Nick Diaz Vacates Belt to Face GSP at UFC 137; Strikeforce Will Crown New Welterweight Champion

June 9, 2011
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When Nick Diaz travels to the UFC on Oct 29 to face Georges St-Pierre, he will do so without the Strikeforce welterweight title.

According to UFC President Dana White, Nick Diaz is now a UFC fighter and has vacated his Strikeforce welterweight belt to get a shot at UFC champion Georges St-Pierre.

“He will give up the title, he will give up his Strikeforce title,” White said. “He will come in and fight Georges St-Pierre, two guys will fight for the vacant belt in Strikeforce and we’ll go from there.”

White stated that Diaz could go back to Strikeforce at some point in the future if he chose, but for now he is strictly a UFC fighter.

No decisions have been made at this time regarding who will fight for the belt or when that fight will take place.

At the top of the Strikeforce welterweight division right now the two names that would likely first pop to mind would be the last title contender in the weight class, Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley, and former Missouri wrestler Tyron Woodley.

There is also a pivotal welterweight match coming up in July between Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos and Tarec Saffiedine that could play a role in determining one of the top contenders.

Diaz will face St-Pierre in the main event of UFC 137 on Oct 29 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas with the UFC welterweight title on the line.

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  • factorfake

    That’s ok, Diaz will have a new title to take home on October 27th. Strikeforce can keep that one…

    • nogeorge101

      Are you kidding me? Diaz won’t make it through the first round with GSP. Diaz is nothing more than a wanna-be thug who fights in a second rate promotion. He had to go to SF btw, Dana W. will not stand for his antics in/out of ring. Think about it, do we really want a guy like Diaz to represent MMA? But in respect to GSP, no way will Diaz ever get out of first round. Laughable though factorfake…actually got me to respond.

      • rob da rippah

        you sound very ignorant

        • nogeorge101

          Have you read any interviews with Dana White referencing how Diaz does not like to play the game and how he has attitude issues? And you honestly think that Diaz’s last 10 opponents match up to who GSP has fought in his past 10 fights? And why don’t you offer any thoughts on the matter, too ignorant of a comment to lower yourself to respond to? I welcome your thoughts…..

      • swolevol

        Wow you managed to juggle gsp and dana’s nuts at the same time. Much more impressive than your thoughts on the fight. Diaz”s attitude isn’t being called into question his ability to fight for the ufc ww title is and while his list of Ws may not be as impressive as GSPs the fasion in which he fights and finishes is. I promise you if gsp would hav e taken the shots from Daley that diaz did he”d have turtled up and tapped from strikes. (Matt Serra anyone?) Speaking of finishes, whens the last time Georges had one of those. Judging by your man crush on him its probably been as long as it has been since the last time you saw trim. GSP far and away exceedes DIaz athletically but unfortunately for Rush this isn’t a combine. I won’t say Diaz is going to pull of the stunning upset but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. The one advantage Diaz has here is his killer instinct. I really like GSP and the ambassador he is for the sport but more and more it seems like he hesitates to pull the trigger. He has all the physical tools but just seems to lack that natural instinct to finish. If DIaz has you hurt ihes not gonna quit til the ref pulls him off

        • nogeorge101

          You can insult me all you want, bottom line, GSP is a much better fighter who competes in a much better promotion. And last time I checked, Paul Daley is in SF for the same thug-like behavior that landed diaz there. Let’s see how far his “killer instinct” takes him against a true athlete, not some class-less thug who has you all you idiots mystified….talk about nut juggling. Again, I ask, is the kind of guy MMA fans want representing this sport?

          • swolevol

            Well first of all I WILL insult you all I want. I didn’t nor am I now asking for your permission. And never did I say once Daley wasn’t a thug nor have I said that Diaz has an award winning personality. And I can promise you this, he can’t give a f*!k less what you think about his personality. However, you seem to be too hung up on gurgling GSPs sack to realize that’s irrelevant. His personality, his thug-dom, and any other traits you want to point out about the guy, it has nothing to do with the fact he has more tools to beat GSP with than anyone else he’s fought. He’s the ww divisions best pure boxer period. His BJJ is second to none, and unlike serr ND is long enough to grab a limb should he get taken down. Is he gonna win an award for prettiest smile? No and who cares. Its not a white teeth contest its mma and ND is one of the tops in the sport. For you to so casually assume that GSP will finish him in the first or any round shows what a nut hugger you really are. If he can’t finish the guys he’s fought recently with the skills which he outclasses everyone, how is he going to beat a guy who will come right at him and has at least a few advantages. I said very clearly gsp is the better athlete and that he’s got all the tools to take out anyone in the WW world. But I also pointed to his mental inability to finish and the fact that this isn’t a combine where GSP is running a forty yard dash or gauging his vertical jump. Its a fight and while I fully expect gsp to win, he’ll remember what its like to be in one when Diaz gets a hold of him. Kinda like your jaws feel after a long day at work

  • Business as usual

  • phrankthetank

    Diaz is a punk, but I’ll never say he’s not talented. Does he have a chance against GSP? Yes, he has a lot of tools and is dangerous everywhere. That being said, I don’t think there’s any question that GSP is the more talented of the two and should be able to put Diaz down pretty quickly.

    • Frito-Bandito

      Very well said Frank, Your obviously a GSP fan. I am also a GSP fan but Diaz is my favourite fighter, not because of his skill set but because of his “heart”. No one has ever broken his will. GSP may beat Diaz but he will never take his heart.
      If people hate him its because he won’t kiss their ass. This world created Diaz the same way it has created all the great fighters of the past. They were created on the mean streets of this country. They don’t come from Harvard or Yale. If you want politically correct athletes then you should watch Squash, Crew, or Lacrosse!

  • camthemusicman

    @shortbus im loving that comment for everything lol.but in all honesty i just want to see an exciting fight with gsp.and i doubt that gsp is gonna finish him in the first round.not blinking sounds more believable coming out of jds mouth lol.

  • Cptmats

    Gsp’s GnP is the best there is and his elbows are particularly deadly ! Diaz is also prone to getting cut, that being said i can see the fight being stopped by the ref ! Other wise it will go five rounds ! Diaz dosnt have 1/10 the skill GSP does but he is tough as nails ! I have no doubt George will win this fight, but the chances of him finishing Diaz are slim !

  • bpmd101

    People don’t like ND, OK, I get that already.
    However, anyone saying he’s not on GSP’s level has no idea what they are talking about or watching. An amazing athlete w/ skills.
    Some of the best BBJ in the game( GSP will tell you that),an excellent boxer ( ask Andre Ward) with a granite chin to boot.
    This is not the same animal that got kicked out the UFC (6yrs ago). Don’t get it twisted, comic book readers.
    To say this is gonna be a walk through the park for ‘Mr Wonderful’ is well….lmfao!
    I don’t care about ND’s personality or his inability to put a sentence together, this Kid can F#@*in’ fight, He’s the best fighter GSP has ever fought. I think He’s gonna
    TKO GSP personally, we’ll see.
    Oh, and for record I’ve been watching GSP since ’03,always knew he’d be and stay champ for a long time. That said, in the ‘ring’ ND is a beast!!! Don’t sleep on this kid.

  • streetfightertoo

    GSP fans wont have to worry about a lackluster decision in this one? Go Diaz!!!

  • Energywalker

    Never rooted against GSP before. I guess there’s a first time for everything. Diaz is going to shine like never before. Been a long time coming and he has earned it.

  • Frito-Bandito

    Great to hear all the Diaz fans speak up! I thought I was alone. Your right! this will not be a boring fight.