Nick Diaz UFC Video: ‘Anderson Silva, I Think That Would Be A Great Fight’

July 28, 2014
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UFC star Nick Diaz signed a contract extension on July 24 at Zuffa headquarters. He then sat down with to talk about his future.

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  • dandogood

    Nick Satan Diaz came crawling back begging Dana for some fights. Dana will now set up this worm Diaz to fail miserably. Diaz is just a moron and clueless and played into Dana’s hands. Look for some nice losses for the overrated moron Diaz.

    • BobGyro


    • Elger Rob

      You have some serious emotional issue regarding the Diaz boys. It’s just a sport don’t take it personally.

  • BobGyro

    Anderson Silva buahaha he couldn’t even beat GSP…. goodluck you phucking tosser

    • Peter Jay Clements


    • Sir_Roy

      Two completely different styles. Diaz matches up to Silva better than he does to GSP stylistically. Though I wouldn’t put money on him winning obviously. It still has to be said that Nick’s boxing is very frustrating for most MMA fighters and would fare better in the stand-up than most 185 pounders Silva’s gone up against.

  • Lawdog1521

    This is one of those fights that will be hyped to no end but the truth is Anderson beats Diaz 99 times out of a 100. The Diaz brothers are only good at opponents who come straight forward and use no strategy.

    Any time someone fights smart, they lose.

  • Biz

    Can’t wait to watch diaz.

  • dandogood

    GSP avoided the loss to Silva and let it go by. Nick gets destroyed by Silva which is what Dana wants.

    • brad king

      horace u live in delusion if u think A silva could beat GSP. Easy decision win for GSP

      • dandogood

        Silva was a 6-1 favorite in Vegas if the GSP fight went off.

        • Sir_Roy

          That’s when he was still wearing his aura of invincibility. GSP is a superior Chael in every way imaginable. I believe styles make fights. Hendricks was a terrible match-up for GSP stylistically. Silva? Not so much.

          Very bad match-up for Silva. Wonder if anyone else has noticed GSP working to bulk-up? I call both Silva and GSP returning for a superfight in 2015. GSP is doing exactly what he said he would do. Take the time needed to put on the mass needed to confidently step into the Octagon with Anderson.

          Mark my words.

      • Peter Jay Clements

        LOL, GSP would get beat worse than he did by Hendrix.

        • GSP would be Silva’s most annoying nightmare dude.. Silva wouldn’t be able to find any openings and GSP would be all over him all the time once he got him down.. Witch he would cuz GSP always gets guys down at some point, no matter how awesome they are

      • Adam Karlsson

        GSP would cripple Silva with his lay-and-pray-let-us-cuddle style.

        • Elger Rob

          You obviously didn’t see his last 2 fights.

          • deepgrim

            you must have missed the fact the anderson struggles with wrestling based fighters. chael who does not have a good all round game took anderson to the limit with his wrestling and weidman beats him twice. GSP isnt that different to weidman in terms of skill set. You must be judging this on the fact that gsp wasnt able to out wrestle a division 1 wrestler in hendricks

          • Baller31

            Chael is one of the best wrestlers in mma, he has a better chin than GSP, and he wasn’t already mentally defeated like most of silvas opponents–and like GSP would’ve been

          • deepgrim

            chael is a good top wrestler, went damian maia mounted him he was done in seconds, and jones and rashad destroyed his wrestling. how do you get that chael has a better chin exactly, and that gsp would have been mentally defeated. chael didnt show a strong mentality when silva struck him with the knee in the second fight- he wanted out. same in the jones fight.

          • Sir_Roy

            I agree. Folks still harp on how mentally weak GSP is, how weak his chin is (yadda yadda yadda) even after he ate every punch Hendricks had to dish out and a very telling kick to the temple by Condit. GSP did not quit once in any of his 5 round fights despite. But yeah, he’s mentally weak. Sure.

