your ready. He should get his mind right cuz he didnt sound normal after that fight. Of course he did get his ass kicked, and yeah Johny clearly won, but like Dana said, its not Georges fault, its these crackhead judges.

    • Wolf_Blitza

      Exactly, and Dana’s saying he’s only fought 2 fights since the ACL tear – GSP actually fought 3 (Condit, Diaz, Hendricks). He’s changing the facts to pressure GSP.

      • flutie

        GSP is in totally control.. he has Dana in a boston crab.

        Work it good GSP to your favour.

        Dana is such a douche bag.

  • dam

    Dana white doesn’t care about his fighters..since most of the time he talks s*** about them anyways because they didn’t do well…He doesn’t care about the people! True he may care about putting good fights.. yes to get more people watching, paying for his fights, shows merchandise.. Clearly he doesn’t care about gsp, his health or his problems.. only thing he care about is making MONEY. That it.. and making his lord and behold ufc better.

    • Jacob K

      Lord…. Is Dana running a day care center or some sht did I miss the memo on that? These are adults in a highly demanding and dangerous sport who have put in the time and shown the talent to be at the top level of it. Since when do you need your proverbial **** ****** and *** wiped by your boss? It’s a tough sport where guys have to sit out frequently. This is fine until you are a champ. Then you have a year to sit. How many times can you sit for a year? I don’t know. But I also don’t know any job that’s guaranteed for you after a year off.

      And yes it is all about money. Sorry. Don’t like it, watch bellator….oh wait they are the exact same way… Martial arts and fighting sports are for the honor pride and glory, but for the people putting the fight on it’s about the money. You think a charity would keep operating if it wasn’t generating revenue? Money. C.r.e.a.m. And you call Johnny Hendricks a whining baby….

  • Ivan


  • steeltown65

    All these excuses . It cracks me up. Have any of you taken a look at the pic .of him at the beach? He says he’s cine and doing well. God, I’m glad. Now sign the contract .Get in the cage and either take Nother ass whipping. Or run like your life depends on it. Because it will! Cmon george, the next time somebody asks you if you feel you won that fight, just tell them the truth. The truth is as obvious as your piss poor English.

    • The Show

      Your english is much better big guy

      • steeltown65

        Another gsp ass kisser? Man either Comment on the fight or the wrong decision after the fight. But don’t be a ******* **** and talk **** about me. I type the ****. If it comes out right great! If it doesn’t and I get my point across. Just as good. So stick to the subject matter. Or……… Go **** yourself! How’s that for proper English?

    • MuayThaiFood

      I love it when guys who speak one language criticize others who are attempting to learn a second. You are superior, sir, and I’m sure tougher than GSP too. How’s your French, btw?

    • Fox

      Steeltown…you are what’s wrong with America. Please go back under the rock you and your miserable clan reside under. Loser.

      • steeltown65

        I’m what’s wrong with america? Well all the problems in this country. And they are my fault. I don’t know how this conversation got headed down this path, but lets see where it takes us. If you want to blame me for the deterioration of America . I’ll take it. But think about this. The biggest problem with the world is the dishonesty that goes unpunished by the upper management of our political process. So dishonesty is what’s wrong with our Country. Now that being the case. You would be more of a contributor to the problem than I am. You think George won that fight? Well if you do. Your being dishonest. So you’re what’s wrong with america. Have a nice day ya BITCH!!!!!!

        • Rezsurfer

          this guy dont know points or how things work.. GSP got more punches in , kicks in and take downs over the so called better puncher and better wrestler.. Johnny gave a good speech before and didnt perform like he claimed… he lost by points he didnt ko or out work gsp… truth

          • greaseygranny

            No dummy. You don’t know wtf you’re talking about. GOOGLE the FightMetric. Google it and see that you, a guy talking smack about how someone else doesn’t know what he’s talking about, don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Don’t be scared. Google it. It doesn’t discriminate like you do over fav fighters. It’s 100% FACT and TRUTH. You can come back and say your sorry after reading the real stats. I will be here waiting.

