No More Rematches: Dana White Confirms Nate Diaz Gets UFC 150 Main Event Winner

August 10, 2012
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Nate Diaz UFC 125No rematches after UFC 150.

That’s the word from UFC president Dana White, who says that no matter how close the fight between Benson Henderson and Frankie Edgar ends up, the winner will face the next top contender in the lightweight division.

Edgar was granted a rematch with Henderson after their first fight was a back-and-forth battle, ending in a close decision. Prior to that bout, Edgar had himself already been in two back-to-back rematches, so the UFC opted to give him the chance to do it all over again at UFC 150.

Because of the multitude of rematches that have stalled other contenders at 155 pounds, White says they are moving on regardless of how close the outcome is in Saturday night’s main event.

The winner between Henderson and Edgar will move on to face Nate Diaz, who is the top challenger in the lightweight division.

“Yes, Nate Diaz will fight the winner,” White said on Fuel TV after the UFC 150 weigh-ins.

That’s good news for Diaz, but potentially bad news for Benson Henderson should he be defeated on Saturday night because that eliminates the possibility of him getting a rematch should his second fight with Edgar not go his way.

Regardless, the UFC lightweight division is moving on and Nate Diaz will watch UFC 150 with great anticipation since he gets the winner next in the Octagon.

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  • Mario

    Thank you

    Nate Diaz vs. Benson Henderson will be a solid match-up!

    • smill0313

      I see Bendo as being too big for Diaz and probably too strong of a wrestler. Although I think it would still be a good fight, Edgar – Diaz sounds like a better fight to me.

  • doesnt matter who diaz faces the run he is one will lead him to the lw belt stand up neither has a chance and on the ground diaz is a beast

    • Getting DESTROYED by Rory and then moving down a weight class to pick on the smaller guys. Nice to see he has the same Schoolyard mentality as he equally tarded brother.

      • nate was always too small for ww. he got tired of cutting down to 155 so he tried 170. his natural fighting weight is 155 and the way he out boxed and grappled jim miller and cerrone proves he is on a hell of a run. unlike his brother he want do something stupid to mess up his title shot

      • nate was always too small for ww. he got tired of cutting down to 155 so he tried 170. his natural fighting weight is 155 and the way he out boxed and grappled jim miller and cerrone proves he is on a hell of a run. unlike his brother he wont do something stupid to mess up his title shot

  • phrankthetank

    Good for Nate, he’s earned it

  • Henderson will beat Diaz(look back at the fight against Rory McDonald for a preview) , but Diaz would beat Edgar.

    IMO I think this is a little unfair should the unlikely happen that Henderson looses considering all the rematches that Edgar has had, granted only 1 of them being to avenge his loss.

    • markrenton

      If Dana granted another rematch at 155 there would be an absolute uproar with the fans, and at the end of the day thats who buys the PPV. Edgar got this rematch because he had to fight two immediate rematches in a row, and his loss to Hendo was very close. Its time for a new challenger after this, im just hoping someone gets knocked out tomorrow.

      Im not sure what McDonald beating Diaz a few years ago has to do with Ben Henderson. Diaz has been on a tear since he came down to LW again and will be hard for anyone to beat.

  • yellowmonkey

    Ha. Watch it end as a draw.

    • MaritalArtist

      Not funny!!!

  • pooby

    God help us if Edgar wins a close/controversial decision.

    Henderson is better than both Edgar and Diaz, I think.

    • MaritalArtist

      If Edgar wins a close decision, split or -48-47, benson wont be given a rematch, but I’m sure he’ll be just one fight away from a rematch. Unlike Chael, for example, who is prolly 2-3 fights away despite beig the concensus #2 or 3 MW guy in the world (he and Weidman).

    • kaldani15

      Henderson is a good fighter, but not better than diaz. Henderson cant even throw a jab he chicken wings all of his punches he has no ko power in his hands. Frankie dropped him in the 5th rd. henderson didn’t drop frankie with a punch. Frankie will make the adjustments to win, and if he doesnt diaz will take hendersons belt.

  • maddawgmar

    Good then you could put Pettis v the winner Cerrone/Guillard for a title shot after Diaz. I normally would say Maynard/Pettis eliminator but after the abomination fight with Guida, no.

    Time for this division to move on, now if only the WW division can move on.

    • pooby

      Maynard doesn’t deserve to be punished for Guida’s head bobbing nonsense. He was trying to KO Guida with every punch. I think Maynard gets an undeserved rep as a boring fighter.

      Being one of the hardest hitters at lightweight, opponents tend to take a defensive gameplan against him.

    • Are you saying, implying that it was Maynards fault that Guida didn’t come to fight? Do you know how to make a man fight that wants to run? Didn’t Maynard try to make Guida fight?
      I don’t understand your comment at all.
      One more thing… should Henderson lose he doesn’t fit your scenario in any way.

