Nick Diaz No Shows World Jiu-Jitsu Expo

May 14, 2012
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Nick Diaz UFC 129
Nick Diaz was supposed to meet Braulio Estima in a grappling super fight at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo on Saturday night, but instead no showed the entire event.

After five super fights already took place, multi-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion Braulio Estima stepped onto the mat awaiting the arrival of the Stockton Bad Boy.

Unfortunately, it never happened.

A few minutes passed and it was apparent that Diaz wasn’t showing up, so event organizer Renzo Gracie shared the bad news with the crowd in attendance, as well as the many viewers that paid $9.95 to watch the grappling event online.

Following the disappointing news, Diaz’s opponent Braulio Estima was asked about the situation, and he had quite an angry response.

“This is a very sad situation for me, I came all the way from the U.K. Came here, made weight, woke up at five o’clock in the morning for one and a half hours in the sauna, made weight at 180 pounds. I’m here as a professional athlete, Mr. Diaz supposed to be here, all the things about agreeing for it to be for charity, he doesn’t even show up,” Estima said.

Was Diaz scared of facing Estima? Well, the Brazilian can subscribe to that theory at least.

“I can understand he didn’t come because it would be a very tough match for him. I was ready for it, I was going to be the first one to tap him,” Estima stated.

Estima, who recently began training with the Blackzilian team in Florida with a goal of eventually moving into MMA, stated he was happy to face Diaz in the cage and he would definitely make an appearance that night.

“I’ll be more than happy to show up in his sport of MMA, and I will fight him any time and I’ll make sure I’ll be there,” said Estima.

The event ended with a rather resounding thud after Diaz’s no show. It was the California fighter’s first scheduled event after his loss to Carlos Condit at UFC 143 in February. Since that time, Diaz has been suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission after tesing positive for marijuana.

There was no word before the event went off the air what exactly happened to Nick Diaz.

Here are the results for the remaining super fights at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo:

Jeff Glover def. Caio Terra by points 10-6
Kron Gracie def. Victor Estima by one advantage
Rafael Lovato def. Lucas Leite by points 2-0
Bill Cooper def Nino Schembri by referee’s decision after tie in points and advantages
Kyra Gracie def. Alexis Davis 5-0

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  • Was Estima supposed to make weight yesterday or today? People are saying Estima missed weight yesterday and didn’t make it until today.

    • phrankthetank

      Any bjj competitions I’ve been to have been same day weigh ins, but I dont know if that’s the case here.

  • BizzleZX10R


  • jesusdidnt.tap

    What a fuc*** joke. Congratulations Nick Diaz. Probably would have failed a drug test anyway. Trapped in Stockton.

  • Drock420

    In an MMA match Diaz would kill Estima.

    • Dude, your stating the obvious & missing the point. This article is about Diaz not showing up to a match people to see.

      • Drock420

        Uhh Dude! If you even read the article then you would know that it said “I’ll be more than happy to show up in his sport of MMA, and I will fight him any time and I’ll make sure I’ll be there,” said Estima

        I’m just stating my opinion on what happen on Estimas statement, even if it is obvious.

    • macgrubber

      “In an MMA match Diaz would kill Estima.”

      So your assuming diaz shows up to the match? WOuldnt be to sure their bud.

  • Towers66

    Is anyone else having an issue with this frankie edgar banner covering half the fricken page of every mmaweekly page? all my computers and phones are having similar issues. sigh. Anyways, I’m a huge Diaz fan and this was a big let down and an even bigger waste of ten bones. I’m sure that some sort of issue that is unknown will surface soon. I keep reading it is some sort of weight issue on the Estima side.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Yes I’m having the same issue you are. It’s not something new. Hard to believe they can’t fix the issue.

  • Estima didn’t make weight yesterday, but did make weight earlier today.

    • Was he supposed to make weight yesterday or today?

