Nick Diaz Suspended for One Year Following Positive Test for Marijuana

May 21, 2012
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Nick Diaz UFC 129
After months of legal wrangling and precedents being filed, the Nevada State Athletic Commission finally ruled on Nick Diaz’s positive marijuana test and they dropped the hammer on the Stockton, Calif., fighter.

Following a three-hour-plus hearing in which Diaz spoke to the commission at length about everything including his history with marijuana use, his medical marijuana card in California, his previous positive test from 2007, and his questionnaire filled out prior to his fight at UFC 143, the commission handed down similar punishment to that of other athletes who have tested positive multiple times in the state.

Diaz was suspended for 12-months retroactive to the date of his bout with Carlos Condit at UFC 143 and also fined 30-percent of his fight purse from the event.

Diaz was paid $200,000 for his fight at UFC 143, so his fine will total out at $60,000.

The suspension will run until Feb. 4, 2013.

Diaz’s suspension was longer than normal for fighters who have tested positive for marijuana in the past because he had previously been suspended in the state for the same situation.

In 2007 following a fight with Takanori Gomi in Pride Fighting Championships, Diaz tested positive for marijuana and was suspended six months and his win was overturned to a no contest.

Because of the second infraction, Diaz was leveled this time with a one-year suspension and a 30-percent fine that will cost the UFC welterweight a cool $60,000.

The commission did not reverse the decision in the fight between Diaz and Condit because Diaz lost.

During the hearing, Diaz admitted that marijuana does help him perform better during his training, as he’s better able to focus and deal with his ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), for which he was prescribed a medical marijuana card.

The commission also came after Diaz several times for his pre-fight medical questionnaire in which he answered “no” when questioned about being treated for any “serious medical conditions” and also failed to disclose his marijuana usage in the sections marked for prescribed or over-the-counter medications.

Diaz’s lawyer, Ross Goodman, stood up for his client in several areas including the interpretation of the testing under the commission rules regarding marijuana metabolites as opposed to actually testing positive for marijuana.

For all the argument that took place, ultimately the commission handed down the same punishment to Diaz as previous competitors who tested positive for marijuana for a second time in the state.

Following his loss to Condit in February, Diaz stated he was retiring from active competition and would not seek out another fight. There’s been no word as of yet if he has changed his mind and will consider a return to action when he’s allowed to fight again in February 2013.

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  • TKD

    Well, like him or not, it looks like he got what he deserves. Rules are rules, even if you don’t agree with them.

    • jmsbjj

      you can take steroids now for a fight by the commision but not weed,FUCKING SAD!! FUCK MMA

      • shereko

        It is sad, the fact that Sonnen can use and if used “correctly” will benefit his performance… and Diaz (which I’m hugely NOT a fan of) gets a year for weed… but, its not MMA its the NSAC, which oversee’s combat sports in Nevada, its boxing too etc. So don’t say its MMA

      • maddawgmar

        Here’s the difference. Sonnen disclosed his condition and got the exemption. If Diaz would have disclosed, and got the exemption, then thee would be no problem.

  • Towers66

    no surprise here. if he returns he will be even better and will probably put on some more awesome shows. i really hope he does not retire. It will be nice to put this whole thing to rest.

    • shereko

      You’re assuming he’ll show up

  • RonnieV

    Oh well, bad day for his fans, but most of us didn’t expect him to fight for a year anyway. GSP will be out almost two years, Condit will be sitting out nearly a year by the time he fights again. Hopefully Diaz doesn’t retire and they can ink him into a fight for early 2013.


  • phrankthetank

    Finally put all this to bed. Personally I hope Diaz doesn’t retire, but if he doesn’t want to handle losses like a man and continues to no-show half of his obligations as well as break the rules of the nsac, then he can stick to getting high and running triathlons.

    • He’s not doing triathlons anymore. He’s worried that anyone else who runs them will try to use his name to jump start their MMA career.

      • RonnieV

        Ignorant statment!

        • pooby

          What is a “statment”?

      • phrankthetank

        Hilarious statement

      • shereko

        Yup, friggin hilarious! Fan or not thats funny.

        • RonnieV

          You clowns are more obsessed with Diaz than his fans. The BJJ event was a joke, put on by a joke promoter. From what I’ve read I don’t blame Diaz for walking out at all. What will you idiots talk about for the next 7 months without Diaz fighting? Nothing, get a life!

