“Nick Diaz is Retired as Far as I Know” – Dana White (UFC on Fox 8 Video)

July 28, 2013
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Nick-Diaz-UFC-137-Press-01There has been a lot of chatter about Nick Diaz possibly fighting again soon. UFC president Dana White, however, told reporters at his UFC on Fox 8 post-fight scrum that he had spoken to Diaz recently and, as far as he knew, Diaz was still retired.

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  • Timothy Malone

    Who is it that speaks and is told that Diaz wants to “slap the s*** out of him?”

  • Lawdog1521

    Dana’s not going to let Diaz fight as long as Diaz is playing fight promotor.

    Wait until Nick’s little project falls apart due to mismanagement , then maybe he’ll come crawling back to fighting… he’ll need weed money after all.

    • Milosc


  • TheCerealKiller

    I don’t understand the fascination with either Diaz. Nick hasn’t beaten anyone in years except BJ Penn, and we all know how bad BJ has gotten the last few years. Nick doesn’t have a win over a ranked fighter over the past 5 years! He’s disrespectful to the business, other fighters and the fans. Stay retired.

    • julian moran

      In the last 5 years Diaz beat Noons, Daley, B.J. Penn, and many people (myself included) think he beat Condit as well.
      He also gave B.J. (who was at his best) the beating of his life.
      Actually the only undisputed loss Diaz has in the last 5 years is to GSP.

      • Lawdog1521

        Noons sucks, Daley sucks, BJ got beat worse by GSP , and Condit clearly won.

        Diaz and his fans live in their own reality.

        • allansm

          Yes yes, lawdog. If fighters aren’t top 3 they automatically suck. Fans like you are morons.

      • Asa

        Nick is a high level guy, but he is overhyped. Noons? Cmon hes nowhere around even top 20, daley? Koscheck even beat him not top 20. Bj was def not in his prime at all, so that was a ridic comment. And theres no way he beat condit. Puttimg your hands down getting punched doesnt win a fight, even if it doesnt hurt and you talking trash.

        • Alex Adams

          Depends on the version of Nick… if it’s the ultra aggresive guy who fought Penn and many other great fights he’s very dangerous. If it’s the Nick that fought GSP who doen’t seem to have a clue to what to do and just standing, arms low and waiting…problem! Joe Roggan says it multiple time : fight, do something, you beg for that fight for years and you do nothing! I hate this guy for a load of reason, but this guy could easily be UFC WW champs. If he had straighten his head he would have been champ way sooner and he would be in GSP’s chair. Bitching and complaining serves you to a point…after that people just don’t care about your complaining and you become Cry-baby Nick like some call him. He had a great career but when you got every tools like this guy and you don’t go higher… I call that a dissapointment

      • Truth

        sigh… let me set you all straight.

        First, Nick Diaz isn’t overhyped, unless you say he’s the best WW in the world, in which he’s not. However, he’s w/out question still in the top 5 and arguably top 3.

        People love to hate on Nick Diaz b/c he can come across as cocky, obnoxious, poor attitude, etc., but the guy is aggressive, brings relentless pressure, endless cardio, some of the best boxing in MMA, and top level black belt BJJ. However, his weaknesses have been exposed: wrestling and using kicks to stay out of his punching range.

        People saying Nick Diaz has no notable wins or just plain sucks clearly haven’t watched his fights, or just UFC fanboys, and/or uneducated in MMA. It’s not the guys he beat, but how he beat them. He wrecked Noons & Daley STANDING, which was where he was supposed to have a disadvantage. He could’ve easily taken them down and subbed them, but chose to give the fans what they want and prove that he’s legit on the feet. He also outboxed BJ (who was NOT at his best in his career, but still one of the top P4P fighters in the world) who was also outstanding boxing (BJ was proclaimed best boxer in MMA by Freddie Roach).

        Diaz probably did lose that fight to Condit b/c he got outpointed by Condit trying to do his best Machida or Dominick Cruz impression but wasn’t as effective as either of them, but still landed more than Diaz, despite Diaz being the aggressor.

        People saying that BJ is overrated or has just faded off in the last couple years are also to quick the jump the gun… the majority of people are so clueless… just b/c someone isn’t the BEST anymore… then they automatically suck.

        First of all, BJ pretty much always fought above his weight class (even at 155, he doesn’t have to cut as much weight as other LWs). His defeats to (Rory, GSP, Diaz) all come at 170 and is much smaller then all of these guys. A greased GSP overpowered BJ w/ his wrestling, Rory and Diaz used their large size/reach advantage to keep BJ on the outside where he couldn’t reach them. However, BJ tied (but got robbed) in his decision fight w/ Jon Fitch who was at the time a top title contender and #2 or 3 in the divison.

        Bottom line… both BJ and Nick Diaz are still top fighters but no, neither are current title contenders and may never again fight for a UFC title, but both are still relevant if they choose to fight (BJ may have a shot if he goes to a lower division and actually trains hard).

      • TheCerealKiller

        None of the guys you named are relevant or ranked anywhere. Come on, BJ was not at his best, he hasn’t been in a few years now. He’s just a great fighter that was near retirement.

  • julian moran

    Diaz always comes to fight.
    I would love to see Diaz vs Mc Donald, Ellenberger or Kampmann.

  • Milosc

    A re-match with Lawler was the only thing I was thinking (watching him hit those jumping knees last night)

  • The Best Eva

    If he keeps taking all this time off he’ll never be as good as he wants everyone to think.

  • Fightfan

    I just like good fights. I’m a fight fan. F*** all you Facebook fighters. Typing takedowns and posting punches. Bunch of f***ing wanna be athletes. Keep playing the video game and pretending you have fight knowledge. Diaz vs ANY WW is a fight worth watching….. Of course that is if your a MMA fan

  • bajafox

    I’d like to see him bulk up a bit and come back at 185

  • Milosc

    Do you know him, or something?

    Work on your self esteem, guy

  • Bill white

    Too many decent hard working clean living role models in the UFC wanting a chance to let a scum ball like Nick Diaz get a fight. Utilize the good kids who want to be great in the UFC. Flush Diaz down the sewer.