          • Incite

            so, I googled it. First off all none of it is FACT you flaming jackwagon. It is determined by an algorithm designed and programed by a human according to his OPINION of what is more important/effective. Based on what he has observed in the past. It is subjective! you twit.

            Second of all , the article goes on to say that it is still round one that determined the whole fight, and they openly agree that there is no clear victor in that round.

            Fightmetric doesn’t employ the same scoring system that the judges do,and since fightmetric doesn’t determine winners, it is superflous.

            try having someone read the whole thing out loud for you.


          • greaseygranny
      • greaseygranny

        Fox. You’re what’s wrong with Canada. I mean, besides having the CFL. And having nothing else to do but ice skate and mount horses. Your boy got ass hammered Saturday night. I see other idiots talking stats of the fight on here like GSP won. GOOGLE THE FIGHTMETRIC idiots. It doesn’t discriminate. It’s 100% FACT. Google it tards.

  • George Sperry

    I find myself disliking Dana more almost every time he speaks any more.
    GSP can and should retire whenever he wants to. Fighting isn’t like working at Starbucks, you put your future health, even your life on the line every time you step up against someone.
    I hope GSP does fight again, but if he doesn’t it is his choice and Dana has NOTHING to say about it.

    • Stefan Sivcev

      Nobody on this world who works for some1 can take a vacation of 2 years or so …yes hes fighting but he’s payed for that brutaly there r corporations where u work for a lot less money and u risk ur life everyday and u cant take a vacation 2years.

      • Stefan Sivcev


      • George Sperry

        Who said 2 years? I heard what GSP said and he said nothing about 2 years. He said he needs to step away from fighting because other issues are taking precedence.
        What you did is make a straw man argument. You set it up and knock it down. Unfortunately it has no basis in reality.

    • Adam G

      Dana isn’t about not wanting GSP retiring, GSP can retire and Dana would have no issue with it. The issue is taking a leave of absence and leaving the division in limbo. Also I don’t have an issue with fighter pay, the Fertitta’s almost went broke making the UFC a reality, let the market dictate fighter pay. Go look at what some pro boxers make on the under cards, it’s worse that the UFC!

      • L

        Oh look, we got ourselves a member of Dana’s cult of personality.

        ” the Fertitta’s almost went broke making the UFC a reality,”

        Are you serious? Lorenzo Fertitta was on the NSAC when they voted to ban MMA! And then he just happens to buy UFC, after which the NSAC unbans MMA! It was crooked, and that should be obvious to any one with two eyeballs.

        • sidrwc

          I’m very aware he was on the NSAC.. The sport wasn’t going anywhere regardless because the vision of Morowitz and the rest of them wasn’t the same. The production value was awful, they marketed it in a blood thirsty way, and although that was the nail in the coffin, you just watched a video interview of Morowitz and are looking at one point of reference and using that to slander an entire organization lol.. You could do that with any business.

          I never said the Fertitta’s almost went broke, because that’s not true.. You’re just stating random facts and using them to argue something I’m not talking about.

          Imagine for a second your one of the top ten guys at WW in UFC.. You’ve got 8 years of fighting and probably 5 on average where you’re at your best (yes this varies so no pin-pointing small things and making it into an argument). Now your in your 2nd year of your prime.. Champ is sidelined for year and a half.. Fights 3 opponents, then wants another year off.. Unless you were one of those lucky 3, your chance of fighting him in your prime is gone. Your dream of becoming a champion was never even an option.

          As oppose to hating

          • L

            You should research how Station Casinos was started… Who bought a piece of desert outside Vegas, way off strip, that just BY LOTTERY, happened to be zoned for a casino? Lucky guys, those Fertittas.

