Nick Diaz Posts Photos Causing Stir Over Sunday Night Police Incident

March 18, 2013
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Nick Diaz Citrus Heights PoliceUFC welterweight Nick Diaz caused quite a stir late Sunday night when he posted photos to Twitter and Instagram showing him on the side of the road with Citrus Heights police cars in the background, lights flashing.

Diaz was involved in an incident that took place with two individuals arrested by the Citrus Heights Police Department, according to Sgt. David Moranz. Diaz was not one the individuals arrested.

“(Diaz) was a passenger in a vehicle on Sunday night, March 17, around 11 p.m. (PT),” Moranz told “The vehicle was stopped for driving the wrong way on a one-way street in downtown Sacramento.”

Diaz had just returned to California from Montreal, having lost a five-round unanimous decision to UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158 on Saturday night.

The driver of the car that Diaz was a passenger of was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant, while another passenger was arrested for possession of concentrated cannabis (commonly referred to as hashish).

Diaz was not accused of or charged with any violations.

“He was cooperative and released without incident,” Sgt. Moranz added.

Sgt. Moranz was also one of the officers on the scene.

Diaz posted the photos with little information accompanying them, saying only “Yes i am on the sidewalk :/” and “We lost Alix and Vic” alongside his Instagram pictures, leading to much conjecture.

In the end, according to Sgt. Moranz, Diaz was a passenger in the vehicle and released from the scene without incident.

(Photo courtesy of @NickDiaz209 via Twitter archive.)

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  • Hodor’s Odor

    Hey Nick keep control…

  • Lawdog1521

    Cruising around CH at 11 P.M. on a Sunday with your scumbag friends… Nick Diaz, classy as always.

  • Trevor

    No surprise here…..he is such a train wreck.

    • bajafox

      Lol, what did he do? He was a fkn passenger and did nothing, how is he a train wreck? Your blind hatred for him only makes you sound stupid

      Speaking of Trainwreck, that’s one damn good strain

      • Alex Adams

        Hum…since proved wrong…Cannabis usage’s still illegal in MMA. It al
        most like if he was caught with Steroid or something like that…or get caught with people who possed them. more
        test. More Often. Nick didnt do anything illegal but just was with the wrong people at the wrong time!He’s a train wreck compared to what he could be if he straightend up is life. The guy got all the potential to be even better than he’s right now

        • bajafox

          I’ll agree with the second half of your post, he had/has the potential but the reality is he wasn’t managed correctly and it’s all gone to waste. Nothing you said makes him a train wreck though.

          If he had proper representation there is no doubt in my mind he would be in a better situation both personally and professionally.

          • MuayThaiFood

            You should get hired on as a Diaz apologist or maybe you want to be his Daddy. No matter what it is you can come up with an excuse for him. Ok, if he has bad representation he can hire whoever he wants, switch training camps….whatever. But he just whines and people like you will make excuses for him all day long.

          • bajafox

            For every 100 haters like you there is one of me standing up for Diaz. You’re not saying anything that hasn’t been said.

            I would work for Diaz for free if I could.

          • MuayThaiFood

            I’m not a Diaz hater fool. And it’s obvious you would work for free but he doesn’t need one more idiot apologist working for him free or not. You’re actually starting to creep me out baja. You sound like a stalker.

          • bajafox

            Does calling me names make you feel that you’re winning the discussion/debate/argument?

            What other “idiot” on here do you see doing what I’m doing?

          • MuayThaiFood

            “Does calling me names make you feel that you’re winning the discussion/debate/argument?”

            No, my winning the argument does though..

          • Mcgiggity

            You ain’t won s*** son

          • MMAreality

            bajafox is an engineer and nobody has the smarts he does. He is also Nick Diaz’s home boy.He loves to tell people how great he is. Just ask him he will let you know.

          • MMAreality

            Alex you now justified bajafox has agreed with the second half of your comment. bajafox is the smartest most intelligent guy on this comment area.

      • Trevor

        My blind hatred? No sir your blind ignorance! He gets in fights in hospitals, is clearly uneducated, admits tax evasion in a public forum, associates with criminals, can’t pass drug tests, acts like a thug in interviews, is clearly on a path to nowhere fast and his having some serious trouble winning fights these days…. This is not hatred you moron this is clear reality! If this is not train wreck what is???

  • MMbrAin

    This is why Nick’s whining about “what I have to work with” has no merit. Yes, dude had it rough. But you can’t blame your losses on your situation when that situation exists in large part from self-inflicted wounds. He’s had plenty of opportunity to make more with what he’s got. Hope he can turn it around.

    • kbroesq

      Yup. No doubt about it – he does this to himself, and he has no one else to blame but himself. And in response to the anticipated argument I know I will receive, there are a lot of fighters in the UFC with worse backgrounds and upbringings than Diaz and they know what TO DO and what NOT TO DO.

    • shawndx

      Real talk

  • bajafox

    WTF? Since when is hash illegal in California? Unless he had enough for intention to sell, he should have only received a ticket with pocession (sp?) and at the most $100 fine.

