Nobody Will Force GSP Into a Superfight; Dana White Prefers Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones

April 26, 2013
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Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Georges St-PierreJust a few days ago, UFC president Dana White made reference to Georges St-Pierre’s next fight, rekindling talk about superfights by saying that if his UFC welterweight champion wanted to fight middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva, he was all for it.

That, of course, would mean that 170-pound No. 1 contender Johny Hendricks would again take a back seat.

But, as White said, it’s all conjecture until the involved parties start talking with UFC brass and a couple more fights play out. Anderson Silva is slated to fight Chris Weidman this summer, and a third party in the equation, Jon Jones, faces Chael Sonnen this weekend.

Thus far, White hasn’t caught up with St-Pierre, who indicated in a recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast that he seems content to stay at 170 pounds, at least in the near term.

“I need to do stuff in my division before I take (a superfight) because it has moved now,” said St-Pierre.

That’s not something that bothers White, who said St-Pierre vs. Hendricks is going to happen, conceding that St-Pierre may not be ready for a superfight.

“If he doesn’t want to do a superfight, nobody is going to pressure him to do a superfight. That’s up to him,” said White on Thursday. “But Johny Hendricks is next, and soon. Maybe in August (at the Fox Sports 1 launch in Boston).”

White hasn’t shifted his thoughts away from a superfight though. When asked which superfight he would like to see out of the St-Pierre, Silva, and Jones trio, his Canadian superstar wasn’t a part of his top choice.

“If (Jones) wins and Anderson Silva wins, I really want to see Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones,” admitted White. “That’s the fight I want to see. I’d like to see it in Madison Square Garden.”

Silva has been the one constant in the equation, and the one fighter that has been consistently pushing for the biggest fights possible.

While St-Pierre wants big fights, he seems content to continue at 170 pounds for now, while Jones recently warmed to the idea of fighting outside of his usual 205-pound title defenses, entertaining superfights or heavyweight bouts.

“This fight with Chael, it ties me with Tito Ortiz (for most UFC light heavyweight title defenses),” said Jones, assuming he beats Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 on Saturday.

“One thing I’ve been contemplating is first tying Tito Ortiz, and then establishing that record of the most (light heavyweight title defense) wins in my next fight, maybe in November, and after that fight in November, entertaining superfights and heavyweight fights.”

White could make things interesting. If Jones defeats Sonnen, as most people expect to happen, who says Jones’ next light heavyweight title defense – the record-setting opportunity – isn’t also a superfight with Anderson Silva?

The UFC – if Silva is willing to go all the way up to 205 pounds, which he has done before – could try to put the two together with Jones’ belt on the line.

And although White recently put a damper on his hopes for MMA opening up in New York this year, if things change and New York does sanction the sport… and if Silva defeats Chris Weidman in July… what bigger fight could the UFC put together for its 20th Anniversary at Madison Square Garden?

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  • Sir_Roy

    Jones versus Silva for the 205 belt in November, the 20th anniversary card. Yeah. Make it happen.

  • Aaron

    To date, this would be the best fight in UFC’s history -PERIOD.

    • Aaron

      I meant to say the Silva vs. Jones fight would be…

  • Triggerman99

    I don’t like the idea of Silva fighting Jones for the LHW title. I’d love to see the fight, but if Silva wins and holds the two titles, the title picture would be very stangnant in both divisions. Being 37 years old, Silva only fights- at most- twice a year in his own division. Could you imagine if he had title defense obligations in both divisions?

    • Sir_Roy

      He would be required to vacate one of the titles I’m sure.

      • Aaron

        Or he would retire as the greatest champion EVER.

        • Sir_Roy

          He already pretty much is.

          • Kris-tyahn

            In the WEAKEST division EVER & not to mention fighting in a division that gives Silva ALL the advantages before the fight even starts. Silva has the size, strength, reach advanatge. No MW comes close to the size of Silva. Silva walks around @ 225-230lbs & he’s 6’2″. If Silva did what he’s done at MW, at LHW, then he would be the GOAT period, but he’s figthing much smaller oppoents, same goes for Jones. GSP is the only Champ that actually fights bigger opponents the majority of his fights. Kos, Condit, Hardy, Diaz, Shields, Alves etc. are bigger than GSP. GSP looks bigger b/c he looks like hes carved out of granite. But he’s still a “small” WW, avg. at best.

          • So true.

          • Sir_Roy

            You make some sound points.

    • Levi Cook★Highly Controversial

      Jones is a better match up. GSP would dominate Silva and make him look weak. If he couldn’t handle the takedowns from Sonnen, he wouldn’t be able to handle GSP either.

