Nick Diaz on Georges St-Pierre: ‘If I Were in His Place, I’d Be Asking for Anderson Silva”

March 13, 2013
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Carlos-Condit-Nick-Diaz-9286-UFC-143When the UFC matched up welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre with Nick Diaz for the UFC 158 main event, nearly everyone thought the smack talk leading up to the fight would be epic, particularly from Diaz.

Then St-Pierre started saying things like he wanted the fight with Diaz because he really wanted to shut him up, that “Diaz deserves to be beat down.”

The comments are uncharacteristic of St-Pierre, and Diaz’s reserve has left him being the one more-or-less responding to the champion’s trash talk instead of what most thought would be vice-versa.

Diaz isn’t afraid to speak his mind, but thus far he hasn’t been the “unleashed” version of Nick Diaz that many expected, and he’s actually defended all the chatter that he trash talked his way into this fight.

“I’m the real fighter. The guy that trained karate as a kid, went to the boxing gym, and went to the jiu-jitsu academy,” said Diaz in a recent UFC interview. “I started from 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, by 23 I was fighting No. 1 people in the world.

“I will tell you right now, I want to fight the No. 1 fighter in the world. I have always said that. I want to fight the No. 1 fighter. Georges has never said that. That’s the only thing I’ve ever said negative about Georges.”

It’s a strong criticism, but it’s hardly the epic trash talk he’s often accused of.

“If I were in his place, I would do more,” Diaz continued. “I would be asking for the Anderson Silva fight. I wouldn’t let that blow away. That’s crazy!”

There’s still a week and a half to go until St-Pierre and Diaz hit the Octagon at the Bell Centre in Montreal, plenty of time for Diaz to talk the talk, but he seems more intent on walking the walk.

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  • Timothy Malone

    I am a GSP fan and not a fan of Diaz, but I have to admit he is correct here. After such a long reign as welterweight champion GSP should be looking to take the next step and beat a legend like Silva, not fighting a guy coming off a loss.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Yeah, let’s have GSP fight a guy who out weighs him by more than 40lbs, move up & fight him at a weight he’s never fought before & be at a HUGE disadvantage before he even steps foot in the Octagon (yeah sounds like a good idea)?!? 4″ height adv, 40+lbs weight adv, 3″ reach advantage, size & strength advantage all for SILVA! But hey let’s take the fight, b/c Silva wants it so much, b/c its an easier fight. The only way I take that fight if I’m GSP, is for Silva to make 170lbs, no problem. Other than that, it’s a lose lose all around. The size, strength, height & reach advantages for Silva is enough to worry about, but to fight at a higher weight for the 1st time in your career vs. Silva is jsut plain stupid.
      Have Silva fight Jones first!!!

      • Shawn

        Learn your weight classes. Silva only outweighs GSP by 15 pounds. GSP walks around at 190 pounds while Anderson is around 205 before cutting. I agree this is still a disadvantage, but get your facts straight as Silva is a Middle Weight not a Light Heavy as your weight classes state above.

        • kbroesq

          You’re telling him to learn his weight classes, but you clearly don’t know how much these guys weigh. Silva walks around at 220+ and Georges probably weighs 190+. If they were to fight at 185, George would probably not weigh much more than that come fight time, and Silva would weigh well over 200.

          I think his point is well taken. First of all, a GSP fight with Diaz isn’t really ‘blowing’ a fight between GSP and Silva anyway. GSP is probably going to beat Diaz, and when he does, he will have even more cache to ask for Silva. GSP is probably going to lose to Silva. People don’t get the size difference, and they think GSP is just going to take Silva down and beat him up. As good as GSP is at wrestling, it’s doubtful he will be able to take down someone so much bigger and taller than him, and even less likely he will be able to keep him down.

          • Ian Price

            That’s why it will probably be around 177.5. Good compromise.

          • BjPen110

            GSP is a lean 190+ Anderson is lean at around 205. Don’t act like he cuts from a muscular 220

          • Humguy

            I believe that he does exactly that.

          • Truth

            Anderson doesn’t walk around at 220+ do you know how fat he’d be?

          • kbroesq

            To Truth and BjPen110, I really have nothing to say other than, ‘yes, he does walk around at 220, and it’s a lean 220.’ Silva is big. He’s tall, and as D. White says, when you stand next to him, you realize how densely muscled he is. Even when he fights at 205, he weighs in at 205. It’s not like he weighs in a 200 or something.

          • Anderson isnt big

            Anderson Silva does not cut 35 pounds.
            He cuts from between 200-205 usually.
            He may get up to 220 in between camps but most LHWs cut from around 220-225.
            Anderson isnt even a big MW and has fought at 168 before.

