Nick Diaz Tests Positive Following UFC 143

February 9, 2012
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Nick Diaz UFC 129
Nick Diaz‘s rematch with Carlos Condit has gone up in smoke, literally.

The former Strikeforce welterweight champion has tested positive for marijuana following his UFC 143 loss to Carlos Condit. He will be subject to a suspension and fine from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer confirmed the news on Thursday.

“All (UFC 143 drug test) results received thus far have been negative, except Mr. Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites.  A complaint for disciplinary action against Mr. Diaz has been filed,” Kizer informed

The following UFC 143 athletes were tested:  Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit, Fabricio Werdum, Josh Koscheck, Renan Barao, Ed Herman, Dustin Poirier, Max Hollaway, Matt Riddle, Henry Martinez, Edwin Figueroa, Alex Caceres, Matt Brown, Chris Cope, Rafael Natal, Michael Kuiper, Stephen Thompson, and Dan Stittgen.

The disappointment surrounding the Diaz positive drug test undoubtedly will send waves throughout the UFC’s welterweight division, particularly in regards to a potential rematch with Condit that was in the works.

This is also not the first time Diaz has brushed against commission rules for his use of marijuana.

In 2007, following a fight with Takanori Gomi in Pride, Diaz tested positive for marijuana while fighting in Nevada. He was suspended six months and fined 20 percent of his paycheck that night. The fight was overturned to a no contest with Diaz serving out his suspension.

Diaz was also removed from a Strikeforce fight card in 2009 after failing to submit to drug testing required for pre-fight medicals by the California State Athletic Commission. He was subsequently dropped from the show.

In his home state of California, Diaz is licensed for medicinal marijuana use, but it does not excuse him from testing by state athletic commissions when it comes to MMA.

This unfortunate turn of events will scrap any potential bout with Condit or UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in the near future, as Diaz serves out a suspension that will be handed down from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit is expected to meet with UFC president Dana White on Friday to discuss his next bout. At this time, however, the only thing for sure is it won’t be against Nick Diaz.

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  • ajmadic

    Hahahahahahaha, my friend texted me this a couple of hours ago and I didn’t believe it. Guess it’s true! Ahahahahhahaha

    • RonnieV

      It is actually kind of funny. Oh well! At least us Diaz fans have Nate vs. Miller in May.

      • pooby

        Not funny, but very predictable.

        So, Ronnie, now that the FACTS are out, I’ll accept your apology.

        Diaz is a horrible representative of MMA. He is a mindless, thug, fool, stoner, and does not deserve another fight in the UFC.

        Good bye and good riddance.

        • ajmadic

          I think its hilarious he would do this **** with the biggest fight of his career on the line. A co worker told me, “that’s so stupid! Nick shouldn’t get in trouble for that! Weed shouldn’t be illegal anyways! ” IMO, I don’t think weed should be illegal either, but that’s besides the point. Knowing that its illegal and knowing its a banned substance in the UFC, he should have never picked up a joint in the first place. Or pipe, bong, whatever nick smokes out of. If brushing your teeth before a fight was banned from the UFC, then you just don’t do it. No matter how stupid the rule is.

        • ajmadic

          I think its hilarious he would do this stuff with the biggest fight of his career on the line. A co worker told me,“that’s so stupid! Nick shouldn’t get in trouble for that! Weed shouldn’t be illegal anyways! ” IMO,I don’t think weed should be illegal either,but that’s besides the point. Knowing that its illegal and knowing its a banned substance in the UFC,he should have never picked up a joint in the first place. Or pipe,bong, whatever nick smokes out of. If brushing your teeth before a fight was banned from the UFC, then you just don’t do it. No matter how stupid the rule is.

        • RonnieV

          pooboy, apologize for what? Apologize for telling you to not jump to any conclusions, when you said Diaz was scared of a rematch! Okay I apologize!

          Diaz, will be back this is a letdown to all his trainers, and all his fans. Hopefully he’ll grow from this. If he gets suspended for a year, he’ll be back just a couple months after GSP.

        • lawrensco

          Urg.. weed, suspended for smoking weed. I know it’s illegal but common.…WEED! High School should be the last place weed will get you suspeneded.

          Hahah a thug low life for smoking weed. Pooby, you were raised by your Grand Parents weren’t you?

          • ajmadic

            Even though I don’t smoke, I agree it’s stupid that it’s illegal. But like I said, IT IS illegal; therefore, he shouldn’t be smoking it so close to a fight. This just shows how stupid Nick really is.

