Nick Diaz Files Lawsuit against Nevada Commission

April 26, 2012
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Nick Diaz UFC 129Nick Diaz may not be fighting in the Octagon any time soon, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t looking for a fight.

The embattled UFC welterweight is still sitting under a temporary suspension handed down from the Nevada State Athletic Commission after he tested positive for marijuana following his February bout against Carlos Condit at UFC 143.

Since that time, Diaz has been awaiting a full hearing from the Nevada State Athletic Commission to have his chance to prove his case, and finally receive a judgment regarding his potential suspension.

On April 24, Diaz’s lawyer, Ross Goodman, filed a lawsuit against the commission claiming that the constant delays have violated Diaz’s rights in regard to a timely proceeding to hear his arguments for the temporary suspension, and asking for a full dismissal of charges after the lengthy delay.

The lawsuit was first reported by on Thursday.

The Diaz camp has long attacked the initial suspension by the commission claiming that marijuana metabolites, which is what Diaz tested positive for following his fight, are not actually on the banned substances list provided by the commission.

They filed a second motion against the commission after the NSAC alleged Diaz lied on a pre-fight questionnaire in which he answered that he was taking no prescription or over the counter drugs. Goodman’s argument was that a medicinal marijuana card, which Diaz legally has in the state of California, is not by definition a prescription nor something that could be purchased over the counter in the state.

Now with this latest shot fired, Goodman is calling for the commission’s delays and lack of setting a date for a hearing to result in the dismissal of the charges against Diaz altogether.

The most recent meeting held by the commission took place on Tuesday, April 24, but Diaz’s hearing was not set as part of the day’s agenda.

That along with the repeated issues Diaz has already claimed in past briefs filed on his behalf by Goodman have now prompted this lawsuit. will have more information on this lawsuit and the Nevada Commission’s response when it becomes available.

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  • Triggerman99

    HA! I friggin love this Goodman guy! He is not playing around! He’s not giving the commission one inch to breathe.

  • D-rail

    Fuccck the commission and their BS. Hypocrites throwing stones when they’re closet freaks too. It’s not even a performance enhancer, It’s medicinal or recreational. Like these monkeys don’t burn once in a while……go sell a bridge to someone else.

    • onehitwonder

      you gotta fight, for your right, to PAARR-TAY!! weed is so exaggerated, used less in a day then ciggs, and way less effective then a single beer, much like other ways of thinking this country is 60 years behind.

    • macgrubber

      Hey d-rail u mad about something brah? getting awfully worked up over this. And no not everyone smokes weed. Some people actually have some self respect and arent scummy drugbags.

      • LAW OF FIST

        wow! your the one that sounds mad. u should try some weed it will calm u down some.

  • This is no longer about Diaz and a failed piss test and I suspect this was all part of Goodman’s plan from the beginning (seemed odd that he was involved in a something as simple as a failed UA case). This is big. This is calling into question the way the NSAC does business and looks to peel back the curtain and put them under a microscope. Wonder if Kizer and Co. will lift all disciplinary action against Diaz so they don’t have to go through the process. The commission could be 100% right in everything they’ve done so far, but this is getting costly in terms of time, money and effort and it’s going to open them up to scrutiny they’d prefer to avoid.

    Direct links to Goodman’s filings:

    – The complaint (9 page pdf file):


    – Motion for Preliminary Injunction (153 page pdf file):

  • opposition13

    I dont like Diaz, but smokng weed dont give him superpowers…..Let the guy keep on fighting so he can get wooped by more UFC fighters…

    • bajafox

      LOL, and exactly who in the UFC has whooped his ass?

      Sure as hell not the Natural Born Runner

      • macgrubber

        Diego Sanchez, Joe Riggs, Sean Sherk.

        • LAW OF FIST

          those fights were a long time ago. and the fights with Riggs and Sherk were close fights.

          • macgrubber

            Read the post he didnt say in the last year he said in the ufc.

  • jdotpitts

    Is this Ross Related to Saul?

    All my Breaking Bad fans know what I am talking about! 🙂

  • I thought Diaz was sick of MMA and moving on to wrestle alligators or some such crap. He’s just full of crap. I wish he would just go back to gang banging and retire from MMA and all the “rules” he can’t follow.

  • me vs you

    diaz probably has a case. i mean look at how fast they had overeem’s hearing. diaz was tested months before alistaire and has yet to have a hearing. what the ****?

