Nick Diaz Wants Main Event Fight When He Returns; Still Targeting Georges St-Pierre

November 25, 2012

Nick Diaz is very excited about his return to action in 2013, and he’s looking for the biggest fight possible.

Still serving out his one-year suspension after testing positive for marijuana following his last bout in 2012, the Stockton native is eyeing his return early next year when his ban is lifted in February.

Once licensed, Diaz is gunning for the biggest fights possible, and that includes settling a long standing rivalry with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre or current top contender Johny Hendricks.

“Nick Diaz is a main event fighter,” Diaz’s manager and trainer Cesar Gracie told on Wednesday. “He wants main event fights.”

In a perfect world according to Gracie, Diaz would return to the UFC and face St-Pierre right away with the UFC welterweight title on the line.

Diaz and St-Pierre have no love lost for each other, and both competitors still appear interested in settling the score inside the Octagon. Last weekend during St-Pierre’s return to action against Carlos Condit at UFC 154, Diaz tweeted that he was not impressed by the champion’s performance.

St-Pierre fired back during the post fight press conference by saying, “I did better than Nick did against Carlos (Condit”. St-Pierre defeated Condit by unanimous decision at UFC 154, while Diaz lost to Condit at UFC 142 last year.

As far as other names in the mix to face Diaz upon his return such as former welterweight title contender Josh Koscheck, Gracie keeps it simple and says the Stockton bad boy wants main event fights, and whoever that happens to be, that’s who it will be.

Diaz will be eligible to re-apply for a fight license as of Feb 2, 2013 when his suspension is lifted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.


  1. Give him Hendricks first.

    • That would make too much sense and not enough money.

      • You might be right.

  2. There is no way I can be the only person who is sick of Nick Diaz and Cesar Gracie demanding things that Nick just doesn’t deserve. He had his chance to fight GSP and screwed that up. Then he lost against Condit and is suspended for a year. In the mean time, he thinks he deserves to fight Anderson “The Best Fighter in the World” Silva after he comes off a loss and suspension. Now he thinks he should fight GSP after he couldn’t beat Condit? Try working your way back up like the rest of the guys in the division.

    I say put him against Kampmann on a Fox card and tell him to be grateful for it.

    • But Dana seems to think that Chael Sonnen deserves a fight with Jones, lots of stuff don’t make sense. But I do agree with your comment how he needs to fight a top contender when he comes back. Diaz vs Kampmann would make a good fight IMO, could easily make a main event on a free card on TV or a co-main event on pay per view.

      • Brock: The main & possibly the only reason (besides money) for Sonnen to fight Jones is b/c of how well Sonnen did vs. Silva, he wont 6of7 rounds vs. the “supposed” #1 fighter in the world & he was only 2 mins away from spanking a guy noone could touch, yet he owend him for 4.5 rounds. Diaz lost to the #1 contender, so what he did & what Sonnen are 2 completely different stories, but I do understand what you are saying. Though Sonnens performances over the last 2-3 yrs vs. WORLD CLASS opponents speak for themselves. While Diaz is not even remotely close to achieving the kind of success that Sonnen has. Diaz last 4 opponents are: Evangelista Santos, Paul Daley, BJ Penn & Condit – which he is 3-1. Sonnens last 4 opponents are: Anderson Silva X2, Bisping & Brian Stann – which he is 2-2. I would take Sonnens 2-2 record any time of the week, over Diaz’s 3-1, based on the opponents skill. The guy won 6of7 rounds vs. Silva, embaressed Stann & beat Bisping.
        Diaz should definitely fight one or evn two top 10 WW’s before even considering a fight vs. the #1 P4P fighter in the world IMO, GSP! Seriously Diaz?!? You couldnt adapt/change your “attack” when Condit was following his game plan to perfection, yet you want/THINK you deserve to fight GSP who at 80%, dominated Condit who was 100%, the same Condit you fought when you were 100% & LOST?!? BAHAHAHAHA, good luck with that idiot.