      • Brian Furlano

        Couldn’t handle Sonnen’s takedowns? Maybe during that first bout when Anderson wasn’t taking things seriously, but that second bout Sonnen was kissing canvas fairly quickly, and GSP doesn’t have the jaw Sonnen does.

        • He was still held down in the second fight by Sonnen for the first round! He won because Sonnen tripped. GSP doesn’t make those kinds of mistakes so he would have a pretty big advantage. That’s why I think GSP vs Silva makes a lot of sense. I wanna see who is p4p best! Also I think Silva is an easier fight for GSP than Hendricks

          • PhranktheTank

            Let’s not forget that silva stayed upright in rd 2 because he was blatantly grabbing sonnen’s shorts for a full 30 seconds+

        • Sir_Roy

          GSP got caught by Serra behind the ear … few do not drop when they eat a solid one behind the ear.

          GSP bruises extremely easily … this is not to be confused with a “weak” jaw. He ate a head kick from Condit that left the side of his head swollen like a football. That shows he can take a shot.

          Not sure where you draw your conclusion that GSP’s jaw is weak from.

          • Ks mma

            Condit s striking power isn’t even on the same universe as Anderson s.

      • Agree, but it’s all about GSP managing his injuries. I only see 2 more fights in GSP career. Last fight… Silva.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Wouldn’t have to worry about that dilemma, Silva would lose to Jones @ LHW. I read that Silva wouldn’t want to fight for the LHW title, which means he wants to fight @ a catch weight. Reason being he wants Jones drained! No way Jones could fight @ 198lbs, I don’t know why Silva can’t fight @ 205lbs, he did 3X before …. vs. BUMS with NO wrestling. But if Silva doesn’t want the title, then fight @ 205lbs with no title on the line. Didn’t Hughes fight Royce @ WW no belt on the line?! Or was that a catch weight?!? Either way, fight @ 205 for the belt or fight @ 205lbs for no belt, up to you.

  • Elvis

    screw MSG – this needs to be in a stadium – Cowboys Stadium

    • urdooomb

      “If (Jones) wins and Anderson Silva wins, I really want to see Anderson
      Silva vs. Jon Jones,” admitted White. “That’s the fight I want to see.
      I’d like to see it in Madison Square Garden.”

      HAHA!!! LOL!! MSG will never do MMA. Dana doesn’t want this thing badly enough.

      • elvis

        agree – besides – The Fertitta Bros and White are greedy mofos; they will not pass up a stadium vs msg

        • BRAD

          Well I guess since you guys are part of the UFC brass your assumptions hold a lot of weight… and MSG would ABSOLUTELY host MMA. You know how I know? Because its already been booked by the UFC earlier this year in case the bill gets passed. Anyone remember that?

  • bajafox

    I’d rather see GSP and Bendo if he can win a few more at 155


    GSP would dominate silva ? Don’t see that happening at all and I have been saying jones should fight silva since jones first title defense. he is a beast and I think he would beat silva and put an end to all the silva is the best fighter in ufc. jon jones is in my opinion, he is just a better athlete and has barely been hit never mind dominated for five rounds (silva)….

    • BRAD

      Thats because he’s never fought the caliber of fighter that is Silva. Nor a fighter with relatively CLOSE to the foot work, timing, and accuracy of him. Also granted the reach is still large it wouldn’t be as large of a discrepancy compared most of his other opponents besides Bonnar who had a 80 inch reach. Silva’s timing and footwork alone would make up for his (even at nearly 78inches) shorter reach. So many variables than just physical presence. Anderson is also one of the best game planners in the game in that he almost ALWAYS makes the other guy fight to his strengths, but who knows until they fight. I truly believe Jon Jones will be the next greatest fighter to even dawn the 4oz gloves cause of how quick he’s learning so if they were to fight say 3 years from now I see Jones winning due to being the younger athlete, which plays a huge role even if Silva still doesnt look like he’s lost a step. Should they fight within the next year however I see Silva beating him pretty handily as Jone’s striking technical flaws will be exploited by Silva who is absolutely the best striker in either division. Plus the experience plays a huge role. Just my two cents though it is MMA after all and anything can happen

    • well he’s gonna fight the guy who dominated silva for 5 rounds this saturday

    • Kris-tyahn

      Agreed, there’s a reason they have weight classes, ask BJ Penn. Silva would beat GSP, Jones would beat Silva. Doesn’t prove anything we don’t already know. Though, Silva vs. Jones figthing at LHW si the division both fighters should be fighting at in the 1st place. Silva gets taken down by Jones, the fights OVER! Silva would eat a steady diet of HELLbows, ask Hamill, Vera, Matsushenko etc. The only real advantage Jones would have is reach, but Silva has experience & has fought guys with a reach, close to that of Jones, so it’s not that big of an advantage. Silva has the better stand up, the experience, and speed, while Jones has the reach adv., explosiveness & GnP.
      Jones would then lose to Cain/Dos Santos!

