Nick Diaz Says He’s Ready to Fight and He’s Sorry for Missing the ‘Beauty Pageant’

September 7, 2011
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Nick Diaz is missing no more.

The former Strikeforce welterweight champion who was slated to face Georges St-Pierre at UFC 137, but was then pulled from the fight after missing two pre fight press events, has now resurfaced with a cryptic video explaining his absence.

It’s been no secret that Diaz has never been a huge fan of press obligations, but after not returning calls from UFC President Dana White and his manager and trainer Cesar Gracie, the Stockton native was yanked from the main event bout.

Now hours later, Diaz released a video on YouTube with his version of the story, and reiterates several times that he’s ready to fight.

“The UFC wanted me to fight for the title against Georges St-Pierre, and now they’re telling me that they’re going to give the fight to Carlos Condit, which I think is ridiculous,” Diaz stated.

“Georges thinks it’s a great idea because Carlos Condit poses an even greater threat, so I guess that just leaves me out.”

No showing press commitments isn’t anything new for Diaz, but under the UFC he’s been expected to show up and participate. Currently, he’s 0-2 for press conferences with the promotion since re-signing earlier this year, but he calls it a ‘beauty pageant’ and says he’s still ready to compete.

“All I know is I’m ready to fight. I’m sorry I didn’t make it to the beauty pageant, but I’ve never not showed up to a fight, and I’ve never backed out of a fight in my life. That’s not what I do,” Diaz stated.

Georges St-Pierre is now set to face Carlos Condit in the main event of UFC 137, and while the promotion still hasn’t decided what to do about Diaz yet, as of now he remains on the UFC’s roster.

If he does get another shot, Diaz is more than ready to fight and face whoever they put in the cage with him.

“I’ll fight whatever, whoever, anything,” said Diaz. “I’d definitely rather fight GSP of course.”

Watch Nick Diaz explain his side of the story in the video below (warning explicit language)

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  • Umbreon

    aww is little Nicky scared homie..

    • Vinchango

      I want to see Diaz vs St-Pierre! Condit is a great fighter, but Diaz has been on a tear as of late and poses the greatest threat to the Champ. Dana and powers that be- Please reconsider!!! Taking Nick out of this fight is like taking Floyd Mayweather out of a fight with Manny Pacquiao….ok, maybe not…How about Haggler-Hearns? Diaz may not deserve the shot for his “bad Attitude”, but the fans deserve to see this fight. Punish him later…make him fight Anderson Silva.

  • BigGuy

    Nick Diaz is a bitch! He should be tossed out and told to fuck himself. Nobody is above doing their job in life, no matter how much money you make, or how good you THINK you are. He is a cock sucker, and I am glad he blew his chance to fight for the title. He doesn’t deserve it. He is a scared little bitch, and now he can go screw himself!

  • devine22

    He talks all that shit on how he wants to get paid an fight but thinks hes going to do what he wants??? They cut overeem a couple weeks ago for pulling some shit! Yeah they got him back after some major ass kissing, Diaz lost to nightmare for christ sakes!!! Who does this punk bitch think he is??? They tell u to get there an do this or that You fucken do it!!! Maybe they will let the vampire fitch fight nick an then he’ll never see a title shot again !! Fitch will grind him out an yes it will be boring!!! Mark it down

  • imageoverload

    I lost a lot of respect for Nick after this. I’ve seen him do some stupid shit, but to not even take the phone call when they were trying to reach him, where I work, that’s a no call no show and you’re fired. Lucky for him, only a handful of people can do what he does and he won’t be fired, but he doesn’t deserve the pay day from fighting GSP now. War Carlos Condit taking GSP’s heart and smashing it.

  • Mario


    Fuck you!

    He doesn’t even give a shit. So fuck him!

  • Time to grow up.

    I’m a big Nick Diaz fan but he has nobody to blame but himself and he’s not making things any better by posting dumb shit like this on YouTube.

    I guess he doesn’t fully understand how big this opportunity was that he just pissed away. Maybe he’ll understand a few years down the line. I am disappointed by the way he’s conducted himself. Not shocked or surprised, but truly disappointed.

    I think once Dana and Lorenzo see Nick’s attitude toward their decision to pull him from the fight they’ll hand him his walking papers.

  • d_f21

    Diaz vs bj

    you heard it here first ladies and gents

    • Doubt it, they’re friends.