        • I could not agree with you more on half of what you said about Diaz does not deserve a title shot. But I could not disagree with you more about Sonnan. Sonnan is 27 and 12 with 11 finishes, and Diaz is 26 and 8 with 21 finishes. Sonnan got the victory against Bisping and everyone knows Bisping won that fight. And yes it is true that he dominated a very unprepared Silva for most of the fight, he still got submitted in the first fight and he got his ass kicked in the rematch. I think both fighters are the most overrated fighters in their divisions. They should have to fight each other.

    • Exactly! Diaz and his manager are absolutely delirious. He loses, gets suspended for a year, and gets a title shot when he returns? He doesn’t even deserve Hendricks, let alone GSP. Kampman is the perfect opponent at this time. Both coming off of a loss that cost them a chance at the champ. I’m so sick of this guy

      • makes a lot of sense Diaz is such an idiot.

        • you’re the idiot. WAR DIAZ!

          • says the guy who’s toughest 4 years of his life was grade 3 ( lawl)

    • This has nothing to to with deserving anything. There is a boss, and what the boss wants… the boss gets!! But luckily for the bossman boss, what the fans want to see is usually what makes him/them the most money.

    • Completely agree here…Diaz does not deserve any kind of fight, although it would be funny to watch GSP destroy him…he really has nothing to bring to the table for a fight like that, he’d be embarrassed, he should stick to fighting that crack addiction

      • hater

    • Think about why you are upset. Because you believe he will get the fight based on his ability to sell a fight and not on total merit. That’s just f-ed up. But it’s happening in the UFC all the time. A sport should be based on merit first. Diaz will sell any fight that he is in. Period. If fight are put together honestly, the UFC will make the big bucks when it’s time.

      Make waves fans. Demand fights based on merit.

    • i so agree with your statement man, he thinks the world owes him something, cuz what “: he trains everyday” ? give me a break this kids needs to give his head a shake and get off the dope, he doesnt or shouldnt be “demanding” main event anything, he should get what he gets and be happy hes’ got a job , hell with all his screw ups so far.

    • You are an idiot that has no clue about mma or the business of mma. Diaz vs GSP is up next, Zip it and deal with it .

    • suck it up butter cup! there is no top welter w that nick wont beat, including “safe pierre” Diaz bros lw&ww 2013 champs. Dont Be Scared Homie!

      • No way either Diaz bro gets any belt in 2013, Nate had the best chance of the two and Bendo blew him out of the water, Nick can’t do anything against fighters who arn’t willing to just stand in front of him and exchange punches, once wrestling gets involved he’s like a fish out of water.
        GSP would destroy Nick worse then Ben spanked Nate, they arn’t even in the same league, and as much as Nick does not deserve a title or even number one contenders match I hope he does get matched up against George so he can get beat down and cry his way into retirement, again.

    • I could not agree more. He is nothing more than a side show freak like Sonnan. Dana White is turning the UFC into the WWE!!!!

  3. Give him someone who just lost, since he did and then maybe a contenders fight. This guy is spoiled whiny bitch and needs to be treated as such.

  4. He should have to beat a contender 1st

    • Why? He sells and that is what this sport is about. Right?

  5. The Diaz boys will be the Diaz boys but I’m tired of ceasar Gracie he always comes across like such a douche!

  6. I have psychic powers and predict the following.

    1) Nick Diaz will get a fast shot at GSP cause money.
    2) Nick Diaz will get ground out for 5 rounds, then in the post fight interview he will cry about how all GSP did was hold him down, not actually fight.
    3) Nick Diaz will then test positive for marijuana, again, and retire for real.

    • diaz is twice as skilled when in comes to bjj than condit so i dont see him just getting layed on he will definitely have it harder on the ground with diaz than he did with condit and condit actually did damn good off his back in my opinion.

      • Is he also twice as skilled as BJ Penn?

