Nobutatsu Suzuki Predicts He’ll Knock Ben Askren Out At ONE FC: Reign of Champions

August 27, 2014
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Nobutatsu Suzuki - ONE FC v3After nearly nine years in MMA, welterweight Nobutatsu Suzuki claimed his first major MMA championship this past March when he defeated former UFC fighter Brock Larson for the ONE FC 170-pound title.

And while he’s pleased to have won the ONE FC title, Suzuki is more so happy with how he performed in the fight itself.

“I am proud of myself who fought the entire fight at 100-percent,” Suzuki told “It is the first time I fight a five-round fight. I pushed the pace and (showed that) my striking will be a problem for everybody.

“I did not give up and tried to kept going forward even I was attacked. I feel some disappoint myself since I got couple chance to knock him out but couldn’t finish the fight, that is my regret, but other than that I am very happy.”

Suzuki’s (11-1-2) first title defense will come against former Bellator titlist “Funky” Ben Askren (13-0) on Aug. 29 in Dubai. It’s a fight that Suzuki hopes will live up to its potential.

“I am looking forward to fighting Askren, who is one of top fighters in the world,” said Suzuki. “I hope he will be in the cage with his best condition and we will see who the better mixed martial artist is.”

It was not only enough for Suzuki to win the ONE FC title, but much like former UFC 170-pound champion Matt Hughes, he feels he must defend his title to truly be called “champion”.

“Being king by defeating the best that come and try to dethrone me is more valuable than winning the title,” said Suzuki. “I will knock (Askren) out and give him my best.

“I Hope fans of knockouts will support me and cheer me on!”

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  • onepunch

    He is reliant on his stand up whereas Ben on his grappling. This one could end in both ways but in mma, it is usually the better grappler who wins the stand alone fighter sooner or later. Nobu will try to keep the distance and strike when an opportunity becomes available, but unfortunately, Ben is a high caliber wrestler who will manage to get you to the ground at some point. If you don’t know what to do when you’re on the ground, then you won’t last long whilst you’re there. I don’t see this lasting long but hope Nobu makes Ben uses his stand up skills.

  • shakejunt

    hope to see ben take care of business and move up to the big leagues soon after.

  • mmalive

    Funky Askren will get KOed.

    Ben has very little chance if Nobu keeps fight standing.

    Ben is good wrestler/grappler but this is MMA.

    Not wresting/grappling.

    Ben will try and grind out victory.

    The reason why Bellator released him.

  • Ron Wheeler

    Would like to see Suzuki win – realistically Askren will smother him.