Nick Diaz Video: Georges St-Pierre Should’ve Taken Anderson Silva Fight

November 18, 2014
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Nick Diaz was in Las Vegas on Monday for the UFC’s “The Time is Now” press conference to promote his upcoming UFC 183 bout with Anderson Silva, but he couldn’t help but take a few jabs at his old friend Georges St-Pierre.

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  • The Milkman

    I love Anderson silva but he got nothing to prove. He’s lost to one guy in the UFC after shattering records. If I believed he could get his title back I’d be rooting for him but nick Diaz isn’t afraid of anyone so I can’t root against him. I will not be surprised if Diaz takes this based only on asilvas mental state after a ko loss and a horrific leg injury.

    • Matte

      This fight is a win for everybody.

      All the fans wanna see it, two legends going at each other.

      The fighters are getting a big payday, the UFC are getting a huge draw.

  • George Sperry

    You know when a guy with a 65 IQ you know, speaks you know, you should listen to him. You know?

    • Matte

      Okay buddy, we’ll listen to ya.

  • nice info 🙂

  • MikeMcK83

    The best line was when Nick said Gsp probably didn’t think he could put enough weight on to hold guys down at 185lbs so maybe he shouldn’t have taken the fight.

  • Guest

    Anderson will make a statement by being the first guy to KO Nick Diaz.

    • truth

      Nick Diaz has been KO’d by Jeremy Jackson and talks about it openly in a few interviews. Jeremy Jackson is also the original War Machine. He is doing life in prison for raping in baby momma while holding a bb gun to her head.

  • dandogood

    GSP is smarty and knew Silva was too big for GSP and a loss waiting to happen. Dana has set Nick up for a huge beating a huge loss and hopefully a send off back into the sewer Diaz comes from.

  • Rob

    Diaz’s fragile mind cannot handle the fact that he was dominated by GSP. Bitter, bitter . . .

  • Dale

    I have to admire Nick for not being afraid to get in the ring with anyone, but he just irks the hell out of me when he talks trash. GSP beat him like a drum, get over it Nick. Lastly, I think GSP could beat Anderson due to his wrestling which is Anderson’s weakness.

  • David Allen Lenig

    I love how all these people commenting will talk smack on Nick with their keyboards, but i dont see anyone on this comment section getting into the octagon any time in the near future. Silva is a great fighter, Diaz is a great fighter, should be a great fight. I’m not a Silva fan at all but you dont see me talking smack on him, some of these “keyboard warriors” need to grow the hell up, Diaz deserves respect if for nothing else, just for being willing to jump up a weight class to take on the number 1 ranked fighter of all time. you keyboard tough guys are pathetic.