    • shakejunt

      it is legal, but not when you’re driving erratically after presumably smoking it

      • bajafox

        Yea, if the driver was high and had it on him, nothing more to say than he’s an idiot.

        • Lawdog1521

          Reread the article, he had a warrant.

    • MuayThaiFood

      WTF?? Since when so they fine you for a legal activity?? Tell the truth bajafox, you like to cook those brain cells don’t you? That’s the only way I can see someone writing something so stupid. It’s illegal for recreational use so unless the cops got it completely wrong then you could surmise that he had more than an ounce otherwise he would have just been cited.

      • bajafox

        Define “cook brain cells?” If you knew anything about weed, which you obviously do not, it doesn’t “cook” brain cells. As a matter of fact, it increases the receptors and makes the brain more active. I’d go into detail but I doubt you have the mental capacity to understand.

        Marijuana is illegal for recreational use in Commiefornia, but if caught by city or state police with less than an ounce, it is only a ticket.

        The article lacks enough details to make any kind of conclusion to continue arguing over it anyway. My point was, hash, although illegal in California, is only worth a ticket depending on the weight. Jay walking is illegal also, but we do it all the time.

        • Lawdog1521

          Let me put it in layman’s terms. It was a misdemeanor warrant, which was probably a bench warrant. When you’re supposed to be in court and you say, “**** it” and don’t show up, the judge says, “No, **** you” and issues a bench warrant. The next time you run into an officer you come back with a hit when they run your name and you’re automatically arrested and dragged to court.

        • MuayThaiFood

          For the record I’m not against it and I wish they would just legalize it. Too much money wasted trying to enforce it. You have a right to your denial bit I think you are smart enough to know I didn’t mean “cook” in any literal sense.. You’re such a smart guy in fact I just thought you should be able to figure out that the passenger must have had more than an ounce or they wouldn’t have arrested him. It’s the only logical conclusion you can draw based on the information in the article.
          You were the one who made the claim that hash was legal in California so don’t blame me for not following your “logic”.

        • kbroesq

          I’m sorry, but that’s ridiculous. First of all, you’re talking about when the drug is in your system, and the word ‘active’ doesn’t mean anything. I could smoke crack and my brain would be more ‘active.’ I’ve known many people who smoke habitual marijuana and long-term use clearly makes them less receptive, more anxious, stressed and anti-social (without weed, of course). I’ve had several people in the professional world tell me they just have to stop because they felt like they couldn’t go into a social situation without it.

          Diaz is the best example. Does that guy look like he’s benefiting from weed? He’s slow-witted, anxious, anti-social, and he can’t even start a sentence and end one on the same topic. I’m not talking about people who want to smoke it once in a while, but don’t pretend like you can smoke weed every day without adverse effects. That’s simply absurd, and there’s no amount of ‘pot-smoker’ “research” anyone can show me to think differently. I’ve seen it in action over and over and over again.

          • ShotokanJJ

            What about Joe Rogan? Smokes everyday and he is very good communicating,had his own podcast, tv show and colorful commentator for ufc. the problem is not the weed, is the individual. Im pretty sure diaz has some social disorder, you shouldnt just say he is like this because of weed. I smoke weed everyday since i was 13, i Study, Work and i train Jiu Jitsu,karate and boxing every day. I have no trouble what so ever communicating. So again, the problem is not weed, is the individual.

          • eggs080

            Diaz is one of the best mma fighters in the world and made more money saturday night then u probably have in your entire life so ya i would say its working for him and as far as his lack of social skills… maybe it has something to do with the fact that hes been fighting since he was 16

      • Mcgiggity

        MJ is legal for recreational use if you have a prescription.

        • Lawdog1521

          A prescription is only valid for legitimate medical issues. So, no, MJ is not legal for recreational use.

          • Mcgiggity

            Pretty tough difference to prove in a court of law, genius.

  • b-soc

    Anyone wanna place a wager? Diaz ends up in Prison with 6 calendar months for a serious offence, or worse, ends up dead. I’m not saying this to be mean – the writing is on the wall!!!

    • bajafox

      Prison for what? Did you read the article? He didn’t do anything, he was a passenger in a car with people who broke the law and left behind stranded, lol.

      • DrRJE

        the taxes thing is a little worrisome…probably should have thought of another way to illustrate the fact that he hasn’t “grown up” yet…

        • bajafox

          Yea, taxes are no joke, just ask Wesley Snipes and Nick Cage

    • GoNoles

      the dude has never gotten in trouble with the law in his life, its hilarious how total strangers know the guy better than his family and friends it seems.

      • Lawdog1521

        He lives in the murder capital of California and runs with gang banging friends. He’s admitted he’s never paid taxes and he dumb as a fence post. I’d say prison or dead is somewhat of a safe bet.

        • Mcgiggity

          Nick Diaz doesn’t run with gang bangers. It is unlikely that he will be dead or in prison anytime soon.

          • Lawdog1521

            Bull****. Show me someone from Stockton that doesn’t hang out with bangers. And obviously he hangs out with people who have warrants. It’s safe to say that the Stockton trash he hangs out with aren’t pacifist.