          • Fainmal

            GSP never said he was taking a year off. He never said how long. Everyone jumped the gun and assumed it was going to be however long it needed to be for them to be justified in crucifying him for it.
            Dana should have said he would get involved and see if he could help GSP wrap up his personal issues in a timely manner. GSP has given his all to the UFC and they fughing owe GSP for it, not the other way around

        • Adam G

          I’ve been a UFC fan since 94, I remember seeing clips of UFC 1 on MTV’s Extreme sports show and was hooked. From UFC 2 to the most recent show I haven’t missed one. What the Fertitta’s did was take a huge risk and they deserve to be rewarded. Even now they are competing with Viacom, a multi billion dollar entity. Let the market dictate fighter pay, There are underhanded deals everywhere in life, just look at Dick Cheney. The guy was the former CEO of Haliburton, became vice president of the United States, pushed for a war in Iraq only to see Haliburton get awarded hundreds of millions in no bid contracts. How crooked is that?

      • George Sperry

        If you know how GSP can give Dana more fights, you know that he OWES the ufc, and retire too, explain it to me Adam.

      • >250k/past10yrs

        The Fertitta’s are independantly wealthy on a permanant basis! THey have no chance of going broke EVER. They have already made more money in not just one year, but every year for the last 10, then 10 people make in their lifetimes.

        Stop making millionaires victims.They invested disposable income. Their cash cow is the casino, which is mathematically rigged in their favor.
        And stop saying ” well its better than boxers”
        How about the local bully only takes your kids lunch money 3 days a week instead of 5? Is that acceptable? No its not.
        How about your kid brings home all D’s on his report card and says “hey dad, pizz off, Johhny got all F’s”

      • Jeremy colins

        Dana is saying it was the limbo aspect that made irate but it was just the thought of gsp leaving that got him upset. I guarantee it. If anything dana would have wanted hendricks to have won decisively to let gsp retire so he could market hendricks as the best in the world. Otherwise hendricks will never be the true champion. Dana’s selfish and doesn’t want to see any fighter leave while still on top, then his new champion isn’t as marketable because he is only really second best

  • Ahmaid Ahdoodi

    Dana don’t want his cash cow going bye-bye.

  • rouseycantmakeweight

    i hate to say it but fights this close need a rematch. if you didnt hear they will be setting one for these two..

  • Mr Pete

    Thats f***** up, how much money has GSP made for Dana and for the UFC? Easily hundreds of millions, how many sold out Montreal? How many $60 pay per views over GSP entire career? What an ungrateful bastard, Dana, you make money off of the fighters, not the other way around. All you did was exploit your boxing roots and realized you can Don King every fighter with contracts and take 80% of the cut.

    • sidrwc

      That’s not how it works at all.. You need to go start a small business with a few employees and realize what goes into building a business in the first place. These fighters (many of which are too small for other main-stream North American sports, or wrestlers with no career after college) have a place to pursue a dream that was NEVER there before. The creators of the business took ALL of the risk.. Fighters have to perform to stay in the UFC, but anyone of these guys can do seminars now, train kids, and that’s just by attaching your name with being a former UFC fighter.. If they managed to make a good run in the UFC ( not even champions) they can make decent money, and have the opportunity to start a gym and make a business out of something they never would have been able to previously.

      The fighters who complain don’t know how to make money any other way then fighting, and sure as s*** don’t spend there money wisely.. I love guys like Rampage, Mayhem, etc. from a fan perspective, but really.. How many streams of revenue do these guys have???? I guarantee you at some point, or even now people have had opportunities available for them to pursue because of their involvement with the UFC. If they’re not educated enough, or don’t surround themselves with people who understand that and can help, then that’s not anyone’s fault but their own.

      • Mr Pete

        Thanks, you just proved my point. The majority of people are not smart, are not business men, and are unable to do the things you mentioned. Does this give you the right to exploit them? If a barely 18 yr old girl gets exploited in porn or pimped, it is her fault for not being “educated” enough? We need Janitors, housekeepers, garbage men, we all cant be Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Doctors, Scientists etc. Just because you are a “less educated” “common folk” by your standards does not give you the right to force or impose your will on others.

