Nick Diaz Reveals He’s Never Paid Taxes; Dana White is Worried About Him

March 17, 2013
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Carlos-Condit-Nick-Diaz-9286-UFC-143Nick Diaz caused quite a stir during the UFC 158 post-fight press conference following his unanimous decision loss to welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in Montreal, revealing that he’s never paid taxes in his life.

“I just have to invest a little more money (in training),” Diaz said when asked what he would do if he does stay in the UFC instead of retiring as he hinted at. “Now that I have a little bit more money. I’ve never paid taxes in my life and I’ll probably go to jail.

“No one wants to hear about that, no one wants to hear about that kinda talk or what’s really going on with me. I might as well just be a kid.”

UFC president Dana White told the media following the press conference that he’s concerned about Diaz and his taxes, and that he’d rather have ninjas after him than the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

“At the end of the day, Nick has been in the sport forever, he wanted a shot at the title and he got a shot at the title and he got paid a lot of money for it,” White said. “What’s sad is, he’s gotta go pay his taxes, that’s going to be (expletive); that will be sad.

“If someone doesn’t take care of that kid and get him set straight, then you know. He came out here publicly tonight and said he’s never paid taxes in his life. Holy (expletive)! I mean, that’s bad. Somebody better handle that with his check and make sure that kid doesn’t end up with nothing.”

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  • HAHA! love to see him in jail, with his woe is me act.

    • Pooter Diddler

      So r u in jail? ud see him there??

    • Humguy

      Is english a second language for you?

  • jbroce

    Sad. from the post fight it sounds like he doesn’t have a single loving intelligent person in his life at all. No coach, no one watching out for him. He said he didn’t even really have training partners for this fight since everyone else was resting before their fights. That kids got problems and he has no one to help him out.

    • dickhead

      he’s a grown man.

      • LearnHow2Think

        All kids become men… The point is nobody took care of Nick while he was growing up so u might as well consider him a kid, just like he said…

        You think somebody just learns how to act like a man cuz they hit the magic age of 21? It’s not that f****** simple. Maybe YOU think it was that simple for you and like to credit nothing but yourself for who u are, but fact is you need mentoring, love, and compassion from OTHERS growing up or u’r gonna end up a lil f***** up and far behind in life…just like Nick.

        • MuayThai4Life

          I thought this was MMA, not Dr. Phil

          • Sir_Roy

            Point was raised though … and he makes a good one.

            But yeah, it’s more fun bashing someone right? After all, it’s America’s favorite pastime now … Raise someone up, enjoy when their flawed humanity inevitably shines through, so we can bash em down.

            Diaz is such an easy target … why bother?

        • AnthonyPalacio

          You MAD BRO ?

    • Pooter Diddler

      So sad. from your post it sounds like he was raised by wolves, eats human flesh, and robbed a bank.

    • Victor

      Anyone who cared to pay attention saw that a long time ago. He does not have a decent camp, Cezar Gracie is a di*k and doesn’t care about Nick only his money, and Diaz has the maturity of a 15 year old. He is not a very mentally capable human being and this has caused him a lot of trouble. He could be a rich man now and be able to retire nd enjoy a great life, but I doubt that he will be able too. He also admitted to never paying taxes. No intelligent person would ever do that. This guy needs professional help in all levels. Starting with a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist, heading to someone who can better handle his career. He has many fans and sells tickets. This kid makes money, but ends up with none. Just like Tyson. I am guessing Gracie is his Don King. Poor kid.

      • shakejunt

        actually, if you look at the wealthiest groups of people on earth, most of them don’t pay taxes. example: the vatican and the federal reserve. sure they’re schmucks, but intelligent schmucks.

        • Milosc


          Many large companies actually get ‘paid’ to do business. Look up “Bernie Sanders, Fed Audit”, btw (16 T-T-Trillion dollars, to financial entities all over the planet, in less than 3 years). And people stress about Nick freaking Diaz..

        • MuayThaiFood

          Yeah, and how does that relate to Nick Diaz? He’s none of those.

          • shakejunt

            dude talked his way into the fight with gsp, that’s one intelligent schmuck

      • Humguy

        cezar gracie is more of a d*** than d*** diaz? Nick is ungrateful to say that disrespectful s***. He’d be diggin diches without cezar gracie jui jitsu. If he was smart he would be more coach-able and maybe cezar would have gotten him over to dave terrell were he could have been prepared for being wrestle fu*#d. Why did he spend so much time boxing? It takes two to box.