          • Guest

            idiot…humans cant lose or gain weigh????there is a reason a we take weigh for god sake

          • Haha

            220 lol whats wrong with you? hahaha

          • Anon

            So you know Silva walks around at 220+? Really you know that? For a fact?

          • will you ever shut up?

          • a

            thats exactly what gsp would do idiot take him down and take him down and so on for 5 rounds untill he wins by decision like gsp’s last 5 fights show clearly

        • darron

          Silva could always fight the likes of Stefan Bonner again. What a joke of a fight. I refused to pay for that garbage. Silva and Jon Jones is the fight the fans want but Silva knows he would get the beating of his life!

        • Humguy

          Actually, on the ufc Brazil tv show, inside his crib he said he was weighing 220. During the part of the interview in andersons kitchen, he wasn’t looking fat a bit.

          • Yannick Messaoud

            A catch weight would be best for that super fight, 180 sounds best for both guys i guess. I hope this fight does happen it will be amazing

      • Crashman

        I agree with this as well, Silva who walks around at 220 and just knows how to cut weight stands what 6’2 , GSP is 5’10 i believe, and sure you can cut the weight then on fight day Silva’s back at 200+ , it MAKES a huge difference, but all the haters all saying crap about why GSP isnt fighting, its ludicrous. If thats the case why isnt Silva being all like “sure give me jon jones” .. he’s so reluctant on that its hilarious.

        • Sir_Roy

          We all need to stop pretending the Jones fight holds the same payoff as a GSP fight.

          Silva’s not afraid. These fighters are not scared. They’re business men. Silva’s simply at a point in his career where he’s looking at the most lucrative fights because he can. He wants to fight the bigger PPV draws. There are none bigger than GSP.

          If he can make easy money off easy fights in the interim (Stephan Bonnar for example), then that works too. Low risk, easy money, gap fillers between bouts.

          Georges is the highest PPV draw. That’s why Silva wants that fight more. Afterward, I’m positive he’d set his sights on Jones. But it’s smarter to fight GSP first. There’s significantly more money to be made there for less risk. Beating GSP, the Jones fight is made even more viable. Beating Jones, the GSP fight not so much …

          • darron

            So why did Silva fight Stephan Bonner?

          • rolln808

            are you stupid? it was to save an event after injury. anyone who knows about that event knows that.

          • darron

            So Bonner was the only one who would take the fight right Mr MMA man? There was lots of time to get a worthy opponent for that fight. Bonner had time to get jacked up on steroids. Now, who is the stupid one I ask?

          • Maddawgmar

            Thank you. You sir are a 100% correct. You got a guy on top for a long time v a guy who just rose up. Or a guy on top for a long time v a guy on top for a long time.

            GSP v Silva is like boxings Paquiao v Mayweather. As Silva v Jones is like Mayweather v Canelo Alvarez.

            If GSP or Jones were to lose then the fights become less interesting. As is the case between Mayweather v Paquiao.

          • brian stevens

            we’ve had several disagreements, but you are totally spot on here.

        • darron

          Where were the Silva fans who knock GSP for fighting Diaz when Silva fought Stephan Bonner?

        • Yannick Messaoud

          Its not a question about hating GSP fights are boring plain and simple, he was good but is last fights where far from impressive, yes he gets the guy to the ground but he can’t finish, taking nothing away from him he is one of the best athletes in MMA but is fights are boring, maybe it would take a guy like Silva to make a great fight, all of Silva fights end up with a sub or KO which makes some exciting fights.

      • Do you actually read and understand the things you say?? You complain about all these advantages silva has over gsp but then turn around and say “oh should fight Jones” lol You’re very contradicting.

      • u dont know sh!t

        you’ve probably never trained a day in your life. funny how everyone thinks they know everything about mma

        • mush4brains

          I used to train Strikeforce, but now all I train is Bellator

      • darron

        I agree, let Silva man up and fight Bones Jones, the true pound for pound best fight in the world!

        • Humguy

          A better match yes but jones is not better than gsp, pound per pound and even if he show himself to be you can say hes done it yet.

          • darron

            Seriously? I’m a big GSP fan but he hasn’t finished anyone in forever. He has turned to nothing but a wrestler now. His striking is poor, other than the jab, and he has to resort to the take-down. He is on the slide and I feel like Diaz will knock him out. Jon Jones hasn’t reached his full potential and and would punish Silva.

      • You do know Silva started fighting at Welterweight right? 167 i believe,stop making excuses for GSP. He’s scared plain and simple.

        • Reed

          You’re right…. he is scared!lol He’s also about to lose his belt. Nick is ready for anything st pierre has, just like he says in this video. the only advantage st pierre has is his wrestling which is going to get him nowhere against Diaz! the end!