        • Yes. He is more than twice as skilled at BJJ than BJ or Condit. GSP wouldnt dare put Nick on the ground same as when he fought Shields

          • and GSP had no problem with Shields, and would have no real problem with Diaz, Diaz will get beaten standing or on the ground, wherever GSP wants to do it, and Nick will cry that “Georges didn’t stand in one spot and let me hit him”

          • LOL. Im a GSP fan dont get me wrong but GSP had no trouble with Shields because he didnt grapple with Shields. Check out GSP vs Leo Santos on yotube(its only bout 1 minute long) then go see what Jake Shields did to Leo Santos afterwards. Nick Diazs BJJ is a sick level almost like Shields.
            Also he is a better boxer than GSP. Also im a BJ Penn fan but his BJJ is not on par with Nick Diaz. I could see Nick giving George some real problems. By round 4 against Shields GSP was hurt and couldnt risk grappling with Shields and ending up losing rds 4 and 5. If something like that happened against Diaz then GSP prob wouldnt make it through 4 and 5

          • I don’t know, I just don’t see it, I will say i didn’t follow Diaz that closely in strikeforce,(seen some but not all) but what i have seen, other then Penn his performaces have been good but not steller. He does have a great skill of smack talking his opponents into fighting his fight, then he does well. GSP is to smart to fall for it. and when nick doesn’t get his way, he tends to lose focus, and his game plan goes out the window.

          • Your delusional ! Diaz’s BJJ is weak BJ has ten times the BJJ **** Diaz has ! He’s a BJJ world champ ! Idiot ! Hell Condits BJJ is better than Diaz’s

          • You moron, you are comparing GSP vs. Leo Santos (7-8 yrs ago) & not to mention it was a BJJ tournament dummy. BJJ in MMA is NOTHING … NOTHING like BJJ in MMA, I can’t believe I need to explain this to you, that you woul be stupid enough to say look at GSP vs. Leo at a BJJ tournament & then Shields vs. Leo, wchi occured over 7 yrs ago. LMFAO, you sir are an idiot!
            WTF does that have to do with anything? Also, if Shields hadnt poked GSP in the eye “several” times on purpose, GSP would have done more damage standing & then take him to the ground in the 4th or 5th. That gameplan wasnt possible b/c GSP could only see out of one eye since the 3rd round. And still Shields couldnt do shit vs. a one eyed GSP. WE seen what Shields had in the first 3 rounds ….. F*CK ALL!!!
            You think Diaz is a better boxer than GSP?!? Dude whatever it is you smoke, whether it be grass of C*ck, you should stop making idiotic comments, b/c you are obviously trying to pretend to know something, that you clearly DO NOT. Diaz is not even close GSP in boxing, look at the technique, head movement & footwork, if you even know what I mean. Diaz throws punches in bunches, no technique, no flow & definitely no real footwork. But the funniest/DUMBEST comment is …….
            Diaz has better BJJ than BJ Penn?!? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh my god, stop with the jokes, please I can’t stop crying at the stupidity that is SteveMcZ, WOW! How many BJJ world titles did Diaz win?!? I hate BJ Penn, but I recognize & respect pure talent when I see it, BJ trained BJJ for 3 yrs & then WON a World Title vs. Black Belt BJJ guys who have been training their entire lives, yet BJ was the 1st NON Brazilian & the 1st American to win a BJJ world title, and he did it with 3 yrs of training. Yet you claim Diaz has better BJJ than Penn?!? LMFAO – LOL
            Just stop commenting, for god sakes, b/c you are so uneducated & so stupid it’s to the point that I really feel bad for you, b/c of how little you know, while you honestly believe you know so much.

            “Diaz is better at BJJ than BJ Penn” …… BAHAHAHAHAHA WOW

          • First of all I wasnt comparing GSP’s MMA to Shields MMA. I was well aware that it was a jiu-jitsu tournament that GSP competed against Leo Santos. Maybe you should learn to read! I was comparing GSP’s grappling to Shields grappling which Shields is more dangerous whether you know that or not. You say GSP would have taken Shields down in the 4th and 5th if Shields hadnt poked him in the eye? We have no way of knowing that but thats your opinion. You mentioned GSP’s head movement I would like to know what fights you have seen him use this head movement? Im pretty sure he is more of a chin tucked and hands high kind of a fighter can you please tell me what fights you are referring to with regards to this head movement b/c I really want to see that .?.?! Also GSP’s boxing is in your comment… again I have only seen him throw one 2 punch combination which is the jab followed by the straight(if hes feeling adventurous he will follow the jab with a straight that is) but other than that I havent seen him showcase much boxing. Little or no hooks or uppercuts. Can you tell me what fights you are talking about please(if they exist). As for BJ Penn. If you havent noticed how lazy he got for a large portion of his career then what can I say?!?! I find it difficult to understand how you think he is still so great when we all know how lazy he has been for the last ten or so years(look what happened when Fitch got o top of him his BJJ was worthless to him and even when he had Fitch’s back he couldnt do anything). If you think his BJJ is as sharp now as it was when he won the world championship I think you are in for a big surprise when he comes back. At least Leo Santos, Jake Shields and Nick Diaz are still training BJJ all day every day and nobody wants to go to the ground with them

