Not Waiting for Title Shot: Alistair Overeem Wants to Fight the Minute He Gets His License Back

August 27, 2012
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Alistair Overeem at UFC 141Former Strikeforce and K-1 Grand Prix champion Alistair Overeem is anxious to get back in the UFC Octagon again, the sooner the better.

Overeem is still serving out his nine-month de facto suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission stemming from a test given in April. That test indicated the Dutch fighter had an elevated ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone.

Now residing full time in Florida as part of the Blackzilian camp, Overeem has dedicated himself to training and preparing for his return to the cage once he can apply for a fight license.

It appeared briefly that Overeem might get to face UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos upon his return, but ultimately promotion officials opted to give the next shot to former titleholder Cain Velasquez at UFC 155 in December.

The news may have been somewhat discouraging for Overeem because he has been gunning for dos Santos since entering the UFC, but the bigger picture right now is just getting back to fighting, no matter who the opponent might be.

“First of all, he would have loved to have had the opportunity to fight for the title, but Alistair is a fighter, and as a fighter he will fight whoever they put in front of him,” Overeem’s manager Glenn Robinson of Authentic Sports Management told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

“Reality is, he’s training extraordinarily hard, and whoever gets in front of him is going to meet a completely different Alistair. This guy is just dedicated to rebuilding and rededicating himself.”

Despite being on hiatus until at least December, Overeem isn’t taking to time to enjoy a long vacation or even spend the extra months at home in Holland. No, he’s treating this extended period of time between fights as a long and hard training camp, aimed at making Overeem the best he’s ever been.

“He’s in great shape. He’s in better shape now than when he joined us. He’s strong; his cardio is crazy. He’s training with pro football players, a whole team of pro football players. We ran out of people large enough to fend him off, so we put him with a whole pro football team to do cardio,” Robinson revealed.

“All that’s going to happen is whoever does face him is in a lot of trouble.”

Overeem’s longterm goals are still to take the UFC heavyweight title and add it to his mantle of championships, but he knows he’s not going to face Junior dos Santos upon his return.

The Dutch wrecking machine has already been out too long and when the gates are opened for his return, Overeem wants to face the best heavyweight available, as soon as possible.

“He wants to come back as soon as he can. We have to wait until the Nevada State Athletic Commission can give him the license, and he’s doing everything he can to live by the letter of the law so that there’s no issue with getting that license when the time comes,” Robinson stated.

“He’s going to be ready to fight the second that there’s a fight. He’s not going to need a camp, because he’s never left camp. The day that he’s allowed to be licensed, if they want him to fight the next day, he’ll be ready.”

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  • used2bgood

    Overoid is probably off the juice at the moment and is quite eager to fight. Training with the Blackzilians is a big deal but I don`t think he has a future in the UFC. JDS will demolish him anyway.

    • Drewsiph87

      I find it funnt how people keep saying steroids… he was never busted for steroids. The athletic commission did not detect ANY steroids in his body. He had elevated testosterone and epitestosterone levels, but no steroids were detected. I’m not saying he wasn’t cheating, the likely option is that he was but it is also possible that the excuse he gave the commission is the truth. He did provide them with copies of the medical record from when he was treated. People should really do the research before they start saying he was busted for using steroids…

      • Richurd Cheese

        Spot on!

      • used2bgood

        This doesn`t change the fact that the Testosterone Clown has pretty much ruined his career.

  • MaritalArtist

    Steroids means artificial substances, testosterone-like molecules that are better than testosterone for athletic purposes, but ultimately take a great toll on the body. Testosterone is a steroid hormone, but it’s not a steroid. So no, he was never on steroids.

    • Lesnardo

      Who cares?

      Dude, just stfu.

      The dude was caught for elevated testosterone level that exceeded a normal male level by 9 times.

      He was obviously taking something. Who cares if it is Xys42189123fdjk or steroids or benzolyinyouwtuck.

      He was caught for performance enhancing drug. “Steroid” should not be read so narrowly. You are beginning to sound like Chael Sonnen.

      • stak

        For some reason you’re missing the point that he was not caught with a performance enhancing drug in his system.

        • MuayThaiFood

          You’re missing the point also. He was caught cheating. That’s all that really matters. He had 9 times the normal levels of testosterone. He didn’t get it by eating horse meat and smoothies and it would have enhanced his performance. What more is there to talk about?

          • RubeKegal

            Drew, Richurd, Marital and Stak…..Are you 4 serious? What are you going to say next, that Kevin Randleman wasn’t caught cheating because he used Ram Piss for his urine test and technically he wasn’t caught?

            C’MON MAN!!!!

