Donald Cerrone Says Next Fight Will Be at 145 (UFC 137 video)

October 26, 2011
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Donald Cerrone squares off with Dennis Siver at UFC 137 on Saturday night in Las Vegas. The fight is supposed to help whittle away at a long list of UFC lightweight contenders, but Cerrone on Wednesday declared to that his next fight will be at 145 pounds.

He’s got a specific target in mind for his featherweight debut, but Cerrone also says that he might just be testing the waters for a run at current UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

“Jose Aldo, he’s a stud, and I would be honored to be in there to throw down with him. I haven’t seen anyone get in there and really fight Jose. He’s got great leg kicks and great strikes, I think it’d be a fun fight.”

Cerrone spoke to in an exclusive one-on-one interview on Wednesday, talking about the fight with Siver, his place in the lightweight class, and his desire to fight his next bout at 145 pounds.

  • This is kind of weird. Most people dont drop weight when they are on a five-fight win streak. And surely Edgar is an easier fight than Aldo.

  • Bob

    I think Aldo would be an easier fight.

    Edgar doesn’t cut weight so he gets stronger as the fight progresses and never gasses.

    Aldo has been having trouble cutting weight and said that his fight against Hominick was his toughest weight cut ever. Aldo gasses out as the fight progresses.

  • Towers66

    I think that Aldo would be half the opponent Edgar would be for Cerrone and most others. It’s funny because people trash talk the fighters that go down a weight class after they lose and I’m guessing people will find a way to do the same with the fighters that do it before they lose.