Nick Diaz Isn’t Fanatical About Fighting, but He Scored a Deal He Couldn’t Refuse

November 25, 2014
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After losing to Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158 in March of 2013, Nick Diaz entered into a self-imposed exile.

He indicated that his pseudo-retirement might become permanent if he was unable to get a rematch against Georges St-Pierre, a superfight with Anderson Silva, or another fight suitable of capturing his attention… a title fight perhaps.

Otherwise, Diaz might have been more than happy to just walk away from the fight game.

Anderson-Silva-Nick-Diaz-UFC-The-Time-Is-Now-Face-Off-5776While he’s good at fighting, has been extremely successful, and fans love to watch him fight (and, perhaps, trash talk), Diaz isn’t in love with the fight game. For him, stepping into the Octagon has mostly been the way to pay the bills.

But he’s at a point in his career where he wants to fight big fights with big paydays, not just stumble through the remainder of his career. So he stayed out of the cage waiting for the right deal to come along.

That deal came along over the summer when UFC officials decided they wanted Diaz to be Anderson Silva’s first fight back after suffering a devastating broken leg last December. To make that happen, they offered Diaz a deal he wouldn’t refuse.

“I wasn’t going to walk out of there with something I wasn’t happy with,” Diaz said recently on The MMA Hour. “I was able to score a deal I can’t refuse. That’s how I look at it.”

The dollar signs flashed before him were likely a strong persuader, but more than that, Diaz was finally offered the fight that he has long wanted. He wasn’t interested in fighting his way up divisional rankings and a welterweight title shot was nowhere on the radar. But the fight with Silva, which will take place at middleweight, that’s a fight that made Diaz salivate.

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“I look back and think about why did I take one of these mediocre level opponents or fights or something like that? I could see myself going, ‘I didn’t need to do that. I didn’t need to go there,’” he said of why he didn’t want to return and just fight whomever they threw in front of him.

“I’m not fanatical or in love with being an MMA fighter.”

At a point in his career where Diaz doesn’t have to take whatever fight is put before him, he can now look to the fights that make him want to wake up in the morning and go to the gym, that stir his desire to go to work.

“It’s just I’m the right guy for the job nowadays. Pretty much after my first couple pro fights I wound up being the right guy for the job,” he said. “So that’s why I’m still here, and I’ll fight the right fights if I have the opportunity.”

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Diaz and Silva will square off in a five-round non-title fight in the UFC 183 headliner on Jan. 31 in Las Vegas.

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  • Seth

    Well…I dislike him, but can’t agree more…who wouldn’t take big deal to get KTFO in minute or two? I mean, that’s almost free money for him .-.

  • DamianCross

    I don’t have a problem with Diaz staying out of the game and waiting around for superfights. The problem comes in when he wants to leapfrog legit title contenders even after he’s coming off consecutive losses. As long as he doesn’t muck up the title picture, I’m happy to see him fight.

    • TRT-rex

      What title picture? If he win he will have hi choice of middleweight or welterweight champ. That how UFC works, they are just looking to sell fights. They could care less about the fighter that don’t sell cards.

      • GrammarPolice

        *couldn’t care less

      • deepgrim

        dont think they will give diaz a fight at weidman if he wins, prob be at the ww champ especially if robbie lawler wins the title, its an easy rematch to sell, but highly unlikely he beats silva anyway, sounds like diaz is just looking to cash a cheque


    I have no issue with Diaz fighting Silva, but to read articles that claim Diaz could be one or 2 fights away from a title fight @ MW with a win over Silva is a joke! I’m not a big Diaz fan, but he sure is entertaining, but I’m unable to comprehend why (according to Diaz) GSP should have fought Silva @ MW?!? It’s easy for Diaz to take this fight, he’s got nothing to lose & he’s a natural MW, while GSP was an “avg” at best WW. Silva would have crushed GSP @ MW, just like Jones would crush Silva @ LHW. Ask BJ Penn how well him moving up to WW did for his career? They have weight classes for a reason, when the skill is “even” or very close between fighters, ten you take size, stength, reach etc.into consideration. Which is why GSP told Silva h’d happily fight him at WW/170lbs or even 175lbs, to sorta even out the HUGE advantage Silva would have vs. GSP. Silva didn’t want to do it b/c Silva wants ALL the advantages for himself. Can you imagine if GSP called out the LW champ Edgar/Ben Henderson or even Pettis and then told them they had to move up and fight GSP @ WW something they haven’t done before?!? Imagine the BS GSP haters would get on about GSP calling out a much smaller opponent, but when Silva does it, it’s okay and GSP is the coward?!? BAHAHAHA!

