Nick Diaz: “This Could Be My Last Fight” (UFC 137 video)

October 27, 2011
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Nick Diaz has put himself in the midst of a whirlwind of controversy since defecting from Strikeforce for the riches of the UFC. Originally slated to face Georges St-Pierre for the UFC welterweight title at Saturday’s UFC 137 event at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Diaz was bumped down to the co-main event to face BJ Penn after he missed some crucial promotional requirements. But after GSP went down to injury, Penn and Diaz find themselves slotted into the main event role.

Diaz didn’t miss his obligations on Wednesday, holding court before a throng of journalists at The Ultimate Fighter training center.

He talked about everything from the pending fight with Penn to his brother to his triathlon competitions to whether or not this could be his last fight and if he’s satisfied with his career if it is.

“The last fight could have been my last fight. I feel like that every fight.”

Check out the Nick Diaz UFC 137 pre-fight video interview…

  • insane187288

    Really…. two weeks ago gsp wasnt good enough and now this could be your last fight. I really wish you would get over yourself… Bj Penn is a champ and it will take a miracle for you to get past him much less get past one of the best pound for pound fighters. Oh you didnt want to the dog and pony show… or you didnt want to fight GSP.

    • BigGuy

      I believe, for whatever reason, he got scared to fight GSP. It had nothing to do with not wanting to attend press conferences. He was simply nervous about something. Better off anyway. I am looking forward to BJ mopping the floor with him.

      • you are an assole, he clearly has social anxiety, did you see the full interview? he’s not scared of gsp or penn he’s scared of reporters, and speaking from someone who has dealt with similar issues i really feel for the guy i just hope he can channel it into his fight with penn

        • BigGuy

          jasonchase: Don’t compare yourself to Diaz. The guy fights in front of thousands of people (millions watching on TV), but claims social anxiety. Perhaps he missed the conference because he knows he’s a moron. I’ll give him that. You, on the other hand are just retarded!

    • bajafox

      Did you even listen to the whole thing? He didn’t specifically say this fight could be his last fight, he said he goes into every fight thinking it could be his last fight.

      Clearly Diaz is not comfortable talking in front of a camera, that is called Social Anxiety, which is probably why he got his Prop 215 card. I know a lot of people who are not comfortable in public who smoke weed just so they can relax.

      I don’t like this fight because I like both these fighters but at the same time, it’s an awesome matchup and hopefully they both have even bigger fights after this. They saved this card, they could have easily declined fighting each other we’d be left with Nelson v. Kongo as the main event.

  • insane187288

    Bj penn is a former champ for a reason and GSP is the champ for a reason. No matter anyones pride or what not you had the chance to fight the best and gave it up due to pride… good luck getting worked by BJ Penn

  • tsszaltax

    This guy needs to make his mind up. In a video he made in his car after getting cut from the GSP fight all he talked about was how disappointed he was because all he’s trying to do is get paid. Now he’s saying “I dont care about the money” and “fighting for money takes the fun out of it”. Make up your mind dude. Sounds to me Dana and Cesar Gracie ripped this guy a new one for his approach and this is the first of a few ill attempts to clean up his image a bit and fight to be a fighter. Whatever. Theres 4 people in MMA I truly do not like, and both Diaz brothers are 2 of em. Others being Matt Brown and Cheick Kongo, just in case somoene asked 😛

  • BigGuy

    I guess he’s puffed one too many joints…

    • bajafox

      Depends if he smoked indicas or sativas, sativas can make you read the paranoid stage where as indicas only relax you and make you sleepy.

  • Bob

    Not everyone is good at public speaking. And that is what press conferences and interviews are. Think about how many intelligent and confident people you know that are not good public speakers.

    Diaz’s are 2 of my favorite fighters and go in there and fight from bell to bell. I would be happy if they skipped the interviews after though!

  • Towers66

    Diaz will have to weather Penn’s knockout storm for the first round and then it is all going to be down hill for Penn. Diaz has the reach, height and the know how to defeat Penn with somewhat ease. Penn’s game plan is going to be stand up because he doesnt want to put a Cesar Gracie trained fighter who submits people off of his back with ease on the ground. It will be stand up and if Nick gets into a brawl with BJ while Bj is fresh into the fight it could prove to be troublesome for Nick. Other than that I think Nick will pick him apart in the second and be able to bully Penn to the ground in the third. BJ’s tank will be running low in the third and Nick will slip in a submission somewhere. That’s my prediction. Anything can happen though.

    Diaz wins by Submission 3rd
    Mitirone wins by TKO 2nd
    Nelson by KO 1st

    • fights66

      I agree with you 100%. I don’t care if he does interviews or not; I am here to watch fighters fight and I think he has the tools, strong mind and size to take on Silva when he’s done with BJ, GSP and/or Condit. I love his”lets get it on,in your face” style as well! By the way. Condit has them skills,mindset and size that could give GSP a big problem.

  • natpaukar7

    Towers-that sounds about right on the Penn Diaz…I really don’t see anything Penn has being too much for Diaz but vise versa I don’t think he can finish Penn standing or prolyl on the ground either so I would say more liek a decision UD to Diaz.

    Whos favored?

    Also I think Diaz is kind of a trashy dude but that is to be expected sometimes in some places and overall he is a good fighter and that’s what I want is a good fighter to watch. He doesn’t even look at the camera maybe he gets nervous…I say cut him some slack and let him fight and judge hhim there.

    • sirreadsalot10

      I disagree. BJ is a BJJ world champion, and while Nick has good jits he just isn’t world class.