        • Lanelange

          “He is a mindless, thug, fool, stoner,” You just described about 80% of the NFL and NBA. Diaz will be back about the time GSP is ready to fight Condit so he will get a warm up fight then GSP. There will be no “good riddance” when he draws more ppv buys than most full time “champs” do.

          More like see you in September or November Nick.

    • Hey, a jackass with no class is a bad ass that thinks the rules don’t apply to him. But he snookered cheapass Dana easy enough.

    • I guess I am not sure why this would surprise anyone. The dude has admitted to being a toker many times. Did u think he would stop because they told him to? This is Nick Diaz Yo!! Says what he wants, does what he wants, smokes what he wants…

      • Lanelange


    • elainegray

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  • kylesmith

    So stupid. ****’s going to be legal so soon.

  • I already knew he was a smoker so nothing no one didn’t know already.

  • KBEsq

    Is this what is stopping the rematch? If so, I have to ask why? Most people know, I dislike Nick Diaz pretty much more than any fighter out there, but who cares about marijuana. If anything, it’s a performance DE-hancer (if I may make up a word).

    Maybe give him a monetary fine and leave it at that.

    • jtmma

      Mandatory suspension from athletic commission. And UFC supports all suspensions handed out by the commissions. (At least to date)

    • Lanelange

      Well said, great new word.

    • RubeKegal

      careful, I like the word, but I wouldnt call weed a De-hancer. It calms you down and deadens a lot of pains you would feel. Almost like the effect of an anti-inflammatory.

  • Priceless

    • Huh?? Not really it only costs like $10 a bag in the most expensive states…

      Oh! Oh…

      • RonnieV


  • steve-o

    prop 215 **** nevada

    Northrn Cali 707

    • MikeMc1983

      Yeah screw Nevada. Got to hate those ultra conservative ba$tards. Lol

  • You have never been in a fight or trained while on marijuna have you? It is actually a great relaxer, pain reliever, and (surprisingly) helps you focus better. Its definitely a performance enhancer. Well if ur using good **** anyways… but i doubt diaz has crap weed. Just ask Joe Rogan.

    • KBEsq

      Yeah, I didn’t think of it like that. I think I’m just upset because I wanted the rematch.

      And it’s not like it nearly as bad as steroids. Plus, I would bet that the positive test resulted from Diaz smoking a while ago, and just thinking that he could get it out of his system before the fight, as opposed to Diaz smoking before the fight or something.

      • RonnieV

        If you don’t smoke weed very much, you can have it out of your system in 10 days. If you smoke weed a lot, it can take up to 40 days to get out of your system. We studied this when my wife was applying for a government job (yeah, we love the peace pipe).

    • Triggerman99

      This is the stupidest arguement I have ever heard. Weed does not give you some kind of competitive edge in any way, shape or form in a freakin MMA fight. That’s ridiculous.

      If we’re talking about video games or something, then maybe. But not a fight.

      • Again, it depends on what type of weed you are smoking. Indica (dumb dumb weed)is very very bad for mma. Sativa (makes you more focused) on the other hand is used by many mui-thai and jujitsu practitioners because it helps in training. In fact i would rather fight a skilled fighter that is on major roids, than a skilled fighter that is on sativa. The 1 with roids may be more physically dangerous BUT is much more liable to make mistakes.

        • me vs you

          i think that a lot of potheads/athletes would disagree with you, but what do i know, i stick with crack.

        • Triggerman99

          So now we’re gonna go with “He had an unfair focus advantage”?


      • jmat13

        You should study Eddie Bravo. He is a huge advocate of pot. He also gets high before every class he teaches. Him along with Joe Rogan and the Diaz brothers are pretty well known for there high training sessions. I love to roll stoned. Helps to stay relaxed, focused and helps with creativity. Also I don’t believe he was stoned during the fight. But smoking does increase bloodflow and metabolism so it is possible that it could help with recovery and also weight cutting.

        • Triggerman99

          Relaxing is one thing, but if we’re gonna try and push the idea that he had somehow gained a competitive advantage over Condit by either A)Being baked during the fight, or B)being baked at some point over the last month, then we might as well all just declare oursleves legally retarded.

          • RubeKegal

            trigger, ruben is right, and you can call yourself legally retarded cuz youre wrong

    • RubeKegal

      didnt see this before, but ruben is right.

  • markronin

    Is that all, I’m surprised he didn’t test positive for other narcotics.

    Explains why he’s such a paranoid, fidgety retard. During interviews he can’t look anyone in the eyes and looks around and behind him all the time.

