Nick Diaz: Unveiled

October 30, 2011
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Nick Diaz has often been accused of running from the press, that he clams up for reporters, or just doesn’t even bother to show up for them at all… accusations that he flatly denies. He just likes to do his job and do it well. His job is to fight.

Diaz defeated BJ Penn at UFC 137, bloodying him like no other fighter had, pushing him to the point that Penn said he was going to hang up his gloves. He called out UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre after the fight, saying the champ didn’t want to fight him, before UFC president Dana White shuffled the deck and said the two will square as soon as Super Bowl weekend, when St-Pierre is recovered from a knee injury.

After Saturday night’s UFC 137 post-fight press conference in Las Vegas, regardless of whatever else you’d like to say about Nick Diaz, you couldn’t say that he doesn’t do his job, and you certainly couldn’t say that he wouldn’t open up to the media.

In one of the more revealing episodes in recent memory in MMA, Nick Diaz lifted the veil trying his hardest to explain his life and reveal the anguish and frustration that boils inside him over always having to step outside himself into a role not of his choosing. Even as he got the fight that he wanted – the showdown with GSP – Diaz felt that he was forced out of character, that he had to be “the bad guy,” just to get the fight that should have been at UFC 137.

It’s difficult to put into words the raw emotion that Nick Diaz exposed on Saturday night, running the gamut from frustration and elation to laughter and anger. Perhaps the best way to explain Nick Diaz is to let him do it.

With that, we give you Nick Diaz: Unveiled at the UFC 137 post-fight press conference…

  • Wow! Way to throw your trainers, managers and sparing partners under the bus. I guess, that they arent good enough for you. Nick says that he needs people to push him and support him….. Cesar has been with him since he was 14(i think). Showing him love and respect….. and teaching him.

    • BigGuy

      That is what a prick does! No regard for those around you. He is a dick!

      • BigGuy

        “You”, meaning Diaz…

        • McFearless

          Someones on that Haterade. Don’t you just love fat pieces of turd sitting behind a computer judging other people knowing damn well they will never accomplish half the shit the people they’re talking ish about have. This next quote fits BigGuy perfectly. “It’s easy to be a 6 foot 4 olympic powerlifter and streetfighting god from behind the confines of a keyboard” Do work FatGuy!!

          • BigGuy

            Uh-oh, McFaggot is back. Aren’t you the same queer that challenged me to meet you at some gay bar near your house for a hair pulling contest? Oh, yeah, that sure was. Ok, limp-dick, here we go. I accomplished a black belt in two different disciplines of martial arts, and currently been training MMA for over 15 years. I would send you a picture of just how “fat” I am, but I don’t want to give you any more masturbation material.

            So, while you and your lady friends (guys) are butt bumping at McHomo’s Gym, I actually know what I am talking about. I am done with you, and will allow you to lube up for your next “session” with your boxing coach.

    • Yeah sorry but Nick Diaz is a little bitch!! He beats a sub-par Bj Penn and acts like he’s the fuckin man. “Where you at George mother fucker” ? If you ask me he is the one who is acting like a scared little bitch….can’t show up for you press confrencess and cry about it afterwards?…what a little bicth.

      • BigGuy

        Well said!

        • RonnieV

          You guys are idiots, especially BigGuy! You talked so much shit about how Diaz was going to lose to Penn, and now you throw out the “sub Penn” excuse card. You guys are losers! Diaz is a winner, and all he does is prove idiots like you wrong.

    • bajafox

      Did you even listen to it? Go straight to the 8:50 mark and listen again before you post something so stupid.

  • I guess we can all understand now why Nick avoids the media…

  • I dont think he was trying to throe them under the bus. I honestly believe that if you put a camera in Nick’s face he freaks out. Anxiety maybe, I dont know. One thing I know for sure is that he fights his heart out and thats what i pay my very hard earned $ for. If people would give his skills as much attention as they do to his public shortcomings I think they would see why he is really getting this tittle shot.Who knows maybe even like the guy a little.

    • WOW way to spell sorry its “throw”

    • MuayThaiFood

      Ok, so he freaks out in front of the camera. Wouldn’t it be better for all if he said less then. No one wants to train with him because being around someone who bitches that much is a drag. I’ve never heard someone whine about not getting paid as much as this guy. Maybe he should have been a rap star instead. The guy goes on and on like a broken record. It’s painful to watch.

