No Longer Under Contract, Mark Munoz Removed from UFC Fighter Rankings

June 9, 2014
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Mark Munoz at UFC 123No longer under contract with the promotion, the Ultimate Fighting Championship on Monday removed Mark Munoz from its official UFC Rankings.

Members of the media panel that vote on the rankings – including managing editor Ken Pishna and associate editor Jeff Cain – were inexplicably informed early Monday morning that Munoz was being removed from the UFC middleweight rankings at the behest of the promotion. The change is set to take effect with the next update cycle, which is Monday afternoon.

A UFC official later informed that, “Mark is no longer under contract at this time. However, we are negotiating towards a new agreement.”

The final fight on Munoz’s contract was his recent bout on May 31 against Gegard Mousasi at UFC Berlin.

Munoz lost the bout via a first-round submission. Mousasi dominated the fight, stuffing Munoz’s takedown attempts, before applying a rear naked choke that finished the fight at the three-minute-57-second mark.

As far as we are aware, this is the first time the UFC has immediately removed a fighter due to his contract running out, even though they are still negotiating towards a new agreement. They did, however, recently removed Nick and Nate Diaz, as well as TJ Grant, due to inactivity.

Munoz suffered a knee injury during the Mousasi fight, but provided a recent update, saying that he was still planning on returning to the UFC after it heals.

“I was very disappointed with my performance,” he said. “After my injuries to my knee (grade 3 tear in my MCL and strained ACL) heal… I look forward to getting back in the Octagon and putting on a better show for the fans.”

This doesn’t mean that Munoz won’t be back to the UFC, but it does set a precedent for the promotion’s official rankings that may keep other fighters with completed contracts out until a successful negotiation is completed.

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    For some reason I don’t see Munoz coming back to the octagon .. Coming off two loses I don’t see how that helps him negotiate a new contract.. With that said I don’t see him fighting for bellator or wsof .. I always like to the Filipino wrecking machine fight but he lost something and wasn’t the same after the injuries ..

    • julian moran

      No, he just fought better fighters in Machida and Mousasi.

      • deepgrim

        yes they were very tough fights, i think he is still popular enough that they will keep him around

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    UFC rankings are absolutely worthless anyways…

    • Mark McDowall

      Amen. DC fights a guy ranked in the top 1000 if he’s lucky…and he becomes #4 @ LHW…then beats a guy ranked below him and he moves up again…figure that one out!!

      • Manuel Lopez

        DC is UNDEFEATED!!!!! is Munoz undefeated, is he an Olympic wrestler, the SF hw Grand Prix champ?? Munoz keeps losing, DC keeps winning. There is NOTHING to figure out. But nice try, trying to bash Cormier in something completely unrelated to him.

        • Mark McDowall

          I was commenting on the crazy way the UFC rankings work…nothing against DC. But thank you for taking time away from swinging on his nuts to comment!

          • Manuel Lopez

            Read above you, Tulip. 🙂

        • Seth

          That has NOTHING to do with rankings. Rankings are supposed to be made based on who you’ve beat – and in TERMS OF RANKINGS, he beat 2 nobodies. That doesn’t make you Top 5 or Top 3 fighter.

          • Manuel Lopez

            He fought Cummins to save the fight card basically. Cummins could have been that next Daniel Cormier. He wasn’t. What do I mean by that? …Well, DC is that ‘nobody’ that took his chance and ran all the way to the top with it. A replacement in the Strikeforce HW tournament that has yet to taste defeat. He’s the ‘nobody’ that up to this point no one has been able to beat, not Josh Barnett, not Frank Mir, not Country Nelson, not Bigfoot Silva, not Cummins, not Dan Henderson. Am I hanging from his nuts?… not really, just pointing out the wrong person Mark McDowall chose to compare Munoz with.

          • Seth

            But we don’t say DC sucks, or he’s not top guy. What we say is basically that FROM RANKING STANDPOINT DC is nobody. And that’s the problem – rankings are f’d up.

  • T1000

    Sounds like maybe the UFC isn’t planning on him coming back…

    • Seth

      Had same thought…if they want him to stay, they would get a deal done sooner. But we will see, anyway Mark has little negotiation power now so if he doesn’t agree to what UFC offer him, he won’t stay there… :/

      • shakejunt

        i forget which fighter said it, but ufc usually renegotiates with 1 fight left on contract. some guys choose to do so after their last fight in hopes of spiking their value. worked for weidman, not so much for big country and munoz.

    • uncle

      I rather have Mayhem back. Mark van go to

  • Dan

    Agree W/ tommy B

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    next Khalidov bout instead of Okami?

    • shakejunt

      that’s a solid fight, they need to just buy that guy out already

  • TheCerealKiller

    I hate to say julian moran is right, but he is. Mark has not fared well once they stepped up his competition. Maia might be his biggest win, which he shouldn’t have been at 185 anyways.


    Mark is an exciting fighter !!! I always enjoy his fight, win, lose or draw “excitement” is the key… UFC shouldn’t let him go

  • bob

    isnt he the only pinoy on the roster?

  • mmalive

    The Filipino Wrecking Machine is a decent fighter. Mark puts on a decent show. Kinda surprised they let him go with 2 loses. Not 3 strikes and your out.