      • d_f21

        Haven’t they trained together only once or twice? And if so “friends” have fought before. Who’s your pick for bjs filler? And diaz’s opponent? (if he gets one) i think it’d make a great co main event. If not for the fight itself, which would fuckn kick ass, but for the hype and implications

        • ShockednAwed

          Gracie Boys don’t fight eachother, end-of… stupid, no?

          • jared499

            Actually BJ already fought Renzo Gracie and took major crap from Ralph Gracie and some other Gracies for doing it. So it would probably be up to Cesar and Nick, cause if history dictates, BJ would probably take the fight, especially if it had title implications.

      • shereko

        Looks like you were wrong, it’s a business Dana don’t play the friend game

    • Cptmats

      Good call, its just been announced !

  • iWin

    This dumb ass is on his phone in his car recording himself. Write his ass a ticket it is all right there. 2nd YOU SCARED HOMIE? Yee he is scared pussy ass diaz. Fitch should fuck his face for 15 mins or hell even 25 in a main event. I just want this kid dealt with

  • God

    Is he High?!?

  • clizzark

    He backed out from fighting Mayhem. For some reason this dumbass thinks obligations just don’t apply to him like he’s special. I don’t see any reasons for missing the press conferences nor any kind of apologies. Maybe one day in the distant future he’ll finally grow up.

  • Skeletor

    I love how he pulls the ‘dick move’ changing lanes right at the last second to get around a line of cars waiting… that says it all right there. Nick Diaz- he’s *that* asshole.

    Dude is a great fighter but such a friggin’ douchebag, and I thought he was getting better recently, too… shame. Both Nick and his brother have giant chips on their shoulders, its so annoying – smile ffs, they look like silly bitches with that “tough guy straight lips thing” they both do constantly.

  • natpaukar7

    In all honesty I agree that all this is immature and stupid on Diaz part…however, as a fan of the sport, I want to see Diaz vs. GSP like I was promised. If he’s willing to fight then let it happen…to me he is the only 30% threat to GSP’s belt out there…and also while Diaz did lose to Sherk, Sanchez etc. he in my opinion has immensely improved and in all fairness GSP lost to hughes…remember?

    enough said….I say let them fight and bring in Condit if he beats BJ like planned to fight the winner…we will likely see GSP/ Condit eventually any way…

    UFC should put this to a vote some how on the website and make it heavily announced for the fans to decide…I for one say let diaz fight…not for himself…but for the fans

    • clizzark

      If we put it to a vote, then I say Diaz vs. Overeem.

      • jared499


        I second that motion, lets see how Bad Diaz really is.

    • ShockednAwed

      Pretty sure every ticket for every card they’ve ever produced (or anyone has ever produced, for that matter), would say ‘Card Subject to Change’. Nobody was promised anything. 😀

  • epyonx1

    They made an example out of Daley. This situation is no different. Press conferencing & promoting the fight is part of the job. If that’s not listed in fighters’ contracts, it definitely should be; and if it is, then Diaz needs to be sent back to the bottom of the ladder & taught a lesson. This is not street fighting; it’s a full-time job.

    • Skeletor

      exactly, you dont make a fool of your boss and then just suppose its cool the next day. Not only that, he fucked over his whole team who bought tickets and stuff.

      if he was a man, he’d just fake an injury like every other fighter thats psyched out…

      • mbazid

        If he was a man he would live up to his responsibilities.

        • Skeletor

          I kow sarcasm is hard to pick up in text, but cmon man…. really?

    • Sweet Lou

      Really Brah? Dude popped Kos when the fight was over. Diaz blew off a press conference…

      • jared499

        Agree with Sweet Lou,

        I think Diaz should have been fired, but that being said. The Daley thing was entirely different then diaz skipping a press conference. Diaz attacked the UFC and its public relations. Daley attacked a defenseless human being, (yes even KOS is considered human). This is another persons life and helath we are talking about, If anyhting would have happened to KOS, then the UFC (Zuffa) could be held liable, and simply can not let any of it’s contracted fighters put anyone in that position.

        • shereko

          True different situation…but mind you Diaz started a fight in the hospital in Vegas against Riggs, and now this plus was part of the Mayhem melee how many chances does this punk get? Yes the fight with Mayhem was not with UFC but proves a history of shitty behavior, in the real world you get a bad reference from one job it hurts you on the next.