          • deepgrim

            i think gsp getting ko’d by serra has people questioning his chin, even roy nelson has been finished before but no one questions his chin. gsp ate some very hard shots by hendricks and came back for more, i had doubt about his chin before that fight but not anymore, and his mentally is hard to question. anyone that can remain champion that long has to have a mental toughness

          • Baller31

            After getting ko’d, GSP starting fighting scared. He was a finisher before that, but afterwards couldn’t even finish a mediocre striker like dan hardy. That’s why I think GSP is mentally weak. He doesn’t have the killer instinct that fighters such as Matt brown, silva, lawler, or jones have. And if you fight silva scared, you get ko’d.

          • Sir_Roy

            Depends on your angle. I say he’s mentally “strong” because he kept to his winning strategies and this without compromise. So many fighters get into the Octagon with a fight plan in place, only to toss it out the window on a whim, or fall victim to a first round adrenaline dump because their fists get possessed by crowd hype hunting for that highlight reel finish and little else. Not George. That’s mental strength. That’s a “winner’s” dedication. That’s focus.

            Why take risks, in the name of a purported “killer instinct” (which is a load of crap) when he has the formula to win, coupled with the skill and athleticism to back it? Pappy Dana doesn’t give a rat’s arse about him and the ONLY job security he has is doing EVERYTHING he can to remain in the win column. What he brings to the Octagon allows him to do just that. Good on him. Mentally strong to be sure.

            So yeah, he’s mentally strong because he doesn’t buckle to shallow fan base propaganda that would see him lower his fight IQ to please fans that would toss him aside in a heartbeat should he end up on the losing end of a scorecard.

      • GSP wouldn’t loose to Silva, if you think so you are insane.. GSP is like OCDish obsessed with figuring out how to beat a guy.. I think GSP – Silva would look a lot like the CW – Silva fights.. GSP is to good and calculative to get destroyed by Silvas style

      • Baller31

        Silva would ko GSP first round, and that’s why GSP refused to fight him.

    • bajafox

      GSP is a non factor in this discussion, he quit before he ever got the chance to fight Silva. He did his best to avoid him prior to him quitting

  • robc

    And when Nick wins this fight, you ladies will crawl off and hide? Nick’s only real weakness is wrestlers. Silva engages and strikes which is right up Nick’s alley (ask Robbie Lawler how that worked out for him…). Silva will not try to take him down, Silva’s ground game if it goes to the ground is nowhere near Diaz (Gogoplata on Gomi anyone???). If this was 5 years ago, I’d say that Silva would be faster and more accurate. Today? Silva will be coming back after 18 months rehabbing a gruesome leg injury plus he is pushing 40. Diaz has cardio for weeks (regularly competes in triathalons). If Silva doesn’t finish Diaz in the first round, Diaz will pick him apart with 500 small shots. Condit was really the only non wrestler that gave Diaz fits and that was because he ran away for most of the fight. Silva doesn’t run away. He relies on head and body movement to avoid shots. Silva has a solid chin (or at least he did prior to fighting Wiedman) but Diaz doesn’t finish you with one big shot, He hits you with 50 instead…

    My money is on Diaz to either finish Silva in the later rounds or whomp him with an overwhelming decision win. Silva just isn’t the same fighter any more.

    • Jeremy Lee

      Probably the worst evaluation I have ever read….
      Silvas ground game is nowhere near Diaz? Are you kidding me? He is a black belt under Ramon Lemos, the same professor that instructed the Mendes Bros, but i would guess that you have no idea who they are based on your evaluation above. Should I remind you of the time that Chaell
      Sonned was beating Silvas ass for an entire fight then got tapped by Silvas ground game…… Diaz has been out for nearly as long as Silva has, just like to point that out….
      Accurate evaluation of the fight…. Diaz attempts to flail his arms at Silva as he always does in every fight, Silva tactfully avoids them and strikes Diaz with skill, strategy and then Diaz gets frustrated and starts talking smack but his smack talk is of no comparison to Silvas… then in the end Diaz either gets knocked out or loses by decision, I would guess loses by decision, he gets upset, throws a tantrum like a child AGAIN and then quits AGAIN…..