          • Are you comparing GSP vs. Leo Santos (7-8 yrs ago) not to mention it was a BJJ tournament? BJJ in MMA is NOTHING … NOTHING like BJJ in MMA, I can’t believe I need to explain this to you, that you would be foolish enough to compare GSP vs. Leo & Shields vs. Leo which happened over 7 yrs ago & it wasnt even an MMA fight. LMAO, you sir are not very bright.

            What does that have to do with anything? FYI: if Shields hadnt poked GSP in the eye “several” times accidently on purpose, GSP would have done more damage standing & then taken him to the ground in the 4th or 5th. That game plan wasnt possible b/c GSP could only see out of one eye since the 3rd round. And Shields still couldnt do **** vs. a one eyed GSP.. We seen what Shields had in the first 3 rounds ….. F**K ALL!!!

            You think Diaz is a better boxer than GSP?!? Dude whatever it is you smoke, doesnt give you permission to pretend to know something, that you clearly DO NOT. Diaz is not even close to GSP in boxing, look at the technique, head movement & footwork, if you even know what I mean. Diaz throws punches in bunches, no technique, no flow & definitely no real footwork. But the funniest comment is …. Diaz has better BJJ than BJ Penn?!? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh my god, stop with the jokes, please I can’t stop crying at the stupidity that is SteveMcZ, WOW! How many BJJ world titles did Diaz win?!? I hate BJ Penn, but I recognize & respect pure talent when I see it, BJ trained BJJ for 3 yrs & then WON a World Title vs. Black Belt BJJ guys who have been training their entire lives, BJ was the 1st NON Brazilian & the 1st American to win a BJJ world title, and he did it with 3 yrs of training. Yet you claim Diaz has better BJJ than Penn?!? LOL!

            Just stop commenting, for god sakes, you really need to educated yourself more …… YIKES!!!

          • What he said ^^

          • But this isn’t a BBJ (which I still would favour GSP in) or a boxing match. Nick Diaz is like a Rock em Sock em robot he is super predictable. He has no lateral movement and doesn’t throw power shots.

          • It couldnt have been that illegal intentional eye poke have anything to do with him being hurt could it? .. watch it slowed down and he has his fingers out as though he was counting with them, and um last time i checked thats not how you make a fist.

          • really when did diaz win worlds at bjj. in a straight bjj match bj would own him

          • When has BJ ever submitted anybody off his back? BJ is good when he is on top or he has your back. But he has a huge holein his BJJ game as im sure you saw in the GSP,Hughes and Fitch fights. Anyway BJ is not the issue. Diaz BJJ is more dangerous to George than anybody hes faced except Shields But Diaz boxing is f***ing sick

          • its sad reading your shit,,,u know nothing,,,clearly diaz is way way better at bjj then bj…bj had nicks back for a min and nick escaped..also his bjj is good like shields but his boxing is better..shields came close to winning the decision,what u thnk nick will do? u idiot

          • Shields came close to winning what decision? I hope your not talking about the GSP fight because to be close to winning a five round fight you need to win at least one round, which he couldn’t do.
            Nick Diaz is nowhere near as good as he’s been getting credit for lately, he’ll Diego Sanchez beat his ass and would do it again. He’s a one dimensional fighter with limited power and a weak mind and yet for some reason people like you think he could beat the best WW of all time, he must be sharing his dope with you guys

          • “more than twice as skilled as bj penn in bjj?” seriously? BJ is the PRODIGY fool. 1st non-brazillian to ever win a bjj world championship. AND he was only 18 when he did it! wtf….

