No UFC Fights Scheduled, Jon Fitch’s Return Path to the Octagon Unclear

August 7, 2011
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Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch has long been entrenched near the top of the rankings as one of the best welterweight fighters in the world… and for good reason; he wins, a lot.

In fact, the American Kickboxing Academy product has lost only one bout, to UFC welterweight king Georges St-Pierre, since 2002. Following the loss to St-Pierre at UFC 87 in 2008, Fitch won five consecutive bouts then drew with BJ Penn earlier this year at UFC 127.

When other contender, like Rick Story, started calling his name for a fight, Fitch responded by telling, “I’m at a point in my career where I need to be fighting main events and main event fighters. And if you don’t have a belt, currently, or you haven’t owned a belt in the UFC, I’m not really interested.”

Fitch may not be interested, but he may not have a choice. Despite running up a record of 13-1-1 in the Octagon, one of the most accomplished records in UFC history, Fitch’s name hasn’t often been linked recently to a second title shot. The first was his failed attempt to wrest the belt from GSP.

And while the fighters on the UFC roster are all contracted, not 9-to-5 employees, most usually end up fighting who the promotion wants them to fight, who the promotion deems sensible. UFC president Dana White says Fitch is no exception.

“What guys want to do and what happens are two different things,” White told on Saturday night. “If we can give him all champions and ex-champions, we’ll see. He’s gonna have to fight who we say he’s going to fight.”

Fitch has butted heads before with UFC brass, particularly over the rights to a fighter’s likeness in such uses as the UFC’s Undisputed video game franchise, and in regards to teammates fighting teammates. The arguments about ever fighting his buddy Josh Koscheck have yet to reach a tipping point, but Fitch did acquiesce in regards to video game issue.

Despite the draw with Penn, no rematch is on the horizon – Penn is slated to face Carlos Condit at UFC 137 in October – and Fitch doesn’t currently have a bout scheduled. So it remains to be seen just when and where Fitch will return following a few months off due to shoulder surgery.

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  • devine22

    i dont care to see him fight ever again!! His name should be The Vampire cause he sucks the life outta every card he’s in!!!

    • mmaxpert

      Looks like another uneducated MMA fan wannabe. You bunch of losers don’t know a good MMA fighter from a hole in the ground. I would bet that your co-workers or classmates would say something similar about you. They probably hope you go away and never come back. Better yet, go get educated and them come back so we can stomp your punk butt!

      • Gorhob

        He didn’t say he wasn’t skilled, he was implying that he’s boring to watch, something that I don’t really think can be disputed when a fighter hasn’t finished anyone since 2007.

      • wonggfan

        I thought he was saying that Fitch if boring…not that he sucks. I think everyone agrees that he is pretty good.

        Lol at a UFC fanboy going by “mmaxpert” on the internet preaching about “mma knowledge.” You are sad. Just go marry an MMA fighter you MMA nerd.

        • jared499

          Nice, way to funny.

          Does anyone elso love it when these guys say that they are experts yet they never actually give any facts, rather they spout off about “nuts and other male parts.

          Maybe this is what they are really experts at.

          Just a thought.

  • XIRandomHeroIX

    Make him fight Koscheck, then when they refuse to fight each other, fire them both.

    • mmaxpert

      How bout we make you fight your sister. Then when she kicks your butt we can laugh and post videos on youtube. I don’t like Koscheck, but I think Fitch has some skills.

      • XIRandomHeroIX

        impossible, my sister is in a higher weight class.

  • no blinders on

    i want him to fight anthony johnson

    • mmaxpert

      Good idea, at least someone has some MMA knowledge. I think that would be a good fight.

  • JJ Bones

    Give him Condit, would be a good fight. And I agree with Chael Sonnen about the bitching that goes on.

    You’re job is to fight, and fight anyone in your weight class. Don’t sit back acting like you’re going to fight only the people you choose. You’re a fighter, you fight, period.

    Keep fighting anyone and everyone, and win, and the title etc will naturally follow.

    • aaronlol

      Very well said, makes sense.

  • jared499

    I bet this is a hard decision for the the UFC, Basically Dand and Joe. I do agree with Gorhob, his style of fighting is extremely boring. But that being said he is extremely good at it and no one has been able to stop it, besides GSP.

    So I like the Condit matchup, but I think that Carlos is next in line if he wins his next fight.

    Anthony Johnson, not so sure about that being a good fight. Maybe for Fitch, but not the fans. Johnson has some wrestling and may be able to stuff a few take downs, but definately not at Fitch’s level. His hope would be the striking game, and I think that Fitch will take him down when he is attempting to land heavy shots.

    I hate to say it, but I do think that best fight for the fans would be KOS. Expert level wrestling on each side and striking is very similar too.

    • jared499

      Oh yeah I forgot to mention Jake Shields, if Fitch will not fight KOS. I think that Shields will be able to fight from his back better then most in the WW division. And he did take Hendo down and keep him down for 5 rounds, so you know he does have some take downs as well. I forget, has Fitch ever really fought from his back, other then GSP, who nis on an entirely different level.

      Lets not forget that even GSP did not want to fight Shields too much on the ground. And GSP is a master at take downs and mat fighting.

  • lfpunkxx

    Some of you have a good point. They actually need to put him against another very high level wrestler so that the match becomes a stand up battle which usually happens when they match up high caliber wrestlers. Fitch wins fights but any MMA fan can agree he is ridiculously boring. He can at the least do some damage to his opponent or try to submit them, but instead holds them down for 3 rounds…boring. It’s really quite simple why he has no fight lined up…he makes the boss no money with his boring style…enough said.

  • jared499

    Agreed that I think he meant that Fitch is boring, which he is.

    As for being an expert on MMA, do you think that you can respond to comments with some of that knowledge of yours versus just degrading others comments. It may help us to understand were you are coming from if you would state your case rather then just saying we are all stupid.

    Just an opinion.

  • devine22

    mmaxpert!! Really!! haha baha Really?? Dont ever talk to me like that again you loser!! Your not doing anything to anyone just hide behind your computer!

  • mcm

    Not many fighters bring out the Ire in people like Jon Fitch. I personally like watching him fight. I like the way he dominates every fighter, no matter their style. I would like to hear him say to a fighter at one point, “This hurts me more than it hurts it you, son.” But I digress.
    As for next opponents, he has called out Martin Kampmann on twitter. I think that’s a great match up. Martin has some of the best TD defense and is really good at getting back to his feet after getting taken down, just ask Diego and Shields. That’s the fight I wanna see next, that or a Shields “rematch”.