Nick Diaz’s Recent DUI Charges Follow a Prior DUI Arrest in December

September 15, 2014
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Nick DiazIt came to light on Friday that Nick Diaz – who is slated to return to the Octagon opposite Anderson Silva at UFC 183 on Jan. 31 – was arrested on Sept. 6 under suspicion of driving under the influence, among other charges, including obstructing a police officer.

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A few hours later, uncovered further information pointing to Diaz also having been arrested on a DUI back in December of last year.

Diaz was arrested for a DUI, DUI with an alcohol or drug level above .08, and unsafe speed for prevailing conditions, according to the report, which cited an unnamed San Joaquin County spokesperson.

Not only does Diaz face the DUI related charges stemming from a Dec. 12 arrest, he subsequently missed several court dates, and has had the charge of failing to appear after a written promise added to the list.

Diaz is scheduled to next appear in court on Sept. 25 in relation to the December DUI, which is about the same time he will likely be required to appear for the more recent charges.

It was unclear at the time of publication how the mix of charges and missed court dates will affect either set of charges, and whether or not it will affect his planned bout with Silva.

Following the most recent set of charges, the UFC sent a statement saying, “We are aware of the (Nick Diaz arrest) situation and are in the process of gathering the facts. We understand that there is a legal process that will now take place and that Nick Diaz will have the opportunity to address the situation in the near future.”

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  • Sir_Roy

    This guy writes the book on self-destruction. Unbelievable to what degree he sabotages himself.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Nick Diaz just wrote the intro to War Machine’s book.

      • Gary Fredericks

        Right! Because two Driving Under the Influence of drugs/alcohol (.08 BAC which is barely buzzed in reality) and obstructing an officer is so very comparable to the roughly 30 counts charges of attempted murder and assault intending great bodily harm,

        • MuayThaiFood

          Jesus, I can’t believe I have to explain this but Sir Roy’s comment was that Nick wrote the book on self destruction. I made a facetious comment saying he just wrote the intro and you have to make a sarcastic comment to ME? Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees. The point wasn’t to compare Nick to War Machine.Have a cup of coffee and wake up before you start making comments on here.

          • Sean

            I Do get what Garry means. Maybe you should think before you type. At the very least if your going to reply like a drama queen you should read your own post and think, how will this be interpreted. Because he’s not the only one that thought you were saying he’s going down the war machine path. Just saying dude. Chill out, have some green tea.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Just read what I replied to Gary and apply it to yourself.

          • Gary Fredericks

            Wow! I feel quite special that you would use all of your time typing retraction after retraction on me and simply refer Sean to one of your responses to me Muay. LOL

          • MuayThaiFood

            You are “special”……. short bus special.

          • Gary Fredericks

            Thank you sir!

          • MuayThaiFood

            Comforting to know you aren’t the only one on here who failed reading comprehension isn’t it?

          • Gary Fredericks

            So you’re saying that you wrote the book on retraction??? You wrote:

            “Nick Diaz just wrote the intro to War Machine’s book.”

            WTF else is that supposed to imply genius???

          • MuayThaiFood

            Well gosh, I guess it would imply that he DIDN’T write the book on self destruction he ONLY wrote the intro so if anything, I guess that sets him apart from War Machine. If you can’t agree that Nick Diaz has some self destructive aspects to his personality then you are just blinded by love.
            If you’re still confused just ask anyone else on here besides Sean. Remember….context.
            P.S. War Machine didn’t really write a book either.

          • Gary Fredericks

            I’m not talking about your imaginary book jackwad! I am talking about your statement connecting/equating the horriffic actions perpetrated by War Machine on a 90 lbs woman to the moronic and self destructive actions of Nick Diaz’ missed court dates, DUI’s, and obstructing an officer charges. YES Diaz is a very big dumbass, but there is not one inkling of connectivity to War Machine and his actions. You made a stupid statement. Own it!