  • Towers66

    I see what you’re saying for sure natpaukar. A unanimous decision would definitely be a likely end to this fight as well. BJ is -125 to Diaz’s -105 betting lines. So I guess BJ is ever so slightly the overdog, but in this case I would say they are both dogs and are going to scrap it up. It should be a very exciting fight. With Diaz it always is. With Penn it is too unless he is fighting past the third or against Frankie. It’s too bad that Cesar couldn’t get this to a five round fight. Sigh. 🙂

  • Nick Diaz has got to be one of the most ungrateful sports personalities period. His comments, interviews, and attitudes disgust me. If he doesn’t want to be in the UFC Dana should let him go. There’s plenty of untapped talent that would kill to have opportunities like the ones Diaz s**ts on constantly. RIDICULOUS!

  • Nick Diaz is a fighter. He clearly has some issues with public speaking, which is very normal for someone who did not get an education and had the same luxuries as other people had. Nick only said he goes into every fight thinking that it will be his last. Yes, he has done some marijuana. Yes, he is not the brightest. But he is still a great fighter. And as I have said many times before, he just doesn’t buy into that who b.s. and the pageantry that American culture makes people go through for their plain amusement and entertainment. I would love to see Nick Diaz fight many guys in the welterweight division in the UFC!! That would be awesome!! I hope he beats B.J. Penn too!! Nick Diaz represents what fighting really is. He does not represent some rich dude that got everything handed to him and has some physical attributes and had nothing but time to train and get good at something. That’s why I will always endorse fighters like Nick Diaz, Jose Aldo, Thiago Silva, and even Georges St Pierre. Fighters who are fighters in all of the sense of the word!! No some prima donnas who developed some good skills through all the luxuries and having nothing to worry about. Go Nick!!!

  • johnbartholamule

    Diaz needs to get over himself…he is NOT that good first of all….he is nowhere close to the ELITE class of fighters like GSP or BJ Penn who neither of he could beat even on his BEST day! EVER!! The REAL reason he has not been fighting in the UFC all this time is because he could NOT win like he can over at Strikforce …..just like all the other BUMS who could not cut it in the UFC and went to fight elsewhere…what a joke this kid is!!

  • Towers66

    Johnbarholamule, I believe that your knowledge of fighting and the UFC is equal to my 6 year old daughters. Sunday morning I will come back to this thread and remind you of what a poor knowledge you have of MMA and its fighters. I do like Penn and think he is an amazing fighter but he knows his title days are over. I do like Pierre but he just shows in this sport and you make it to the top you don’t have to impress to keep the paydays, just hang on and grind it out and you’re still the champ. Diaz on the other hand is hungry and skilled(Pro Boxing, Leet GBJJ, Insane Stamina, Iron Chin and not to mention his IN YOUR FACE style). He is a cocky asshole, a cocky asshole that is going to probably destroy Penn and eventually make his way to Welterweight Champ.

  • bajafox

    We will see a completely different Diaz once the cage is closed and as much as I love BJ Penn, I don’t see him winning this one

  • Towers66

    Once again I agree with baja on this for sure.

  • MikeMc1983

    I have to repeat what SirReadsAlot said. Penn is a world class grappler. I understand that since he has moved more to stand up people may have forgotten that.
    I think it was ceaser (before he was saying shields) who said the best jits talent that has ever come through his gym was bj penn. it may have been another Gracie, but I’m pretty sure it was ceaser. How bj isn’t the scariest guy on his back. (though terrifying when he gets on top)
    I mostly think he doesn’t catch guys while on his back his because people put there head in his chest and stall out of fear of him there.

    Freddie roach had also called bj the best boxer in mma. This was before Diaz, and Edgar got pretty good. Before the Edgar fights many believed bj was the best technical boxer in the UFC.

    None of that really matters, as to who’s said what, but there is question that Diaz doesn’t want to grapple with penn. unless he’s just lost it all, penn is in a different league. Penn I believe still holds those youngest, newest, and American records for jitz. (feel free to correct me if they have changed.)

    With all that being said I think that’s what Diaz will get. I’m sure there will be some stand up.

    However when I heard BJ say that he thought Diaz was the best boxer in the division, alarm bells went off. I truly believe that the reason BJ has been standing with everyone is because he has thought he was that much better then they were. If penn thinks Diaz is better then I think that will make him take it down. I would assume if he could take fitch down nick won’t be so much trouble. And obviously he worked a lot of wrestling for the fight with Fitch, so I’m guessing he just kept that up.

    That’s all we’re doing guys…guessing

  • Chessfork

    In my opinion, I just think Nick is still a kid in many respects, and has no social skills. Its much easier to fight in front of a crowd when u do not have to talk, than to only talk with cameras all around you hanging on every word. I think hes still has alot of growing up to do, and only really knows training, and whatever enviroment he grew up in. Which seems to be thuggish, with a F you attitude. But like anyone I see him slowly changing and evolving as a person. But which Bj Penn will show up? The Bj Penn from old at the top of his game physcially, or the Bj Penn at 70-80%.. regardless they are both great fighters, and I truly believe Nick will rip Bj apart. Its just strange that so many people here still have to insult someone because they are below par emotinally from where they should be. I think Nick acts the way he acts because thats just all he knows. It will take years for him to evolve into a humble person, if at all.

  • RonnieV

    You guys (BigDog/Insane) ripping on Diaz are idiots! If you think Diaz is scared of GSP, you haven’t seen him fight. If you think anybody is capable of knocking out Diaz, you haven’t seen him fight. The guy can take a punch better than anyone in MMA, and it actually fuels him. He has the best boxing/stamina/and BJJ of any welterweight. His weakness is takedown defense, defending leg kicks, and dealing with the media. Bottom line, Diaz’s fight style is one of the most entertaining in MMA, you will never see him lay & pray. If anything GSP is scared of Diaz.