      I know it’s early and the rumor mill is in full swing but there seems to be two main rumors ahead of the rest:

      – Estima was supposed to make weight yesterday and did not. He finally made it this morning but that was too late for Nick’s liking.

      – Yesterday Estima (or his reps) informed Nick that Estima would not be making weight so Nick said screw that and bailed.

  • Towers66

    Agreed to weigh in on MMA rules.

  • chronosun

    I like Nick but its a b*&ch move if he was a no show for 5lbs over. I think he knew he was gonna get subbed.

    • chronosun

      it might have been 9lbs but either way,still a punk move; wheres the fighters spirit?

  • The other question coming out of this mess is when did the event organizers realize Nick was not going to be participating? Did Nick even weigh in? They must have known yesterday there was potentially a problem ahead when rumors about Estima’s weight started to get kicked around the web.

    Did they know before the PPV stream started that Nick might no-show and did they keep quiet in order to not lose viewers?

  • Regardless about the weight issue Estima had, he made weight on that day which assuming is allowed since it’s written on this article. Bottom line is, Nick Diaz didnt show and messed up everyone. Even if Estima didnt make weight, just being there would’ve at least made fans happy. He’s very good, I give him that. But if things like this keep happening, he doesn’t deserve any fans and should just disappear from the fighting sport. Some professionalism is in order- otherwise go fight in the streets with no money and fans involve.

  • You know Diaz blew his title shot with St Pierre because he didn’t want to do his press junkets. Now a fighter travels from the UK to fight and Diaz doesn’t show up. That’s bullshit. He is a fun fighter to watch, but his attitude sucks ass. Grow the **** up. There are fighters who would give anything to be in the Ufc and to be trained by Ceaser Gracie.

    • bryanadams

      “grow the **** up,” we’ll said sir.

  • I thought that in order to be promoted to black belt you have to show and display a high level of integrity and respect towards yourself, peers, and opponents both inside and outside competition, something this little kid clearly lacks…Or do they not teach this in martial arts anymore?….

  • Sucks for the fans more than anything. An alternate point of view and definitely not an excuse for Nick. He should have shown up whether or not he was going to fight. Seriously though we are talking about an average sized welterweight (170) that hasn’t competed in BJJ in 2 years taking a catchweight fight at 180 lbs with a multiple time world champion BJJ fighter. The night before he is told Estima can’t make 185. Depending on what Nick weighed that could be a lot more than 5 lbs. Asking someone to man up and fight a larger more highly skilled opponent is just ridiculous.

    • macgrubber

      “Asking someone to man up and fight a larger more highly skilled opponent is just ridiculous.”

      They did that in pride all the time so ur point sucks.

      • mich1fan

        Pride has nothing to do with anything. Just because its done somewhere else doesn’t mean they do it everywhere. So ur point sucks even more.

        • macgrubber

          Just because its done somewhere else doesn’t mean they do it everywhere

          Wtf you talking about thats what i am saying. They did it in japan and they dont do it here. I am saying they should do it all over the place. Out of weight class fights are awsome. U sir are an idiot.

          • mich1fan

            You make absolutely no sense. Can you even read? The guy said its ridiculous to ask someone to fight out of weight class, and you said “they did it in pride all the time”. Im saying what does that have to do with anything? Just cause they did it in pride means nothing. to say his point sucks cause your OPINION is different is dumb. How was the UFC doing before they put in weight classes and rules? Oh and how is pride doing by the way? There is a reason they have weight classes IDIOT

    • MuayThaiFood

      He made weight the day of the fight. With less time to recover from a hard cut I don’t see this being a good reason to no-show. In fact there is no excuse for a no-show. The professional thing to do would be to show up and explain why you were dropping out of the match if you had a valid reason.

  • Diaz took the match, people paid to see it and he doesn’t even call to say he isn’t showing, and you fan boys sit here making excuses for him.
    And.. he is not fun to watch fight, he acts like a street punk. If you like that you are no fan of martial Arts.

    • Not fun to watch fight??? You might be higher than Nick.