        • Humguy

          Thats not saying mus. Most guys go up over there career especially when they start young. Hes well over 200 now, thats what matters.

      • Lucas Freire

        But if someone says to Silva: Fight Jon Jones,who cares if he walks around 250~260 pounds,is taller and has a HUGE reach advantage right? While Silva would be a small LHW,Jones would be a lean,athletic heavyweight. Both fights makes sense,the problem is that it’s just common sense for you haters to put Silva against the odds…not that a fight against GSP is a guaranteed win by any means. lol

      • brian stevens

        i’ve posted this before on here, but people still propagate the same b.s. Silva and GSP weigh about the same on fight days. Thats right. GSP weighs in at 170 but fights around 195 the day of. Silva weighs in at 185 and weighs around 195 on fight day.

      • brian stevens

        you are wrong about how far apart they are on fight day.

  • insane187288

    the problem is that he isnt where gsp is. beat Gsp then get at calling out anderson. Gsp is a very smart man and making sure he is top of his game after his surgery is a very smart move.

    • bajafox

      I agree, as much as I would like to see Diaz fight Silva, he needs to convincingly beat GSP first and maybe even defend the title once or twice.

  • Matte

    I like both GSP and Diaz.

    And I don’t doubt Diaz Words here. I don’t think he would ever turn down a fight.

    Personally I don’t think GSP vs Silva makes much sense though. There are weight classes for a reason. (Not saying I wouldnt be really excited if they were fighting.)

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    But your not so worry about guys like GSP and Condit

  • JImmyyy

    I think that GSP is making sure that he is at the top of his game after being out for so long. Plus since the time he was out new talent has emerged. Let him take care of the welter weight division and then think about Silva.

  • The truth

    If I were Silva I would be asking for Jon Jones. If he is the best pound 4 pound he should only be focusing on the bigger challenge. A bigger younger fighter that is dominating the class above Silva. There is more risk for GSP then for Silva. Why is everyone attacking GSP when he is not the one calling out people outside of his weight class.

  • Jmoney510

    I’m a diaz fan and think he is ready for anything st pierre can throw at him.. But I don’t think he knows how to deal with runners… And that’s what gsp will bring to the table to frustrate him… I wish ufc gave yellow cards when fighters don’t fight cause losing a percentage of your purse really seemed to light a fire under a lot of fighters ass’s during a fight

    • Rory

      I agree. After St Pierre gets his 2 or 3 first rounds takedowns I think Diaz will dictate this fight with constant pressure, and will go for the all out attack if George pulls a condit.

      • Ian Price

        The problem with chasing GSP is that he’ll occasionally get with a double leg takedown while you’re charging forward.

        • Sir_Roy

          Right. Another problem with GSP is that he hits back.

          Diaz will not run all over GSP with his boxing. GSP strikes very effectively with hands and feet. However, if Diaz tries to smother GSP with his pillow punches, he will get taken down to be sure … on that we agree.

    • Sir_Roy

      Haven’t seen GSP run yet … don’t know why you feel he will now with Diaz. Blame him for hugging, or laying and praying (or whatever) if you really must jump that bandwagon … but running? That’s a preemptive lowballing right there with no foundation in fact.

      That said, I agree that Diaz needs to be aggressive right out the gate and smother Georges with nonstop punches. To do that effectively, Diaz’ best bet is to forget about the take-downs. By now, fighters should know they will happen. GSP wants you on the mat, you’re going to the mat.

      Diaz needs to focus on boxing GSP in the stand-up without doing so tentatively or defensively due to the constant and looming threat of the almighty ‘take-down’. Boxing aggressively at the bell, and working to absolutely perfect his sub game off his back. Those are two areas you can bank on the fight being for 25 minutes. If Diaz is too tentative in the stand up though, too wary of the take-downs, he doesn’t have a chance IMHO.

      • Fidios

        Diaz is not worried about the takedown. Watch the video!

        • Sir_Roy

          He should be!

          Let me rephrase, not worried, but prepared. He needs to plan to fight an A game off his back … if he doesn’t, he’s delusional, because he will be on his back the second he starts unloading his feather punches in GSP’s general vicinity.

  • Native.nation187

    All you p****** talkin about weight difference stfu jus throw down and that’s it size doesn’t mean shit

  • tipsyhippy


    • Fidios

      I think diaz will win this fight with his relentless attack. George won’t be able to hold him down, and he will find himself in big trouble once he starts getting tagged,and when Diaz smells blood he swarms JoeRogan quote! Diaz isn’t going to let another runner get away! I know all the st pierre fans think other wise, however, Diaz is an animal and George has nothing Nick can’t handle. Bad match up for George!

      • Sir_Roy

        Why do you say “another runner”??? When has GSP run from a fighter? Look at his fights, he actually holds the center of the cage and dictates the fight 90% of the time.

