Now That Ronda Rousey is Out, Julianna Pena Would Love to be the Face of Women’s MMA

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Julianna Pena has long been calling for a shot at the UFC women’s bantamweight championship, but when champion Amanda Nunes was tied up with Ronda Rousey, she took the next best fight, Valentina Shevchenko.

With her UFC on FOX 23 bout with Shevchenko on tap, and Ronda Rousey having lost to Nunes, Pena is eyeing a position as the new face of women’s MMA.

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  1. Juliana who?

  2. More sandwiches not being made, lol.

  3. No thanks, don’t need a woman that attacks men and kicks the in the nuts. There’s a special place for people that attack the groin in the fight. Lowest of the low.

    • Exactly ! Being a good fighter and being a role model are two different things .

  4. Don’t think I’ve ever wanted a fighter to lose as much as I want her to lose on Saturday night. Even her verbal spewing of how she’s beat ALL the TOP women in her division makes me ill. Three of her four UFC wins have come against woman not in the UFC anymore or on the verge of being cut. Pena’s opponents have a combined UFC record of 4 Wins- 11 losses. HOW is that facing the best in the WBW Class? The only fighter she faced with talent is Cat Zingano who had lost badly in her title shot to RR then taken a long time off, went through a depression, ballooned up to over 185lbs and when finally decided to get back in the cage spent her entire camp trying to get in shape. Like most Fighters coming off a loss in a title fight they also lose the next one. Shevchenko I hope exposes Pena badly in this fight.

  5. Be the next face of women’s MMA ? Julianna , learn pause and please take a deep breath. As far as “being a role model for little girls ” … Was that humour ?

  6. Julianna is so delusional. She’s not
    winning any fans over with her antics.

  7. More like, “Julianna Pena, the Heel of Women’s MMA.” That role model comment of hers is hilarious.