  • Lawdog1521

    If something happened to Silva, say something like what happened with Lesner, a career ending illness, I guarantee you within a week GSP would suddenly change his tune and say he always wanted to fight Silva and that he’ll now fight someone else for the MW title.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Man you must be GSP, b/c that’s exactly what he would do. Claeraly, if U arent GSP, then you must be Zahabi? U moron, U ASSume that, Y? b/c GSP has done that B4 or … b/c ur just an idiot? Silva called GSP out & said he could make WW, so what’s he waiting for?! U Silva nut huggers R priceless, wanting a much smaller GSP fight above his weight class for the 1st time ever vs. a guy who weighs 30-40lbs more than him, who’s 4″ taller than him & has a 2″ reach adv. Why not give GSP another disadvantage, no wrestling aloud! Who calls out a smaller fighter/champ anyway?!? Anderson Silva, thats who, the ONLY fighter/Champ to have ever done that. I wonder what u losers would say if GSP called out Ben Henderson? GSP is a bully, only wants to fight a smaller opponent, but it’s okay for Silva to do it?!? You Silva fan girls aren’t hypocrites at all … wink wink!! FYI: GSP is usually the smallest of the two fighters when he fights @ WW, while Silva is ALWAYS the bigger of the 2 fighters @ MW. Silva only walks around at HW weight.

      • Sir_Roy

        Well said. Nothing to disagree on there.

  • BRAD

    At MSG no less…. holy f*** I’m saving my money for cage side starting now. Really am getting sick of having my up get up though. but It’s definitely a feasible scenario and wow how amazing it would be

  • Tony Slicer

    rather see Anderson vs Cung le lol

  • Lucas Freire

    I really think both fights wouldn’t be fair.

    A GSP vs Bendo fight makes more sense than a GSP vs AS.

    Jon Jones is a HW on the LHW division,AS is a LHW on the MW division…But GSP isn’t that big of a WW fighter,there are bigger guys on the division. If Spider or GSP accepts a fight against the champion of the weightclass above theirs,they’ll be putting themselves on a huge disadvantage.

    • Not really because while Silva has the advantage size wise and stand up the match up might be better for GSP because of Silva’s rather poor take down defense. It’d be ether close and Silva winning by TKO or KO or GSP winning by decision depending on how Silva can do against the take downs.. I REALLY WANT TO SEE THAT FIGHT!

      • Lucas Freire

        Of course GSP is a much more versatile wrestler than Sonnen,but Sonnen is way bigger than GSP,and we gotta take it into account when we talk about taking down Silva. Other than that,GSP may have fought taller guys,but he never fought someone with a greater reach,and AS reach is something like 7 inches longer…I don’t see how GSP would be able to close the distance

    • PJ Brennan

      They need to make it non-title, special weigh-in rules. Make it so Anderson Silva can be no more then 190 when he steps in the cage with GSP. Same for jones being no more then 210 if he fights silva.

  • subidoo

    OK, I am tired of all this talk of a superfight. They are just money makers. If Silva beats either/both Jones and GSP, then their reputations are tarnished. If GSP and/or Jones beats Silva, then Silva’s reputation is tarnished. Just let them be the best in their divisions let us enjoy the fact that the UFC has some damn good champions. I don’t want to see any of them lose to each other! What Jones loses to Silva, but never loses again in his division for like 40 title defenses? Then people will say, “he have defended his title more than 40 times, but Silva was better?” Forget about it. This superfight business is bulls***.

    • Superfights are fights that make history. People are still talking about Ali and Foreman or Sugar Ray Lenard/Hearns/Hagler/Duran. Current boxers fear losing. It’s great to see MMA fighters push themselves. It pushes styles/techniques/training to the next level. Losing a fight makes you humble, makes you train harder, makes a real fighter hungry and makes you find your weakness. It’s not reputation you are worried about, it’s ego.

  • KevStinx

    Why not collapse the weight divisions and just have any sex vs weight fights, this way there can only be 1 ultimate fighter, this is the direction the UFC appears to be heading in.