        Robbed? “Shouldnt of been there” Rapped? “shouldnt of been drinking”
        Molested? ” they liked it”

        It the victims fault, should of known better, be better ‘educated”

  • Big Tuna

    Zuffa is a band of crooks that pay undercard fighters $5,000 while they tally $100,000 tabs In restaurants I hope they crumble and the fighters assemble in unity with a league that offers integrity and better pay

    • Timothy Malone

      Adriano Martins at the last fight night got paid over $50,000 after fighting on the second untelevised prelim, in his debut appearance in the UFC. Name one other organization that pays new unknown fighters money like that.

    • rapidfire

      crooks?? sick and tired of this kind of argument.
      if fighters don’t like the pay,don’t sign with UFC and fight somewhere else with other smaller MMA event.people always make it sound like UFC owe fighters something and only MMA company that hires fighters.UFC don’t owe s***! if they don’t like the pay,go find a different job or sign with Bellator if everybody thinks UFC is that that bad.it’s a free world.nobody is forcing you to sign with UFC

    • Dmo

      Actually they get 8,000 for fighting, and another 8,000 if they win. Plus the chance at 50k bonuses, not to mention whatever sponsors help out with

    • Hugh Shakeshaft


  • black white

    white who are you ?

  • what is he talking about ?

    stupidos !

  • otto

    Dana better relax, GSP owes him nothing, GSP has put a crapload of cash in Danas pocket over the years, and helped the UFC going mainstream, therye even as far as im concerned, a good partnership works out for both parties, and they both have benefited, so dont start throwing stones Dana, cause they can b thrown right back at you

    • sidrwc

      At first, I thought Dana was being a little one-sided on this, but It’s not just about the money. If George full out retired, then it would not be an issue.. What he’s saying is you cannot just hold the title and stay out for awhile when there’s tons of other fighters DREAMING of the opportunity for that belt. Since May 2011, there’s only been 3 title fights at WW. If he takes more time off, then that’s only one belt a year.

      What Dana’s trying to say is it isn’t fair to keep the OTHER fighters in limbo waiting around when there careers are so short, and they’re not getting the kind of money or opportunities that come along with having the belt.

      • fisx

        **Note: Other fighters should also get the opportunity to fight for the belt.

        If on one hand DANA is saying that GSP can’t retire and owes them something and in the same breath suggesting that GSP is bottle-necking the division then he shouldn’t allow Hendricks to do a rematch.

        You loose you loose.. Next.~

        • Jacob K

          If gsp wasn’t the best ww in the world, Someone else sure as hell would be and selling ppvs and tickets. Dude you act like gsp is a natural resource that Dana is over harvesting. Gsp owes no one anything, but as an employee of the UFC, he is being asked to fight more regularly. If you don’t do what your boss asks and you get fired, we’ll man that’s how it works in big boy land. People act like fighters are in charge. You don’t tell an nba coach, I don’t wanna play today boss sorry. See how far that gets you. You people are nuts.

          • Jacob K

            And to reply to your no Johnny rematch if the division is bottle necked, if the champ fought as often as he should, there wouldn’t be such a bad bottle neck. That and if Dana actually signed dangerous ww talent in the past 3 years. It’s a stacked and old division. Everyone in the top ten has fought each other…not exactly but it feels that way. Mix it up under the champ and keep the champ fighting that’s how a healthy division works.

          • Incite

            How often is as often as he should? 3 tjmes a year? So he fights two guys a year, one of them twice, or four fights a year because everyone needs two chances to finish/decision GSP.
            Yeah, thats really opening up the bottle neck

          • Jacob K

            I’m assuming you were opposed to jones Gus 2 immediately? Close fights deserve rematches. Franky Edgar anyone? Regardless of what you are saying, gsp won’t fight until August sept oft or nov next year. That’s the bottle neck, not a deserved rematch.

          • Incite

            I see your point about not fighting again for several months. It is compounded by the fact he had a long medical layoff. However, I’d like to point out GSP did everything he could to not delay his fights. He overtrained after his first injury in an effort to get right back into the Octagon as soon as possible. It’s not like he’s been dragging his feet the same way Silva apears to have done in the past.