    His brother acts the same way, but he probably goes off of it in time or takes something to purify his system.

    Joe Rogan will go ape-**** hearing this, he’s a huge pothead and advocate for legalization.

    • Actually joe rogan would and has agreed in the past that it does give you an advantage. So long as its sativa. He has said himself that he loves smoking weed and training because it makes training a loooooooot easier.

  • Dude…. It’s a leaf…. Who gives a ****

    • Lanelange


  • who care its not like hes smoking a drug, and weed helps my recovery when i train alot keep smokin Nick **** em!!!!!!!

    • MikeMc1983

      Steroids would help your recovery as well. Doctors even legally prescribe them for that purpose.
      Just because people want something to be legal doesn’t mean it should be.
      Whether weed should be legal doesn’t really matter. There’s a ton of substances that are legal to consume, that are restricted by athletic commissions. A bunch of different steroids are on that list.

  • Dam war on Marijuana is a joke, and I dont even smoke. How about failing a drug test for drinking beer in the last five years, just as dumb.

    • pauly12

      Couldn’t agree more. Watching TUF all these years, where the fighters get wasted on booze all the time and of course nothing is done, and I don’t really believe anything should be but what’s the difference? Alcohol is a lot better pain killer than pot, it would be a lot more dangerous to be in the cage drunk than high.

      • MikeMc1983

        You can’t be drunk in the cage either.

  • sempaigilles

    no wonder he was so slow. How can he expect to win a championship against hyperactiv GSP when you smoke weed. He looked dumb now i know he really is. How many years can he compete in MMA ? he,s gonna lose it all!

  • VanDamme

    Pretty sure the Nevada State Athletic Commission and his bosses give a ****…
    If its a banned substance, its a banned substance. Really doesn’t much more simple then that!

  • maddawgmar

    Everyone gonna use this same excuse, “its only pot…” it illegal, the fact that Cali allows medicinal usage doesn’t mean commissions have to abide by that. Even CAC would still suspend him. I guess this puts to rest to the debate on the fight. No matter if Diaz won it would have been overturned and a NC.

  • Triggerman99

    I think this whole crackdown on Diaz for the weed thing is mainly just for the sport to save face. Remember when he got nailed after the Gomi fight? The commission went f-ing crazy on him with fines, suspensions, and the fight being turned to a NC. They just really don’t like the idea that a guy who smokes weed can be a world-class fighter. It looks bad, but it’s the truth. he’s been doing it all along; right up until he was ranked #2 in the world and fighting for the UFC title.

  • MikeMc1983

    I’m betting he gets a 1yr suspension.
    You don’t test positive multiple times in Nevada for the same thing and the punishments not get harsher.
    And reguardless of Cali’s silly law. It’s still breaking federal law. He can’t even argue its legal.

    • Triggerman99

      Right, but I doubt he went into the fight baked out of mind or something. he likely used it in the recent past and thought he had cleaned out in time to be OK to fight. He does have a license to use it, so it is legal for him, just not around fight time. He probably just didn’t calculate the timing correctly.

      • MikeMc1983

        I would assume your right about the timing issue. Maybe that’s just hopeing he’s not that stupid to get loaded on his way to the cage. But who knows?

        However, even in California if you have a “licsence” for weed it is still against federal law. Federal law trumps state law. So it is illegal. Whether the Feds enforce it it or not, it’s still a crime.

  • matty

    He had to know he was going to test positive. It shouldn’t be banned who cares anyways. Any moron who believes it helps you train has obviously never done any combative training. Maybe help you recover. However he knows the rules.

  • pipefytr

    so now will the loss be turned into a no decision like the gomi fight? lol

    • Lanelange

      should be haha

  • williampucci


  • Towers66

    Nick is the man. I’ll take a rip in honor of him right now. Hope he comes back after the suspension. It is not a P.E.D. That he was on at least. Tears in my eyes.

    • RonnieV

      Some haters will still call him a cheater. I’m with you brother! I don’t always condone Nick’s antics, but he is my favorite fighter, so no way I’m jumping off the bandwagon.

  • LOL. Come on now; we all knew this was coming.

    Test Nate! Test Nate!

  • z999

    Maybe if he wasn’t sucking a bong he would have stopped following Condit around the ring the whole match and tried something, you know, a little different?

  • pooby

    Justice. Throw this piece of trash out forever.