        When did he ‘run’ from anyone?

        Don’t know where you folks get this sh!t sometimes.

      • p3ezy

        even if you were right, the fact that you said “joe rogan quote” instantly makes you wrong in every aspect of life

  • I can’ wait to read all the post after this fight. This is such an awesome grudge match.

  • dan

    As much as I love Diaz and hate GSP, GSP is gonna win this fight. Diaz is right in that GSP hates gettin hit. The rounds after the headkick from Condit, GSP went for takedowns early in the 4th & 5th rounds. I expect GSP to be a total wuss and go for a TD in the 1st and try to cut Diaz open. In the 1st rd against Condit, he pretty much had his choosing of where to land that elbow and went straight for the brow area. Now as far as GSP fighting Silva goes, its not gonna happen. As I’ve stated earlier, GSP hates gettin hit and Silva would have a field day.

    • RonnieV

      I hear ya brother! I’m also a huge Diaz fan, met them both a couple times. Nate & Nick do have a similar style, and I sat in the 6th row in Seattle and watched Bendo exploit that style. Diaz has better BJJ & Boxing, but GSP will outpoint him with leg kicks & takedowns. In no way possible does GSP KO Diaz. Regardless, Nick (IMO) is still the most exciting fighter in the world. He brings it every fight, and will push the pace for 25 minutes.

  • Cereal Killer

    Don’t worry Nick, you will never be in GSP’s position to ask for Silva. You couldn’t get past Condit and GSP beat him easily. I predict Nick will be complaining about how George would stand and bang with him after the loss.

    • Cereal Killer

      *wouldn’t* I mean

  • rolln808

    Fact is, GSP could take a fight with the LW champ Bj Penn, but wont step up to face the next champ. All you saying Silva should fight Jones are just GSP fan boys, as silva has fought, and beat champs in the higher division, and will take the Jones fight, but doesn’t want to add the weight when he can make the lower catchweight first (anyone know fights knows its easier to put on weight than cut) so taking the Jones fight makes no sense. If GSP isnt ready for Silva, he should fight Franklin as a warm up to the MW division, who frankly is the only other prior MW champ still in competition with the UFC. Anyone who thinks anything else just doesn’t want to see their poster boy get demolished. Real champs fight anyone, anywhere, something Silva has already proved, something Bj Penn has done, something Randy Couture has done, something that Frankie edgar has done, and soon something Jose Aldo may do. Even Jones is talking HW, only GSP is scared.

    • Mcgiggity

      He beat Forrest. What other champs in higher divisions has silva beat?

      GSP needs to fight silva but silva needs to fight jones first.

  • marcel jaremko

    gsp will not fight silva because simply enough their not the same skill wise anderson ia huge middle weight and gsp is average size welter weight if i were him i wouldnt take the fight

  • dathump

    The big differance is the top fighters in the world don’t have to go looking for a fight, people are lined up to try to take your belt. Fighters that think they are better then they really are, are the ones always calling out fighters. but this is the first time Nick hasn’t sounded like a moron infront of the microphone

  • If I was Nick Diaz I would not chase GSP down, I would make George bring the fight to me. Make George move forward, don’t chase him around the cage. If George is forced to move forward he would not be able to use his kicks and Nick will catch him. Guaranteed George is anticipating Nick chasing him around the cage, just switch it completely around, Nick will catch George and finish him. Just my Opinion.

    • ajs3176

      He isn’t athletic enough to dictate where the fight will take place. I like him as a fighter, but you have to admit this is a very bad match-up for him.

  • mmaking505

    Gsp a p**** fight silva there are so many fighters that say he’s as strong as a LHW nd s*** nd he beats every bigger guy at da gym

  • b-soc

    Let’s put this into perspective………………….I’ve been offered to jobs. One job pays double the money for a lot easier work. Hmmmmmm, tough decision…………………I think I’ll take the harder job which I likely won’t be able to do for less money!!

  • michaelchimique

    people act like it’s GSP’s responsibility to fight Silva. Silva is the one who wants to fight a smaller guy. there’s no reason for GSP to take the fight other than to please the fans. he’s already known as the best welterweight and that’s all that matters. a guy shouldn’t be forced to fight out of his weight class unless he wants to. GSP clearly doesn’t want to so it should be left alone. it doesn’t make him any less of a fighter.

  • RonnieV

    Where is the video???

  • Cereal Killer

    Hey, so would I! But like you Nick, I will never be in his position.

  • Mike Hunt

    Pretty sure GSP called out Matt Hughes, when Hughes was arguably the best fighter in the world….Diaz needs to lay off the weed…unfortunately he was born with the intelligence level of monkey