      • Diaz has been out for LONGER than; not nearly as long as Silva wtf are you talking about dude?

      • hahaha god damn it, I just read the last part of your rant.. OMG dude you are insane

  • dandogood

    Silva will be a 15-1 favorite over the dope smoking smaller mental midget Nick satan Diaz. Dana knows Diaz will get slaughtered.

    • Lol yea, cuz Diaz is just HELPLESS in the ring.. You must be stupid dude.. Not saying that Anderson wouldn’t probably win, but in NO way would it happen 14 out of 15 times.. Diaz has fought some insane dudes with mad skills, he’s no easy kill for anybody.. Though GSP was pretty f’ing close to making it look easy

      • Jamie Landers

        Silva absolutely has shown he can with 14 out of 15…he won 16 out of 16, many of them much higher caliber than Diaz.

      • earlsimmons

        “Diaz has fought some insane dudes with mad skills”….So what?? He lost to all of them. he has no1 near the caliber that anderson fought. AS was p4p best fighter. Diaz has never been even close. These two arent even comparable. I say AS wins 10/10 times. Reach, boxing, strength, weight, all go to him. Diaz has no advantage at all. Your a clown.

  • dandogood

    Diaz cannot beat Carlos Condit. Silva beats Diaz even with Satan’s help. Good over evil every time out.

    • bajafox

      It’simpossible to hit a guy who constantly runs away

    • Baller31

      What’s up with you and satan? You some kind of weird holy roller with zero mma knowledge??

  • Mateus

    Guys, let me tell you what, Anderson Silva needs to challenge the UFC Middleweight champion when he’s comming back at 2015. If he’s not, that will have no sense. The best fighter on the planet need that. The Middleweight belt is ours.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Hard time understanding what that meant?

    • Hansa

      I think Dana is going to feed him fighters like Diaz, Tim Kennedy and Rockhold to re-build the Spider and his winning streak. It doesn’t make any business sense to give Silva a title-shot as his comeback match….If he looses then he is finished. Dana White and UFC will squeeze every penny and get more ppv-sales with Silva headlining 3-4 main events. They can have Silva vs Belfort II(Will get a lot of PPV-sales) and Silva vs Machida(It will break all UFC records if its in Brazil) and if Weidman is still the champ and Silva defeats both Machida and Belfort, then Silva vs Weidman III(Win or lose it will most probably be his last fight).

  • That could possibly end up being the most humiliating fight in UFC history.. Imagine Anderson trying to get away from Diaz as Nick just keeps blasting forward with his always constant punches, never knocking anderson out, just boxing the shit out of him for 3-5 rounds while Anderson keeps getting more and more busted up.. The bitch is, that I wouldn’t want to watch any of these two guys loose, why cant they just keep fighting dudes we don’t care too much about, so we can bathe in their ass kicking abilities? I hate watching these guys loose!!

  • Marc Falsetti

    Satan’s pre-fight antics are entertaining if you ask me,
    but remember what a wise man once said,
    ”It ain’t being Cocky if you can back it up” …..
    That being said, Spider KILLS him!
    Besides Dana is no fan of Diaz and will be
    drooling on Rogan as Silva takes him apart!

    • Wardsize


  • MuayThaiFood

    GSP was smart enough to stay away from a matchup with Silva. Diaz is going to get that paycheck he always wanted but he’s going to take a beating for it. Silva is too big and too strong for Diaz for starters. Not that he would need to, but if he wants to, he can nullify Diaz’s boxing by clinching and and busting him up with knees. Anyone who thinks Nick has more than a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this fight is clueless.

    • Bouncer

      so you think he’ll win with his muay thai? there’s no way you could be biased about that. if Silva clinches diaz, he’s going to eat about 30 body shots in 10 seconds. Silva is too smart for that. anyone who says that Nick doesn’t stand a chance, is clueless about the sport. you fanboys are ruining my sport, please stop.