          • MuayThaiFood

            OMG Gary, you’ve gone full retard. You do understand that “my imaginary book” is an idiomatic expression not to be taken literally (and not the same thing as an idiot expressing himself which is what you are)? Look at Sir Roy’s original post. He’s talking about Nick Diaz’s habit of self destruction, that is the only connection I was making to War Machine, and yes professor, I get that they are not on the same level. It was supposed to be facetious and to be taken lightly. I was not trying to open lofty debate or make specific comparison of the two. Now go and pick on someone dumber than yourself. Just don’t make it Nick Diaz because he will kick your ass if in fact he is dumber than you, which isn’t clear.

          • Gary Fredericks

            In your “idiomatic expression”, you associated Diaz’s DUI/Obstruction charges and self-destructive behavior with War Machine’s assault/attempted murder/OUTWARDLY VIOLENT BEHAVIOR. You can call me stupid, you can say I am a “retard” (classy choice of insult BTW) all that you want until your little heart desires. YOU made a statement equating Diaz/’Machine’s behavior and now are too full of yourself to admit that it was very stupid. You sound intelligent enough, why is it so hard for you to see it? It must be very hard to be so intelligent yet so very ignorant at the same time. LOL I am not alone is seeing it ‘Food. I guess you’re one of those that cannot admit fallibility…which is common amongst the gifted and majorly intelligent people such as yourself. LOL

          • MuayThaiFood

            I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong but just because you don’t see it my way doesn’t mean that I am. You may not be alone but judging by the upvotes on my original rebuttal to you most people are agreeing with me. I would say that you need to look in the mirror before you accuse me of not being able to admit fault. I never retracted anything. I’ve seen other posts of yours and what it looks like to me is that you get off arguing. You picked a fight with me for no reason. We aren’t in disagreement the fact that Nick Diaz is a dumbass and War Machine is a piece of shit woman beater. Like I said if you want to pick a fight go do it with someone less intelligent because the only place you are going to win a war of words with me is in your own mind.

          • Gary Fredericks

            You’re a very funny guy MuayThaiFool. Your post is still up there….equating Diaz’s self destruction with War Machine’s assaults and attempted murder…..but keep chirping away bro. As I said, it’s all still there. Rather than admit you are wrong, you keep trying to re-write your meaning. Call me retard and all that…it’s fine. I care not one iota and it illustrates the amount of class you have and pairs well with your eloquent rebuttals.

  • MikeMcK

    This is crazy. Who would ever thought of all guys, that Nick would find trouble with the law… I guess it really goes to show anything can happen to anyone…

  • Lawdog1521

    So, is the UFC just going to wait until the POS kills somebody in a car wreck before doing anything?

    • Brown4eva

      Yes because they did so much for that POS JOnes when he was drunk and under the influences with a car load of women before he wrapped around a pole !! ..Go f— yourself right off your moral high chair dumping on Diaz when the UFC didn’t even so much as do shit to Jones !! And he was carrying the belt at the time/champ

    • Brown4eva

      No more than the POS Jones !!

      • Gary Fredericks

        Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Preston Vaughan

      Marijuana doesnt have the same effects as alchohol.

      • James Mckaskle

        M0r0nic! to say the least.

  • Rob

    And the douchewad continues to act an ass…unbelievable

  • Obi-Wan Granoli

    all these f—ing double standards are getting f—ing clown ass ridiculous.

  • justin

    I can’t believe he missed the court dates. That just doesn’t sound like him.

  • snuggle

    Diaz is just applying to the role the UFC gave him. Dana probably told Nick to be in the news so he gets attention for his fight with Anderson Silva.

  • Mike

    “…Diaz is scheduled to next miss a court date on Sept. 25 in relation to the
    December DUI, which is about the same time he will not be present to hear the more recent charges…”

  • dandogood

    Nick Diaz is a social misfit a druggie and a moron not fit to be around decent people. Throw this Diaz in prison and throw his brother Nate in with him. Protect society and spare us the boring antics of these two misfit dumb morons.