          • RubeKegal

            You’ll have to excuse Ronnie V….he is on the tampax currently and anything remotely anti-Diaz(even jokes) are very agitating for him to read. When his vag stops bleeding maybe it will be funny.

            WAR DI….uh I mean, ENJOY VACATION DIAZ!!!!

          • To answer your question, next on the lineup is the Jon Jones drunk driving trial. We got a whole schedule to go through this summer.

  • Kind of funny that the Nevada State Athletic Commission would authorize one guy (Sonnen) to use drugs that will make him bigger, stronger, faster and better able to inflict damage and hurt his opponent and in the very next hearing fine and suspend a fighter (Diaz) because he smoked pot a week before his fight. WTF?

    If I heard Lundvall correctly the fine will also include 30% of his “fight of the night” bonus. That would bring the fine total to $79,500. Unreal.

    • shereko

      I agree… that is ridiculous. They should have told Sonnen straight up, “here’s the way it is, you still want to fight or not? But, you’re not raising your testosterone”

      • sonnen was given a medical exemption to use testorone to bring his levels up to “normal” levels since he has a documented medical condition in which he produces low levels of testosterone…if you think TRT should be banned across the board, fine, but dont twist it like the commission is allowing sonnen to use “steroids” to pummel his opponents…thats not whats going on…i dislike sonnen but lets not get crazy and twist the facts around to suit our agenda…its clear youre bummed about diaz getting suspended so youre spewing out nonsense not based on the facts but what do you expect when the guy pisses dirty for the 2nd time? hes going to get a harsher penalty then if it was a 1st offense…its not like diaz ever filed for a THC medical exemption either…he just flat out smoked weed and got busted for the 2nd time…its 100% his fault…he knew weed was banned…he didnt attempt to file for a medical exemption…he provided no proof of even being legally allowed to smoke weed due to a medical condition…he has ZERO outs…instead of misdirecting youre anger, focus it on the guy who had 100% control of the situation and royally ****ed up, nick diaz…trust me, id rather him fight because hes entertaining but he has nobody to blame but himself for this

    • sonnen is a douche bag all on his own, no need to exaggerate whats going on and paint it in a different light just because youre bummed diaz got suspended…one guy presented documentation proving his medical condition, applied for a medical exemption and was granted one…the other guy used illegal drugs and a banned substance, pissed dirty for the 2nd time, didnt file any paperwork for a medical exemption, and provided no proof of having a medical marijuana card or documentation regarding a medical condition…its pretty clear as day why one guy got his exemption and the other got suspended…anyone that doesnt get it is a moron

    • maddawgmar

      The issue isn’t that he used marijuana. The issue is he used it close to fight time for a condition that was not disclosed to the commission. Maybe next time Diaz will disclose his medicinal use and it will be legit. Sonnen got suspended as well for his use when not properly disclosed. This time he disclosed and got the exemption. Both Diaz and Sonnen have a legit reason for there uses, but Sonnen disclosed, Diaz didn’t. And the makes the commission think he is hiding something.

      • Going by the definition given by the AG’s own “expert witness”, Diaz’ marijuana use was “out of competition”.

    • macgrubber

      unreal? People make less in a year than he made in that one fight WITH the fine and you think he should get paid more for breaking the rules?

  • Also, at the beginning of the hearing the lawyer from the AG’s office asked the commission to be thorough as he anticipated Goodman would appeal today’s ruling to the district court.

    The show ain’t over yet folks.

    • I was wondering how you would manage to hold your head up after this.

      But you’re right. Goodman isn’t done vacuuming up Diaz’s money just yet.

      The result for Diaz, however, will be same.

  • RonnieV

    Oh well, time to move on.

  • Triggerman99

    Man, this sucks.
    While I don’t disregard the fact that Diaz shouldn’t be using marijuana so close to fight time, he did actually have a very good case built for him in this situation. The problem is that this isn’t court. The commission is the judge, jury and executioner in these matters, and even if they are wrong, it doesn’t matter. They can do whatever they want because it’s their house.

    Oh well, hopefully Diaz can get a little revenge by taking this to court.

  • shereko

    Never thought I’d say it, but I’m on Diaz’s side here… Its almost like he’s not good at public speaking and his ADHD so he smokes weed, and Sonnen can’t get enough mic’s in front of him to pop off and he’s allowed to take testosterone to which actually does affect his performance. So he can have a 1:1 ratio and be normal, but is allowed to have a 6:1 ratio so he’ll push it right to that limit… Nick isn’t doing that at all. Pretty unfair if you ask me.