      • earlsimmons

        HA thanks for the laugh you clown. Throwing body shots while clinched….LOL.

      • cortland woodard

        I honestly imagine Silva pulling a Condit

  • TheCerealKiller

    The only way Diaz wins is if Silva really has gone over the hill, just like his BJ fight.

    • Evan Levenseller

      Diaz would have beat Penn while he was in his prime, where as i think even Anderson is past his prime probably he’ll still pick him apart.

  • Bouncer

    I guess I’ll be the first to post something that isn’t a fanboy opinion like OMG HE’S GONNA GET MURDERED. I personally believe these 2 fighters have the best boxing in MMA. I think Diaz has the best jiu jitsu in the WW division (well before Maia dropped down) and one of the best in the UFC. Silva’s ground game is very underestimate but it’s top notch as well. they’re both counterpunchers and they’re both very aggressive fighters. Silva is a very emotional fighter, and I think Diaz will be able to taunt him into making mistakes. I think Diaz is going to land a lot of shots and probably drop him leading to a TKO or submission. I think Silva is going to be hesitant about throwing leg kicks, knowing Diaz is going to check them. if he goes out and throws a ton of leg kicks, he’ll probably KO diaz with a well timed high kick. it’s going to be an absolutely sick fight. if it does go to a decision, I got Diaz winning it.

    • Thedude

      This is the stupidest thing Ive ever read sorry. Please tell me your new to this sport

      • Bouncer

        exactly what’s stupid about my comment? it’s completely accurate. go away fanboy

    • Evan Levenseller

      Lol i remember when i first started watching UFC… Those were the day’s.

    • bjjcna

      Im a big Diaz fan too but honestly, when’s the last (or first, lol) time you’ve seen diaz check a kick?

    • Lucas Freire

      Now that was some funny stuff you wrote.

  • mcBob

    Forget the time off both fighters have had. Andersons’ leg is going to be the big question and Diaz is going to try and test it first thing. We finally get to see how nick responds in the ring with someone who talks as much shit/taunts opponents as much as he does though. Should be a good fight but Silva wins by murder… if his leg wasn’t FUBAR and he comes back hungry

  • MikeMcK83

    I understand that there are a lot of Diaz fans out there. He was on free TV often, and his fans can’t afford the ppv’s.
    Nick isn’t in the same league. Honestly I question whether a commission will even sanction the fight.
    However, it is possible for Diaz to win. Theres always that lucky punch, or a big mistake on the ground. With that said its really unlikely Nick gets lucky like that. He doesn’t have enough power to ko the 125lbs womens division, and he wouldn’t have a prayer of taking Anderson Silva down.

    So were left with very few ways for Nick to win. Silva could snap a leg again. He could accidentally trip and KO himself accidentally hitting his head on the cage, or he could have a Heart attack/stroke in the middle of a round. 😉

    • Anderson Silva

      Exactly! Diaz can’t beat me~

      • Adam Michael

        he koed robbile lawler

        • Adam Michael


        • brad king

          im guess rob wasnt mobile enough in that fight

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Some fighters get all the breaks even though they don’t deserve it.

  • Mišo Sorić

    he says that he wants to move forward in this sport..but then he should start winning some fights…how does he think that he deserves the title fight..did he forget he got his ass beat in his latest fight..that’s not the way to move forward

  • dandogood

    Dana will set up Nick to fail and get beat badly on purpose. Dana wants to see a beaten Nick Diaz begging for another chance after a huge loss hopefully by KO. Diaz is a low bottom feeder classless and a disgrace to ever dedicated clean living UFC fighter. Flush both Diaz brothers down the toilet.

  • David Durick

    I am a big (Nick) Diaz fan, but I’m also a realist. I can’t dent ya lot of the knocks people have against him but I do have a question:

    If Nick came back and beat Silva, then another contender and eventually won a title, would you then consider him one of the better/best fighters to ever fight in UFC?

  • dandogood

    Hopefully Silva batters Diaz and ends the evil ones career.