Not Anderson, So Who is Next for Chael Sonnen?

December 1, 2011
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First it was Anderson Silva, then Mark Munoz; so who is next for Chael Sonnen?

He believes that Saturday night’s main event at The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale will determine his next opponent.

“I’m not fighting Anderson. I’m not against competing with Mark, but I don’t believe that will happen,” Sonnen told on Wednesday night. “I believe what will happen for me will be based on what happens Saturday night.”

Asked point blank if that meant he felt he would be fighting Michael Bisping or Jason “Mayhem” Miller next, he answered, “That’s my belief.”

Of course, Sonnen was originally expected to step into a rematch with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva next, but Silva is sidelined for the next few months due to a shoulder injury.

Speculation then shifted to a possible match-up with Mark Munoz, with whom Sonnen shares the same management company, MMA Inc.

Even TUF 14 headliner Michael Bisping believed that was the fight, telling Radio recently, “I thought a logical match-up [if he gets past Miller] would have been me and Mark Munoz, but obviously that’s not going to happen now. It’s going to be Chael Sonnen and Mark, and the winner of that is going to face Anderson Silva.”

Sonnen obviously feels differently, telling that there was never a deal in place for him to fight Munoz, although he and Munoz realize that, being in the same division, the fight could be made at some point.

“I don’t have a next fight,” Sonnen said, before leaving himself an out due to the fickle nature of matchmaking in this sport – just ask Georges St-Pierre, Nick Diaz, B.J. Penn, and Carlos Condit.

Sources had indicated to that Sonnen and Munoz was being considered for UFC on Fox 2 in January.

“(Mark and I) have no deal to fight each other, but this sport can change in an instant. What I don’t want to happen is for this to change five minutes from now and you think I fibbed to you.”

So if he believes that he might face Saturday night’s winner between Bisping and Miller, who does Sonnen think that will be?

“I think it’s a pretty good fight. Bisping’s the favorite, two-to-one, but it’s a lot closer than two-to-one. I think he should be the favorite. I’d give him the edge, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Mayhem won. It’s gonna be a close match.”

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  • DesertRat

    Not shocked that Silva would fake another injury instead of fighting Sonnen. He doesn’t want his butt kicked again.

    • shakejunt

      good one, brah.

      1 win (and a pretty heavy mismatch at that) doesn’t equal second title shot

      • MrAdidas

        SHAKE: How was Sonne Vs Stann “a pretty heavy mismatch”? Stann has DESTORYED everyone he has fought @ MW (except Sonnen of course) & not many people want to fight Stann or Sonnen. Sonnen was a favorite, but many people thought Stann could KO Sonnen, but hard t o do that from your back.

        FYI: Sonnen dominated a guy/Stann who’s been hurting many MW’s & you think Sonnen beating Stann doesnt give him a re-match at the Champ?!? So when Silva fought Leben in his 1st UFC fight, that was enough to give him a title fight? Come on dude, give me a break. I guess BJ Penn getting an instant rematch Vs GSP, eventhough BJ never fought @ WW in yrs. If people who lose a title fight – EI: Rua Vs Lyoto 1, where Rua lost in a close decision, he got an instant rematch, yet you claim Sonnen who just beat a top 10 MW (IMHO – b/c the MW divison is a joke), but you do not think he should get a title shot. One guy loses a fight & gets an instant rematch, but another guy beats a monster of a man & he doesnt deserve a title shot?!? Silva Vs Sonnen was one sided with Sonnen swinging the hammer & the ONLY man in the UFC to give Silva a beating of a lifetime, but he doesnt deserve a rematch?!? LOL OKAY, whatever you say.

    • MrAdidas

      DESERT: I am starting to think Silva wants NOTHING to do with Sonnen, who can blame him? The guy got embaressed & spanked by a guy noone thought he’d make it out of the 1st Round alive (me included), let alone beat Silva up for 23+ mins. I also believe that Silva wants ALOT more time to train for Sonnen, so that he does’nt get his ass spanked AGAIN!

      Silva wont need to do much training on the feet, b/c this fight is going to the ground, regardless. Silva will need to train figthing off his back, which I’m sure he hasnt done much since joining the UFC.

    • tommycasanova

      You’re too funny! Butt kicked huh? Let me help you clarify there sport. Chael Sonnen layed on his opponent for 5 rounds. While he did indeed throw a record amount of punches, the majority of those were to score points and NOT to finish the fight. Yes Chael controlled the fight for 5 rounds, but Anderson did more damage from the bottom then your boy Chael did form a dominating position. Look at their faces after the fight. Chael was bloodied and Anderson had a welt under his eye and NO BLOOD. Oh and I forgot one more thing…Chael STILL LOST due to submission.