  • Yea Overoid jokes and such are getting so old and not even witty. Not even close. He explained himself, he took the suspension and he’s ready to fight, that’s all that matters. He was tested 6 weeks out anyway, his levels would have dropped by fight time. They should have retested him. Either way the guy is still a world class fighter, competing in different combat sports all over the world, show some respect. He’s a real humble guy to. It’d be nice to hear some intelligent and excited fans speak their mind on who they think he should fight next cause whether you dislike the guy or not talking about that is what we’re really here from. Not reading overused (no pun intended 😉 jokes on Alistars name.

    • used2bgood

      I don`t meant it as a joke. Seriously. That is his real name right now. And even if he stops using…he is still a loser in my view. Have a nice day 🙂

      • Well that loser is still a world class fighter and possibly next in line for a title shot after Cain/JDS… Who you rooting for on that one?

        • used2bgood

          Sir, there is only one truth. JDS over anybody in this division. Mark my words.


    steriods are not cheating dumbFLUCKS EVERYONE does them!!!!!!!!!yea theres a few that dont but their freaks of nature. i would say 90percentof middleweights and above do them and90% of welterweight and below dont do them could be wrong dont care just wana see good fights that end brutal !i love MMA

    • bjjjay

      How do you know that?

    • Triggerman99

      So if everyone cheats, Its not cheating? Regardless, you’re very likely wrong, even though you did use a lot of caps and exclamation points.
      And why would you say 90% of bigger fighters use them, but 90% of smaller fighters don’t? I don’t think you fully understand how steroids work, so you should probably refrain from trying to sound like you have any idea what you’re talking about.

      • OMAHAK1LLA

        uh i SAID i could be WRONG einsteins i live in America i can have my own opinion’s about anything HATERS I knew id ruffle som feathers LOL

        • Triggerman99

          Yeah; you said you could be wrong, and I agreed with you.

    • kaldani15

      Dude steroids is not cheating? That’s why everyone in any sports that takes Roids gets suspeneded,harrased by media, and loose all respect. You have no idea what your talking about. It’s more like 90% of your brain doesn’t function correctly. Real fighters are all natural.

  • mma fanatic1982

    i am not condeming him for using but to the guy who said test isnt a steroid, it is. test is a steroid hormone in the adrogen found in mammels n reptiles. test is a synthetic form of what we already prodyce, so i i put more test in my body obviously im cheating. test was actually the first steroid, ppl pumped test before all the science brought winstrol, dbol, etc. test helps u heal muscles faster, and increases strength and lean muscle mass, unlike decca and others that put just mass. point is test is a steroid always has been. but i think allister will still dominate when he fights without it, his stand up is very very elite, esp in mma standards. cant wait till he fights another big name. bring brock back for a rematch so all the brock heads can see him lose again, with no excuse.

  • He should fight the other cheating POS Cyborg in a catchweight bout. 😉

  • This guys a tool…I give him 2-3 fights before his doctors secretly inject him with T-Rex hormones after a serious jammed finger or stubbing of his toe…and then he’s back pretending not to be a juice head and Zuffa cuts him.

  • diazfan209

    Miocic, Struve, Browne, or Rothwell

    I would absolutely love to see him face Jon Jones in Jones’ first HW fight…. I think Dana White would too…

    • adam1848

      I like your choices, but I think Overeem would handle Struve and Rothwell easily. Miocic might have a shot because of his wrestling background, but probably not. Browne is a great choice and could actually be a really good fight. But really I’d say almost any top 10 fighter.

      Obviously Cain and JDS are not options because of their fight, but I’d personally like to see how Alistair handles a BJJ guy anyway. My top choices would be Mir, Werdum, Nog, or Big Country.

      If I had to pick one guy for Overeem’s first fight back, it would be Roy Nelson, because of his chin and ground game.

  • zrothum

    For any and everyone who speaks about testosterone and steroids as though they are biochemists…let me give you some facts, since I take testosterone for purely low T.

    A normal human range of Testosterone is somewhere between 350-1100. That means if you have a T level of 600, you’re fine. A lot of docs wont give you a script for it. Some will and advise you of an appropriate dosage to get you from a mid range to a high range.
    I had a 300 level and now test in the high 800s.

    People who abuse testosterone and shoot they levels up in the multi-thousand levels are CHEATING. They are attempting to be MORE man than anyone else can be on their natural level. End of story.

    Steroids are drugs widely used to build muscle mass. They mimic the effect of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in your body.

    Yes, that’s right, they MIMIC testosterone.

    Meaning? Testosterone is the purest form of steroid you could get, even, because one could argue, without technically being a steroid because testosterone doesn’t have to mimic itself…it simply IS itself. But don’t try to lie to yourself to cover your fav fighter…it IS a steroid when used medically or for personal gain. Just like a doctor would give you a steroid shot to help you heal faster, athletes gives themselves a shot of testosterone (STEROID) to help their muscles heal (read: grow) faster.

