Nick Diaz Placed on Temporary Suspension for UFC 183 Marijuana Positive

February 18, 2015
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During Tuesday’s Nevada Athletic Commission hearing, Nick Diaz was temporarily suspended for testing positive for marijuana metabolites following his UFC 183 main event bout against Anderson Silva on Jan. 31.

Nick-Diaz-UFC-The-Time-Is-Now-Press-02It was the third time Diaz has tested positive for marijuana in his career.

He first returned a positive test result following his PRIDE 33 bout against Takanori Gomi in February 2007. He also failed his UFC 143 post-fight drug test after losing an interim UFC welterweight title fight to Carlos Condit.

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The temporary suspension passed unanimously.

Diaz will face disciplinary action during a March NAC meeting. The date for the March meeting has yet to be determined.

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  • Fred Hawekotte

    what a joke

  • Daniel Milton

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  • runner2300

    Why is Diaz being temporarily suspended but Jon Jones gets nothing????? I mean…seriously!!!!!!!

    • Neil

      I think the argument/difference is the Diaz positive came from a fight night test, whereas the Jones positive came from an ‘out of competition’ test.

      • UfcUltimateFloorCuddling

        It still bull. Just because its not the ufc it doesn’t mean anything. Jon still did it that the problem. The ufc see jones as a meal ticket. I bet you if jones wasn’t popular he would already be canned.

        Tell me what worst? Weed or cocaine? i’m guessing the ufc and their crappy commission thought it was weed. Lol

        • don’t_be_scared

          I like the name.. Ultimate f—ing clowns is good too.

          • ca8050

            your disdain for the UFC is like eating a goose that lays golden eggs. if no UFC then no MMA as we know it today and you would have to find something else to post negative comments about.

          • monkey

            How do you know I don’t already post negative comments on other sites. There are an abundance of stupid organizations, tv shows, and music these days. No shortage of things and people to make fun of these days. Finding real talent… now that is difficult!

        • ca8050

          your comments show a complete disconnect from reality!

          • monkey

            lol… lol

    • don’t_be_scared

      The commission sees Nick Diaz to be on par with the likes of Hamas, Hesboullah, Taliban, not quite Isis material but still bad enough. Jon Jones picked a less traceable drug. Also one that is done by many Americans who never admit it.

    • ca8050

      testing positive for “out of competition” drug that is NOT banned is very different from testing positive for a banned substance right after the fight.

  • TheCerealKiller

    I hope this results in a lifetime ban. Your boss tells you not to do something, but you do it three times proven? Go pack my groceries

    • don’t_be_scared

      Do you eat a lot of cereal? Fruit Loops, lucky charms?

      • TheCerealKiller


    • Erik

      Nick having to pack your groceries because he can’t fight? Your an idiot if you think that’s the only way he can make money.

      • snapdad

        you’re right. because packing groceries would require you to show up for work on time, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. oh yah, and to come to work without being high.

        • Erik

          Well go ahead and pack all the groceries you like, in the meantime nick will be doing bjj seminars at 10,000 a pop whenever he wants. You ppl are silly.

  • don’t_be_scared

    Can’t wait to see Nick Diaz back in action! What! What! That Silva fight was a classic! Should be ruled a no contest. Nick Always has a future selling marijuana, should he be banned from mma.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Made an account for that?

      • don’t_be_scared

        Sure Nick Diaz needs our support. He is a leader!

  • NAC is a JOKE!!

    What a Farce….. Nevada has Legal Medical Marijuana.

  • NAC is a JOKE!!

    I hope Nick did it to make a point, on how Hypocritical the NAC is… It is medically legal in that state. How would they treat a resident? It is illegal for any NV state government to prosecute a prescribed medical marijuana user in NV state.