            I’d say its’ very frustrating for another ‘bottleneck’, but for personal reasons, from guy that has given as much as he has to the UFC and MMA as GSP, we should grit out teeth and let him work it out in a reasonable amount of time. Its not like he does this all the time. Or that its even remotely suspect that hes lying about it. I think the UFC and the fans owe GSP this one thing at the very least.

            No, I wanted Jones to fight Glover next. However imo, it would be up to Gus if he wanted another fight before a rematch. And if Jones lost, the rematch wouldn’t be a title fight. but they would definitely have to fight next.

          • Kobra Kai

            Of course Dana is for Dana. He has a business to run and he can’t let an emotional pussy decide when he’s goint to fight within contract. He’s not running a psych ward. This is the fight business. So pull your panties out of your ass GSP and fight!!

          • L

            Right… And what did Derrick Rose do last season?

          • Kris-tyahn

            Ugh that’s why fighters have contracts dummy. GSP doesn’t have to defend his title until Nov of 2014. That’s in his contract, if the UFC doesn’t like it, then don’t sign it. I believe that’s what Dana says to fighters who get paid peanuts to fight!!! If you don’t like being paid what we offer, don’t sign the contract. Well Dana, how does it feel to have that come back at you?!? Such a loser!!

          • Jacob K

            Can you send the link publicly displaying the details of gsps contract? Or did he personally fax you a copy?

          • Jeremy colins

            Lmao you really are butt hurt about this hey. Dana white was disgusting in how he reacted to gsp’s pseudo retirement. It was repulsive and I felt so bad for gsp. But the way u have jumped on everyone’s comments that differ from your views seems a little pathetic. And calling dana a loser? He may be a shitty person but the man seems to win in most situations.

      • Incite

        No, what he is saying is isn’t fair to keep Dana waiting around in limbo for another money fight. Because GSP is his only money maker he’s got.

        Jones’ personality hampers his draw, and people have been disenchanted with Silva for a long time, and now he’s not the undefeated champ he used to be.
        Rousy is a joke.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    GSP lost that fight and he still holds the belt, so yes he does owe the UFC a rematch

    • Kris-tyahn

      Ugh so every fighter who’s won a fight they should have lost means they owe the UFC bc of what 3 people judged?!? Yeah good logic there dummy!! Maybe you should let the adults talk, while you go color!!! Idiot!

      FYI: GSP won the fight, so how does he owe anyone anything?!? Here’s a tissue little girl, snif snif, it’s okay hater, it’s O K!!!

      • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

        Do you work for GSP? This is pathetic

      • Jeremy colins

        Calm down bro, you’re the one coming off as a hater. He’s stating his opinion. I agree with your views but you’re acting like an immature douche with how you present it.

  • Milosc



  • Disgusted

    He doesn’t owe anyone anything, he won the fight regardless of how close it was. Dana White is only concerned about the $$$.

  • what is he talking about ?

    dana is loser !

  • michaelchimique

    dana is the one who is always harping about how gsp doesn’t owe anyone anything. now all of a sudden gsp owes the ufc everything? I usually don’t complain about what white has to say but this is so far beyond being hypocritical douchebag

  • brock lesnar

    dana is money hungry, plain and simple. He needs to be checked into a clinic or something. God damn, ill kick his ass.

  • Chris Morgan

    If GSP taking time off puts the division in limbo, what’s the point of having interim champions? After all, the purpose of an interim champion is to keep things in the division while the champion is unable to defend the title due to medical issues, legal issues, things beyond their control, etc. Perhaps GSP and UFC management need to negotiate a timeframe for GSP’s hiatus. If the hiatus lasts longer than what was negotiated, the UFC can strip GSP of the belt and he’ll get an opportunity to get it back when he returns (Just an idea).

    Obviously, it’s not the most ideal scenario, but if GSP’s issues are bad enough, why not give him the time he needs and have an interim champion who actually defends the belt in the meantime?

