Not-MMA Blog Video: Eddie Bravo vs Royler Gracie Metamoris 3 Full Fight; Did Bravo Win Again?

March 30, 2014
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Eddie Bravo surprised many in the grappling world, including himself, when he submitted Royler Gracie at an ADCC event in 2003. Bravo and Gracie rematched on Saturday at Metamoris 3.

Check out the video above to see how their match unfolded.

The video below is from their first match-up, so you can see how Bravo submitted Gracie in 2003.

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  • fsunoles10

    anybody looking at it objectively will say bravo won just by watching it but there are still people out there who will make excuses for royler. bravo has gracie in all sorts of trouble on multiple occasions as well as hitting sweep after sweep. to be fair gracie had some sweeps but he was pretty much on the defensive the entire time and was just fighting to survive from about the 14 or 13 minute mark on maybe even sooner than that. it seems like bravo was selling himself short before the fight talking about royler would win 6 out of 10 times after that performance i seen last night. royler is a tough dude though so you have to give him that and like i said he survived and he had to find a way to do it so he is no slouch either bravo just had it working last night.

    • The truth

      U guys are idiot persuaded by the commentator the whole time the only person they talked about was bravo because anything he was able too pull off was an underdog move which makes florian wet. try watching it without listening to them only talk about bravo because it wasn’t a big deal that Gracie was dominating only wen bravo did som was it talked about if u can watch without commentator ull realize Gracie controlled the who match and so u no they were both in calf slicers bravo again was only one talked about. U newbs don’t no shit

      • fsunoles10

        you’re literally the only one under this delusional impression bud so who here is really the idiot? its not my fault your insanely bias thought process wont allow you to see reality, either that or just have no idea what you’re looking at. you really are one of the most clueless people ive ever encountered on one of these comment sections, there is a reason the consensus across the landscape is bravo got the better.

      • The Actual Truth

        If you really knew anything about jiu jitsu and looked at this subjectively, you’d know that Bravo jumping guard to get the lockdown is pretty much his go to move. I figured Royler would know this and would have trained this position to either escape or counter. Eddie had a lockdown pretty much the entire match and used it to set up the multiple sweeps and submissions (electric chair, vaporizer etc…). And as far as the commentating… Jeff Glover and Kenny Florian both talked about Royler way more than they did Eddie, the only times they really talked about Eddie was duriing his sweeps and sub attempts. Answer this for all of us since we’re “newbs.” At exactly what point did Royler have Eddie in trouble? Top position doesn’t necessarily mean you’re winning, especially against a guy known for his guard.

        • The Actual Truth

          Objectively!* Subjectively was on my mind, since that’s how you were looking at it

        • The truth

          Also a submission attempt doesn’t mean shit and the fact is neither guy locked in a submission and bravo was throwing up after the match this meant everything to bravo and didn’t mean much to Gracie bravo had som to prove and against a guy almost twice his age he didn’t

          • The Actual Truth

            Have you ever competed in anything? Not just jiu jitsu but, any sport? Football, basketball, Hockey, Rugby or anything? It is completely natural to throw up before or after competing in a high level game/match. Twice his age? I’m no mathematician but, 5 years younger isn’t almost twice his age, unless Royler is 10 years old. You’ll just keep coming up with excuses so this will be my last post. Bravo has often been called gimmicky and lucky… after that performance he proved he is top tier. He earned respect, you should give it to him.

  • The truth

    No way Gracie was in a more dominate position the whole time yes bravo hit a few switches or reverses u may say but yea of course it’s always gonna look better wen the underdog finally does some to the more dominate guy but Royce controlled the match 3/4 of the time with just bravo holding on longer when Royce was the busier guy taking more chances Eddie held on for dear life trying to work on move taking no chances

    • fsunoles10

      dude 1 upping your own comment doesnt make it any less wrong, did you even watch the match? like i said from about that 14 minute mark on gracie is essentially in survival mode whether your fandom will let you see it that way or not thats reality which means royler got dominated for 14 minutes. btw its royler and royler was attacking? he was in defense mode bro what were you watching? bravo had him in all sorts of trouble about 5 different times, 3 electric chairs a calf slicer and a nasty neck crank, what did royler do? also bravo was sweeping gracie the whole match essentially, gracie was in dominate positions? just because you’re on top doesnt make it a dominate position, bravo was giving him the top notice gracie never passed half guard and thats where bravo was yanking up all them electric chair submissions from so again i ask you wtf were you watching?

    • MP33

      What match were u watching?

      • Advance*

        Apparently not this one since he thinks it was Royce Gracie

        • Steve Martinez

          Gracie never threatened Bravo. In a grappling match who cares if Gracie was on top? He NEVER threatened!

    • Joe Erreca

      Gracie got dominated! Multiple submission attempts and sweeps. And Gracie was in danger for the last 4 min, a lot of people would have tapped..

  • rdouglas

    Great match but if you don’t give this to Eddie you are selling yourself short. Royler never came close, never even passed the guard. If you know Eddie and the 10th planet system you would understand this, if not you should all check out the Joe Rogan Experience. They go over the whole match. Luckily for Royler they didn’t follow their rule bout not stopping the fight if a sub is close. Royler would have been there until he got his foot ripped off. If any of you ever find yourself in this position the smart thing to do is tap and learn from it, its not worth ruining your knee for life, some of us still have jobs.