      • macgrubber

        ya watching him throw pitter patter punches isnt very fun. Would rather watch some1 with some power in their hands and has that 1 hit ko power. His style bores me.

        • mich1fan

          Well your few and far between, cause no matter if you like or hate him, people love to watch him fight. And I guarantee if you ask the guys he’s fought about his power they would disagree. Ask daley, shamrock, zaromskis, lawler(definition of 1 punch KO), BJ. There’s not a lot of fights that end with 1 shot. Its usually multiple shots that drop them, and then GNP til the ref stops it, which diaz has plenty of. Not to mention as soon as it goes to the ground he is usually finishing the guy. I dont get how people cannot love watching a guy who goes all out from bell to bell. So you would rather watch a guy throw about 15 power punches only per round, and only landing a couple. No jabs? No body punches?which no one ever throws consistent besides nate and nick. Go on youtube and watch some of his fights and tell me your not entertained.

          • macgrubber

            he doesnt have power.

            “So you would rather watch a guy throw about 15 power punches only per round, and only landing a couple”

            if they are power punches then yes what did you not understand about his style bores me?

        • mich1fan

          You’re the one who doesn’t understand. He does have power, 13 of his 26 wins are by KO. Maybe you should watch some of his fights, cause he displays plenty of power in just about every fight. You think just because he doesn’t throw ONLY power punches that automatically means he doesn’t have power. Your about the only guy i’ve ever heard that would rather watch someone throw 15-20 punches a round, as long as there “power” punches, than a guy who throws about 100 with power shots mixed in. You just say he has no power, but you cant give any reasonable examples or stats that back you up.

    • mich1fan

      First of all if you dont think he is fun to watch i would like to know who you think is. Whether you like him or not, he comes to fight every time, always moves forward, and never gases. Second, its ultimate fighting, not ultimate martial arts. Im a fan of fighting, and fighters, i could care less about “martial arts”. People need to get over it, not everyone is GSP.

      • phrankthetank

        No. The sport is mixed martial arts.

        • mich1fan

          I never said the sport isn’t called mma. And just cause some guy decided to call it mma means nothing. Wrestlers never consider themselves martial artists. Boxers dont cinsider themselves martial artists. Those are the two biggest parts of a fight, so the fact that someone one day said lets call it mma means nothing to me. What I was saying is they fight in the ufc. No where in there does it say anything about martial arts, or honor, or respect your opponent. In the end there fighters. You dont have to respect martial arts to love fighting.

  • Does Diaz pay you to make excuses for him Short bus?

    • What excuses have I made for him?

  • b-soc

    I can’t believe that people here in this forum are trying to defend Diaz in even the slightest way! The man didn’t show up!!!! Who in their right mind would defend him. He ripped off his fans!!! I didn’t really care about the whole weed debate and quite frankly, I don’t care if he fights high as a kite, but when you don’t show, you don’t deserve the right to ever, ever fight in any kind of combative sport again….BJJ, MMA, arm wreslting, doesn’t matter! He’s a piece of shi# and any of you Diaz fan boys who think this is okay are out o your mind!!!! Like I said, nobody cares about weed except the commission, but now he’s crossed the line!!! I hope Renzo sues him and gets the shirt off his back!!!

    • mich1fan

      Go read the cesar article and you will be singing a different tune. Why would he fight a guy who first of all can make the weight on time, second wants to use his name to get into mma. The guys only intention was to use nicks name to make a name for his self and to make money off it. Im glad he didn’t show up. Why not wait for all the facts to come out before you judge someone you dont know, and have no clue why or what actually happened.

  • There is so much drama with this guy that sometimes I think Nick Diaz is a fictional character

  • RubeKegal

    Diaz would have gotten murdered plain and simple….he knew better than to get embarrassed.