    • Kris-tyahn

      Yes I agree, GSP has to defend the belt a minimum if once a year. So he can take up to Nov 2014 off if he really wanted to. I don’t think GSP meant he was going to take a year or two off, I was under the impression he would maybe fight in the summer, maybe June or July! I think he’s deserved that much.

      Also, it’s funny to hear Dana say GSP’s issues aren’t as big as he’s making them to be….. Like are you serious Dana?! Just bc you’re a billionaire and cheat the majority of your fighters top dollars they all deserve, doesn’t mean whatever problems they have isn’t serious. Yeah GSP losing millions to his former agent, that’s no big deal. Such an ass pirate Dana is really becoming. He’s only mad bc GSP gone means HUGE $$$$$& gone for the UFC and Dana knows a rematch would have sold huge $$$$$! I’d love to see GSP retire just to piss Dana off and fight somewhere else after a year.

  • train4go

    Dana White: “You can’t just say, ‘I’m going to take off and put this on hold because I
    have personal problems.’ You can’t do that. No, you cannot.”
    Actually Dana, Yes he can!

  • jmoney

    DANA is protecting his money or his investment…

    DANA is protecting the integrity of the WW Belt…

    As strange as it sounds, that is NOT GSP’s belt. It is the UFC’s belt.. GSP is the title holder, not the title owner..

    You can bash DANA and he definately said some dumb things, but he is basically saying that GSP doesn’t pick and choose when to fight..

    If only he had been this reactive to Dominic Cruzzzzzz!

    • GSPistheChampsoGetoverit

      So DANA basically said GSP doesn’t pick and choose when to fight, but Jone Jones can pick when and who to fight next? That’s freaking ridiculous! DANA needs to get a life! Why is he making an exception with Jones? Is he bias towards Canadians or what? GSP being the champ should choose not to fight Hendricks next and fight someone else just like Jones did. That way it gives him a refresher fight and then he can do the rematch just like Jones is doing, if not why not? When asked why Jones was not doing an immediate rematch, DANA said, “The champ doesn’t want it.” GSP is the champ regardless of the decision, so are you telling me Jones can pick and choose when and who to fight but GSP can’t? You got some answering to do DANA BOY!

      • jmoney

        Dana wants the Glover fight as much as i want to see it.. The fact that Jones is legitamately injured is enough reason for a SHORT delay, not “time out” from the sport. There is a huge difference between the two genius..

        Jones should be just as scared of Glover as he was heading into the Gus fight..
        Not saying who wins that fight but only a moron and a DANA hater would not be drooling over that match-up. Gus and Bones are VERY young in the sport. Glover’s time is NOW and don’t you worry we will be seeing the rematch of Bones V Gus in 2014.. I know, because Dana is a close friend.

        The difference as well is NOBODY really thought GSP won that fight. If you have been watching this sport for a long time you,likemyself would be disgusted by these descisions lately. I personally think Johnny was a much clearer result than the Gus one..

        and it seems so does Dana..

        • Kris-tyahn

          Ugh how many top 10 opponents has Glover beaten again? And how many of them were top 5?! But Glover deserves a title fight bc his time is now?! That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Glover’s getting a title fight bc he’s Chuck boy, and Chuck and Dana are bed buddies. Last time I checked just bc it’s “someone’s time now” meaning they’re older doesn’t mean anything, are you serious?!? LMAO

      • jmoney

        Oh by the way GSP is choosing to fight no-one… That is the problem here.

        It has nothing to do with picking your opponent or time to fight, but we all know those things are taken into consideration… It’s a business after all.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Actually GSP can pick and choose when he fights, in his contract he has to defend the belt once a year if healthy. Learn you facts before pretending to know what you’re talking about!!

  • Mark McDowall

    I don’t really see a “line up” of people to challenge for the belt. There’s Hendricks….then a big ol gap…then Condit, Lawler, maybe Mcdonald and a couple others. But I wouldn’t say a line up by any means.

    I don’t see why this is such a sticking point. Considering GSP has been the largest PPV draw consistently for the UFC you would think time off wouldn’t be an issue.