    • its not unfair at all, nick diaz never applied for a THC medical exemption, pissed dirty for the 2nd time and got suspended…sonnen applied for TRT replacement therapy, provided proof of a medical condition to support his claim and was granted one…seems completely fair and logical…if u recall, when sonnen didnt apply for a medical exemption for the 1st silva fight, he pissed dirty and was suspended due to it…same thing is happening w/ diaz now except this was his 2nd offense…in both infractions, they were both suspended for 1 year…both pissed dirty and both got similar suspensions and fines…exactly on par…diaz could have applied for a THC exemption but he didnt so hes paying the price…explain what is unfair about this? according to the rules laid out, theyve both been treated pretty equally…if your beef is w/ the rules themselves then thats an etirely different arguement in itself…still wouldnt change the fact as the rules currently stand, diaz broke them and deserves punishment for it…

  • alhmiel

    Nick Diaz is scum. So refreshing to watch Nate and Gilbert get some neeed attention. Nick Diaz is a blight on MMA just ban the bum forever. Nick’s life will end terribly.

  • obuchons

    Diaz is a DOUCHEHANDLE! I hope he retires it is not like he shows up to most fights anyway! I do agree it is nice seeing Nate and Gilbert getting some attention! Nate because he is kicking some ass and Gilbert for winning a decision in a fight he should have lost!

    • RonnieV

      When has Nick not showed up for a fight?

      • RubeKegal

        GSP and Braulio

        • Triggerman99

          GSP and Braulio?
          Uninformed statement. The GSP fight never came to fruition. He didn’t fail to show up for the fight, because it was taken away from him.
          Get your facts straight before you commence hating.
          As for the Braulio “fight”, it was total BS from the jump. He was right to not show up. That was a joke.

          • macgrubber

            Trigger you are the joke bro. Was his fault there was no fight with GSP and i doubt he would have showed for the fight anyway. And the people paid to watch him vs Braulio so maybe it was bs to him but his fans paid to see it.

          • RonnieV

            Interesting, Diaz bailed on the press conference, yeah that sucked! In hindsite, I’m glad he did, because GSP wouldn’t have been able to fight anyways, and will end up not fighting for nearly two year. Diaz at least was able to fight Penn and Condit. The Braulio exhibition is a joke, hopefully all big name MMA fighters took notice of this fiasco. Diaz agreed to do the event for charity and no pay. Sh#t went sideways with the promoter and he bailed, but still donated.

          • RubeKegal

            Trigger, you are uneducated. He no showed the press conference with GSP out of fear and Braulio would wipe the mat with Diaz plain and simple and he knew this which is why he bailed.

            The REAL facts have surfaced.

  • lycan

    So they let sonnen use testosterone but they wont let diaz do weed , does sonnen have any type of issue like nick diaz , these to are my favorite in there divisions doesn’t seem far to me , just remind diaz if he wants to use his medication , just ask first i guess that’s how things work these days , won’t let this guy use his medication but let’s let this guy boost his testosterone anyway he want ?

    • ummm, sonnen applied for a medical exemption to use TRT replacement therapy due to a documented medical condition in which his body produced low levels of testosterone, he filled out the appropriate paperwork, presented his case to the commission and was granted an exemption…basically everything nick diaz should have done but didnt…nick diaz NEVER applied for a THC medical exemption, never provided documented proof of a medical condition, never provided proof of having a medical marijuana card, smoked weed prior to UFC 143, pissed dirty for the 2nd time and his reaping the benefits of his stupidity…you basically dont even understand the facts of the case based on what youre writing…”use his medication”??? he hasnt provided any proof hes legally allowed to use it…you cant just use TRT or weed or anything banned substance because you claim its for medical reasons…you need proof from a doctor and need to follow procedures prior to your scheduled fight, file paperwork, present your case to the commission…you have to follow rules and guidelines and at least pretend to be professional…

      • B-rok

        Tom you a are obviously a shill for sonnen, because you miss the point. Steroids shouldn’t be legal period. Athletes using trt do so because of years of roid abuse. The bigger point is why did Overeem get such a pass! Diaz couldn’t get an exemption for weed cause it doesn’t exisist.

        • RubeKegal

          Thomas great post…

          B-rok, with a name like B-Rok you should know he would be a PRO-Diaz pothead himself.