    • BlackDog2009

      “embarrased” ? I’m not sure how much of JJ yo know but there is a tapper and a tappee … it’s competition like any other where there is a loser and a winner. Nick losing would not have embarrased him… why? why would that embarrass him? It’s like Estima, would he have been embarrassed if Nick made him tap, Estima being a champ and all? NO… you can’t compete with fear of embarrassment. You become the best in JJ by making mistakes, getting bested, being made to tap… it is the main learning curve of the JJ discipline. With that said, I’m a HUGE Nick Diaz fan, but him not showing up to this was a stupid, unprofessional move!

      • RubeKegal

        Blackdog, most top level jiu jitsu matches go to the scorecards with a 2-0 win or win by advantage…..Estima would have tapped Diaz within a minute. that my friend is embarrassing and Nick wanted no part of it.

        • Booker T

          That’s true. Nick’s a wussy. No doubt about it. Or just plain chicken shit.

        • mich1fan

          I am a huge Diaz fan, and yes Estima would have been embarrassed if nick tapped him. And nick shouldnt be embarrassed about getting tapped by one of if not the best JJ guy in the world. Thats not saying personally he wouldnt have been, but he shouldnt.

  • smill0313

    The article says nothing about the other guy being at fault at all. In fact, it quotes the guy as saying he did everything required and was a professional athlete. I don’t care about his weed use but anyone who defends diaz over this is a straight up nut hugger. Grow up just like your boy diaz needs to.

    • mich1fan

      OK the article with Cesar says something totally different. You just read 1 article and hear from 1 guy and thats it? There is 2 sides to every story, and what do you think Estima is going to say? Diaz could come out today and say he did everything required and was nothing but professional, and it was all on Estima. That means nothing. You need to grow up and get the facts to actually know what your talking about.

  • shereko

    Diaz is a waste, pure and simple… People like shortbus and ronniev will always make excuses, which is fine back your guy, but everyone else sees how this guy as a complete waste of, money, talent, media coverage, etc… For his fans try sticking up for him when he craps on you more and when he just goes away.

    • Please point out any excuses I’ve made for him.

  • alhmiel

    Niaz Diaz is a disgrace to MMA and to athletics. Throw this bum out of the sport. Diaz is nothing but a low life bum. Nick will end up dead and broke somewhere a lost life of nothingness. Nick is just an ignorant kid with no upbringing. a misfit.

  • pooby

    Nick is a bitch coward and so are the idiots who stand up for him.

    Nate, on the other hand, has impressed me lately with not only his dominant performances, but the respect he showed Miller and Cerrone after beating them senseless.

    • smill0313

      Over the past year I have stopped liking nick (who I have liked since before knocking out lawler) and have really started recognizing nate as a bad ass (atleast since handling cerrone and miller).

  • shereko

    Lets see Cesar stick up for Nick against another Gracie, when Nick just basically took money out of Renzo’s pocket. I’m sure theres not a ton of other camps that would knock the door down to try to get this guy into camp… or management, when you try to make up excuses e/o fight. GSP fight, no show to presser, Penn fight good, Weed test failed on Condit fight, no show on BJJ competition… oops 3/4 something wrong.

  • obuchons

    Diaz is a DOUCHEBAG!

  • nick was gonna do jui-jitsu but then got high- he was gonna win the interim belt too but then he got high….

  • opposition13

    Wow, what a freaking joker….I see he still thinks playing A$$WHOLE is the cool thing to do…what a freaking I!D!I!O!T!

  • dez

    Don’t be scared homie! Please. Diaz is has become the sport’s biggest joke.

  • Towers66

    Boxed professionally…check. MMA professional and top ten welterweight….check. World class BJJ…..check. Triathlons and Mountain biking fanatic….yup. This guy sounds like an idiot, a thug and a total loser. Horrible athletic competitor, terrible for the sport. Oh wait, his PPV sales for UFC are through the roof. Hmmm. Well he sucks cuz he is a dickhead….lol. It’s so awesome, the people that hate Jim want to see him fight more than the fans. Negative publicity is good publicity. He is great for this sport. Or should I say sports? How could a guy with this much drama be bad for MMA? Most of you wouldn’t even have known about the worldjiujitsuexpo if it wasn’t for Diaz. Also, who knows what really happened…patience will reveal all. I doubt he was scared to compete. That is ridiculous.

