Nick Diaz Remains a UFC Fighter, but Dana White Says He’s Not Interested in Fighting Right Now

September 13, 2013
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Nick Diaz UFC 129Nick Diaz is retired. No wait, he wants a fight. No, he has some other things going on.

So what’s up with Nick Diaz? Does he remain a UFC fighter or not?

The simple answer is, yes, Nick Diaz is still a UFC fighter. But it gets more complicated than that if you want to know when or even if he will ever fight again.

“(Nick is) still an active fighter here in the UFC, but as far as I know, he’s just not interested in fighting right now. He doesn’t want a fight,” UFC president Dana White said during a FOX Sports hosted Google+ Hangout on Thursday.

The lack of motivation to take another fight could very well stem from Diaz having finally fought the biggest fight of his career.

He faced welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158 in March. Diaz lost a unanimous decision, but he won when it came to his bank account, at least, according to White he did. And that may be why Diaz isn’t chomping at the bit to get back in the Octagon.

“Obviously, when Nick finally fought Georges St-Pierre, Nick Diaz made some money,” said White. “So Nick Diaz has some kickback money. He can probably take as long as he wants to fight again. I would assume that’s why.

“You’re fighting to make a living. You’re fighting to pay your bills. You’re fighting to get things that you want out of life. With the money that Nick Diaz made in his last fight, I’m sure he’s got everything he wants right now.”

Following the St-Pierre fight, Diaz had said he was probably going to retire, but then backtracked a little bit, saying he would accept a rematch with GSP. That’s not going to happen any time soon.

But if White’s statement is accurate, Diaz has the luxury of time to determine whether or not he really does want to retire, or eventually steps back in the Octagon.

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  • Nick Diaz

    Yup, I Got all the weed I could ever want homie! What!

    • GSP

      And got bitch slapped by me for 5 rounds!

      • King_DG

        bitch slapped?! hardly. more like rolled around and dry humped

        • DamianCross

          That’s even more humiliating…

        • Baller31

          I’m a huge Diaz fan, but he was outclassed by GSP everywhere the fight went

    • bajafox

      Lol! Sweet pic on twitter with the big ass BUD homie

  • L

    LOL, thats awesome. Nick had probably never had more than $5k in his bank account. Sorry, lets make that $200. Nick Diaz is basically the King of Stockton, at this moment in time.

  • that’s_a_fact_jack

    oh Bob, you keep living in your fantasy world…Nick will be better off than you & the rest of your family…

    • Cereal Killer

      Wooooah, personal attacks on peoples families is beyond uncalled for. Leave peoples kids out of it!

      • Here we go again

        That is a moronic response.

        The guy started off saying “nick is a sad tragedy waiting to happen”.
        A sad tragedy involved death, or in the least grief.

        The response said that Nick will be better of than another person and the their family. Meaning, Nick came from nothing, and is building a gym, buying homes for his family, and is a huge celeb in the fight world. He made a mark on the world, and is BETTER OFF.

        Further more,
        there isn’t exactly “guys” like Nick in the sport. Name all the rest promoting eating health, not taking steroids, competing in triathlons regularly, bitching about the HORRIBLE judging and ruling system in the sport.

        Think before you speak.

  • that’s_a_fact_jack

    he has his own gym & trains fighters…so he makes money…

  • robc

    The funny thing is about the many criticisms of Nick is that people do not take into account the fact that besides pot smoking he lives a very clean, healthy life. He eats only organic, competes in marathons regularly and has his own gym and trains diligently with his team. The guy has had 35 pro fights over the last 12 years. Perhaps he is smart enough to only fight for big money fights as he would like to retire at some point brain damage and injury free…

    Holding pot smoking and his limited social skills against him is petty and frankly childish. If he can live off a million or so that he made from the GSP comfortably for the rest of his life (which he probably can in conjunction with his gym and other interests) more power to him. Sure we would all like to see him fight as he is far more exciting on a regular basis to watch, win or lose than GSP has been in years… Those that criticize the success of others are usually doing so from their mothers’ basement…

    • RonnieV

      Good Post Dude! Totally Agree

      • james j

        Marcus, your thread is so out of bounds it is laughable. Nick is just disrespectful and unprofessional in so many ways he invites criticism. I can careless about skateboarders and potheads. The guy should respect the sport, which he does not.