    • alhmiel


    • Lanelange

      So you wanna shut down the NBA and NFL…the weed smoking is such an issue in those sports they “athletes” are told when they will be tested so they can prepare. Plus usually the only people tested are the same players over and over as the teams know they don’t smoke. Diaz sells more than most “champions” so he will be back in the octagon as soon as he wants to be after suspension is up. Weed is so much more healthier for human consumption than alcohol and tobacco so there is no “justice” in any one being punished for it on any level.

      • RubeKegal

        Oh im sorry Lane, are you a rep for the NBA? How the f*ck would you know they “tell athletes” when they will be tested? Regardless, I think all these fighters know they’ll be tested within a month of the fight, so you making an excuse is inexcusable. Also your bullsh*t continues when you say weed is “more healthier” <– double positive by the way…. you say it's healthier than tobacco?

        That is the most retarded and overused statement I have ever heard. Ask a rep for the DEA, they will tell you the average marijuana cig holds 4 times the amount of unfiltered smoke than a regular cigarette, and if you get a drug dealer who wants to put some real serious **** in your weed, you can be dead. Not promoting cigarettes at all, but lets give it a rest with the whole "Weed is good for you" misconception.

  • pooby

    But I’ll miss his brilliant trash talk. Holding up your middle finger and calling your opponent a “bitch” is so original and cutting edge.

  • denarius13

    Nick has smoked since his beginning in MMA,it sucks hes suspended for it,but u have to understand thats the rules and its on the performance enhancers list & banned,the million he made & possible world title u think would enough for him to cut down& be chill towards the fight with it. My 4th fight i got 90days for blazing,i was in shock on the same card i was on clear cut juice monkeys and im suspended for puffing,but thats the rules. & yes it does help,I focus alot more especially sparring when i blaze,i actually blaze sometimes before training. I got my medicinal card too,but know gotta stop closer to fights. Im disappointed but also wont be jumping off the bandwagon. u guys talking trash and saying hes this & that,THE MAN JUST MADE OVER A MILLION DOLLARS FOR AN MMA FIGHT AND DOING SOMETHING HE LOVED. Alot of u wish u could be that lucky an idiot or moron or whatever else uve called him. & pooby the best moment in that fight was nick actually pimp slapping Condit in the 3rd rd.Nick won rds 1,2&5 apparently high,lol

  • shereko

    Omfg!! Hahahahaha miss press conference, smoke weed, get paid a LOT… Get caught, priceless! Oops As some call him “Natural born runner” was clean. Just like the other hero, Chael Sonnen test positive and they will make you a hero… Wtf release the waste of talent

  • alhmiel

    Nick Diaz is a TURD basically a low life. Amean spirited evil person hateful disrespectful and vile. Nick is a demon seed and should be removed forever. Diaz is a blight upon society.

  • alhmiel

    Hey do they keep his paycheck??

    • Lanelange

      Only about 20% for weed.

  • macgrubber

    this kid is a scumbag and cant fight for ****. good thing i didnt buy the ppv to support his drug habit.

  • mcrae

    Who gives a damn if Nick smokes weed? It’s not a perf. enhancer and it doesn’t help you foucs lol (people are kidding themselves).
    Why is this an issue?

    • innovator

      As you can see by the above comments, it is still a debatable subject which is why it is still banned. It does not matter what anyone thinks. You follow the rules until you can change the rules. Nick probably knew this was coming which is why he spewed his retirement crap at the end of the fight. He is a good/great fighter and he could be more if he could get over himself. I don’t mind his trash talking as it sells a fight, but his my way only attitude with everything holds him back.

    • dathump

      it may not increase performance directly, but it is proven to increase pain tolerance. So tell me that isn’t an advantage in a fight, besides, there are lots of jobs out there that do drug teasting and if you fail, you loose your job, plain and simple. There were 21 other fighters on this card that can follow the rules. Its the price you have to pay to be a profesional fighter. Dont want to follow the rules, fine, then retirerment is the best thing for him.

  • Diaz is a POS idiot, loser w/a bad attitude. Eff him!

  • I’m pretty sure you can’t smoke weed before boxing matches either. Maybe he should try skateboarding

    • Lanelange

      Because you are a skater and all skater’s are weed smokers?…You are a ****ing idiot maybe your retarded ass should have a clue before writing your ignorant bs showing a plethora of people that don’t know you how incredibly stupid you are. The straight edge movement was started in the punk/skate society of youth in this country and spread through out the world by way of and because of skating and punk music. Moron’s like you give skaters a bad name not skaters….dumb-ass!