          • Skeletor

            Man, i forgot about the hospital fight, lol. the mayhem thing, ect ect ect. thuggery has no place in mma.

            imagine fighters with real class like randy, or gsp, EVER doing anything so friggin retarded….

  • greaseygranny

    I’ll never watch this white trash chunk of shit fight again. Fuck this shit talker. UFC should make him fist his urethra live on PPV before letting him fight in a cage again.

  • mbazid

    He’s a fool. Plain and simple.
    I hope they fire him.
    Then he has no StrikeForce No nothing.
    Boxing will eat him up
    He’ll have a hard time getting a job in a factory

  • He doesn’t want to do “beauty pageant” press conferences? He needs to take a lesson from his little brother, who went through a whole damn months-long tv show just to get in the UFC.

    Make Nick Diaz compete on the Ultimate Fighter before he gets to fight for Zuffa again

  • McFearless

    I don’t know how some of you douche-bags can sit behind your little keyboards and say that Nick is scared to fight GSP. It is freaking clear as day that Nick has never been big on promoting fights. The guy has never backed down from a fight and he even fights guys at their own strengths. He went toe-to-toe with Daley and TKO’d the dude. Especially you “BigGuy.” Nobody gives a crap how big you are. Come down to Ray’s Boxing Club in H-Town so you can catch a one-two to the grill and we’ll see how big you really are.

    Don’t hate on the guy because he’s not your normal prissy UFC fighter. The guy does his job in the ring. So when one of you girls goes out there and puts in the work and gets in the ring yourself, maybe you can say something as stupid as saying that someone is scared to fight someone.

    • ajmadic

      After I beat Nick Diaz’s ass, I’m beating yours.

      • BigGuy

        To ajmadic: I would offer to help you beat McFuck-Nut’s ass, but I doubt you’d need it. Anyone over the age of 7 should be able to handle this loser.

    • BigGuy

      Hey, McDoucheBag: I would meet you any time, any place. The problem is that you are sitting behind your keyboard with your dick in your hand and not talking to my face. You are a coward and everyone here sees that. I guarantee you wouldn’t walk up to my face and spew your 3rd grade nonsense if you met me. Having trained for over 20 years in martial arts I am more than confident that I would drop you in seconds. I am also sure that all of you ladies down at Ray’s Boxing Club are really scary, but I would take my chances any day of the week. I know the name “Mc Fearless” proves that you are the badest man on the planet (not), but I would still love to come meet you some time.

      Now, are you done showing everyone here what an asshole you are? Ok, great…fantastic. You are free to get back to banging your sister now. Balls deep, just like she likes it.

    • ShockednAwed


      Hey, Nate, fuck off. Your brother’s a bitch. Scared, not scared, doesn’t matter.

      As for, “We’ll see how tough you are,” blah, blah, blah… we’re not the ones signing contracts to get into a ring. That was your big bro. He’s the one that backed out, he’s the chicken shit. I’ve never claimed to be a fighter, just a fan. So again, fuck off.

      • BigGuy

        Well said!

  • jhfcf

    Wow, there’s a lot of hate here!! I am not condoning what Nick did, but gotta play devil’s advocate for a bit. I do understand what his mentality is. He is simply disagreeing with the corporate side of the UFC. In his own trashy way, he is saying he is a fighter and does not like the bullshit corporate America makes people do some times, the rat race, the Pide Piper followers. Nick is a very eccentric person and in his own way, he is saying he does not care about the “fluff and stuff” the UFC is using him for. The UFC has become successful and mainstream, which is great, but it has also become a pageantry and a company just like any other in America. People in this country like that kind of bullshit. You may call it responsibility, being a man, being a grown up, but all it is is a bunch of people with money using others as puppets for their own enrichment and success. It’s simply a bunch of mainstream people who cannot think for themselves and do what every other person in this country does, it’s all about conformity, about symmetry. Americans are still afraid and do not accept anyone who is different, anyone who is willing to deviate from the norm. It’s 2011, almost 2012, and we still have that?? Sad. As I said, maybe Nick did it the wrong way, but that does not mean he is completely wrong. He did lose to Sherk, Sanchez, Noons and Riggs, but he has beaten a lot of great fighters and he was a serious threat to GSP. Oh, and Nick’s last name is Diaz, he is Hispanic, hence, cannot be “white trash”. Get it straight!!

    • ShockednAwed

      Dude, you’re taking the ‘anti-corporate’ thing to the next degree…. this isn’t about common-man versus corporate America, this is about fight promotion.

