No Warm-Up Necessary, Eddie Alvarez Wants Title Shot Next (UFC 178 Video)

September 25, 2014
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Former Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez has waited a long time to set foot in the Octagon. Considering the road he’s traveled, Alvarez feels he doesn’t need any warm-ups, he wants to beat Donald Cerrone at UFC 178 and then step into an immediate title shot.

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  • Why u change it

    Really don’t like the format of this web site it was awesome now just like all the others booo!!!!!

    • burry

      I agree !!

      • Sean

        I agree with both of you

  • blob

    if he finishes Cerrone I think it makes sense to let him fight for the title.

  • Big Daddy Dana

    What the hell is wrong with the site? Who made the call to junk it up so badly? Ruined it….

  • Darin

    Forget titles, just try to get past Cerrone. I think Eddie will likely lose this one and start talking about going to 145.

  • Amir

    He won’t beat Cerrone. Weak chin. Cerrone will land that high kick in third round or sooner. One step at a time Eddie.

    • Steven Thurman

      Cerrone needs to finish him fast. Alvarez isnt exactly a weak chin, he just lets himself get hit easy in the first round before he finally gets into the fight.

  • Mike Pardue

    The winner of this fight should get the next shot. Cerrone’s been on a tear of late and has beat some top fighters and Alvarez is a former champ over at Bellator. The only real problem with that scenario of course is that Pettis, provided he beats Melendez, probably won’t defend the title for another year or so because that’s how he rolls and that would mean one of these guys waiting for over a year for their next fight. That won’t happen because Cerrone never sits still that long and Alvarez only sits out for pending legal actions.

    • Steven Thurman

      How exactly do you know thats how he rolls now that hes had surgery finally? Please explain to me more all about Pettis past choices with the belt? You do remember this is the guy who was promised an immediate title shot as long as he waited, and chose to risk giving that up (which he did) by fighting again.