    • Grips

      I totally get your point, but the thing is weight and size are huge factors. The ultimate fighter will usually be the biggest/heaviest person who can fight well. No issue with that, but I’m also interested in things like “who is the best welterweight fighter?” because as a fighter, I know I can’t beat a heavyweight with similar (or even slightly worse) skill than me, because my frame just isn’t that big.

  • subidoo

    Does anyone else think that these superfights are a bad idea? What good would it do to have GSP beat Silva? Or have Silva beat Jones? Then, it won’t matter how they did, or continue to do, in their division because their record or legacy was tarnished by a superfight. I don’t want to see Silva or Jones beat each other unless they actually are in the same division, permanently. I like that they are so good. This can’t go very far. If Silva beats GSP, and Jones beats Silva, then…. well, I guess their would have to be a superfight between Bendo and Jones (-:


    Jones vs Silva for 205 title !!!! this fight would sell make me money ~ D-WHite

  • GSP vs Silva would be best because Jones is just much younger and as much as I like Silva he would probably lose and then people would be mislead that Jones now would’ve also been able to beat Silva 5 years ago. Silva has a size advantage on GSP but his biggest weakness is wrestlers and GSP is the best wrestler in MMA. It’s the prefect match up to see who truly is better!

  • ady

    ok all this bs going over here.. lets do this ….I believe Silva will pound jones ass all over the place.. And if my point has to be proven..lets do one thing….Have a super fight at lets say at 195 pounds? Middle of 185 and 205…and then it would be awesome as Silva teaches Jones a few striking skills…To be honest Silva’s technical skills are >>>>>> Jones mediocre striking which get compensated only due to his reach and diverse attacks.

    • I think it would be too hard for Jones to go as low as 195. I think he struggles getting down to 205 as he gets older. He is a lot bigger now. Risk of getting injuries running that low. Fight would have to be at 205.

      • Sir_Roy

        100% agree. He’s not 23 anymore and is getting noticeably bigger.

  • laleggenda27

    I’m dumbfounded the people arguing that superfights are bad because they will tarnish the loser. Ummm…by that logic, the best fighters should never fight each other because the loser would be tarnished. PacMan shouldn’t have fought Mayweather in their primes. Ali shouldn’t have fought Frazier. Hell, GSP shouldn’t fight Hendricks because the loser would be tarnished. What kind of nonsensical logic is that? The point of MMA, and any sport for that matter, is to have the best compete against the best.

    • I agree. I’m sick and tired of legacy this, brand that. Every MMA fighter’s job is to fight each other to see who is best. And that includes fighters who are close in weight (but not necessarily in the exact same weight class). That means jones vs silva at 200 or 205, silva vs GSP at 170, 185, or somewhere in the middle.

      • PJ Brennan

        They should have special “Superfight Rules”. Fighters are weighed a 2nd time before the fight and can only be 10 pounds over the limit. Spider could only weigh 195 an hour before fight. Make it fair!

    • Dumbfuck

      Pacman and Mayweather shouldn’t have fought in their prime? wow you’re a lucky man if you saw that …

  • Savo

    F***, if there was a Bantamweight that wanted to fight a Heavyweight, im down to see it. Love the idea of super fights, because underdogs can win in this life, thats the beauty of it all. Anderson COULD beat a guy like Jones, and thats what makes it intriguing. This all said, i feel like Vitor deserves a shot at one of these guys again. I think Anderson got lucky against him, but thats just me. I’ll probably get flamed for that lolll.

    • Would like to see Machida vs Vitor. Machida counter attacks are still among the best in the world. Both Vitor and Machinda deserve a go at Jones. I think Silva will only fight Jones if Machida loses against him a second time.

  • Denny Swain

    Danas been pressuring gsp for years to make the whole sacrifice and move up in weight to fight silva. Dana needs to pressure silva to move down in weight or up to fight jones.

  • Denny Swain

    After weidman gets done with silva, all this talk of silva will die down

    • Carlos

      Your an idiot if you think Weidman can beat Silva.

  • MMAreality

    I agree with dana. I think that Silva has a chance of beating Jones more than GSP beating Silva. Dana drop some “f bombs” and make it happen.

  • Denny Swain

    Silva already said he could make welterweight and he wants to fight the much smaller gsp, so silva is the one who should make the sacrifice and lose the weight. Silva is jealous of gsp and wants gsp to make all the sacrifice. Silva had to be forced to fight weidman, his number one contender, cause he knows weidman gonna pop that cherry

  • Ricky Daniel

    Only way GSP will take on Silva is somehow Weidman or
    someone else beats Anderson then GSP will try to
    follow that blueprint until then George has arachnophobia