    • Advance*

      All of his problems are from his own personal choices. He doesn’t want to leave his comfort zone. Are you telling me that Cesar Gracie, Jake Shields or SOMEONE in this guy’s life couldn’t direct him to a professional to help with his finances? No, because he probably doesn’t care enough to ask. We’re talking about a guy that just admitted to not paying taxes in a press conference. How brain dead is he? Any camp would gladly take him in and help him prepare for the biggest fight of his life, but he’s ride or die with Cesar Gracie until it’s time to make excuses and throw everyone under the bus.

    • AnthonyPalacio

      That “kid” people like you and many other blind nuthuggers IS An Adult who got paid MILLIONS For this fight AND is claiming he is CHEATING on The IRS While many hard working people in the whole USA are paying an awful lot of TAXES while they never EVER earned ONE Per Cent of the HUGE amount of money he got with this title shot ALONE.

      Nick Diaz and people like you are exactly what’s WRONG in our current society.

      Vicitimizing someone who is GUILTY and bashing Nice and respectable people like GSP who was working hard and coming from a very poor family in Quebec and made it via Hard Work, Humility and RESPECT for EVERYONE Around, starting with the people who do EMPLOY him and pay him HUGE MONEY.

    • kbroesq

      Well, if the IRS was paying attention, and I’m guessing they’ll get wind of this, you’ll have one more thing to be sad about for Diaz. I’m telling you right now if that guy has never paid taxes, he’s going to have some big problems. I’m sure the guy has made a million dollars in the last year, and at least six figures for the past 5-10. He’s going to owe hundreds of thousands of dollars if the IRS gets a hold of him.

  • George Sperry

    Never paid tax’s, wow.

    Dana is right the IRS can make you put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. They care NOTHING for people, they will ruin you and stomp on your bones.

    They will probably audit him as far back as they can and then start with the penalties and interest,

    Nick may end up like poor Joe Lewis did in the 60’s, shaking hands as a greeter at a Las Vegas Casino trying to feed himself.

    I sure hope Nate paid his tax’s because I bet the IRS will be looking at him too on Monday morning.i

    • Joaozinho

      If the IRS finds out that he really didn’t pay any taxes and Diaz is a little bit intelligent (which is very unlikely), he should leave the country and only fight abroad. This way he can keep the money he makes and not go to jail.

    • Milosc

      To the best of my knowledge, they’ve got six years worth of ass to nose-up. Factor in his suspensions and lack of sponsorship money, and it probably won’t be all that bad. He’s got millions, now

  • MMA fan

    He always makes excuses. And do you really think he is the kind of guy that will let someone tell him what to do with his money? He is a good fighter but a horrible person. He lost and then blamed his teammates, the last group that supported and stuck up for him. Burn those bridges Nick.


    To all the decent hard working Americans scraping by barely making it and trying to feed their kids and paying all their taxes. Diaz should be made an example of by the IRS. Immediately.


    How Dumb is Nick Diaz openly admitting that he has screwed the IRS and the Government for 12 years out of not paying any taxes. Prison here Nick Comes. good.

    • Humguy

      that’s the thing is he dumb enough that its just mean to jail him for that? could he even fill out a tax form?


    Put Nick Diaz in prison for not paying his taxes. Too many hard working decent folks have struggled to pay their fair share of taxes. amazing and dumb. Through Diaz out of the country.

  • This guys going to end up fighting just to pay taxes and such. Now not everyone can have their head on straight or do the right thing sometimes we learn the hard way. Nick is a grown man but still a young man with a lot of distractions whether personal or financial. He’s still in the UFC and in a good place so you never know maybe this guy can take care of some issues and we can look back on him a few years from now and realize everyday is a chance to make some positive change in your life. I’m sure Dana will also try to help him out with an accountant to keep him out of jail and fighting b/c the guy is a talented fighter.

  • Sessna57

    Does the IRS accept Wolf Tickets as payment? Nick should have a pile of them.

    I don’t know Nick Diaz’s personal history… but can someone explain to me how someone that’s broke and has no opportunity can train in martial arts since they were kids? I never did as a kid because my father was too cheap to pay for pricey classes. Today people pay $100 a month to get barely any one-on-one instruction.

    Bottom line is he’s extremely overrated, didn’t deserve the title fight but got it anyway. Now he should have some money and should stop crying about being broke. Lets not forget he’s been a pro for a long time, has sponsors and teaches at him and Nate school. A lot of people make decent livings by just having a school like them.

  • Alotta u guys on here .. Were raised by mommy n daddy in a nice neighborhood .. Un like nick he was raised in stockon .. Do u kno how crazy it is out there .. Smh… All im saying is dont put the man down because hes made some mistakes… Now my opinion is dat nick should just pick up everything and just leave… Join another camp and learn new thing and surround him self with positive people.. Because to be realistic most people in stockton they dont have there head screwed on right… Also change manager dats a must!