    • b-soc

      Towers66, are you for real!?! It doesn’t matter one bit what his excuse was…..he didn’t show!!!!!!! He didn’t show for his press conference. And, even though the weed thing is debated, he still knew the rules and got busted. HE IS BAD FOR COMBATIVE SPORTS!!! THIS TYPE OF BAD PUBLICITY IS NOT GOOD BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL STOP PAYING TO SEE HIM SINCE THERE IS A BETTER THAN NOT CHANCE OF HIM NOT SHOWING!!!!! Read your own post “Also, who knows what really happened”. Its Diaz!!!!! Get real!!!!

    • RubeKegal

      Towers, the typical blind Diaz fan. Because you participate in triathlons, you are exempt from being a moron? Sorry pal thats not how it works.

      • mich1fan

        because you can type makes you the guy who determines who is a moron? Just cause the guy is doing better than you in all aspects of life, you have to bash him when you know nothing about him.

    • rsnowbass

      Not a big Diaz fan here and I’d argue that he is absolutely not good for the sport, with this being the last straw.

      That being said, I agree with everything else you wrote. Marketing 101…

      • rsnowbass

        Bad for the sport meaning he gives fighters and the sport a bad name.

        Good for the UFC meaning as long as his PPV numbers stay where they’ve been, Dana will keep him fighting.

        Diaz haters want to see him lose just as bad as they want to see their favorite fighters win. This = big $$ for the UFC.

  • Towers66

    Him. Not Jim. Correction.

  • innovator

    From everything I have read, both fighters were unprofessional with this. Nick No Showing after agreeing to the new wait conditions and not telling anyone he would is terrible. But Estima is not any better missing the original weight, then also refusing to fight a substitute grappler. He is not any better, and should have taken a substitute grappler to give those fans a show.

    • macgrubber

      Nice troll bro.

  • fightfankevin

    Another chapter in the tale of a great underachiever. Nick could be an all time great if he had more drive and less attitude. Nick’s plan to fight GSP fell through and now his heart is gone.

    • Prodigy815

      All time great? The **** are you smoking haha

  • adam1848

    This is extremely disappointing and unprofessional, but some people need to calm down. He missed a fight. This isn’t bad for MMA or the UFC or anyone except Nick Diaz and the Cesar Gracie Team he represents. As a fan, I feel let down, but lets keep things in prospective here. If you don’t like Nick, then why are you so pissed that he is destroying his own career? Sit back and laugh at him. He’s only hurting himself.

    • 2 fights. He lost his UFC title shot by dodging a press conference. The natives are getting restless.

  • Maine2Alaska

    “i was gonna fight for charrity but i got high.” lol. he’s not classy at all. but thats the same punk ive always thought he was. When him and his retard brother kicked Mayhem Miller in the back and kidneys while he was being held down in a front headlock on a strikeforce event, i knew they were big pussies. Its amazing people as skinny and weak as them with their gay fly swatter punches, actualy win so much. im shocked. cant wait for the day to see them both get killed by a mike tyson punch. They are a bunch of f@gs that all live together..probably finger each other..

    • mich1fan

      ya they get locked in a cage with the best fighters in the world and win most of the time, but there pussies. Guarantee you wouldn’t last a minute getting hit with those “fly swatter punches”. And they dont get KOed cause they both have such great chins and can take anyones best shot and keep moving forward. That sounds like some pussies to me. Just sounds like a jealous loser who’s life is shit, and needs to bash someone else to make themselves feel better.

