Nick Diaz Launches Next Phase of His Professional Life… WAR MMA

Nick Diaz UFC 129Nick Diaz hasn’t said much recently about whether or not he will remain retired following his recent loss to Georges St-Pierre, but he is not sitting idle, launching a new facet to his professional life… WAR MMA.

Diaz made his new fight promotion official on Wednesday, announcing his first event, WAR 1, for June 22 at Stockton Arena in his hometown of Stockton, Calif.

The fight card currently stands at six bouts, featuring Daniel Roberts vs. Justin Baesman in the main event.

Other announced bouts on the inaugural WAR MMA fight card include Antonio Banuelos against Benny Vinson, Caleb Mitchell vs. Evan Esguerra, Roy Boughton vs. Liron Wilson, Mike Persons vs. Clayton McKinney, and Darin Cooley vs. Cody Gibson.

More bouts will be announced in the upcoming days. WAR MMA fight cards are expected to feature a mix of professional and amateur bouts.

WAR 1 will stream live for free at The stream begins at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. Tickets are currently on sale.

Non-title bouts will consist of three five-minute rounds, while title bouts, when instituted, will consist of five five-minute rounds, and fall under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

In an attempt to re-institute more of the grappling game into its fights, WAR does not allow for elbows to the head of grounded opponent, forcing the fighter in top position on the ground to either advance position or create space for punching.

WAR MMA bouts will also be fought in a ring instead of a cage.

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  1. War MMA….no punk ass bitches or spinning s*** allowed, and no wolf tickets will be sold LOL
    Also, no marijuana testing!

  2. wolf tickets already being sold!! bonus: no marijuana testing

  3. i really really hope he comes back for a few more fights, but ill stay a fan regardless. hopefully his promotion comes up and gets big, dont really have a good feeling about the outcome but not because of nick because of everybody around him who are gonna be running the promotion essentially.

    • I agree. Diaz does not posess the business acumen nor the work ethic to run something like this. Nick has agreed to have his name attached to this in exchange for a payday, but this originated with someone else.

      • He may not possess the business acumen, but I don’t believe it’s him attaching his name to it either. It happens in a ring, it focuses on technical grappling rather than just straight GnP by making elbows to the head of a grounded opponent illegal, and these are things that Nick has talked about for years. I think he believes in it and wants to see it succeed. For all the hate Nick generates, you can’t say that he doesn’t care about the sport… not just for himself, but for all fighters.

      • he’s going to go bankrupt and then run back to dana white and HOPEFULLY be told to suck wind

  4. Word has it… Condit is now asking for a rematch with Diaz, and Dana has stated today he’ll put the fight together if Nick accepts…

    • that would be great to see

    • Why would Condit ask for a re-match with Diaz. Condit beat Diaz.

      • nah, he didn’t beat his ass or anything, he won a weak ass controversial decision

  5. Diaz’s Suck!

    • um…no, they don’t

  6. I used to be a Diaz fan, but I have to admit that he left me pretty disappointed with his performance at the top level.

  7. Nick can be WAR MMA Champ

  8. Nice to see that Nick has found a way to still be part of the sport and earn income outside of physically fighting. I do believe this means he’s not fighting for the UFC anymore.

    • You’re such a turd as of now! Nick is a sore loser pothead. Nick is a POS that does not deserve to be a part of anything related to MMA! You reserve yourself constantly to speak of all these potheads as if they should be a part of anything! Combat Science should be the BIGGEST opponent of illegal drug use. I am embarrassed of your support of him and anything he does. CombatScience my ass, DrugsScience is your real name…

      • I have always stated that I don’t support any fighter using a substance banned by the commission but what should I do, express negativity and hatred towards the guy? He does have doctors approval in his state to use marijuana. He’s a guy who doesn’t even take aspirin or drink alcohol and does triathlons. If he’s not going to fight anymore it is nice to see that he’s putting his energy and experience towards something else to do with the sport.

        • Great, supporting drug dealers.

        • Nick supports drug use!!!!!!!!! ComdrugUse is your new name! You support drug, it’s OK. Own i!

          • Damn … not at all into weed myself, but you need to sit back and smoke a fat one IMHO. Might help you to chill the ‘f’ out.