  • bajafox

    185 is starting to get very uninteresting…

    They need to announce some top level matchups soon

  • Mario

    I don’t care who he fights

    Just as long as I don’t have to watch this wacko get another title shot at Silva

    Chael is an idiot.

    To quote him – “ZZzzzzz … zzZZZZZZ”


    I would much rather see someone fresh fight for the belt.

  • RubeKegal

    Chael vs Anderson is the only fight I want to see. Mark Munoz is buddies with Anderson who has trained out of Black House and quite frankly is good at getting fights to the ground, but is awful on the ground. Anderson would sub him quick I think.

    The UFC is going to lose out BIG on this $$-wise if they don’t make Chael vs Anderson happen. I was looking forward to Chuck vs. Tito II, but NOWHERE NEAR as much as I am looking forward to Silva vs. Sonnen II. I could give a s*** about Sonnen vs. Munoz, and Anderson vs. Bisping wouldn’t sell big unless the co-main event is a sick fight.(unless you queer Brits buy actually thinking BisPINGA has a chance)

  • emoney911

    ya silva vs sonnen is the only interesting fight at 185 silva just kills everyone else and then their careers suck after that

  • TSPakaTony

    Just a quick one us Brits actually get UFC and all it’s extras and events for £FREE mate 🙂 , however I don’t want to see bisping vs silva anyway. And it’s obvious sonnen doesn’t want to fight Munoz because stylistically its a super hard match up for him. I personally would like to see belfort vs think that would be a good match up.

    • TSPakaTony

      Vs sonnen sorry.

  • stanhapkido

    To quote “(unless you queer Brits buy actually thinking BisPINGA has a chance)”

    I have been watching MMA since the mid to late 90’s so posting stuff like that trying to indicate we are somehow behind you Yanks in our appreciation of the sport shows how much a tool you are.

    Bisping will get knocked out all day long against Silva and I would think most of us “queer” brits would agree.

    Sonnen v Silva is the money fight for the UFC but with Silva on the shelf and Sonnen’s ability to sell fights then they would be daft not to use him.

    I think the assessment of fighting the winner of Mayhem v Bisping would be correct as its a safer fight for the UFC to give him than v Munoz, and a Bisping v Sonnen fight will sell, especially after the verbals last year between them, also Sonnen v Mayhem would sell due the characters involved.

    I would take Sonnen to beat either of them and still be in line for a title shot, Munoz V Belfort is another fight that would sell so I would go for that to keep him busy.

    Its a business and the UFC generally do whats right for business while still putting on fights the fans want to see, so whatever happens with the depth in the Middleweight division at the moment there will be some good fight ahead.

  • RubeKegal

    ^^^Im glad you gay Englanders agree!!

  • Eudo

    Funny how there are people who waste time writing stupid comments. Anderson Silva seems to have to prove that every fight is the best pound for pound fighter in the history of mma, but this will be remembered as Ali is remembered in boxing, there are people who doubt the lesion on the shoulder as if Anderson Silva afraid to fight with Chael which is an average fighter who loves losing to Brazilian fighters, that explains it a pet peeve with Brazil, will lose again and could not do ballet until nocaltear Anderson Silva in the first fight … not taking steroids was able to injure the face of Silva, who came out as if neither had entered the octagon.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Chael is right, he won’t fight Munoz because that would screw up a mega-rematch with him and Silva. Munoz will separate him from consciousness and that will be the end of that for awhile. He’ll fight Bisping or Miller.

  • natpaukar7

    I personally don’t think Munoz is good at all…I know he has an okay resume and looked pretty good against Leben but I do not believe he has stand up for Silva or wrestling to compete with Sonnen….I actually think Miller will beat Bisping and I think either one would probably beat Munoz or a close decision the other way but I think that is as far as his talent goes…While I agree that Sonnen is Silvas only challenge I don’t think he will do any thing remotely close to their first fight…Anderson did win and I believe he will win much more decisively with a KO this time…Also…I think belfort and Sonnen is the only other logical matchpu…unfortunately WLD record doesn’t mean as much IMO as does performance against choice athletes of which I think Belfort is the only other mildly decent MW.

    • MuayThaiFood

      “I personally don’t think Munoz is good at all…I know he has an okay resume and looked pretty good against Leben but I do not believe he has stand up for Silva or wrestling to compete with Sonnen”

      You are entitled to your opinion but how can anyone take it seriously with a statement like that. Obviously it’s based on personal bias rather than fact. If he’s not good at all then he’s sure fooling a lot of people I guess. He’s already wrestled Chael in college and beat him. Now he’s got the power to put him to sleep on the feet and on the ground so I don’t see how he doesn’t have a good chance of beating Chael.

  • TSPakaTony

    Englanders ??? Wtf Brits I said as I am not English u numpty !