  • Ian Price

    I don’t think it was that big a deal for GSP to say “I’m taking a little break.” I mean, obviously if the break is too long, he loses the belt. Duh!

    The sticking point was that he won a controversial decision where he looked like someone ram him over with a Mack truck. Even the ones who thought he won admit it was razor close.

    I’m sure they’ll rematch this summer.

    • Kris-tyahn

      It was a close fight and it could have went either way, I’ve seen worst decisions in fights that weren’t remotely close. We all know GSP bruises like a peach, look at his last 3 fight, I think he looked worst in the Condit fight to be honest, even the Diaz fight he looked mangled and Diaz barely did anything! People just need to look at BJ vs GSP 1, look at GSP’s face after the 1st round, which is just as bad as his last 3 fights, but that was a 3 round fight and BJ didnt do much after the first round. GSP bruises like a peach, it’s that simple! The look of a fighter means absolutely NOTHING in a fight. Hendricks clearly lost 2 rounds and so did GSP, the 1st round is the debatable round. Hendricks won his rounds more dominantly than GSP won his rounds, that’s why people ASSume Hendricks “easily” won the fight. If it was easily won, why did it go to a decision?!? Oh yeah bc Hendricks was only using 70% of his power, in a title fight bahahaha

      • Ian Price

        I agree it was close, especially the first round. But some people did score the fight 49-46 for Hendricks, so GSP didn’t dominantly win 2 rounds. Also agree about the bruising.

  • Joe McNeil

    He has had three fights since he came back, not two

  • Bouncer

    I don’t think he wants to fight hendricks again. he’s a very emotional human being and I believe himself and his camp knew they lost that fight against hendricks. he was obviously banged up and not in the right mindset, and in situations like that your instincts speak for you. his instincts told everyone they don’t want another five rounds with hendricks. much respect to the champion he’s a great guy and equally as great of a competitor, but hendricks was robbed in that fight.

  • Joe McNeil

    Dana needs to stick to being a President instead of a fight critic for the people who fight for him. What any other major sport president would critique, judge and frankly call out the things that he does?

  • julian moran

    Dana White has a a certain way of turning on you.

    • Fern

      Just look at how he runs the UFC. He’s like the Saddam Hussein of promoters. How can you have a 20 year anniversary of the UFC without, Randy Cotoure, The Shamrocks, Tito?? I mean the UFC was built on the backs of these guys, like it or not.
      Its no longer the Ultimate Fighting Championship, its now just the Dana White Show and it sucks.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Big GSP fan, but I would love for him to retire. Dana doesn’t care about the fans of Hendricks. Dana only gives a s*** about the UFC and Dana. I don’t recall Dana getting upset when BJ and Nick Diaz retiring…. And GSP didnt even say he was retiring, he said he needed to take some time off. Also, Dana GSP didnt want to take 1.5 yrs if his prime off, he was forced to be off that long, bc he tried to keep training hen he was injured to keep the fight a go, so GSP doesn’t owe us the fans, certainly not Hendricks and especially NOT the UFC anything! What I find funny is Hendricks won 3 close decisions that he should have lost, or at least two losses. Now he knows what it feels like to lose a fight, he maybe should have won. But especially after he claimed he was only using 70 or 75% of his power…. What a crock of s*** and how pathetic, Hendricks just Butt Hurt bc GSP took every one of his punches and more, and Hendricks thought he only needed one left to win the fight! Like you said Johnny don’t believe your own hype, it’s either a 1st round KO or a close decision!! 70% of his power in a title fight GTFO of here you idiot!

    • taylor2008

      Thank you! Thats exactly what I said in another post. GSP isnt going to retire. He will be back. The ONLY thing GSP owes the UFC is to fight out his contract if he isnt going to retire. Other than that he owes the fans and the UFC nothing what so ever. I am starting to dislike Dana more and more.

