Nick Diaz Retains NY Law Firm to Dig into ‘Irregularities’ in His Failed UFC 183 Drug Test

March 25, 2015
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Following his UFC 183 main event bout against Anderson Silva on Jan. 31, Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites and was temporarily suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Diaz’s manager, Lloyd Pearson, informed UFC Tonight that Diaz has retained a law firm from New York to represent him when he goes before the commission in April to face disciplinary action.

The unnamed law firm specializes in drug testing cases such as Diaz’ and believes there are “irregularities” with his test results.

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Nick DiazThe UFC 183 positive test result is the third time Diaz has tested positive for marijuana in his career. His gogoplata win over Takanori Gomi at Pride 33 in 2007 was later changed to a No Contest after he failed a post-fight urinalysis. He also tested positive following a loss to Carlos Condit at UFC 143 in a bout for the interim welterweight title.

Diaz was expected to appear before the commission this past Monday, but requested and was granted a continuance. It will be interesting to see how receptive the commission is to Diaz’ defense considering his past failures.

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  • asdsadsadsa

    The only way i see this working out is, becuse Diaz have smoked weed for so long, he will have some metabolites in hes system, even if he hadn’t smoked for a longer period of time.. And that is the irregularity.

    Then again i am no expert in this, so this is just me theory crafting.

    • TheCerealKiller

      No offense, but you are 100% clueless on how it works and about how they required Diaz to test before the fight.

      • asdsadsadsa

        I didint comment how he was tested, cus i assumed he was tested the usuall way, they test for steroids or any other performance enhancing drugs / for any drugs roughly 1 or 2 months be4 a fight, dont remember specificlly.

        Pretty sure they did the normal test which he tested positive for weed metabolites.

        What i did a theory crafting on here, wasn’t how he got tested or so, cus they haven’t gone public that he got any special testing treatment or any other information.

        I just did theory crafting on how he could’ve possibly gotten positive on weed metabolites which is the more/longer you smoke, the longer it remain in your system, and that is proven.

        • Sir_Roy

          In any case. Who cares. It’s Marijuana. Kind of like stating “we found traces of red wine in his system” …

          Let’s break this down … Diaz held his own against Silva for 5 rounds on weed. Silva on the other hand? On roids.

          Real winner?

          Not a fan of Diaz. Just a fan of just proportion.

          • Sir_Roy

            I drink heaps of red wine by the way … never touched a joint in my life. Nothing against. Just not compelled. And I still stand by my “who cares” comment.

          • TheCerealKiller

            And that’s why I don’t reply to troll guest posts.

          • Sir_Roy

            I do for as long as it gives me a kick. Once I size the bloke down enough though, they get old and on the ignore list fairly quickly.

          • earlsimmons

            you sound like a liberal with the who cares crap. Rules are rules and he broke it by having a banned substance in his system. Simple as that.

          • Sir_Roy

            Not to sound too liberal, but who cares if I sound like a liberal? Rules are rules huh? That brand of mind numbing adherence to man made doctrine is the root cause of the world’s greatest atrocities. Rules, and their validity, need to be perpetually questioned to assure they are justly applied, and need to evolve with our times.

            Wait until you fall hard on the other side of that “rules are rules” nonsense. There is a lot of inequity in the world my man. Rampant right in the heart of the good ole US of A to boot.

            Left to schmucks who hide behind the “rules are rules” paradigm, slavery would still be wide spread and women would still not be allowed to vote. Grow up. Even better, open your eyes.

          • earlsimmons

            LOL comparing legalizing marijuana to slavery and womens right to vote. You liberals always give me a laugh. Slavery wasn’t a rule or law it was just allowed. If you had money to buy slaves you could. And women voting? Who the hell cares about women voting anyway. hillary clinton is the scummiest canidate and has an approval ratings with women for something like 80 plus percent. Ask women about bengazi or her breaking the law with those emails and they have no clue wtf you talking about. prob would have been better to not let them or people like you vote. And yes there is tons of inequity. just ask the pres or holder who accused darren wilson of being guilty. Most of the inequity comes from you libs so grow up.

          • Sir_Roy

            And why am I not surprised you COMPLETELY missed the point. Not surprised by your complete ignorance with regards the laws governing the slave trade though. Or your abhorrent sexism and ignorance with regards women, their equality and rights. You assuming everyone comes from the States born of her politics also proves how engrossed in your own navel you are.

            Man, scary how oblivious you are to your own complete and utter ignorance. Go crawl back from under the rock you slithered out from please and thank you. Good luck!!

          • earlsimmons

            LOL you sound like a complete moron. here i am trolling you and you trying to sound all smart and outwit me on a mma forum. Wow you are pathetic. I dont give a s— about slave laws or women rights. Just like to see how you libs react. Thank you for the laugh.

  • Darin

    Why would Diaz waste money on a lawyer for this? It makes no sense. I suspect this attorney contacted HIM, recognizing Diaz as the proverbial fool with money.

  • nickcruz

    Seems only fair since silva is doing the same.

  • Seth

    I feel bad for Nicky…he lost a fight. He will lose his career. And now he will lose a lot of money thanks to this lawyer bs. I thought he came back because he needed money – I guess now he has too much money…

    • TheCerealKiller

      I don’t feel bad because he’s an idiot. If you want to fight to legalize weed, that doesn’t literally mean “fight” in the octagon. Purposely getting busted on the big stage, trying to be a martyr, is dumb.

    • Mark McDowall

      Feel bad for what?? Short of someone holding a gun to his head and making him hit the blunt…he did this to himself. It’s not the first time either…or the second time. Until weed is legalized by the federal government it will be banned in all forms of competition.

  • amerigo vespucci

    since when are marijuana metabolites considered an ” enhancer” for combat? if im fighting I want someone who just got done smoking a blunt- they wont be breathing as well and their aggression will be down — Anderson cheatinass silva on the other hand has been ding chemicals for the longest– PS Im not an Aldo fan but I HOPE HE BEATS THE EGO outta conor– which is gonna take A LOT OF BEATING cause that irishman is in LOVE WITH HIMSELF

    • earlsimmons

      Not sure why the “enhancer” has anything to do with this since it on the banned substance list. And no1 cares about what kind of drugged up scumbag you want to fight.

    • Mark McDowall

      I agree with you that considering it a perforance enhancer is stupid. They should be called performance alterers or something like that. Because dulling your senses is just as dangerous as trying to enhance the way your body works.

  • Sir_Roy

    Translation: “Lol, here I am being dumb, saying ‘dumb sh!t’, because I’m dumb and have the time to waste, while you’re giving well thought out, intelligent answers that have unraveled my BS so I now need to pretend I was not serious because even though this is a ‘lowly’ MMA site, I still feel the need to save face. So, like, who’s being pathetic now huh??”

    Whatever makes you sleep at night bud.

    • earlsimmons

      HA keep it coming lib.

  • DamianCross

    There is literally a signed page in Nick’s retainer agreement that just says “Really? Are y..are you f—in serious?”