Not So Fast: Dana White Says Tim Sylvia Not Fighting for UFC or Strikeforce

July 21, 2012
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Tim Sylvia vs Tra Telligman at UFC 54Is he or isn’t he?

He isn’t.

Despite earlier reports, including one from us at, former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia is not going to be facing Daniel Cormier under the Strikeforce banner on Sept. 29 in Sacramento, Calif.

UFC president Dana White on Thursday said that Sylvia was not headed to Strikeforce, but an initial Friday report by, which our sources backed, indicated that Sylvia was indeed headed into a fight with Cormier.

Late Friday evening, however, White talked to, who reported that “White said the signing was never announced, and that ‘long story, but yes, Tim is not with Zuffa.’”White commented on Twitter, shooting down the Tim Sylvia signing.

There were apparently negotiations going on, at least according to our sources, but regardless of the details, the fact remains that White is sticking by his original statement that Sylvia is not going to be fighting under the Zuffa umbrella at either the UFC or Strikeforce.

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  • RonnieV

    Too bad! I’ve met a bunch of the UFC elite, and none of them were as humble as Tim Sylvia. He may not be an elite Heavyweight anymore, but in my mind he deserves a shot to start at the bottom again.

    • Rence54

      yeah, but fighting DC isnt exactly starting at the bottom. Based on his last couple years, i’d almost be concerned for Tim’s safety in that fight. I’ve never met the man but in his interviews etc he seems a decent fellow, but he’d have to start lower than DC to start at the bottom

    • Lesnardo

      Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those Dana White fanboys who diss Sylvia and Arlovski (and virtually every ex-UFC champs that left the company) just because Dana White does so.

      Sylvia was a top 5 fighter at his prime and was the UFC champ for a very long time.

      I still think this dude has the potential to beat middle-of-the-pack UFC fighters like Roy Nelson and Cheick Kongo. I know for a fact that prime Sylvia would have destroyed Nelson have they fought.

      But at this point, I am not sure if Sylvia would do anything to the HW division. He lost to Mir and Nog, who are now middle-of-the-pack in the UFC. And I am sure JDS/Cain/Overeem would destroy Tim Sylvia.

    • Lesnardo

      Did you meet Sylvia before or after the Fedor fight?

      Because I remember this dude being kinda arrogant when he was the UFC champ.

      • kneedleskane

        Yes. Very arrogant.

  • If he hit your chin you went down. His downfall was the ground game, but he is a huge man with a long reach, and he knows how to use it.

  • Bummer I wanted to see this fight. Call me crazy but I think Tim could have won.

    I dont see any other good matchup for Cormier outside of the UFC.

    • DrkDisciple

      since you asked…you are crazy…………..

  • I know its not going to happen but this is the time to get Fedor to come fight Cormier… I think that fight would sell.. I know Fedor retired recently but I think that was more because there were no options. Cormier has no options outside of UFC for this one fight and it needs to be as big a fight as possible…

    • Lesnardo

      “Option”? Fedor retired because he made enough money.

  • too bad, I would have watched that fight. Wonder what went on behind the scenes to make Uncle Dana pull the plug on Tim.

  • ChiTown420

    Thank god that was a horrible match up,IMO he is going to fight Sergei Kharitonov then both will come over to the UFC after.

  • MikeMc1983

    I am a fan of this site, but this is a bit annoying. In the first article you stated that Dana said Sylvia would not be fighting for zuffa, but you decided to say he was going to fight anyhow. Which leads me to believe that you guys thought Dana was lying, or something changed.
    Now you guys say Sylvia will not be fighting because why? Dana repeated himself? It’s not news that Dana repeated himself when you reported the first article.
    Either you should have believed Dana the first time, or there’s no reason to believe him now.

    Mmaweekly please don’t fall in the trap that so many others do. It’s better to be late and accurate than it is to be early and wrong.

    • Lesnardo

      Not really.

      I agree that MMAWEEKLY does sloppy reporting but your logic isn’t flushed out.

      If someone repeats himself and re-states the comment previously made very firmly, that is a good indicator of the firmness of the statement.

      But your right, MMAWEEKLY should have been more thorough in explaining its reason.

  • bigwurm

    This is so stupid, there never was a fight between these two. Dana said no from the beginning. This isnt even a story.

  • shakejunt

    *sigh of relief*