Not Looking Past Nelson, Werdum Eyes Overeem Rubber Match

February 1, 2012
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LAS VEGAS – It’s been more than three years since Fabricio Werdum set foot in the Octagon. He returns Saturday night in Sin City to face Roy Nelson at UFC 143… and it is but the first step in what Werdum expects to be many battles under the UFC banner.

Though he won’t look past Nelson, Werdum surely wants a rematch with current No. 1 heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem, whom he has split two fights with in the past, most recently losing to him at Strikeforce this past June.

“Yes, I want to fight (Overeem) again,” said Werdum. “But it’s not my next goal, now my next goal now is Roy Nelson, that’s it.”

Werdum spoke about Nelson, Overeem, and more at Wednesday’s UFC 143 Open Workouts in Las Vegas…

  • DubstepDIST

    You know what….he has to prove himself against others in the UFC before he gets that shot. Look at who he is fighting now…a CAN.

    • Nelson’s a can? You must be new to the sport.

      • Lesnardo

        Actually, that is not necessarily the case.

        I don’t like Nelson. I think he is a stepping stone in the UFC and that is his place.

        The people that knew nothing about the dude (have not seen him fight before) had said that Kimbo was gonna rip thru Nelson.

        People that knew of Nelson though Kimbo had a tough opponent.

        Then, after Nelson wins TUF, all the TUF Noobs (that is, uneducated MMA newcomers that never watched the old school UFC or early PRIDE) started saying Nelson is one of the best.

        While Nelson is NOT a can, he is definitely NOT a top fighter.

        Werdum should win this. However, my theory is that Werdum’s chin is suspect right now. I’ve noticed that for a while now. Go see Vera fight, JDS fight, and Big foot fight.

  • Mario

    I honestly laugh at some of the comments some of you idiots post on here sometimes. I agree with ‘THE BUS’


    • Lesnardo

      Umm..Nelson is not a can but he is not good either.

      The hierarchy in the HW division:

      1. JDS
      2. Overeem, Cain
      4. Lesnar, Carwin
      6. Frank Mir
      7. Nelson, Big Nog

      Nelson is middle of the pack and will NEVER get a title shot.

  • gnodeb

    This is not an easy fight for Werdum. He does not have any clear advantage against Nelson. He is not known for striking or wrestling abilities. Nelson should have good JJ defense. Nelson also can receive a lot of punishment (3 rounds against JDS) and have KO power.
    Nelson may not be top 5, but he is favorite here…