    Silva: “The fight between me and J.J. is no good, he is a different [weight] class,”
    But he wants to fight GSP?!? Thought WW & MW were two diff weight classes… no?
    Silva even said in an article/interview that he wanted to fight GSP b/c GSP was smaller and it’s an easier fight. WOW, way to take the easier fight & calling out WW’s.
    If Silva doens’t DESTROY Diaz and/or finish him, he might as well tear up that 15 fight contract and call it a career. Silva wins by destruction!

    • Sir_Roy

      I too think Silva was too big for GSP. I just don’t think it would have granted him the “w” despite (yeah, I’m one of those). Silva is indeed a huge MW though, and like you said, GSP is an average WW with a larger than average frame (which is why folks believe he’s a huge WW went he simply is not).

      That said, I think that size advantage (pending the difference to be sure!) is “slightly” overrated. Many top tier 170 lbs athletes are significantly stronger than top tier 190+ lbs athletes (faster too goes without saying). Something to be said for genetics and training regime.

      I’m one of the weird blokes who feels GSP would have grinded out a 5 round victory over Anderson Silva – even if he were to have fought at 185 lbs. Styles make fights. Silva is, principally, a stand-up fighter and unlike Chael, I feel GSP’s BJJ is strong enough to neutralize Silva’s. GSP is aces at taking folks and placing them where they’re weakest.

      I also feel the WW game was far, far more sophisticated and rife with talent than the MW game all throughout GSP’s reign at the top. The fact GSP was dominating in a far deeper weight class than Silva says something. I agree, there are weight classes for a reason and they are essential. But in this case, I’m not so sure it would have prevented GSP from implementing his game plan regardless. I were a betting man, I would have bet on Georges to be honest.

    • Don’t create plots or stories man. Get your facts together, could have saved you the time and effort you put into the, well I don’t even know what to call it, above…

    • donnydickweed

      what ? Diaz who makes lightweight if he wants, is a nature middle weight ?

      Yet GSP walking around at 200lbs and cannot make lightweight according to him.

      Nick competes in long distance running regularly for years, and you assume his weight is middle weight based on what ? your imagination ?

      frankly, if diaz beats silva, i am pretty sure he is in contention. Silva is no slump. Just because people don’t like diaz, doesn’t mean he doesn’t step up, and it doesn’t mean he gets finished.

      Nick’s a true fighter, and believe it or not, a GENT outside of the media. Fact.

      You on the other hand, read shit on the internet.

  • Jon Holden

    Anything can happen in a fight, but I’m betting that Silva will knock Diaz out by the end of round 2, maybe earlier.

  • Joe Dog

    Does anyone think Diaz has a chance other than collecting a big check?

    • And B

      A chance of winning? Absolutely.. I’m no fool, I know Silva has the odds in his favor, but Diaz is not easy to finish, he’s got some amazing boxing and his size is similar to Silva.. Silva is faster and way more illusive, but Diaz has that chin, combined with that relentless pressure and there’s no denying that he looks his best against strikers.. When he loses it’s usually by being out wrestled and Silva can’t do that – Diaz has a chance at winning this fight, I’d bet he’s got the cardio advantage and that might be a factor, but we’ll see hopefully, if nothing gets in the way of this fight happening.. I really hope Silva won’t be running from Diaz the entire fight, while picking up a boring point victory because he’s scared he’ll get knocked out like he did against CW… The mental part of it is huge, and I don’t think Diaz will be scared of anything come fight night.. But still, Silva is a beast for anybody to fight, and I think he can pull of the win against Diaz.. Kinda rooting for Diaz though as you might have figured

  • dandogood

    Dana has set Nick Diaz up for defeat and to finally be rid of the troublesome undeserving Nick. There are too many qualified good decent fighters in the UFC who are respected and deserving and far more better people than the low class slimeball Nick Diass.