    • Timothy Malone

      It is not against the law to drink alcohol either, but you still can’t be drunk during the fight

  • nate

    i’m not saying diaz didn’t smoke while “in competition” but its already come out that he couldn’t provide a sample below the allowable 150ng/ml or whatever til days before the fight. and if you look into it there are documented cases of people quiting pot, starting a workout program and testing double the levels of the day they quit weeks later because of thc being stored in fat cells and burning fat releases it back into the blood stream. so it is possible that he didn’t smoke right before or after the fight but either way weed is not a ped and shouldn”t be banned especially if it truely is for medical purposes. its bs that hes going to get atleast a year suspension while silva for steroids will only get a year max.

    • MikeMcK

      The banned substance list was never supposed to be a PED list. There are plenty of drugs on that list that help people medically. In fact from a commission standpoint if it effects Diaz in a harmful way it’s every bit as bad.
      The banned list is supposed to keep people safe. Technically speaking there isn’t a difference in one fighter in a single fight being enhanced, and that same fighter in the same situation being dehanced instead. Either way a fighter would be at a disadvantage.

      Btw, I know you didn’t say it was harmful to Diaz. Just something I’ve heard people say, and since you said it wasn’t a PED I assume you think it either has no effect, or a negative one.

      • nate

        I completely agree, thing banned list isn’t just for stuff that gives an advantage but also stuff that could create a disadvantage. I went on a rant and got off topic in my original comment. was kinda pissed that silva was positive for peds in a random test 3 weeks before a fight against an already smaller fighter and the results don’t come in till after the fight. Obviously no care was given for diaz’ safety by Silva/Silvas camp or the nac, yet he’ll get a slap on the wrist compared to diaz because this is his first time. I was more trying to make the point that until there is a more accurate way to test for pot that it shouldn’t be on the banned “in competition” list since it’s only a 24hr period and there are to many variables in the testing to know for sure that it was used during that time.

    • TheCerealKiller

      That would hold true for a normal person, but not a guy excessively working out and cutting weight. He submitted a clear sample three days before the fight while going through all that workout. People that use when “truely is for medical purposes” are in no condition to fight.

      • nate

        He submitted a sample that was below the allowable limit of 150ng/l three days before the fight, that doesn’t mean it was clear. I do get what you’re saying about him training and constantly working out, so it wouldn’t have been a change in his routine. But there is going to be more adrenaline and stress in a main event fight than just training which could have been enough to raise levels. The studies being done on it show that even just the stress from being in a car accident can burn fat and affect levels. Plus, since he moved up a weight class, I don’t believe he had to cut weight for this fight or very little if he did so he would have had more body fat than normal as it is. Again I’m not claiming he didn’t smoke, but until there is a more accurate test for pot (timewise) they really can’t say that he definitely did. Also there are plenty of conditions where people are prescribed pot and could still be in fighting condition. Such as social anxiety like nick has, it is also a natural anti inflammatory which can help relieve joint pain instead of putting synthesized chemicals in your body.

        • TheCerealKiller

          You can’t smoke pot and fight. End of story.

          • nate

            That’s your opinion and its your human right to have your opinion. But with weed being legalized for recreational use in more and more states there is no reason for it to be treated any different than alcohol. Police now have saliva tests that detect it up to 6 hours after use. Thats what the commissions should be using, one before the fight one after since it isn’t banned out of competition. And if you’re going to say its still illegal federally, it is total bs that it is unless they lower the schedule on it, seeing as its classed as having no medicinal use but yet the gov’t has multiple patents on the main ingredients in it. One last point to ponder, its in its infancy, but there are studies being done because there is a preliminary evidence showing that pot might help heal and repair brain injuries, which would be beneficial to anyone involved in contact sports. This will be the last of my pot education sessions. We are all entitled to our own opinion. Yours is you can’t fight on pot, mine is that if its not banned out of competition and the tests being done can’t accurately prove that it was used in the 12 hours before and after the fight then they shouldn’t be able to punish the fighters for it.

    • mmafanguy

      Maybe but I think The UFC begin to be tired of all his problem and his attitude so suspension or not, I don’t think he would a fought anytime soon.

  • CB

    Are you f@cking serious? I know the athletic commission couldn’t suspend jones based on their rules but Dana could have. Diaz is getting a raw deal on this one!

  • Guest

    Diaz should be fired and doesnt deserve to have a job with the UFC.