Nick Diaz Inks 3-Fight UFC Extension, Setting Up Possible Fight with Anderson Silva

July 24, 2014
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Nick Diaz UFC 129Nick Diaz has decided to opt out of retirement, signing a three-fight contract extension with the UFC on Thursday. The target is for him to return to the Octagon in early 2015, which would align perfectly with a possible fight against former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Neither Diaz nor UFC officials stated that a fight with Silva was in the offing, but with Silva recently saying he wanted to fight Diaz upon his return, and his return currently targeted for the same early 2015 timeframe, it would only make sense.

Diaz hasn’t fought since losing his bid to upset then-welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in March of 2013. After that fight, Diaz said he was pretty much done fighting unless there was something big on the horizon that could draw his interest… namely big money fights.

Silva would be just such a fight, and Diaz believes he would match up well. It’s a fight he’d be interested in if he doesn’t get his wish for another title shot, which UFC officials aren’t likely to grant Diaz in his first fight back.

“I’d like to fight for the title,” Diaz said on “I think that would be a big deal and worth fighting for. I want fights that will lead to a title fight. Whoever is in line and whoever has the title, that’s who I’m going to be fighting.

“I’d be interested in fighting (Anderson Silva) and anything that’s going to do well,” he continued. “As far as Anderson Silva, I think that would be a great fight for people to see because he has my type of style.”

Although he hasn’t fought in close to a year and a half, Diaz said he’s ready as soon as the appropriate fight is made.

“Next year I guess (is the target for his next fight), whatever though. I can fight tomorrow; tonight,” he said. “You have to do what you have to do. (I came today) to sort things out with Dana White and Lorenzo (Fertitta).”

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  • brad king

    diaz gonna ko him! Dang but easy!

  • Tom

    Was a big Diaz fan before he started crying about his contract on Twitter, now I can not wait for Silva to knock his ass out.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Silva is getting old and past his prime… but he’ll still kick Nick’s ass!

  • RonnieV

    Finally! Diaz is the most exciting fighter in the UFC. It’s been boring with Nick & Nate on the sidelines.

    • uncle

      Have you heard of Matt brown

      • RonnieV

        Love Matt Brown, he trains in my home town. Just think UFC has been a little lackluster without the Diaz Bros

        • MuayThaiFood

          You think that’s the only reason it’s been a little lackluster….wow.

        • Seth

          Seriously? Diaz brothers are ridiculous at best. How many irrelevant fighters – like Nate Diaz – you see now-days making funny list of demands, thinking they have any power to do so?

  • Joe

    If Silva’s age has caught up with him, then Diaz has a chance. If Diaz can pull this off his next fight will probably be for the title, but that’s a big if. I look for Anderson to put on a clinic in this one.

  • Jon Doe

    About dang time.. love to see Lombard/Diaz, fireworks!

    • Seth

      I doubt Nicky will agree for a fight in which he would be murdered…don’t forget, he came back to make some money, not to get his face broke.

  • Muttley76

    Silva will destroy him. Nick might have a slight edge n BJJ, but otherwise Anderson is head n shoulders ahead n almost every category…

    • Ian Price

      Silva by bionic shin to the face

  • Nick Diaz

    fuckn i need more money for weed or whatever.

  • bajafox

    Hell yea bitches!

  • Guest

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    Herb Dean35:00LOSSNick DiazUFC 137 – Penn vs. Diaz
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    Josh Rosenthal35:00DRAWJon FitchUFC 127 – Penn vs. Fitch
    Feb / 27 / 2011Draw (Majority)
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    • El Gvapo

      I agree, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • TheCerealKiller

    I’m still waiting for the answer as to who he has beaten to make him anything? BJ? BJ won 1 fight in the last five years, over a retiring Hughes. Lawler was ten years ago. Since he beat Lawler, he lost to Parisyan, Sanchez, Riggs, Sherk and Noons. Since he beat Lawler, he beat… a bunch of cans or guys retiring.

    The court is yours.

    • TRT-rex

      Absolutely no one. Paul Daley lol. Everyone likes him cause he talk shit, and flips the bird. I like his fight but don’t understand why he is so popular. He is an idiot. But like Dana says he “a needle mover”.