      The UFC are only the top-dogs because they do it right. They feed the pool with news and info as much as they can, as often as they can, because that keeps the interest up. You think Coke and Pepsi still pump the billions into advertising they do because they like spending money? Or because they think there are still people out there who haven’t heard of ’em? No, it’s because they know they HAVE to stay in people’s faces, all the time. And the UFC understand this too.

      No matter the card, I have no doubt Dana would have made this same move with anyone who no-showed a major press conference, douchebag or not. He literally costs them money when he’s not there yappin’ off, stirring interest. So it’s really not about him just being himself, it’s really about him not giving a flying fuck – probably while high. 😀

    • jared499

      Hey jhfcf, try skipping a company meeting two times in a row, and then tell your boss that you do not like the “Fluff & Stuff” of corporate America.

      Bet you are unemployed after that.

    • BigGuy

      jhfcf is a moron!

  • BOdom702

    I agree with the last 2 comments about him not being scared. The guy has stood toe to toe with some of the best in the world. But at the end of the day, he had a job to do.. and he failed to make it happen. Doesn’t matter if you don’t agree all the way with everything going on at your job… the boss is in control, not you. And we all know Dana don’t play games!

  • JL2

    It was a stupid move to bail on press stuff, but running away from your trainer is just absurd. I still don’t think Diaz deserved a title shot anyways. Look at who he has beat: Daley? He is one over an opponent I would say is good in Kampmann. Cyborg? Please, the guy lost to Smokin Joe. Go up and down Nick’s wins, and pick out a guy who you would consider top 10 at their weight. Truth is he beats up mid tier fighters, but GSP would kill him, and I am sure as prep went along he realized he was in over his head. Now he acts like a 15 yr old talking trash when he clearly is in the wrong. He is an idiot.

  • BigGuy


    “McFearless” has invited everyone to watch the fight Ray’s Boxing Club in H-Town. If you bring at least one tranny with you- you get in free!

    In case you are unfamiliar with it, “H-Town” stands for Homo-Town, which happens to be where this fag is from!

    Bottoms up!!!

  • Sweet Lou

    Dear Nick, Dana, Georges & Cesar,


    Cesar – How fucking dare you!! You’ve been working with this kid for over a dozen years. I would like to think that you guys are as close as actual family (apparently not though). You threw that kid under the bus in front of everybody! At 14:20 into the press conference, Dana says “I haven’t heard back from them yet”. 1 minute and 5 seconds later his phone magically rings. And what do you say? “Yes sir…I’m completely embarrased as well sir…I agree 100% with your decision sir.”
    This is your fighter!! This is supposed to be your family!! You never throw your family to the wolves…especially in a public forum!! You’re a Gracie!! If anyone knows that – it should be you!!
    Fuck You Cesar!

    Georges – You are the best MM Artist in the world…hands down! You are also the epitome of professionalism…bar none! And, you are also completely full of shit!!
    As the reigning WW Champ, you have an inordinant amount of leverage with Dana. Moreover, I would be very surprised if Dana didn’t ASK you what your thoughts were on fighting Condit instead of Diaz. If you really wanted to solidify your legacy in this sport, you would have pleaded with Dana to keep this fight! You could have shut up most of the nay sayers and GSP haters out there who constantly bitch about you playing it safe (ala Greg Jackson), and not being able to finish anybody, by going toe-to-toe with this kid. But no. Instead, you promote Condit as the better fighter. He very well may be. But one thing is certain – You’re still a pussy!! Fuck you too!!

    Dana – There was still almost 8 weeks to go!!! Regardless of his actions, maybe you could have waited a few more days to find out just what the fuck is going on with this kid instead of immediately saying – “Nope, too bad. He blew it. Fuck him…” Even if your decision was the same…
    After all, didn’t Rampage tweak a little while back?
    I thought you were the no. 1 fan!! Why were you so quick to immediately replace him with Condit (espescially after all you’ve done in re-signing this kid)?
    I mean, do you really think that Diaz wouldn’t show up to the fight? Something don’t add up brah… I think you’re full of shit too. Fuck You indian giver!!

    And finally, Nick – Stop trying to become a cautionary tale for future fighters! Get your shit together, and grow the fuck up!!

    Oh yeah –
    And for ruining what was to be the best UFC this year for me and the rest of your fans –

    FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shereko

      GSP is NOT the best in the world… maybe at Welterweight, but the rest of your post I liked! Keep it up.