  • ac

    I think this is a significant test for Anderson. coming back from the injury, layoff and rehab. There was the story about him going to hospital about pain in his leg, which suggests to me that he might has some enduring nerve damage and that mentally he’s not fully over it. If nothing else Diaz will be in shape and able to eat punishment for the full 5 rounds, which in my book makes him a live dog and a litmus test for the returning Anderson Silva.

  • afanofhonestfighters

    whole lot of talk coming from the internet warriors. i don’t see any fighters calling out diaz. I don’t see a whole lot of fighters finishing diaz (looking at you GSP). the fact remains, nick was the one to step up to a BIGGER challenge. the fact that MMA fans come to the internet to talk down on a fighter instead of supporting the sport is pretty amazing to witness, because you sound like real winners.

    at the end of the day, nick has done more at the highest levels of the sport, and stepped to the challenges.

    • Sir_Roy

      I agree with 90% of your post. However, Diaz “stepping up” to fight a bigger fighter is all about the bigger paycheck, and not about how much he’s putting on the line or anything while doing so. It’s not like he needs to be “admired” for taking the Anderson Silva fight. It’s a potential retirement check for Diaz win, lose or draw. It’s the golden ticket he’s been begging for.

      He has no title, no long string of wins, no pound per pound greatest fighter legacy to uphold and protect … In short, he has EVERYTHING to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose here. He wins the fight, he’s a solidified legend. He loses, and his status remains untarnished really. Unlike GSP – if that was the comparison you were alluding to when stating “Nick was the one to step up to a bigger challenge” where GSP did not …

      And Nick has done more at the highest levels of the sport than many sure … but far from all. He’s a vet that deserves accolades and respect for the top tier fighter he is, but he’s not among the very top echelon of fighters in scope or accomplishments.

  • dandogood

    Diaz is supposed to lose badly to Silva. This fight is a mismatch and all in Silva’s favor. The UFC would love to see Nick destroyed and Ko’d and would be happy. Face it fans Nick Diaz is a terrible person and a low life. Silva by Ko as the UFC cheers.

    • respectMMA

      a terrible person ?

      he teaches my son and is quite a nice guy, respectful, and very dedicated.

      now that said, if he is signed up to fight someone, i am sure he isn’t going to be polite.
      it is professional cage fighting.

      get off your high horse.

    • TheCerealKiller

      What is your native language? I have to ask because your every post is like neanderthal language.

  • dandogood

    Nick Diaz is bad for the UFC and bad for all sports as the face of a disgruntled crude ignorant abusive dope smoking poorly raised moron. Dana wants Nick Diass beaten badly so Nick goes away forever. Silva will stop Nick easily.


    I think AS will be dancing and clowning and Diaz will be talking and posturing.
    Don’t see this being exciting. Hope I’m wrong

    • And B

      I think Diaz will try to push Anderson up against the fence and punish him with punches, and Silva will try to dance around Diaz and punish his leg and if that don’t work then he’ll try to clinch and destroy him with knees.. I don’t see how this can be anything but exciting for a fan of MMA

  • warrior status

    Nick Diaz is a WARRIOR so is Anderson Silva….enough said… watch the fight and enjoy yourselves!

  • Sir_Roy

    Silva would punk Georges in the stand-up. Of that I have no doubt. Good thing it’s MMA though! I see no reason to believe GSP could not take Anderson Silva down though.

  • dandogood

    Dana wants to see Nick Diaz embarrassed and goes away forever from the UFC. Problems like Nick Diaz shouldn’t be allowed in the UFC. Diaz is a bad apple that rots the UFC.