  • BigGuy

    Will every asswipe that sits here and defends this grown man like he is your 6-year old brother please give it up already???

    He makes a great living doing what he does, so to expect him to speak to the harmless media, and answer some harmless questions is not too much to ask. This fuck-nut should be happy that he is doing this for a living, because he is clearly too stupid and high to do anything else. He isn’t even qualified to flip burgers, so why not just show up, sit the hell down, and answer some questions, and collect the paycheck without all of the baby crying bullshit??? He can clearly fight, so why make things difficult on himself?

    Jesus fucking Christ…Enough making excuses and coddling this asshole already!!!

  • webs24

    if Nick just realized why he isnt “compensated” as much as the likes of GSP and Anderson etc.

    He dosent realize that this is all just a game, and in order to make the big money you have to fulfill the media obligations etc. and then you get that payday

  • please no takedowns

    no webs24 idiot you make big bucks by holding on to the belt for years and dominating..not come out of a fight looking like that.

  • sb

    For god sake remember ladies He’s a fighter who beats the snot out of people for a living. Seriously, so your flipping ( see I don’t need to say F*cking ) surprised when you see one that can’t cope with the media or be able to articulate their thoughts in a constructive way. It kind of reminds me of Charles Barkley’s commercials for Right Guard. He’s a retard and doesn’t make apologies for it. He was a Pretty damn effective basketball player too. I don’t fight for a living but I train with those who do and they will be the first ones to admit that they have a screw loose which is why the flight syndrome doesn’t kick in for them like it does for most people.

    I bet you’ll start saying that they need to be role models too for our kids. Give me a flipping break! Its real simple, keep em in a straight jacket and in a cage until its time to loosen the buckles and let them run like wild bulls.

  • So between Chael and Nick, every young fighter now has learned they need to be a giant douche to get immediate title fights.

    • BigGuy

      That is my problem with making Condit wait. For what? Just because Diaz threw a bitch-fit? Although I understand it sells fights, I don’t think he or Sonnen deserve the next title shots.

  • sb

    uncanny390, sad but true. I bet the Romans did the same shtick back in the day. Human nature. You know the old saying that you do a good job for someone they tell 3 people about you. You shove a stick up their ass and they’ll tell 10.

  • MikeMc1983

    Different people find different things harmful. What is bothersome to one person might not be to others.
    Deion sanders one of the biggest media whores ever tried to commit suicide once the media turned on him.
    Princess Diana died while her car was running from the media.

    Some people over react. That’s because there is physiology involved.
    I don’t really care how Diaz acts, what he says, or any of that other crap. A lot of it makes him look stupid, but that’s because he’s not the brightest guy out there.

    Why I don’t buy into Diaz is because is because I don’t think he’s really that good. I left a long comment in another post about bj confusing me so I won’t do it here again

    But I will say in that first round Diaz had less boxing, wrestling, and ground skills. Bj came out and couldn’t seem to breathe, much less fight in the 2nd.

    Diaz has cardio and he has heart, but that only takes you so far. It seems those are his advantages, or at least his only advantages against penn.

  • natpaukar7

    I agree with Shanemason…the kid is good…he just wrecked BJ…this is fighting not anything else that’s why we pay $ to see these guys throwdown…they train, fight and heal…that is the only aspect of their lives we should be judging…he clearly doesn’t have an education enough to be articulate…guess what he doesn’t need it he is a fighter and is doing well…as a fighter I say A+…as any thing else…I really do not care…none of my business…Im not here for a beauty pageant either…this is fighting and thats it. I really feel sorry for the kid…he’s clearly not good at talking why force him to do it.

  • The good thing about talking about Nick Diaz is not hearing about Chael Sonnen. I do agree with those who say Nick should get a title shot and is a fighter and not a prima donna who smiles for the cameras and aspires to be a role model for the children. I do find it hilarious that some people here admit to training in mma for years, yet they have not accomplished anything significant. It’s so funny!!!!

    • BigGuy

      Holy shit…What an uneducated and entirely stupid fucking comment! Not everyone that trains in martial arts (karate, jiu-jitsu, muy thai, etc.) does so to be in the UFC, you absolute and complete fuck-tard! Your statement tells us all what a douche you really are.