          • lmao @ better than condit , give me a break you cement head, Condit is a great fighter, and has class unlike Diaz.

    • Liemian Bresenio, your psychic powers are extremely real like mine because I had the same visions. Unbelievable. GoNoles……………………it seems you smoke more weed than Diaz.

    • your like nostradamus!!

    • your dumb diaz will smash g.s.p

  7. I’m so sick of both of the Diaz bitches… grown men acting like 14-year olds on a playground. I guess that chip on their shoulder is pretty big. Go smoke another doobie, Nick, cause you’re high if you think you deserve a shot at GSP.

  8. Nowhere in this article does it say Nick Diaz thinks he deserves a shot at GSP. “In a perfect world” every fighter wants a shot at the belt as quickly as possible. What do we expect him to say, “my dream is to work my way up to the top slowly?” I agree he should fight a top contender first, because no one should get a shot at a title following a loss, under any circumstances. But there is no need to put words in his mouth.

    • Thank you adam1848. Everyone can whine about the Diaz bros but 99 percent are going to pony up the ppv $ when the time comes…

      • I know I am. So why not just have him fight GSP?

    • You are right, but everyone knows that you can hype your way to the top. So they are all just scared that Dana will make another semi premature fight happen before it’s ready. Because that is what he likes to do for this sport.

  9. I’m more tired of Cesar Gracie than I am of Nick Diaz. Yea nick is a spoiled brat with a misguided sense of entitlement. But he does what he does to get the fights he wants. Cesar Gracie on the other hand just loves the sound of his own voice apparently. They should both take a page from Nate. Win some fights, show some respect, get a title shot.

  10. All of the top contenders calls out the champ thats what your
    suppose to do when you want the belt but for some reason
    when Nick does it he is crying give me a break

    • He’s coming off a loss and hasn’t fought in a year. I wasn’t aware that made him a contender.

      • He lost a close decision for the #1 contender slot. How can you almost be the #1 contender, barely lose a five round main event, and end up not even being a contender? Thats some biased logic right there.

        • Check that…its wasn’t even a #1 contender slot, it was the interim championship (same thing, but subtle difference.)

          • 1) you don’t lose then call out the champ
            2) you definitely don’t lose then not fight for a year and then call out the champ.
            That’s my logic

          • Phrank, I’ve read your posts for a long time and honestly respect your opinion, but I feel like you are letting your dislike of Diaz prevent you from looking at this objectively. He was signed up for a title shot and let a lack of professionalism get in the way…embarrassing, but still leaves him a contender. He then lost a close (but I agree not controversial) decision against one of the best WWs in the world, but I believe that still leaves him a contender. Then he got suspended for using a substance he is legally prescribed in his home state. I am not excusing this, he deserved the suspension, but time off doesn’t necessarily mean he is no longer a contender. In his last three fights he TKOed Paul Daley (former contender), destroyed BJ Penn (former champion) and lost a close decision to Condit (former interim champion). I don’t mean to belabor the point, but disliking a fighter and respecting their ability should be two separate things, in my opinion.

          • Very well put, and of course you are entitled to your opinion. You’re right. I dislike nick Diaz for his attitude, demeanour, and cry baby mentality. But I do respect him as a fighter. The original statement was that people were complaining only because it was nick Diaz, and that any contender should be able to call out the champ. My argument is that after losing your last fight, you are no longer in a position to call out the champion. Perhaps I was too strict in my interpretation of the term ‘contender’ but the fact remains that Diaz is in no position to call out GSP after a loss and a suspension.

          • agree 100%

          • What do you mean? A fighter is always in a position to call out the champ. **** talking (hyping) is a big part of this game. But you are angry because you also know that the UFC will sometimes give a fighter a chance because they can sell a fight. And Diaz can certainly sell a fight. But you also know that is *******. It’s unfair to the guys that earned it. Food for thought. Fans can make waves if that is what you want.

      • A very controversial loss and he always been a
        contender im sorry if he is not your UFC yes

        • There was nothing controversial about that loss. Also, how has he always been a contender when he spent years in strikeforce and had 3 losses in a row last time he was in the UFC?