      • deepgrim

        come on mate i dont understand how people dont see how he would be popular. The fight a style that everyone wants to see- a high intensity fist fight and has submissions. nicks fight with gomi was awesome for example- what was good about the daley fight is that he beat him were daleys strong at on the feet, on the ground would have been a walk over for him. The Diaz brothers are good performers- just look at the amount of post fight bonus they have between them- thats why they have the fans

    • dgs

      So, based on some close decision losses to the best fighters in the world, you think Nick is nothing? You also seem to discount ALL of his victories since beating Lawler, meaning fighters like Drew Fickett, Josh Neer, Takanori Gomi, K.J. Noons, Frank Shamrock, Scott Smith, Hayato Sakurai, Paul Daley, and B.J. Penn are all a bunch of unworthy nobodies in your opinion?

      Listen, go back to watching WWE, because only someone who knows very little about the sport would need to have a bunch of strangers on a MMA messageboard convince him of Nick’s worthiness as a fighter (best hands in the business, possibly the best chin in the business, and an impeccable ground game).

      P.S. Nick Diaz today would put a beating on many of the fighters he lost decisions to, namely Sean Sherk (retired for over four years now), Joe Riggs, and Diego Sanchez. He also handily avenged one of his post Robbie Lawler losses in his rematch with Noons. And speaking of Lawler, he recently (read about it on this site, imagine that!) turned down a rematch with Diaz, which was smart of him, because as much as respect as I have for Lawler as a fighter, I doubt the outcome would be different today.

      • TRT-rex

        All those guys you mentioned were pretty much nobody’s. Just big name B- level fighters. Nick is good but not great. And IMO Stipe Miocic has by far the best hand in UFC. Diaz chin is good but Roy Nelson’s is more solid. And Lawler fights 170, so why would he want to fight a much bigger fighter in a weight class that he isn’t in contention in? Cause if your implying lawler was scared your wrong. UFC fighters aren’t scared of anyone or they wouldn’t be where they are at. I agree with the cereal killer on this one

        • solo

          BJ Penn is a legend, big time!

          Stipe Miocic has “by far” the best hands in the UFC???

          I guess you’ re Croatian.

          • james j

            Bj is a legend but reputation does not win fights. He was a shell of his l legend when he fought Diaz.

          • solo

            Yea i guess he was. But why discredit all the things that he has done in the past?! I mean, you cant be that good forever.

    • solo

      Some valid points but, he also fought GSP for the tittle, and Carlos Condit to a decision. Two of the best guys in the division.

      He is a good fighter, a big draw for the sport and i think Dana likes him. For that reasons i think he gets what he wants alot of times.

      • james j

        GSP made Diaz look completely ineffective. It was a horrible fight. However the UFC needs Nick. He sells tickets

        • solo

          i agree. it wasnt a good fight for Nick. But thats GSP, he was able to do that to everyone, almost… But does that mean Diaz is bad?! No, heeeell no!

          It means that GSP is simply better.

          • earlsimmons

            LUL yes everyone is just better but no1 is bad. your a joke.

      • earlsimmons

        Sooooo your argument to why he is good is that he fought two of the best in the division and…..lost?!?! What kind of backwards world do you live in bro? You sound like a liberal saying he is good because he lost. He lost, that means he ISNT good. Your a clown.

        • solo

          You’re too aggressive dude. Calm down.

          • natpaukar7

            haha…I agree man it’s not like Condit killed him…many would argue that he won…I believe that was teh point being made…its not like he lost to mediocre UFC fighters…he lost to the top of the world and one of which he almost won…

    • dathump

      I agree that his problem isn’t in the cage. I will be curious as how he comes back, he doesn’t seem to care if he fights or not, Condit and GSP found the holes in his game, and if he doesn’t evolve a bit every other fighter will either hold him down or stick and move and Diaz’s style of fighting doesn’t score well with the judges so it does leave him in a tough spot. I don’t thin he is good enough to make a title run again, but will be a good gate keeper, or a villain to stick in with a few other top ranked guys. Now the biggest problem with both the Diaz brothers is the management they use, with a new 3 fight deal after all the other contract, money talk the have spouted off about, I hope we never have to hear him whine about not being paid enough.

  • Seth

    It sucks that UFC needs him only becuase of his stoned fans that would buy PPVs to watch him…But I will give credit, when credit is due – Nicky made a solid career. Based on beating guys he could easily beat. When he joined UFC and started to compete with real best in the world – all of the sudden level was too high for him (or he was too high for that level, as we learned after Condit fight)

    Let’s face it, besides of those so-called “superfights” that makes no sense, but could be fun to watch, Nicky is done. He couldn’t become UFC champion when he was somehow relevant, so he won’t become UFC champ now when he is completly irrelvant. Finally he found out he is running out of money, so he HAD to agree on something.