      I have read many of your idiotic posts before, so I shouldn’t be so shocked that you would post something stupid, but this comment was plain ignorant and moronic.

  • soboc1

    When you become a fighter in the UFC you know you are gonna have to do press just like everyone else. It comes with the position. If you don’t like it, look for another job. Nick Diaz is a disrespectful punk who had his chance, hid like a flippin scared little girl and cried his way back to a title fight. Beating Penn in this point in his career is not that big of a accomplishment. Like I said before, if BJ could do what he did before he gassed, imagine what GSP will do in 5 rnds. GSP don’t gas homie.

    • Beating penn at 31, or at any age, is an acoomplisment.

  • MikeMc1983

    Just to give Diaz a little interview credit, he had me Rollin when he said “mayweather makes 25 million, and he can’t stop a double either.”

  • Here’s my take. I like Nick Diaz. Met him twice and both times he talked with me. We spoke a bit about Stockton, and a little about MMA. When I met Randy Couture he was fake, plasticy and responded with what I thought were pre-conceived answers. Now I am not saying that Couture is worse than Diaz, but Couture said what people wanted to hear. Diaz does have a huge problem with Anxiety and I think that is why he misses certain events, but I also believe him when he says the guy he pays to make sure he is supposed to be at places F’d up.

    Side point number 2. When Cro Cop first came to the UFC, he NEVER did press conferences. He missed his first two when he was supposed to be helping hype his presence and I never saw the backlash like people are showing to Diaz. Nobody called Cro Cop a punk or a spaz.

    last point, The dude can fight! i never miss a diaz fight because I know its gonna be a fight. Not a snore fest like the last 6 st. Pierre fights. I beleieve Diaz has the best boxing in MMA and 2 inch reach advantage over St. Pierre. I’m picking a pissed off Diaz over St. pierre in this one. Everytime St. Pierre gets “mad”, it ends up being a waste of everyones time and money. Lets face it. He is the Canadian Tim Sylvia.

  • soboc1

    Maybe no one made a big deal about Cro Cop cause he doesnt run his mouth like Diaz does and then go missing. The dude he pays to make sure he shows up forgot, but his manager, trainer, momma, didnt even know where he was and he had time to make a video about it, lol If i was having the biggest fight of my career i wouldnt need to pay anybody to tell where I’m supposed to show up. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great fighter, just disrespectful and respect and sportsmanship go a long way.

  • bajafox

    This is one thing I hate to admit but I called this. I really love BJ Penn as a fighter and I hope he doesn’t call it a career, there are still good fights left for him at 155 but I just couldn’t see him getting passed Diaz.

  • Cant stand this guy… All he does is WHINE and disrespect everyone he fights. Cant wait for George to clean his clock…. Oh wait and you made $200000 for fighting BJ, OMG your so fricking poor and cant live at all. Really cause there are so many other people that would be happy with that money and not be bitchin about it. Your a PUNK..

  • Diaz got paid $350,000 to beat Daley(175,000 to show and 175, win bonus). and for those people who will say thats why strikeforce went out of business. they were in the black when UFC bought them.
    I would be upset too if I had to take such a significant pay cut on the worlds biggest stage for my sport. he got 200, no win bonus and 75,000 FOTN. I mean, dont get me wrong.. I would LOVE to earn that for 15 minutes of work and be VERYY HUMBLE and gracious. But if I got put into a fight with a legend who is arguably still in his prime, and then go on to destroy him… I’d be a little upset too.
    The numbers are upsetting. 1 million payroll loss, probably close to 150-180 million gain AFTER ppv shares, taxes, and fees. 12-15 of these a year. I mean the gripe seems unreasonable to us because we are just everyday folk, but he is used to market value for his trade. He feels he is being underpaid. Union anyone? hah!