          • 3 losses in a row so BJ won also ok
            you sound absurd

          • Ok, let me use very basic English. Before he went to strikeforce he lost 3 straight = not a contender
            He spent years in strikeforce = not a UFC contender
            He lost his last fight = not a contender
            He hasn’t fought in a year = not a contender.
            Now tell me again about how he’s always been a contender?

          • Well put Phrank! Hehe

          • So we are going to skip the 3 year winning
            streak and go to the back in time Strikeforce had tons of talent they were paying the fighters better then UFC ask
            Dan henderson you talk about Strikeforce
            like it’s Bellator lol

          • Oh you mean when he beat frank shamrock well past his prime? Or when he beat Scott smith? Yea, strikeforce had a very deep division….

          • What’s up Phranky? Actually it’s been less than 10 months but I know what are you saying. His last loss was controversial, and nearly half the MMA community thought Diaz won.

          • Ronnie! I was waiting for you to chime in. Diaz lost that fight, period. I was hoping he’d win because I wanted to see him get outclassed by GSP, but he didn’t. He lost.

  11. I want to see Nick Diaz fight Jon Fitch. After Diaz gives Fitch the beating of his life, let the Diaz/GSP talk begin.

    • I would love to see that fight. Mainly because its a terrible matchup for Diaz.

      • Yea, i don’t see Diaz doing very well against Finch. Its another one that Diaz would complain that he didn’t stay in the pocket and fight. but Finch would survive a few submission attempts then grind out a win,

  12. Hendricks would kill Diaz I would like to watch it just to see him get ko’d and laid out on the canvas don’t care how good his boxing is one of them bombs hit him he’s gone Gsp would destroy him too I say give him what he wants

  13. How do you lose an interim title fight, get suspended for a year and expect to come back and fight for the undisputed title? I am a very big Diaz fan but that’s just insane. Yes he’s still a top fighter but after a loss and a year off theres other fighters out there who’ve come up. Give him Hendricks, Kampmann or Fitch. All of those fights are very interesting match ups. And yea if Diaz does get a title shot of course I’m still gonna watch it; duh lol.

    • I am with you again, not sure where they get off expecting , or demanding headline fights, most people after a second offence are just thankfull to have a job. Maybe Rory should take him on if he gets past Penn,

    • Again Combat I agree with you. But I think alot of this is Ceaser Gracie talking out of his backside as usual. Diaz is still top 10, but there are a bunch of fighters ahead of him. I think a good fight would be Kampman or the winner of Fitch/Maia. Thats IF he gets re-licensed…no guarantees of that, especially since they didn’t give UFC permission to promote the fight like they did with Overeem.

      Diaz is 1 strike away from not being able to fight again in the US. The majority of states will uphold what CA/NV athletic commissions will do, so if he F’s up again he’s done. Having a medical marijuana card and competing in a sport that tests for banned substances, is an accident waiting to happen!

      He has diagnosed issue’s with public anxiety, hence his medical marijuana card. So lets say he gets a few solid wins and he gets back in to a title contention…he already flaked out once when put in to the lime light against GSP. Who’s to say it wont happen again??

      • He shouldn’t have any problems getting licensed, it wasn’t ped’s he was caught using and after you serve your suspension there’s not point in any further punishment being handed down, if they didn’t want him to fight they would have made the suspension longer.
        Now I could see Nick doing something stupid to screw it up though that is a real possibility.

        • True it wasn’t PED’s…but the athletic commissions lump all that stuff in to the “banned substances” category.

  14. Nick Diaz was on a 10 fight win streak. He then beat and gave Bj Penn the beating of his life. Then, in my opinion he beat Condit.
    He is a top contender. I would love to see Diaz fight and destroy Fitch.

    • “He beat Condit” Bahahahahaha !

    • Look at the people he fought during that streak…not exactly tough competition. I’ve always said a streak is only as good as the people the person on the streak defeated. And yes he handed BJ Penn probably the worst beating of his career.