          Steroids aren’t the same as TRT. TRT is needed for people who can’t physically produce natural testosterone. Chael’s levels will still be 6-1 or less, not the 14-1 we saw from Alistair. Chael needs it because he is lacking in it….like people that need to go for B-12 shots because their body doesn’t produce it. Some people never have problems producing natural elements in their body, others do.

          B-Rok there’s a lesson for you, hope you learned from it.

          • B-rok

            Rube you are an idiot! Here is a lesson for you. Trt is used by people who are sick and their body stops producing test or by someone who has abused roids in the past or are currently abusing. Trt is wrong and is hurting this sport! Get a better understanding of an issue before you speak. Comparing trt to b-12 is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. Do yourself a favor and understand why the body stops producing test!

          • RubeKegal

            B-rok you moron you just answered your own question. People whose bodies stop producing testosterone or produces it in very minimal levels are the people who need TRT. It’s an analogy…you obviously don’t understand analogies. I don’t care what the f*ck mineral you compare it to.

            The point is your body produces things, whether it be B-12 or other naturally occuring minerals. Testosterone is another thing your body can naturally produce in higher levels. To say everyone has the same test levels regardless of all intangibles makes you a douchepimple.

            Chael went to a doctor who knows a f*ckload more than your dumb ass and it is prescribed to him so keep crying about Nick the b*tch Diaz. Go suck him off or something phaggot!!!

          • B-rok

            Minerals? Intangibles? Analogy? The fact that you used all these terms incorrectly helps me understand where you are coming from…a place of ignorance! Haha wow!

          • RubeKegal

            B-Rok, go back to the pothead forums. If you can’t comprehend the fact that some people are deficient in certain areas, do society a favor and chop the nuts off so society doesn’t produce more idiotic potheads.

          • B-rok

            You are deficient in brain power. you don’t know me. I don’t smoke pot never have never will. I do recognize a stupid statement when i see one. B-12 is a vitamin not a mineral. Testosterone is a hormone. Guess what? you don’t need either to survive just like pot. You refuse to recognize that the only reason chael needs trt is because he has abused steroids for years. Like B.J. Penn said earlier this week, trt cheating no matter how you cut it. If chael can’t produce enough test to compete he shouldn’t have roided out for all those years.

            Someone on here said good grammar doesn’t make you right and thats true but not having a clue how the human body works then trying to speak about it makes you an idiot and wrong.

  • D-rail

    Alhmiel’s all kind of angry ready to fly his hate plane into something. Just give me my slurpee, a pack of cigarettes, four quick picks and put $50 on number 10 pronto!

    • TKD

      Terribly racist, yet terribly funny!

  • Triggerman99

    Gotta love the haters!!
    Totally disregard Diaz’s talent and call him a bum, scrub, worthless, or whatever the hell else when the topic is about a commission hearing regarding his use of a substance that has nothing to do with performance.
    The mindset of the haters is actually counterproductive to their point, and furthermore makes them seem less informed than actual intelligent MMA fans who recognize talent, but understand the decision in this case.
    It’s funny how some so called “fans” choose to spew hate instead of thinking coherently. It seems that they are more interested in drama than they are in actual MMA competition.
    In that case, you guys should hit up the Real Housewivess chat forum. It’s probably more your speed.

    • macgrubber

      Using big words and proper grammer on the web doesnt make you smarter. It also doesnt make you right. Diaz is a bum, scrub, worthless it doesnt take a genius or someone educated to see that.

      • RubeKegal

        WELL SAID MAC! Eat sh*t Trigger….seriously, a massive bowl of feces.

        • TKD

          “Eat sh*t Trigger….seriously, a massive bowl of feces.”

          Rube, that is some funny sh*t right there! Rude as hell, but nonetheless funny as hell!!

          • Triggerman99

            lol! Well I was gonna have chicken for dinner tonight and save the bowl of feces I got in the fridge for tomorrow, but I don’t know. Now Rube’s got me thinking about maybe a change of plans!

      • Triggerman99

        LOL! Yeah, there you go. Cut me down for “using big words and proper grammar”. That’s a good angle you got there. Boy do I feel silly now! LOL

        But again, you obviously don’t get it. You wanna hate the guy forbeing a pothead or a jerk or whatever, fine. Go for it. But to call him a scrub and disregard his talent is ridiculous and makes you look biased, and therefore your argumements carry no weight. You’re only making yourself look worse and lose credibilty with statements like that.

        • RubeKegal

          his arguments carry weight with me

          • Triggerman99

            That doesn’t surprise me at all. Shouldn’t you be calling me some kind of gay slur or telling me to eat s!hit right about now? That’s typically how you handle disagreements, right?

