No Retirement Yet, Fedor Emelianenko Expected to Return in July or August

March 24, 2011
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Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor Emelianenko is returning to a Strikeforce cage this summer. Retirement is nowhere in the immediate future.

According to Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker, the Russian heavyweight will enter the cage again at a yet to be announced event in July or August. In addition to having no venue scheduled for his next fight, Fedor is also without an opponent, but talks are underway to determine who that opponent will be.

“He’ll be back in July/August sometime. As far as the opponent, we are talking to him right now, so give us a few weeks on that one,” Coker told

Coker reiterated that making Emelianenko an alternate in the current Heavyweight Grand Prix is a strong possibility. Apart from from reentering the tournament, Coker added, “I’d like to see him fight Fabricio Werdum in a rematch.”

Emelianenko (30-3, 1 NC) was last seen in a losing effort against Antonio Silva at Strikeforce/M-1 Global: Fedor vs. Silva last February. The loss was Fedor’s second in a row, and arguably the most lopsided performance of his career. He was fully mounted by Silva in the second round, absorbing strikes from the Brazilian heavyweight. Ultimately, the fight ended when cageside doctor’s declared Emelianenko unfit to answer the bell for the third round.

Zuffa, LLC (the parent company of the UFC) recently acquired Strikeforce, raising many questions about Emelianenko’s status. The Russian heavyweight’s management company, M-1 Global, has had a rocky history negotiating with UFC officials. Zuffa has been adamant, however, that Strikeforce, at least for the near term, will operate in a “business as usual” mode and honor its current contracts, including that of Fedor. will continue to follow up on Emelianenko’s next opponent as more information becomes available.

  • Mario



    I still support this man. Two losses in a row, ehh, it had to happen. He had to lose someday.

    What about Anderson Silva?

    Chonan caught him with a clean , flying scissor heel hook, made him tap right away! Daiju Takase also made him tap fairly quickly. Let’s not forget that Anderson also lost his debut fight to a guy like, twice as small as him.

    All the great fighters lose. It’s human!

    The only difference with Fedor, is that he went undefeated for so long, people REALLY love Fedor. The day Jon Jones losses, I betcha people are gonna be saying: “Aww, he sucks now”, just like they are doing with Fedor. People are so quick to jump into bullshit. You people aren’t the ones fighting anyways. Fighters lose, it’s bound to happen. Especially at this level in the game.

    • Frye557

      I agree with you 100%. Even guys like Dana White can admit what Fedor has done is astounding. Regardless of his two recent losses, he is a legend and will always be that way. Alot of people just getting into mma have trouble appreciating it because it was a different time, with a different organization.

  • Letting Fedor back into the tournament would be very unfair to Rosario, Griggs, and V. Overeem. They won their alternate bouts and Fedor got convincingly eliminated. If an alternate is needed, give it to someone who earned it.

  • BlackDog2009

    Fedor is the man, a warrior in all sense of the word. Always an honorable opponent that is a champion even in defeat. He is man enough to stand there and tell you… “I messed up, I couldn’t put it together, maybe I should retire” . That takes balls. No excuses, no vulgarity, the guy is a modern day Samurai.

    I will always watch his fights.

  • Mario

    Frye557 knows his shit!

    • Frye557

      As do you, its nice to see some Fedor fans finally appear on this site.

  • Mario

    and so does BlackDog2009..

    Well said peeps!