Nike’s New “Just Do It” Commercial Features UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones

August 21, 2013
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Jon-Jones-UFC-Expo-2013Check out the new Nike “Just Do It” commercial, which features UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones at about the midway point.

Jones is currently training for his next title defense, which will be against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 on Sept. 21 in Toronto.

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  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Crashing in your car, like a superstar. Drinking and driving! Just do it! er don’t do it?

    • Chicago

      how much time will need 2 pass before we forgive him on that 1. not saying what he did was not bad or exceptionable by any means but i did stupid stuff when i was young & and i would hate 4 someone to judge me souly (spelled wrong i know) on those actions. So how long…. 2,3,4 yrs….

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        you can forgive him, you can forget about it, its really up to each individual. most people don’t even know about it and it didn’t get as much media attention as I thought it would. I guess no harm no foul since nobody got hurt but what if he hit and killed someone? People are getting fines for tens of thousands for using the word F** or speaking out of line on fallon fox. I guess drunk driving isn’t really a big issue anymore now that people are text driving.

        How long is it taking for dana white to forgive paul daley on his stupid mistake? A lot of people are forced to pay for their big mistakes for years and sometimes even the rest of their lives. Not everyone has 9 lives on the f*** up meter and can lindsey lohan their way out of stuff until their luck runs out.

        I guess my point here is that if you pee on underage girls, you shouldn’t get sponsorships or endorsements. If you do some Michael Vick sh*t I don’t think I’d want to wear a T-shirt that sponsors you. If you’re crashing cars into trees like a 16 year old the second time getting drunk because you don’t know your limits then I wouldn’t want to rock your gear. More importantly, when you do stuff like this and come out months later talking about respect and dishonoring what martial arts is about it’s a little contradicting and kind of a bad look. #potkettleblack #badlookingoutson #overpricedsweatshopgear

        In all seriousness though, everyone makes mistakes. Most people make some bad ones in their lifetime. High end sponsorships should still go to people that are exceptional in their field as well as hold themselves to that same level of excellence in everyday life as well. Jones is arguably the best fighter in the world right now and nobody can deny his talent but driving drunk at a level where you obviously could’ve killed someone (car in tree) should have some kind of consequence and should not involve making bank from Nike with Jones knows best t-shirts and commercials when not even a year has passed.

        To answer your question 3 years, 4 days, 27 minutes and he can be forgiven. Or how about at least a GD year before we start throwing him Nike money? In reality the guy has already been forgiven because nobody cares. Don’t drink and drive kids.

      • earlsimmons

        1. Ya i did stupid stuff to like egging cars and throwing food out the window at people. I didnt drive around drunk.
        and 2. JJ isnt young. 18 yr old kids in highschool drink and drive to school dances or get loaded in the woods and drive home. This guy is in his mid 20s and still cant control his alcohol LUL. So we should judge him on it it shows what kind of person he really is. Guy makes how much money and thinks he is better than everyone else and doesnt need a dd or pay for a taxi. scumbag if i ever saw one

        • Hater

          Some hating Hater!