  • ukangrymonkey

    Diaz had one point everything to gain and everything to lose. He’s his own worst enemy when it comes to the MMA world. He knows that drug tests happen and that he can’t risk taking ANYTHING that could hurt his career or image.

    Yet for some reason he still acts like the victim. Why doesn’t he just admit that he’s messed up, learn from it and work hard to get back to top again. He’s doing himself no favors but then again he’s always maintained that he’s not there to be liked.

    Diaz can file all the lawsuits he likes, but if he doesn’t sort his demons out then he’s going to be one of those guys that will be wondering “Could have I been champion?” Such a great talent almost destined never to hold the title.

  • richardedwards

    if you think MMA rules are sound, you need to wrestle some gators yourself man. The scoring system is ridiculous and the the judges have no idea what they are doing.

    if you don’t like the Diaz Bros, you don’t like MMA.

    I don’t think Nick won the Condit fight, but the rules make room for guys to go out there, not really fight, and still get a decision.

    I like to see fights. And that’s what the Diaz bros do best.

    • macgrubber

      I hate the diaz brothers and love mma how is this possible? Plz dont make excuses if he is to dumb to know how to cut the ring off then maybe he should lay off the weed. Its mma if he wants to stand there and throw punches with some1 join boxing. He wil get destroyed there to. So basically he is a joke. He has good cardio maybe run marathons or something cuz fighting is not for him.

      • TKD

        I am absolutely not a fan at all of Diaz, but to say that, “fighting is not for him” is a bit ridiculous. He is a hell of a fighter, but legitimately lost against Condit. Not an ass beating, but he lost.

        He needs to stop bitching that Condit ran, because a great fighter would have been able to cut off the ring and Condit’s ability to run. He lost, he bitched and he got suspended for taking illegal sh*t. But the guy is a good fighter.

  • pauly12

    This is just lawyers doing what lawyers do – try to find loopholes, play with language and collect the client’s money. The odds of any of this actually going in Diaz’ favor seem slim to none.

    • Due process is a loophole? Who knew. LOL

  • Towers66

    Lol. Nick Diaz has been good for the sport and UFC all the way. He’s bringing up points in the way people run(fight), the way drug testing is done. The Cesar Gracie team fricken rocks. Bring on the hate but you’ll be watching the next fight either way, reading the next article either way.

    • macgrubber

      “The Cesar Gracie team fricken rocks”
      Nice troll bro. Shields vs ellenberger. Nuff said

  • markrenton

    The Diaz haters on this site crack me up. Give it a break, we know you don’t like him. You dont have to jump on every single Diaz post with your hate hate hate comments. If you can’t appreciate a guy that has never had a boring fight in his career than keep it to yourself.

    Most people that smoke weed eat a bag of doritos and watch TV. This dude smokes weed and brawls for 5 rounds. Just drop this sillyness and let the guy fight.

    • bajafox

      Great post.

      I smoke weed and go to work M – F, then I smoke weed at lunch and back to work. Then I smoke weed when I get home and do chores around the house. Then I smoke weed to watch a little tv and the news, then I smoke weed to go to bed. Pretty fkn productive day if you ask me.

    • macgrubber

      I cant tell if your trolling or just kinda slow.

      • bajafox

        You meant can’t tell right?

        I’m not slow, I’m actually pretty fkn smart if I don’t say so myself. I’m definitely not a troll. But I do have a California Proposition 215 referral and I do smoke all day.

        • macgrubber

          you must be slow because my post is directly under yours, notice how yours and this one will be slightly to the right, which means i was replying to markrentons post not yours. keep smoking scumbags it looks like its helping you. And knowing highschool algebra doesnt make you smart.

          • markrenton

            I’ve never seen such a miserable person on an MMA thread before. Go jump off a bridge you negative turd.

          • LAW OF FIST

            the fact that u think everyone that smokes weed is a scumbag proves that it is u who is the f@cking scumbag. don’t be so quick to judge people. JACKASS!

  • I wouldn’t mind if Diaz is allowed to return to the ring on a technicality because the NSAC messed up in not allowing him a proper hearing. I like Diaz in the octagon, he gets GSP and Condit riled up. Thats a good thing. If people hate him so much, then beat him up and make sure he never fights in the UFC again.

    Check out this article about Diaz