  • Towers66

    I hear what Diaz has to say about fighter salaries and I think he makes a very valid point. I believe the top tier fighters (Top ten of ea. division…including NICK DIAZ, thats right he is one of the elite fighters in all of mixed martial arts)should get a percentage of PPV or a larger payout. Camps, travel, time and the amount of entertainment these guys provide should be rewarded very well. Diaz’s way of speaking his mind can come off as bitchy and rude but I respect his opinion on the whole overview of the fight process. That being said, Baja Fox ^^^ good call on the UD for Diaz. I thought he would pull out a submission in the third but was not surprised of the outcome. I am confident that Nick Diaz’s boxing, world class jitz and undeniable stamina are going to earn him another “W” against GSP. I would not be in shock if Georges won, because it is a fight ladies and gents and like they say “Anything can happen”. Diaz bring the perfect mix for this to be a great fight, we’re not going to have the great misfortune of having to watch GSP jab someone out for five rounds. Not this time, not against this fighter. So you guys continue on hating Nick Diaz for whatever reason, come fight night your eyes will be glued to the screen because you all KNOW Diaz brings an awesome fucking fight to the table. I say Diaz by Unanimous Decision. All I really want to see is two guys put on a good show, and I agree BOTH fighters should be compensated accordingly. Happy Halloween everyone!

  • Towers66

    javy. These guys dont get paid that amount for fifteen minutes of work. For fighters like Nick Diaz and many others it can be 2 or 3 months of grueling daily routines to prepare for one “15 minute” fight. Just had to correct you on that one. Not trying to talk trash.

  • MikeMc1983

    Nick doesn’t have what most people consider “world class jitz”

    As long as world class still means best of the best. Having a black belt these days doesn’t make you world class. World class usually goes hand in hand with world champion, or near that level.

    Also I thought nick had better boxing than he did. I was surprized that in the first round when penn could still move his arms, Diaz couldn’t get much of anything off.
    There’s a big difference between penns boxing and Gsp’s though.

    Diaz should still feel rather comfortable standing with Gsp.

    Reguardless of how good Gsp’s jab has gotten. Lol.

    • RonnieV

      How could you question Diaz BJJ? Have you ever watched his fights? He has phenmoninal BJJ, and he uses it anytime someone takes him down. Look at how many submissions Diaz has. Although it was ruled a no-contest, that Gogoplata he put on Ty Gomi in 2006 was sick! Shinya Aoki is the only peron in MMA I have seen win by Gogoplata since.

  • Danjitsu

    MMAWeekly staff – please either moderate the comments or remove them. The ignorance and childishness on display are making this site look amateur.

  • bajafox

    So many crappy posts that obviously didn’t listen to the whole thing.

    I like Nicks interviews, they’re raw, not pre scripted and he just says what he’s thinking.

    His only wish is that his team was getting enough exposure to be able to compensate the people who did help him get here and if he had more, who knows what he could achieve.

    People really need to jump off of GSPs nut sack because I honestly believe we will have a new champ at 170 come February

  • webs24

    pretty sad when this punk is bitching about his compensation when he made 50K more than BJ

    and fyi almost all big name fighters who only get flat rate for showing, get percentages of the ppv buys, tickets etc. it is just not reported publicly

  • MuayThaiFood

    I heard a lot of talk about Nick Diaz’s boxing skills and so forth compared to St. Pierre’s. Their fight isn’t a boxing match though. Diaz may not have any respect for George but that lack of respect will see him on his back and I’m interested to see how his skills and 2 in. reach advantage are going to help him there.
    Any time GSP wants to take him down he will and the more shit Nick talks to get inside George’s head will make him train that much harder so he can punish him like he did Matt Serra in their second fight. You might not like GSP or his style but it won’t change the outcome. Matt Serra is not exactly a slouch in the BJJ dept. and it was neutralized. And if you think he’s going to be able to defend the takedown…..please, if Kos couldn’t do it then he has no hope. It’s a fight but that’s the way I see it happening. GSP’s wrestling is going go be Diaz’s boxing kryptonite and not the other way around.

  • MikeMc1983

    I agree with you 100%
    In fact not just Matt Serra. Bj penn acually does have world class jits and George head in chested his way through that in their second fight. Well that and a little grease to stop bj from using rubber guard.

    I don’t enjoy George’s style. And it’s not like nick has any punching power that could see him knocking George out on the way in for a takedown so unless something odd happens the fight should be pretty textbook. There is nothing about nicks game that should acually be any scare to George.
    The only possiable thing is if nick acually pissed George off enough to not fight “smart.”
    However Greg Jackson should handle that as a possibility.