      • RubeKegal

        Lane go to a diff MMA website. Better yet go to a gay dating website, youll fit in better there.

  • Triggerman99

    So some people still think he was ripped when he fought?


  • hammerman

    I hope the rule the fight a no contest and so the runner does not get credit for winning the fight serves him right for putting on a chicken**** fight in my opinion. And no i don’t give a **** about diaz smoking weed or anyone else for that matter.

  • marrk_us

    A suspension won’t hurt him at all. He wouldn’t be able to fight GSP next winter anyway. He and Nate will be hangin at the X games!!!!!!!!

  • jmat13

    20% fine. That equals to $40,000. It probably also allows Dana to decide how much if any PPV bonus and revenue Diaz gets. I’m pretty sure all these guys have morals clauses in their contracts. So the total cost to him could be well into the 6 figures. Plus he just lost the huge future payday on the rematch. Thats one hell of an expensive bag of weed. Hope it was really great **** Nick.

  • tomkevill

    so its ok to take testosterone with a doctors note but not marijuana? testosterone is proven to enhance athletic performance weed isnt.

    • MikeMc1983

      Really? Proven is strong word. Where is it proven that anyone taking testosterone will have enhanced performance?
      By the way. Banned substance list have never claimed to be performance enhancer list. There are many things on those list that are there for the safety of fighters. That includes steroids. They’re not just protecting the other guy. You can’t take things that are harmful for yourself either. Too much testosterone can actually harm you, and put you at a physical disadvantage as well.
      We don’t have superman special powers pills people.

  • MikeMc1983

    I wouldn’t feel like I missed anything if Nick was never heard from, or seen again. I’ve never hated the guy, but just never thought he was anything special. He has always came off as an idiot with average skills in my eyes.

    I will say however I feel bad for mma fans who don’t see him the way I do. I feel bad for the people who got excited when he was going to fight. I’m not one of those people who think fighters owe anything to fans. However I know what it’s like to be a fan of someone who just never seems to be able to get their shit together. I know it sucks. I get that people defend athletes they’re fans of. There were people who didn’t think it possiable OJ killed anyone because of the enjoyment they got from watching him carry a football. Or the people who believe Michael Jackson could never do wrong because they enjoyed a record. (I’m not saying either are guilty or not)
    Whether Diaz fans feel like Nick has let them down, or not. He has. He doesn’t owe you anything, but at least for awhile, the greatness you were hoping to see from him you will not. Because of his actions, not the commissions, and not because of lawmakers.

    Like I said before. I wouldn’t care if Nick ends up being a drag queen crack whore. But I feel bad for his fans, because before its all said and done. Nick just might end up having the same value as one.

  • insane187288

    this drug is a downer… Diaz got beat then talked about being done with mma. a champ lost to a champ then says he is done. Not a champion at all. a realchampion fights back and proves he is the real man. or lets give up over one loss. not a true champion in my mind.

  • mikemma123

    Diaz got a rematch in the works with condit and he jack it up. Now he won’t get his rematch and He won’t be fighting for along time. As a fan of his, he’s a f##king dumbass.

  • insane187288

    Mike your tottaly off the deep end on that. you brought up a murder case to a mma fight. really??? Nick is a great fighter and one of the top three in the devision. but we can all talk crap on here..but he is a great fighter and will be always known as that. ohh he somked some weed…big deal, i dont smoke weed but he chose to do this and lost his fight… weather one had anything to do with the other he is a great fighter… step in with him instead of talking on this blog

    • MikeMc1983

      I didn’t compare a murder case to an mma right. I stated a situation in recent history where people let their passion for seeing an athlete perform decide what kind of character the athlete has.
      People do it all the time. Same concept is why people never think their neibor could be a killer. When people credit a person with any joy in their lives they find it hard to believe that person could have low morale.

      On a side note. Why is it that people cannot make a philosophical analogy without someone trying to accuse them of making a direct comparison?
      Do people really not have the mental capacity to tell the difference between the two?
      It’s not like I said that nick Diaz and OJ Simpson should be treated the same. I didn’t even compare their actions. I hate to insult other posters, but if you can’t tell the difference your a bonafide ret@rd.

  • Bruce Lee thought it was good. Til it killed him.

  • rickyanez

    Marijuana gives one peace of mind, patience plus he has his 420 card!
    He’s not on steroids! Give him a break, you instigators do worse.
    Diaz smoke all you want, and don’t listen to these fools. Learn how to beat the system, no smoking 30 days before. Depending on your fat intake. Marijuana is Gods medicine.