    • BigGuy

      “Sweet Lou”, have you been following Diaz and his bullshit over the past few years? Clearly you have not, or you would know why Dana has had it with him.

      Like it or not, he has responsibilities to the fight and the promoting of the fight. He is not above any of the crap and boring deeds that accompany it. You don’t just get to blow off all responsibiltiy and the show up for the fight like you are ding everyone a favor.

      Where do you work that you get to choose what you will and won’t do? I own my own business and still can’t pick and choose what needs to be done!

      FUCK DIAZ!

      • Sweet Lou

        Hey Biggie –
        Actually, I have been following Diaz ever since he’s been on the map. I’ve been a huge fan of his ever since he busted that Gogoplata on Gomi (sweet move btw).

        More importantly, so has Dana White, which is my point –
        If anyone knew what this kid was about it’s Dana White. He knew exactly what he’d be dealing with in the return of Nick Diaz to the UFC!

        Now, as an adult, I couldn’t agree more with you in terms of being professional, doing what needs to be done, etc.

        BUT, that’s part of this kid’s charm. He is a true, natural born “fighter” (Not a “MM Artist” like GSP) who refuses to capitulate to the bullshit. True, he may not be the sharpest tack out there (as evidenced by him throwing away his title shot), but you can’t deny his skillset! Moreover, neither can Dana – which is why he brought him back in the first place.
        Knowing that this kid is “loose cannon” he should not be surprised in the slightest regarding Diaz’ bullshit.

        Oh, and by the way, you don’t have to get personal yo. Because personally, I would think that as the owner of your own business -you would be able to pick and choose what needs to be done. Maybe you should sell…

        PS. Go fuck yourself…I’m calling out sick tomorrow!! :>)

        • BigGuy

          Sorry, but even the owner of a business has people to answer to, and work to perform. You would know that if you were the kind of employee that didn’t call in sick just for the hell of it.

          I understand, Sweet Lou. I see you use your sick time to be intimate with your lover. Your sister has quite a sexual appetite. Good for you!

  • shak1ng

    GSP is the new Fedor only hand picked fighter. good job Dana White you dbag way to monopolize MMA your turning MMA into shitty boxing by Corrupting the sport I love. We all know that Nick Diaz was going to defeat GSP and thats why he is really out of ufc 137 .


    • ShockednAwed

      When you and the Diaz Bros. are done smoking that excellent stuff you must have, pass some this way – I’d love to get so high I that I’d think Nick Diaz actually posed a challenge to GSP! 😀

    • BigGuy


  • damonmarcus

    I know Nick Diaz personally and he knew what would happen if he stepped in the cage with GSP. Fear makes men do crazy things………

    • Darren2112

      Please elaborate? Do you mean Nick thought he would destroy GSP or get destroyed?

    • BigGuy

      You know Nick personally, huh? Why don’t you enlighten us as to why he blew this opportunity. I’m sure this will be interesting and fact-filled…

      • damonmarcus

        Cuz he’s a fruit cake and he knew he’d get his ass kick and embarrassed in front of millions………..numbnuts!

        • BigGuy

          Wow!!!!!! Thanks for the inside information. That was neither informative nor intelligent. Thanks for the 3rd grade info!

  • greaseygranny

    I wanna see him have his urethra fisted on PPV. I do not care who is doing the fisting. Dana. GSP. Gracie. Doesn’t matter. A very harsh PPV fisting of his urethra is what needs to happen.

  • bajafox

    I knew Nick had haters, but DAMN, the flock came out this week! lol

    I like Nick, I hate that he did this and I’m sure he had his own reasons but he broke a contract that he signed and no matter what my opinion is, that is inexcusable. I was really looking forward to this fight, I honestly thought he had a good chance and taking the belt from GSP.

    • Skeletor

      I think he’s a great fighter, if he could only get over his stupid attitude and stuff, he could be up there.

      aside from all the douchebaggery outside the ring, he just acts like a prick – all of his “WHAT! WHAT!” crap in the ring, talking shit, all that bs has no place in MMA.

      fight, be pissed, whatever, just have some class. but seeing how his brother is the same type of asshole, it was probably a family thing.

  • illeeturbabys

    a true unprofessional…..grow your ass up diaz…..

  • Cptmats

    Diaz is scared, Plain and simple ! He knew that not only would GSP beat his ass but would completely embarrass him !

    Don’t be scared Homie !