          • Rob

            My god you are an a******. ‘Everyone’ in Stockton is trash? A statement like that says a lot more about you and your own likeness to ‘trash’ than anything… Stay classy ‘Lawdog1521’.

        • eggs080

          never been arrested b4 and if hes dumber than a fence post why is he famous and making more money than you?

  • Gary Fredericks

    Diaz is either:

    1) Saying stupid $hit to keep his fans and haters tuned in since his last fight really crashed his stock as an elite welterweight.

    2) Punch drunk and on a downward spiral.

    Been a long time fan of Diaz, but I’m going with 1.5…a little of both. I think he’s hit that point in his high-mileage career where the end is in sight and he cannot fathom what comes next…as have/do many fighters. See Liddell, Ortiz, Couture, W. Silva…

    • RonnieV

      Crashed his stock? Was Diaz ever hurt in that fight? The fight went exactly how most people thought. Takedowns & boring ground action. Was not a great fight for Diaz, he didn’t push the action or throw punches like he’s used to. He spent the entire 4th & 5th round defending the takedowns instead of boxing. Third round was his only good round, I was surprised GSP won that round on the cards.

      • RonnieV

        But Yes, GSP thoroughly outpointed him for at least four rounds, and won the fight hands down.

        • Gary Fredericks

          I’m not at all saying that I disagree with your points RonnieV. As I said above, I am a longtime DIaz fan. GSP is the most boring fighter ever when it comes to excitement. I highly respect him for what he has accomplished and can do. He is EXTREMELY talented and can master any fighting style he trains in, but he lacks the ability to finish his opponents. He is all athlete and only part fighter. He may win a lot (by boring decision/effective game planning), but if he had a face like Hendricks or lacked the loads of marketable charisma, I do not believe he would have the fan base that he does and the PPV drawing power that comes with that. However, I do think that Diaz clearly falls behind the other contenders at WW, and quite arguably did before the GSP fight.

          All this talk from Diaz & co. about only doing “big fights”, well I think he’s going to have to scrape a few wins with the leaders at WW and with Hendricks next for the GSP bore machine or possibly shelved for some time with a boxer’s fracture….say Diaz vs Condit II? Diaz vs Kampman? Heck, I would be ok with a Diaz vs Marquardt matchup. Diaz is on a downward spiral, both mentally and professionally. I hope he can pull himself together before he jacks his future to pieces.

  • Jojo

    As I commented on another article… I’ll up the ante and wager $100 bucks that Diaz fails his UFC drug test.

  • nice picture.

  • Brandon Kohn

    It is an individuals decision to rise above or fall below. Nick has chosen a sad path.

  • Deconstruction

    That’s a good friend who will hold Nick’s hash for him.

    • bajafox

      Lol, good friends are hard to come by

  • The_Commentator

    Nicks stupidity is contagious.
    Just having him in the car caused the driver to drive the wrong way on the road.
    Or perhaps, it was just second hand smoke.

  • Mcgiggity

    What a bunch of candyasses. “Ooh, nick Diaz was in a car and the driver got a misdemeanor weed charge, what a bad guy nick Diaz is”. listen to yourselves. Are you a bunch of cops or what?

    Mike Vick tortures dogs to death for fun and the eagles sign him, nick Diaz is a passenger in a car that had weed in it and people are talking about him being a scumbag on the brink of death.

    Really folks. Choose your battles. This is nothing.

    • Lawdog1521

      This isn’t Diaz’s first rodeo. From starting **** at hospitals to curb stomping people on national TV, I’d say Nick has done more than his fair share to earn the hate.

  • Gio

    The guy is more successful and has accomplished more than any of us so f*** OFF.

    • DamianCross

      I don’t know about that. I may not make as much money as Diaz by ratio of work involved, but I’m paid up on my taxes and I definitely do not blow my money banging around a washed up wasteland like the 209…

    • MuayThaiFood

      Speak for yourself, I wouldn’t trade places with him.

  • Sir_Roy

    Diaz. The Lindsay Lohan of MMA.

  • MMAreality

    Ok it is time for the UFC to cut him. Strikeforce had no choice to employee his messed up life. But the UFC has better fighters to represent the organization.

    • Rob

      LoL. Not too bright are you? Are you aware that Dana White is absolutely glowing at the numbers coming back from UFC 158. Nick sells PPV’s, NO chance he gets cut. Dana loves him some Diaz boys.

      • RonnieV

        So does MMAWeekly, they have never had so many website hits or comments. He is MMA’s most enigmatic figure.

      • Tommy Blingshyne

        no GSP sells PPVs…dont ever get it twisted…

      • Trevor

        Not to bright are you! The Diaz brothers cause trouble and act like morons and cause stress. Dana isn’t hurting for cash and Nick won’t be around for long.

  • diazfan209

    dude gets pulled over and everyone makes him out to be a trainwreck…… lighten up people! (literally)

  • james j

    Nick, you need to read stories on the life of Tyson