    Even if you cannot get your head around it being a steroid…it IS a controlled substance and when given to yourself rather than letting your body produce it on it’s own because you are not getting the results you want….it IS a steroid at that point. Any drug/chemical/hormone that you inject yourself with in order to increase muscle growth or synthesize proteins better is a steroid.

    Testosterone is certainly a performance enhancing drug. And to take it for that reason is the same as taking any other steroid.

    • Triggerman99


    • dathump

      True, I agree. Now if a athlete is given a shot perscribed by a doctor that contains testosterone strictly to heal an injury and has the levels check by fight time is it still considered cheating? (suggesting his reason is valid)If so, why is it ok for fighters like Sonnen, Henderson, or any other fighter given a pass for using test, as long as the levels are in check come test time just because they have a scipt for it?

  • ricksad

    It would be interesting to see if any of the heavy weights scheduled to fight around the time Alistar get his permit back gets hurt and if Alistar would be willing to jump in as a replacement. This would be the fastest way for him getting back in the Octagon.

  • mma fanatic1982

    agreed^. nicely put lol, thats what i was trying to say in mine but yours is more elligant.

  • demetriousgonzalz

    i cant wait til he comes back and ko’s jds f all u people who talked **it do you people really think brock got that big lifting weights lmao smh alistair will get that belt its only a matter of time and when he does dont try jumping on tha band wagon

  • demetriousgonzalz

    i cant wait til he comes back and ko’s jds f all u people who talked crap do you people really think brock got that big lifting weights lmao smh alistair will get that belt its only a matter of time and when he does dont try jumping on tha band wagon

    • dathump

      Plus Brock turtled up like that anytime anyone hit him, I think the 205lb Overeem would have ko’d him.

  • mod777

    Stipe Miocic, Mark Hunt or Lavar Johnson is a good name.

  • Triggerman99

    “He’s in great shape. He’s in better shape now than when he joined us.”
    LOL, I can just picture this guy hesitating and having to catch himself from saying “He’s in better shape now than when he was taking steroids!”

  • Do-Jime

    No one coming off a Ban should walk back to a title shot anyways. I can’t think of a better fight for Overeem than a 3rd match against Werdum. Fought last year and Overeem won a decision, which makes it one win each.

    • dgs

      I can’t think of a fight I’d like to see less than a 3rd fight with Werdum. The 2nd fight was enough, I never want to sit through something that boring again (only the Werdum vs Arlovski fight comes to memory as being more boring).

      I was intrigued by the JDS vs Overeem fight because it was all but guaranteed to be a standup war. Both of those men move like light heavyweights but hit like Mac trucks. It wouldn’t have lasted long, but man it would have been exciting while it lasted.

      Personally I think JDS is the only heavyweight worthy of a fight with Overeem, and the only one who would give him a challenge. He beat up on Brock like Brock was a little child. Nobody took out Brock that effortlessly. I honestly can’t think of a single UFC heavyweight other than JDS who would give the man a run for his money. After JDS beats Velasquez a second time, hopefully we’ll get to see it.

      • Do-Jime

        I take your point, it’s more exciting to watch 2 guys stand up at that size and exchange until someone drops.
        Would just like to see Overeem take a good fight before JDS rather then stamping out another striker on the outskirts of the top 10. I disagree that the Werdum fight was ‘boring’, but thats opinion, no prob.

  • clarkw901

    It’s funny how people are calling him a cheater and what not. Where is the hate for all the other cheaters in MMA or even in all sports in general? Hell, i’m sure 90% of you all fell for the yellow bracelets sold by a certain company that has a “possible” user as the spokeman, yet people seem to not care, yet a fighter had elevated levels and you all turn against him like he was the word’s worst person. Can someone here define how steriods can turn a no skill fighter into a world class athlete capable of beating a world champion just with one application? I read somewhere it takes about 10000 hrs of training to make a world class athlete. From the way everyone here cries about TRT/test usage, you think people believe one injection relieves someone of the countless hours, days, months and years or training to become a world class athlete. A real athlete wouldn’t use ANY performance enhancing product to gain an edge. I know what you all are saying, but if you found a doc/physician to “prescribe” you whatever, does that make it illegal? Think about some of the other banned supps that used to be legal, andro and ephedrine come to mind. If you ever used andro, does that make you a roid user since the FDA said it was too close to steroids? If your favorite fighter used it in the past, can he/she say they never used baned substances before? I know i’m rambling on, but this could go on and on, but if you think about it, hw can anyone here say that fighter A is a cheater, yet fighter B has never used whatever? You can’t unless you where with them 24 hrs a day for their entire life. I’m willing to bet at least 80% of fighters have used some form of “ehnancers” at one point or another throughout their life. Argue all you want, but really, how do you know?

  • maddawgmar

    Overoid v Cyroid. In a juiced up semi-mixed gender match. Semi because Cyroid is half man.