        • Marcus Miles

          Whats laughable is this dude has a better career than probably you me and everyone else commenting on this board and people like you think your above this guy. I think that is funny. Nick invites criticism and also a lot of hype to his name and people alway tune in for his fights. Hate him or love him, Nick has your attention. He speaks his mind and could care less what people think. He does respect the sport, he devotes his life to it. Who are you to set the bar on respecting MMA. Who are you,your just another critic. When have you heard Nick disrespect MMA. When have you seen him come into a fight out of shape looking past an opponent. He talks sh@t because its a fight. It isn’t golf nor a gentlemen’s sport, its a fight. Whats polite about beating someones ass?

          • james j

            Diaz looked so bad against GSP, I thought he was trying to intentionally get disqualified.

            I thought he would be indicted for tax fraud by now.

          • Marsus Miles

            He looked bad against GSP, so what, GSP is the best W.W. at the moment. He makes almost everyone look bad by out wrestling and standing with them. He beat KOS with just a jab in the stand up when they fought. There is no shame in being beat by an athlete like GSP. How was Nick trying to get a D.Q?

        • Kj Nooners

          He respects the sport just fine. Your perception of the sport is skewed. Unprofessional is using steroids, which the majority of fighters use. He doesn’t “invite” criticism, not all of us are born to have a camera on us. The guy is a fighter, through and through, and does more for the sport than you care to see. Promoting events for undercard fighters, embracing a healthy educated lifestyle, training hard, always paying due to his gym & team.

          The fact is, you see what you want to see. You only focus on what you want to see. Remove the cameras, the nonsense, and day to day, Nick is a stand up guy. He trains hard, supports his team, supports the sport, and certainly doesn’t need to be a public speaker, wanna-be politician, lying steroid user, or theoretical astro-physicist.

          He is more of a fighter than you, and 80% of the guys out there, and he has certainly done more in & for the sport than your opinion.

          Suck it up Sally, the expression is not “i could care less”. Maybe smoking some pot or learning to skate might improve your intelligence. Go back to school, because you pretending to be smarter than Diaz is laughable.

          • james j

            Hilarious post. Please post more. You are great entertainment.

    • Lawdog1521

      He’s an ***hole. **** him and the low rider he rode in on.

    • OverratedHippie

      I don’t dislike either Diaz brother for smoking pot. I dislike them for being disrespectful to their opponent. like giving them the finger, or bad mouthing them in the middle of the fight etc…

    • Marcus Miles

      You have to understand that Majority of the people on this thread talking shit are unhappy people that have nothing better to do with their lives but sit at home talking sh@t about another human being on a computer. As if their lives are way better than Nicks. They punch in and out at a time clock every day and cant wait to get off work. They look at every other burn out and put Nick in that category. However Nick is a huge success. His parents are probably really proud. He grew up in a shitty hood and found himself fighting on PPV on the biggest stage of MMA ever against the best in the world. He is a pro fighter getting money. He is no different than a pro surfer, skateboarder or pro snowboarder. Out of every fighter in this planet that wanted to be pro, he did it and thousands failed.

    • pauledangerously

      -Discourse from a Grandmother’s Basement

      Also, thank you for the “…” to end each paragraph — brilliant stuff

  • uncle

    Diaz is not interested because he didn’t take the fight
    with Machida, which was going to run like Condit, I
    would pass too ..give him Matt Brown, Rick Story ,Maia

  • james j

    I am not interested in another Nick Diaz fight. I enjoy watching Nate, but they need to figure out how to wrestle. Nick’s so called world class juijitsu was exposed as non-existent. He looked horrible against GSP.