  • Kenny Powers

    GSP only has 2 options. Either take the rematch, or retire. There’s no inbetween, you can’t “take a little break” come back and still be champ. If he wants to do that, then forfeit the belt and work your way back up the ladder when u come back. I dont think he “owes” Hendricks a rematch, cuz its not his fault the judges made the wrong call, but if he keeps fighting than thats the only fight to make. I think he should retire sooner than later. He doesnt have anything left to prove, and he doesnt seem to be in his right mind anymore, i dont wanna see George go out like Chuck.

    • Fern

      the thing that people don’t understand is the belt is just a symbol. If they strip GSP of the belt, no one really cares. If/when he comes back, he may not officially be champ, but he will still be the champ in most people’s eyes and he will also sell out the house more than any other fighter; and even more if he comes back from “retirement”.
      If Dana realy thought this through he would see a HUGE benefit with George putting on a psuedo retirement and then making a come back.
      Except Dana doesn’t think much before he talks.

  • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

    GSP doesn’t owe anyone anything in my opinion. Dana has always said a fighter knows when to hang up the gloves and that it is their decision and their’s alone…apparently unless you make the company 10s of millions of dollars and a rematch will make the company even more money…then its not up to you….then you have a responsibility.

    I don’t think GSP is going to want to walk away from fighting with that as his last performance, but if he does, much respect to him for all he has done for the sport and Dana can throw a hissy fit like he did when Randy left and then we will all move on.

  • james j

    Dana tells like it is.

    • taylor2008

      Is that you Dana?

      • shakejunt

        tired joke

        • taylor2008

          Not to me it isnt.

  • bigdikwilly

    unless contractually obligated, GSP owes the UFC nothing. It is that simple.

  • otto

    No more Immediate rematches, Im getting a little tired of this immediate rematch crap, this has got to stop, fighters are going to have to live with the decision right or wrong, leave it all in the ring, fight like you’ll never get another chance

    • Mihael Hajdin

      I could see why Hendricks is getting the immediate ramatch, it was a really close fight, but what I dont get is why da hell is Anderson Silva getting one. I mean ge got KTFO because he was clowning in the octogon and not respecting his opponent..

    • Megalodon3

      I agree. It really undermines the credibility of the UFC when White does that. Instead of giving the next fighter in line a shot at GSP, he can just say Hendricks gets an immediate rematch because he didn’t like how the fight ended. What happens if GSP wins again – another immediate rematch? What about Hendricks win over Koshchek – using White’s logic Koshchek should have gotten an immediate rematch. In fact, maybe White should just do that for all fights where he doesn’t like the outcome – instant rematches for everyone! Stupid…

      • MMAreality

        Hendricks over Koshchek. Hendrix over condit. Condit won that fight as much as Hendrix won GSP. The problem was that Hendricks had not faced GSP and Dana wanted PPV sales. Dana needs to take ten deep breaths and count to ten before speaking!!!!!

    • shakejunt

      c’mon, it’s not like it’s frankie.

  • taylor2008

    Dana White is only for Dana White. Maybe GSP needs to step back a little. GSP will be back. White is so selfish its sick. This is why more and more people are starting to hate him. Sorry Dana but GSP owes the UFC nothing more than what his contract says.

  • knockout67

    Dana White only cares about his bottom line..and the number of ppv buys..St. Pierre owes him nothing.

    • shakejunt

      maybe not dana, but he certainly owes the judges a couple hundred gift baskets

    • sidrwc

      He makes perfect sense, if George wants to retire, he can retire, but if he wants to keep the belt, then he needs to find so long as he’s not injured.. Makes perfect sense to this Canadian.

  • wstage

    Immediate rematch…….. shut the haters up or prove the haters right!!

  • Deyo

    He owes the UFC nothing – he fights, he gets paid.
    He should rematch Hendricks, win and then say, see you later alligator. F DFW. Lost respect for that prick. He says the fights are based on damage. Ah no they are not moron. It’s a 10 point must system you bone head. Stop manipulating people and get your facts straight.
    Dana could of left it at “Hey Georges,I disagree with the decision and it was a close fight, we are scheduling a rematch” Be respectful to your longest standing, most respectful and biggest draw.