  • mma fanatic1982

    Bendo or edgar will destroy diaz! Diaz boxing is lame its 1 2 1 2. It is not boxing, it left right left right walking forward with a concrete jaw. Edgar is a better boxer, he will not stand straight in front of diaz and stand still. He will move in n out with combos and head movement. Bendo he be moving throwing combos and moving his feet and head! And to say diaz ground game is better haha, he lost to Guida cause guidas wrestling took him down and held him there, lost to maynward the same way, heck he lost to JOE STEVENSON! Sorry but bendo has good wrestling and he is very strong and big for a lw, and edgar is really good at wrestling look how he took bj penn down who has possibly the best td deffense. Wrestling is diaz weakness and bendo and edgar both have it good, and anybody who is not dumb enough to stand in dlfront and just trade shots like a ammature lol will beat his standup! Quit saying diaz bros have great boxing lol they have great chins is all. Nick a pro boxer would destroy your 1 2 combo and flat footed movement, stick to mma. I think it should be the winner of pettis and maynard. Just cause i dont think guillard winning one fight should bolt him to a shot, joe just took him out. But maynard just lost to edgar so i actually think if pettis wins his and cowboy wins his put them too for the eleminator. Still think pettis wins. His only loss was guida and guida did nothing it was mostly pettis doing the offense even from the bottom. And nobody stand up is on pettis level lol its not even close, soory cowboy your just too stiff and flatfooted.

    • Santz

      Diaz hater!

    • kaldani15

      Diaz would completely destroy stephens if they fought again. and diaz 121212 combo works isn’t that how he just beat 2 top contenders in the division?

  • Can’t see Diaz beating either of them, but at least he brings a fight and I’ll be glad to not see another rematch. Just hope Ben wins 150 as Frankie Edgar’s fighting style bores me s41tless.

  • clemwilson

    Nate just needs to stay away from Nick. Nick Diaz is a deeply troubled kid headed for hell and hopefully doesn’t take too many innocents with him when he explodes on society. Watch out for the demented Nick Diaz because he is one sick troubled psychotic twisted individual.

  • People talk so much trash just b/c Diaz got beat by a guy in a higher weight class. I didn’t know losing to another pro fighter meant the end of your career. Besides who hasn’t Rory beat, the kids been on a tear. Who really cares? Nick brings the fight every time whether you like his attitude or fighting style it doesn’t matter he always comes aggressive so either Edgar or Henderson will be interesting match ups. I’d prefer Henderson. I hope he wins in a serious manner, somebody needs to beat Edgar already. To many close fights.

  • MaritalArtist

    It’s hard not to root for Frankie. Plus, doyu really think he’ll get caught again? Nah. Frankie by unanimous decision, 49-46 guys. Frankie is already a self-motivated individual. And now he’s even more motivated after losing the bet. There’s no way he’ll lose.

  • MaritalArtist

    He’s prolly a 2:1 , or 3:1 favorite over benson, as ridiculous at that sounds.

    • Maybe I don’t know how to read the sheets….
      Is this 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 for Edgar?
      “Benson Henderson (-225) vs. Frankie Edgar (+175)”

    • yellowmonkey

      Negative odds = Favorite = Benson is currently favored in this go.

      I’m hoping for Edgar but like most of us I am really just hoping for something exciting and especially decisive either way. Someone needs to finish this.

  • MaritalArtist

    In addition, he’ll prolly be so fired up vs also that he’ll smash him too. Frankie is just too good, too fast, and the cardio is just unreal.

  • mikemma123

    Well if that’s the case, just make should Anothy Pettis fight on that card as well. Just in case somebody gets injured. Bendo, Edgar vs Daiz, Pettis. Either one of those 4 fights will be great. The guy I believe Pettis should fight if nobody get injured is Maynard. That will be a sick card.

  • mma fanatic1982

    diaz only beat 2 guys and u act like he just ran up the ladder to earn this shot lol. yeah he beat miller with.1 2 lol miller with no stand up and a weaker wrestling game than bendos as u.saw when he demolished miller. and cowboy.who did not ususal and admitted conference, said for.just.standing and banging but diaz told.him.dont be a pu**y so he.didnt. like i said ppl who box and move will not lose to diaz, edgar will not stand still and wrestling is great( diaz weakness) bendo the exact.same! he losr 3 out of 4 in lw then moved to ww and got demolished now came back and beat the china man lol sorry not racist just dont know how to spell his name, and miller and cowboy. so hes 4-4 in lw with onlu 2 of those by “top contenders”. cowboy yes but miller psh. beat guida maynard pettis joe, notice he didnt fight.those guys. anyway i dont hate nate i actually like him cause he fights hard, i just dont like the.diaz wagoneers like u hyping him up to the best or even top 5! nick on the other hand i cant stand. bye lol.

  • clemwilson

    Nate Diaz has such a bubbly presonality. Just a fan favorite and so open and easy to talk too. such warmth and kindness.

  • clemwilson

    Nate Diaz has such a bubbly presonality. Just a fan favorite and so open and easy to talk too. such warmth and kindness.