  • sb

    What sucks is that Jr who put on this event got screwed. Such a good guy with the best of intentions gets the shaft and has to deal with fallout. That my Diaz lovers is the issue. He hurt the promoters and the Bjj fans. Sad day for BJJ. This guy is a chump who needs to disappear. Oh and yes he doesn’t deserve to keep that Blackbelt. Being a Blackbelt is a way of life demonstrating integrity for the discipline. Gracie should revoke his association but he won’t.

    • RonnieV

      From what I’ve read, Diaz had a blow-up with “Junior” the day before the event. Two sides to every story, but apparently Diaz was put off with the weigh-in rule changes after he already cut weight. I also read rumblings about Diaz camp not trusting the promoter “Junior”, and referring to him as shady. Who knows? Easy to speculate, when nobody knows what really happened. Regardless, as a Diaz fan, I’m disapointed, but then again this is an exhibition event.

  • alhmiel

    Nick Diaz is a human turd who needs flushed away.

  • alhmiel

    Good to see that Nate Diaz is now the star in the family. Nick is a messed up sick troubled disgrace and a misfit of society. Nick has a bad ending coming. Watch??

  • phrankthetank

    Diaz makes me laugh. He acts like a big shot and thinks he can do whatever he wants. Phenomenal boxing? Check. Great bjj? check. but what has he done? Aside from BJ, Who has he beaten? An over the hill frank shamrock? His 2nd most impressive win is koing Robbie lawler 8 years ago. He talks a big game to accelerate his title shots because he knows that if he works his way up then he’s gonna fight someone who will hold him down and beat him. So he talks trash and gets his title shot, then gets scared and screws it up. Then he gets to fight another striker in condit, loses, then retires? Now he’s supposed to grapple for charity and no-shows? Some of you are right, he should be relinquished of his black belt. He has the skills of a blackbelt, but I know a lot of white belts with a lot more integrity.

  • KBEsq

    Why do people still stand up for this piece of trash? And people WILL still stand up for him after this and make excuses for him. What is going through his mind when he does things like this? I can guarantee that a huge portion of the people going to that convention were going to see him. He just doesn’t care. He woke up, didn’t feel like going, so he didn’t go. Simple as that.

    He’s like a 10 year old kid who needs a mommy to tell him when to get up and go to school.

    Grow up and start acting like an adult, or just crawl under a rock and stay there.

  • pooby

    That’s weird. Why is this story back at the top of the page? Maybe MMAWEEKLY dislikes Diaz as much as most of us and wants to keep this story fresh.

  • shereko

    Dont forget the time he picked a fight with Joe Riggs in a Vegas hospital… Classy

    • RonnieV

      That was awesome!

  • Is favorite pet hamster passed away i had to grieve.

    Diaz is an idiot plain and simple, he got all the talent in the world but is wasting it on drugs.

    I used to be a fan of is fights, but is attitude is simply unacceptable. Unless he had a very good reason not to show.

    • Booker T

      Yeah, at one time I was a fan also till I found out he’s a pothead and also the shit he pulls. It pisses a guy off.

  • ajmadic

    I can’t believe that some of the dumbest people on planet Earth are posting on this site.

  • Wow this thread is full of total fu#*ing idiots, Nick Diaz Has NEVER TAPPED OUT and for those talking shit, you are most likely the slouch. Nick was told if he compteted in the JJ toureny it might reflect on his Nevada hearing. You are all a bunch of pussies and would like to see you talk shit in person…

    • phrankthetank

      Yea, hard to tap out when you don’t show up.

  • alhmiel

    nick Diaz should pull a Junior Seau

    • Booker T

      I don’t care for Nick either but that’s a little harsh.

  • adam1848

    Wow. The lack of decency and total immaturity of that comment is almost startling. I’ve never bother to reply to one of your posts before (because they have never even once had anything slightly interesting or informative to say) but I can’t help myself. I try to ignore the armchair pricks like you because I know your comments come from a complete lack of self esteem, but honestly, no one cares what you think, and if you really have nothing better to do with your time than post hate filled garbage about someone you’ve never met, I whole heartedly feel sorry for you.

    • adam1848