      Diaz may be a great fighter…but its out of the ring antics that let him down. If he can’t figure out how to deal with being in the spotlight(which he has already shown once when he lost the GSP fight because he wouldn’t fulfill his PR duties) then it doesn’t matter who he fights and beats…he can’t handle the hype a title fight will never happen. And as we all know Dana White can hold a grudge…so who’s to say he will ever see a title fight again?

  15. GSP will not have it easy with Nick Diaz, Diaz has a better ground game than 99% of the UFC fighters and 100% of the welterweight fighters. Diaz IMO has the best style to beat GSP, he doesn’t wait for the other guy, he is reckless at times and also patient at times. He is taller, longer reach, cardio forever and he is a beast. In my opinion Nick Diaz is the most exciting fighter in MMA. If I was a betting man, I would put it all on Diaz to win by arm bar in 5th round. Next.

    • LOL you must be confused, we were talking about Nick Diaz
      “Cardio for ever” He was gassing out against Condit !

  16. Nick Diaz is a bitch and doesn’t even deserve to be in the UFC !

    • Look at all these comments, of course he deserves it.

  17. I love it, the Diaz haters come out in full force when there is an article about Nick. First article about Nick in a few months, and the comments are coming in at a record pace. One more reason why he is a main event fighter. Btw, whoever said GSP is a better boxes than Nick is on crack. GSP might be a better all around fighter, but he is not a better boxer. Regardless, when they eventually do fight all you haters will buy it, and it will be a Top 10 grossing fight all-time for the UFC.

  18. Diaz is a goof with a big mouth who will have two fights in the UFC then get the boot.

    • LOL… if you actually believe it you’re a moron… plain and straight…

  19. testing

  20. I’m I the only one that thinks Diaz is over-rated?

  21. “Nick Diaz is targeting GSP” — SO F-ING WHAT!?

    Here’s a tip for Nick Diaz – EARN IT!!!!!

    Who has he beat to deserve a title shot? Out of shape BJ Penn? Lightweight Gomi? Paul “The Greatest Fighter on Earth” Daley? He lost to Condit, so it wasn’t him.

    Beat a contender, then we’ll talk.

    • He has earned it. He puts more asses in seats then any other contender out there. Don’t you know, it’s all about the money.

      • So does Kimbo slice, don’t see him fighting for the strap.

  22. Kosheck don’t deserve a fight with this hype right now.
    Kosheck vs Stun Gun Kim is a fair match. Maybe Diaz can fight Marquardt.

  23. People Love Diaz…People Hate Diaz…but after reading the comments… Diaz gets a lot of attention… dont be surprised to see Condit Diaz 2…or Diaz Koshcheck

  24. They should just give him GSP. Diaz puts asses in seats. Love him or hate him you will watch him. And we all know the UFC needs the money. Just ink it already.

  25. Whoever said they saw Diaz gassing is a f-ing idiot!

  26. @Sonnen sack riders….Sonnen won 6 of 7 rounds against Silva…but, he tapped the 1st fight(juiced up and all) and got his azz handed to him the 2nd fight. Someone please tell me how someone get rewarded for tapping and getting stopped…but continues to talk sh*t??? I have only seen a win, lose, or draw on someones record…not “ALMOST WON”… Get off Sonnen sack…long enough to see him get his azz whooped again by Jones!

  27. Nick Diaz is a good fighter, not Great. He thinks that being good in another organization will get him anything in the UFC he’s wrong. And maybe he should keep his mouth shut when he is woldwide TV. He cries every time he loses, after getting worked.

  28. Nick Diaz couldnt be more right when he said georges is scared! lol

  29. “while Diaz lost to Condit at UFC 142 last year.”

    How about 2/4/2012? Ever since CindyO was affiliated with this website, I haven’t expected much more….

  30. what ever happened to working your way to the top…smh…

  31. Who is Nick Diaz to demand anything? He should not even get a shot at GSP until he beats 1 of the top 3. He should have to fight Jonny Hendricks or Ellenberger first.

  32. the diaz brothers are both completely retarded and suspect its from inbreeding. for a sport trying to become main stream, those two hurt the sport more than any other fighters out there. nobody has ever been given a title shot after losing their previous fight and getting suspended for using drugs. its a F@cking insult to all the other fighters and makes the UFC look like joke.