          • RubeKegal

            SHUTUP YOU PHAGGOT!!!

        • RonnieV

          Trigger, ignore Rube! He’s not worth it! Most of these clowns (haters) never post unless it’s a story about Diaz. They are more obsessed than his fans. Guys like Rube, Ahlmiel, Shereko and macgruber aren’t happy unless there is a story they can spew hate towards. it’s kind of sad. Rube, posts like an 8th grader, and uses 8th grader language. Why bother arguing with a teenager? Almost all these guys would probably kiss Diaz’s ass if they met him. These same clowns were all hating on Nate his last three fights, and Nate continues to make them look stupid.

          • Triggerman99

            Yeah I know, I guess it just surprises me more than anything that people actually act this way. I usually go to another site (, you should come check it out!), but just come over when things are slow over there, and it’s like night and day. I go from having intelligent conversations with people who discuss MMA in a respectful (and entertaining) way, then I come here and the same 4 people keep showing up and calling anyone who disagrees with them a fag and to go eat sh!t and die. It’s really funny to me!!

          • switchkick

            Who bloody cares, you’re all trolls…

          • RubeKegal

            and you are worth it Ronnie? Someone joked that Diaz is going to stop running triathalons because he was afraid someone was going to build a career off his name and you were so ridiculously sensitive about it.

            I present facts in my arguments and they go unresponded to most times because you realize I am correct.

          • RubeKegal

            and Trigger, if i’m an 8th grader, you certainly fall into the 3rd grade category.

            Someone asked me where Diaz no showed and I simply said “GSP and Braulio” and you responded with this:

            “Get your facts straight before you commence hating.
            As for the Braulio “fight”, it was total BS from the jump. He was right to not show up. That was a joke.”

            But as you can see below, now you are trying to sound intellectual and like you come here to participate in a civil manner. You bipolar or something?

  • The issue isn’t if Pot should be a banned substance or if TRT should be allowed. The issue is how both cases were handled. Sonnen followed the rules and Diaz acted like “Towelie”, I don’t know what’s going on, when it came to the rules.
    Nothing more, nothing less. Had he applied for an exemption BEFORE the fight the issue would have been decided BEFORE the fight and no money would have been lost, and no suspension would have been issued.
    Trying to make this an issue if pot is beneficial to a fighter is only an attempt to move the issue from the facts to the philosophical.
    I can’t stand either guy, so don’t make this about me loving Sonnen. The only time I ever rooted for Anderson Silva was when he fought Sonnen.
    Sonnen followed the rules, Diaz just spaced it out.

    • Triggerman99

      You’re absolutely right. I’m obviously a huge Diaz fan, but I’m not gonna sit here and say he did nothing wrong. On the other hand, he didn’t do anything to gain an advantage.
      But that’s not the point. The point is Diaz didn’t handle this properly in the first place, and now he’s paying for it.
      You’re spot on, george

  • jasondecipher

    Diaz own fault going around thinking his s#!@ don’t stink. He needs to learn from this he needs to be humbled if thats possible. Hes a professional fighter smoking even a month before is irresponsible. I like pot I’m all for it but when I was going to train or compete I would quit for atleast 4 months & I was not even getting tested. Why are some of these “professional” fighters getting big headed thinking they won’t get caught. Dont they depend on fighting to make a living? Some fighters just dont appreciate the position they’re in & the money they get paid. If he gets anxiety &/or panic attacks maybe he should try DIAZepam Haha

  • alhmiel

    Nick Diaz brings down the UFC with his low class boooring antics and low life demeanor. Get rid of Diaz and give fights to the kids that are clean cut work hard and project a nice image. Cut Diaz loose from everything the kid is a born loser.

    • Well stated. He’s a scumbag and needs to be cut!

  • Good riddance. This effing lowlife punk should be banned for life.

  • The one important lesson out of all this is that if you are a healthy athlete that trains hard, eats smart and uses cannabis as a healthy part of your natural lifestyle, process your paperwork properly and then continue to use your cannabis as GOD intended us to. This is the supreme lesson to learn as a professional anywhere. follow protocol and you will be fine. Get your ass back in there Diaz and kick some ass sea bass!

  • Legalize it!!!! Rastafari the herb of healing shall not be shunned. Jah is more powerful that the Nevada Atheletic Commission so bless you Nick heal your soul and release your frustrations in Feb.

  • Triggerman99

    I love this comment section. Priceless!