    But hey, he found a way to make some coin and that’s good for him. Nothing to hate here.

    • Slamm Jonez

      Oh yeah, Who are the fighters, you’ve beaten?
      How long have you been in the UFC? How many marathons have you run in? How many times have you swam back from Alcatraz in shark infested water? I would like to hear stories from your travels around the world fighting trained killers, I bet they are incredibly interesting. You should tell those stories, I’m sure everyone is very interested to hear them.

      • Seth

        We are fans. And as fans we have the right to have opinion on fighters. I don’t see how that have anything to do with this case. He beat a lot of fighters, but not many that could really challenge him and his skills and talent. But when he joined UFC again, he beat only old guy, irrelevant at the time their fought, in the worst division possible for BJ. Then he fought two of the best – at that time – Welterweights and lost. So tell me more about Nick Diaz being relevant at this point. UFC needs guys that can “move the neddle” – as recently they are described – and Nick Diaz does move it. But he’s not relevant fighter at this point of his career. No matter how you look at it.

    • Trevor

      Absolutely when tested against real talent he measures up very mediocre. Most of his wins are against random nobody’s. Id like to see Lawler avenge the loss and knock his head the F off but Diaz doesn’t deserve that match now and likely never again.

    • Ian Price

      He didn’t do too badly against Condit the #3 best ww in the world

      • Seth

        But he still lost, like 4 rounds to 1, didn’t he? So still – he is unable to be world’s best. So e will doa few fights “for fun” that people may want to see, but he won’t get anywhere near a world title that he can’t win.

  • Darin

    Diaz has been exposed, figured out. He’s old, and too stubborn to evolve. I predict he loses his first fight on this new contract, bitches about anything and everything, then disappears again without fulfilling his contract.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Give Diaz McDonald, two fighters I dislike the most. Ego-fest.

    • Sean

      Diaz would smoke Rory inside of 2 rounds…. Easily.

      • uncle

        I’m not a Rory fan but Nick would have
        very hard time putting him away in 2

      • Ian Price

        Agreed. No matter what you think of Diaz, you can’t tell me he’ll do to Diaz what he did to Woodley. Diaz ain’t playing that game. And Diaz reach is also good.


    Is there a “weed” clause

  • dandogood

    So Satan Nick Diaz gets a contract? with so many career options available to Nick? Broke and alone with no fan base or support group this son of satan had to submit and sign for some more losses in the UFC. Dana wants to see Nick lose. watch? Nick Diaz is scum and a low life. focus only on the good deserving kids in the MMA world.

  • Tim

    Thank God Dana worked out, three chances someone in the UFC puts him out of the business FOREVER, Nick needs his jaw wired shut or a permanent limp!!

  • Trevor

    Who cares this kid is an idiot and it appears his stupidity is wearing off on his younger brother. Welcome to a big headache Dana …now we can see stupid articles about all the issues he creates for the next year.

  • dandogood

    Dana wants to set up Nick Satan Diaz to fail miserably in the UFC. Nick Diaz is a turd a low life not worthy of the UFC.

  • mmalive

    Nick, Props up to you man.

    Holding out until Uncle Dana paid you what your worth.

    Uncle Dana is making money off you and you are going to make money off him. Cool man.

    To all the Daiz brother haters out there. You guys are clueless about these guys and business.

    Uncle Dana knew that he will line his pockets full of cold cash.

    Hence, He caved in and signed slick Nick to a 3 fight deal.

    If Nick sucked Dana would have not signed him for 1 fight let alone 3 fight contract.

    Nick, smoke weed but just do not get caught man. Clean your system before and after fights.

    War on Diaz brothers from Stockton 209.

  • dandogood

    Dana has set up dimwit Nick Satan Diaz to fail. Dana wants to see Nick full of Hate Diaz lose as does most of the the true fan base. Nick couldn’t beat Condit or GSP and look for a major implosion and mental breakdown of this dimwit IQ of a tin can moron Nick Diaz.

    • Ian Price

      Pretty close fight with Condit. GSP takes rounds from everyone, just like Chael. Only way to beat wrestlers is KO or submission.

  • dandogood

    Nick Diaz will lose to Anderson Silva and quit again. Nick isn’t big on brains or the thought process and clear decisions. This will not end well.

  • StunGun14

    You guys are all talking like you know these guys personally.

  • dandogood

    Nick beats Robby Lawler again. Matt Brown would give Diaz a tough fight. Andreson destroys Nick Diaz.