    • Jamine

      Your an idiot! Alotta, dat , kno are you from stockton too? Last I checked the U.S. is not a bad place to grow up and life is what you make it! stop making excuses and learn english!

      • i do know english **** it’s just i chose to write/spell how ever i want … it’s america last time i checked

  • He and Wesley Snipes should make very cosy cell mates.

  • robc

    Yes the IRS should throw Nick in jail for a couple of years and seize all of his wealth and assets. If he owes more than he has (likely if he has been spending and not investing) then lock him up even longer. Heaven forbid they let him work off his debt. They threw Wesley Snipes in prison when he offered them whatever deal they wanted so that he could continue to work and clear his debt. He was bankrupt when they nailed him so you know what the IRS got? A bill for keeping him in prison for 2 1/2 years instead of a couple of million dollars in back taxes he could have paid off by working. It blows my mind that people actually go to jail for tax evasion… Levy penalties and garnish their wages until they are up to date. But no the US government in it’s infinite wisdom would rather pay to have them in prison and walk away with nothing. In Canada, prison is so rare it’s almost unheard of, our government actually likes to recoup it’s losses. Then again compare the deficit between Canada and the US. Our dollar is on par and over the last several years has actually been worth more than the US dollar on numerous occasions. Anyone care to guess why????

    • huntingmark

      You are suggesting that Canada has a more stable economy?

      In any case, Canada is slightly bettter than Mexico as far as the U.S. is concerned.


    Put Nick Diaz in jail immediately for not paying any taxes.

    • RonnieV

      You are such a tool

      • Sir_Roy


        That fanatic, self-righteous “punish everyone” crap needs to be checked.


    Caesar Gracie is an absolute joke as Frank Shamrock proved in the 18 second KO of the flabby defenseless Gracie on TV.

    • Humguy

      so you have to a great fighter to be a great coach? Not saying hes the best.

  • Humguy

    why do you guys all want nick to go to jail? the poor guy is barley intelligent enough to be legally accountable for not paying his taxes. What do you want from him. He can fight, other than that hes lucky he can tie his shoes and you want him locked up?

  • Jojo

    Seriously… does stupidity run rampant in this family or is it the drugs? The mentality of this family kinda reminds me of Junie Browning.

  • AnthonyPalacio

    The guy basically said he was NOT Paying Taxes and YOU people defend a TAX CHEATER While way more modest and hard working people are paying every single penny of the crazy amount of taxes they’re on to earn a living for their CHILDREN And FAMILY ?

    Nick Diaz is not only a sorry loser who got ragdolled and huimiliated for 25 orgasmic minutes but a FRAUD, IRS STYLE.

    Don’t Be Scared of THE I.R.S Homie !

    • huntingmark

      I seriously don’t understand the math here.

      30+ years old + grew up in a poor neighborhood + parents did not teach him the value of education + Mexican that grew up in Stockton = “I never paid any taxes in my life” during a post-fight conference!!

      Here is why it is hard for me to buy any excuse for Nick.

      Anyone who has a job would know that prior to employment, whether as an employee or independent contractor, you have to provide one or more IRS tax forms such as a W-2. Without the collection of those forms, the employer will not go any further.

      So Nick or his accountant or manager was smart enough to provide the IRS Forms claiming exemptions from wage withholding YET didn’t realize that they had to pay taxes?????????

      I have a feeling either (a) this is one of Nick’s antics or (b) Nick intentionally failed to pay taxes even when his manager/accountant advised him to pay.

  • james j

    The IRS in Southern California are guaranteed to open a case on Diaz. How can they not?


    If Nick dodn’t pay his taxes then throw him in jail. It’s the law.


    Nick isn’t that big of a guy so prison would loosen him up from the rear.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Homeboy might get turned out!

  • Mule

    What’s all the hub-bub not paying taxes, heck our current Sec. of Treasury was found to not paiding $35,000 in Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes from 2001 through 2004 while working for the International Monetary Fund. He got promoted for that oversite

  • huntingmark

    This is one of those Nick Diaz “I don’t give a foock” antics?

    First, why would anyone talk about his failure to pay taxes during a post-fight conference?

    Second, why would anyone publicly declare his failure to pay taxes?

    I have to say that this is one of those “I am an ignorant gangster from Stockton that loves to fight” antics that Nick is trying to throw.

    Also, I don’t understand the math here:
    Not having a normal family + growing up in a tough neighborhood + uneducated because no one taught him the value of education = “I admit that I didn’t pay my taxes” during a post-fight interview.