Nick Diaz Temporarily Suspended Until Disciplinary Hearing Later This Year

February 22, 2012
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Nick Diaz UFC 129
The Nevada State Athletic Commission on Wednesday levied a temporary suspension against Nick Diaz after he tested positive for marijuana for his fight with Carlos Condit at UFC 143.

The commission voted unanimously to place Diaz under a temporary suspension until a disciplinary hearing could be held later this year. The hearing will most likely take place in April. The commission will then decide Diaz’s ultimate fate.

The commissioners did ask for some additional information to be provided at the next meeting where Diaz’s discipline will be handed down. The commission requested any and all information surrounding Diaz’s previous suspension in the state from his fight in February 2007, when he also tested positive for marijuana after his fight with Takanori Gomi in Pride. Diaz was suspended for six months and his fight was ruled a no contest.

They also requested any information on his full fight purse and any bonuses paid out to him, as well as his full application that was submitted prior to the fight.

The commissioners also mentioned that Diaz is licensed for medicinal marijuana use in the state of California. They stated they would have additional research regarding that matter when they reconvene later this year for the hearing.

For now, Diaz is simply suspended until the commission meets to decide his final fate. Based on past occurrences of a similar nature where a fighter has tested positive for marijuana a second time in the state, a one-year suspension was handed down.

Diaz will meet with the commission most likely in April to find out exactly what their ruling will be.

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  • I have no idea why Dana tolerates this effing head case.

    • bajafox

      That’s funny, I think he’s one of the most normal fighters in the UFC.

    • onehitwonder

      As long as a drug does not give you an advantage in the game, then what’s the problem, i could care less if he smokes weed about as much as i care if eats a cheeseburger. This whole war against weed is a waste of time, considering it’s less effective then a beer, and way less consumed then a pack of cigarettes, and when have you ever seen someone throw a joint out of a car? i can’t tell you how many times i see cigg.butts fly my way.

  • sb

    Ah ummm monaaaay! Plus he’s fun to watch. You cannot tell me that you wouldn’t watch a fight with him in it. Maybe not PPV but you would watch. Regardless of his antics he’s a skilled fighter and he loves to fight. He is a true fighter in every sense of the word. GSP, although insanely talented and a great strategist is not a deep down and dirty fighter. Brock was never one either. IMO its rare to find one in the UFC but when you do you know it. Which is why Dana will forever give this guy a shot.

  • Wonder how much his fine is going to be.

    I do think their whole marijuana testing policy is out of whack and needs some serious overhauling. Was he under the influence during the fight? Not likely and he probably hadn’t smoked anything for a few weeks prior to the fight.

    • RonnieV

      Again, Diaz has smoked dope before every fight since the Gomi debacle in 2007. According to Cesar Gracie, he stops using three weeks in advance, and uses the same cleansing routine for every fight. It has worked for every fight the past five years, and this time it didn’t. Costly faux pas!

      • TKD


        What exactly does he use the medical marijuana for? What is the main ailment?

        • phrankthetank


        • Drock420

          Are you serious? Watch all of his interviews, the guy clearly has anxiety issues.

          You don’t want a guy like Nick Diaz stressed out and rampant. Right?

          • Sorry but there are actually many Anti Anxiety Medications out there which are working very well on millions of Patients World Wide.And if Diaz really uses Pot for Anxiety Disorder and it’s actually working then he’s not even supposed to Stop using it coz his Anxiety issues will get even worse!!!And if he really needs pot how come he doesn’t get it from a Doctor coz if he did then the Athletic Commissions could not forbid him to use it!!!Just like use of Pain Killers are allowed in cases when the UFC doctors OK it.Well tell u what Diaz smokes Weed coz he LIKES TO GET STONED the Medicinal Purposes are BULLSHIT LMAO!!!

      • oxygendrunkard
  • It’s all good Nick Diaz needs a break hes been working hard for the last 10 years a year break would help him heal recover etc. Right about the time GSP is back in action. Peace respect.

  • MikeMc1983

    I’m not sure how many people on here are from Cali or really understand how the whole medical weed thing has been working. When that law passed “clinics” started popping up all over the place. I understand that you have to have a “medical need” to get the pot, however these clinics sell themselves on the ability to find a “need.”
    Pot heads just go to these places to get their card. Most of the doctors prescribing pot do it all day, and very little else. It’s a joke. People just go in wanting pot, and they help you find a reason to get the drug.

    • bajafox

      First of all, the fact that you call it “Cali” makes you sound like a transplant. You’re not from “Cali” because nobody from here calls it that.

      The clinics you are talking about may be a joke but the one my wife and I go to is very strict and legit. And if you are from “Cali” you know you don’t need a card to get pot, it’s everywhere and you can get it from just about anyone without needing a card. People who do get the card get it to smoke it safely and legally, regardless if it’s for medicinal purposes or recreational.

      • MikeMc1983

        I was born and raised here. I do use Cali when I’m typing with my phone. No need to type the entire word.
        Yes, your correct you don’t need the card to get pot. It’s everywhere. I know a ton of people who use the drug. A bunch of them went and got a “card.” however I am yet to meet anyone who was not a pot user, who went to a doctor, and the doc decided that pot was the best treatment. It’s all people who were smoking before who wanted a legal way to use it. Basically people of means who want an excuse to use what I believe is the most idiotic, pointless drug being abused.

      • RonnieV

        Hmmmm….. if you say “Cali” you are not from “Cali”…. really? Interesting, I’ll need to re-check my birth certificate, because I’m pretty sure I was born in CALI! .

  • trevor

    Blah , Blah , Blah .

  • sammychow

    awesome fighter but the dude has to get it together!

    • RonnieV

      Sammy, you just summed up about 10,000 arguments on MMAWeekly!

  • Inebrius

    What I got from the Condit Diaz fight was neither of the fighters looked on the same level as GSP. GSP is going to destroy either fight when they face him.

    Let be realistic. Diaz is a decent fighter but not a great fighter. He was completely unable to adjust his style to Condit. That alone screams mediocrity.

  • MMAaunt

    Which is it? Anxiety disorder or ADD? They are 2 totally different things.
    ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder and it is treatedp with stimulants that would
    most likely pop as amphetamine. If it’s anxiety disorder it wouldn’t make sense becase in many cases pot makes people paranoid.

    • RonnieV

      Does it matter, he smokes weed! He has his reasons, I have my reasons. Weed is awesome! Nick just needs to be more diligent about flushing it out of his system before fights.

  • Scotty B

    What am I missing here? The NEVADA State Athletic Commission suspended him. So he’s suspended from fighting in Nevada for 6 months – BFD. What’s to stop Nick Diaz from fighting in New Jersey, Colorado, Japan, or anywhere else that isn’t in Nevada?