            Ever have a beer? Take Aspirin perhaps? Guess what, them be drugs. Experts posit alcohol more hazardous to ones health than weed ever could be (in moderation).

            And there is NOTHING in CombatScienceMMA’s comments to suggest he supports “drug dealers”. Many legal ways to procure marijuana.

          • Sir Roy hit the nail on the head. Diaz smokes pot…who cares…it is not enhancing his performance..he isn’t shooting testosterone like half the fighters out there…and marijuana is all natural…people don’t get high on marijuana and get violent..but how many violent drunks have you seen? I think he’s stupid to keep getting busted and fined for it…but i also think it’s stupid to be testing fighters for it. I have been disappointed in the Diaz brothers’ performances as of late…but they are still among the best in the sport.

          • Best in the sport? Far from. Weed calms you which could be an advantage. MMA isn’t violence it’s controlled violence… Which Weed could and does enhance. Though it is an argument it may also slow your timing or throw it off as well. Nonetheless I used to be a Diaz fan. But his behavior after the St. Pierre loss makes him a bum. He and BJ. Penn are some of the most talented fighters ever in MMA history, But will never be the hardest working.

      • A little harsh there bud. Not everything in life is black and white. You don’t approve of, or like, Nick Diaz. Get that. You don’t approve of marijuana – that’s clear. But others have a right to a difference of opinion without folks jumping down their throats unjustifiably.

        Never been a fan of Nick myself. And yeah, he’s definitely socially awkward to the point it’s hard to sit through an interview with him in it. But I too wish Nick Diaz all the best in his new ventures. I mean, why not? Why wish someone ill? Negativity breeds more of the same and you get back what you put out.

      • You conservative f#$k!!!

  9. Nick Diaz sucks! Goodbye pothead loser, who could never live up to his own hype. I sleep better knowing I will never have to hear your loser name spoken again in the real world!

    • Yet you still continue to read and comment on his articles…and good luck on sleeping better because he is going to fight for the ufc again!

    • Yes, and exactly what have you done with your life? Let me answer that for you, “nothing you loser!”

    • Damn bud … did Diaz kill your dog? Sleep with your girlfriend … ? Hate to see what you’d do to someone who legitimately wronged you.

    • Nick Diaz sucks? What an ignorant comment. Look at his accomplishments….no educated mma fan would say he sucks, love him or hate him. I like that he comes to fight and not just outpoint people (a la GSP), I even like his smack talking…i really think he needs to change camps though i think Cesar Gracie doesn’t adapt or come up with good game plans for their opponents…when will the Diaz brothers learn to block kicks or stuff takedowns? Still, he is a great fighter and I hope he fights in the UFC again.

  10. whoops that was harsh but your still stupid

  11. “will consist of five five-minute rounds, and fall under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts.”
    Then they have to allow elbows on the ground.

    Tell you what Nick…. just pay your tax’s.

  12. What does WAR stand for?

    Weed and Retards MMA?
    Whining and Rage MMA?

    Wrestling Against Rules MMA?

    • OK. While I find most here overly antagonistic toward Diaz (and I’m not a fan), that was pretty creative. Lol.

  13. Nick Diaz will be MMA champ before the end of 2015, mark my words.

  14. Pathetic.

  15. One of the changes in WAR MMA will be that the week after the event any fighter who DOESN’T test positive for weed will be suspended.

  16. diaz is a p****! and GSP proved that! so go find a hole and hide diaz !

  17. Wolf Tickets!!

  18. Nick is a great fighter. However, his weaknesses are and were exposed by the greater fighters of the UFC. His childish actions of complaining to refs between rounds, his admission of not paying taxes, and suspensions for pot use are clearly signs that show he is trying to distract people from his flaws in the octagon. Fairly obvious.

    Nick needs a better gym and coach, and he needs to listen to them. His clock is ticking and he is about to be insignificant if he doesn’t do a 180.

    • I second that the Diaz brothers need to change camps are evolve their style.

  19. Dude lets get real here. Diaz is probably paying more then the UFC does for face book fights. I truly believe Diaz wants more rights and pay for fighters. I used to hate Diaz and still dont like his antics. But fact is we need more small organizations to build better UFC talent. One day there will be two shows as big as UFC whos it gonna be. Bellator, WAR, WSOF, Just like boxing