Nick Diaz vs. B.J. Penn Officially New Main Event for UFC 137, Condit Still Gets GSP Next

October 18, 2011
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Nick Diaz may not be fighting for the UFC welterweight title any longer, but he will still get his chance to be the main event for UFC 137.

On the heels of the news that Georges St-Pierre was injured in training and will be unable to compete at next weekend’s card, UFC president Dana White has announced that Diaz and B.J. Penn will now serve as the main event on the card.

Diaz vs. Penn will remain a three-round bout.

The loss of St-Pierre vs. Condit is a major blow to the UFC 137 fight card, which was expected to be one of the biggest shows of the year.

Penn and Diaz will now battle it out as the main event while St-Pierre recovers from a knee injury suffered in training that will likely put him out for a few months.

Carlos Condit was also yanked from the card and will sit and wait for St-Pierre to get healthy. He will still get the next shot at the UFC welterweight title.

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  • judo johnson

    Nick vs Condit would have been BAD ASS!!!! kinda sucks now

  • bajafox

    Yea I agree, I like that fight way better than Penn v. Diaz but either way, should still be a good fight

  • What happened to what Dana said about all main event bouts being 5 rounds?? If I was Carlos Condit, I wouldn’t wait for GSP. I would ask for a fighter to be assigned right away. Anthony Johnson would be a good option. Just sayin’.

    • shakejunt

      first 5 round is leben vs munos

      • shakejunt

        wow… munoz, sorry

    • wonggfan

      That is how a real fighter should think. A real fighter wouldn’t even care about getting paid. His only objective is to beat everyone. If Rashad were a real fighter, he would have been begging the UFC for a rematch with Lyoto or a shot at Shogun. But no. Let’s look at the guys he’s fought while he was begging for a title shot. Thiago Silva (decision), Rampage Jackson (almost got KTFO in the third round), Tito Ortiz (lol!). This is what you call a sucker.

      But given that UFC fighters get paid shit and will get paid shit for the forseeable future, I think it is realistic for them to ask for title shots. Unlike boxing, you get 3 title shots in the UFC.

  • julianmoran

    I guess Nick Diaz’s punishment turned in his favor.

  • sirreadsalot10

    I think Penn vs Diaz will be a better fight than you think.

  • Yup the fight card went from an A++ to a C++. Dana White, if he cared about the fans, should have kept Condit in the main event and make it against Diaz. Also, Josh Koscheck said he would fight Condit, I would have put him against Penn. A main event of Condit v. Diaz & Co Main event of Penn v. Koscheck would be an amazing card. I think the UFC realized they had 2 great fights on 1 card and pulled the plug. I was going to buy this fight, but forget it now. I hope they sell 100k PPV’s. They realy, really fucked the fans over on this one, especially the ones that bought tickets prepaid. Diaz fighting Condit makes perfect sense since Jake Shields had to fight 1 UFC fight before he got a shot at GSP, Diaz would just be doing the same thing, and Condit would be a great test. I think I should be in charge of fight matching.